contemplative thought

Remember, this year it's the Thought that Counts
  • Thought: Packs of Warm and fuzzy socks are 3/$10.00 and they come five to a pack, I have 15 family members so I only need three packs, shopping complete and under budget I've done it again
  • Thought: Damn, Giving gifts from the heart must be bad for your health and your wallet
Things I noticed seeing TLJ for the the 2nd time:

-In the mirror cave when Rey first enters it, there’s total silence except for someone breathing heavily and it doesn’t sound like Rey. Then a quiet male voice calls her name it sounds like Kylo??

- During their fourth Force Skype session, Ben was practically crying. He had tears in his eyes while Rey was talking about how alone she felt

-When Rey sticks out her hand to Ben in the hut, the music spikes. There’s those tense few moments as Ben slowly reaches out and the suspenseful music blares. And then there’s silence. They touch fingers. Soft music starts up and Rey inhales sharply. A tear rolls down her cheek and then as THEY’RE STARING INTO EACH OTHER’S EYES, the music takes on its bold SW theme *bum-bum-bumbumbumbum-bum* But then Luke busts in there and the music turns suspenseful again

-Benlo is absolutely furious as Snoke tortures Rey

-Snoke is as wrinkly as the T-shirts I have at the bottom of my drawer and even MORE unfashionable

- Rose Tico is still a wonderfully sweet child FITE ME

- YEP REY DEFINITELY STOLE THE JEDI TEXTS; THEY WERE IN THE DRAWER FINN PULLED THE BLANKET OUT OF… so what now? Yoda gave Luke a kriffing heart attack for no reason??

- After Rey left Kylo Ben, she became the happy, preppy heroine that the Resistance thinks she is; blasting TIE’s w/ brilliant accuracy, barking piloting orders to Chewie. A sliver of her true pain shot through when she hugs Finn, and then again while she’s sitting alone in the Falcon. And then Poe comes to introduce himself and Rey has to put the mask back on and pretend to be happy, introducing herself back with a wide smile. Sad!Rey shows through again when she’s sitting w/ Leia. She’s desolate over what’s happened, over seeing Ben’s broken face again, and holding the shattered lightsaber in her hands. “How do we rebuild the Rebellion from this?” she whispers, shaking her head. But Leia’s response is ever-hopeful.

“We have all we need.”

EDIT: I added a bulletpoint and fixed a spelling error. That is all :)

And so does Forward the Water move,

Rippling in its way, across seas of infamy

And Unfathomable dunes along Time.

And so does Forward the Great Dam Break

Unleashing the bitter torrent it hides behind, a

Massacre of Frozen thought and feeling that

Shadows a truth that shines brightly and gleams

Greater than a star Fallen.

And so does Forward the Ocean Tide shift

Unearthing untold treasures of fleeting feeling,

Tattered thought, and total, incomprehensible, and Complete


So does behind this splendor Happiness hide and

Joy reside, furious as is a child unwillingly born,

Darkness peeled away by unfaithful Memory.

I release this Memory and the Creeds that follow,

For the sake of total and Complete Knowing,

And for the moving Forward of the Water.