contemplative thought

I wish I had met you four years ago. Maybe then the feel of blade on skin wouldn’t be familiar to me. Maybe my heart would have just a few less tears in it. Maybe we would have found comfort in each other’s sadness, and maybe we would have been drawn together like soulmates. Perhaps our silly emo past selves would have taken stupid cheesy pictures, and we would have proclaimed ourselves as best friends not realizing we were more. Or maybe you would have kissed me at first sight.
Maybe we would have destroyed each other in unimaginable ways, with memories of nights crying together and separately. Maybe it wouldn’t have lasted, maybe we would have fallen out, or maybe we would have both fallen in love with another. Perhaps we wouldn’t have improved.
But god, I wish I had met you four years ago–if only to have had one more year with you.

Boyfriend on Social Media

Me: *has nothing to hide*
Me: *gets into a serious relationship*
Me: *starts unfollowing everyone on social media*
Me: *starts questioning how valid social media is to begin with*
Me: *thinks about deleting all social media accounts*