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How would each member of the band teaching their S/O their respective instrument go?

•He goes hard on teaching you the basic of the major and minors, and what kinds of songs to use each type of sound on.
•He sits beside you on the chair the entire time and will sometimes go behind you and move your fingers into the correct positions.
•He’s not sure what’s the most fun to teach, the up beat or the emotional songs.
•He also shows you how to fit the piano (the grand) in the inside if anything breaks.
•He would also teach you the melodica if you wanna learn it.
•Favorite songs to teach are Powder, Dare, and Hongkongaton

•Damn he was so happy when you asked for him to teach you bass. He was low key proud.
•He wanted to start that day and wouldn’t fuck around with your lessons.
•Be prepares for some serious, yet fun, training.
•He expresses greatly that you gotta strum correctly. “You shouldn’t use your thumb like you do with guitar!”
•He would especially show you all of the ‘cool’ moves you could do while performing. That’s his favorite part.
•Favorite songs to teach are Feel Good Inc, Plastic Beach, and Left Hand Suzuki Method

•He would honestly be the most calm teacher of them all. He wouldn’t get impatient whatsoever.
•"And remember, drumming is not just about smashing the sticks onto the drums.“
•The first thing he actually teaches is the importance of each individual piece of a set and what they are used for.
•But once you really get into action, it gets really fun! He would show you all of the basics at first but then gets into the really awesome stuff.
•Though, he would honestly mainly focus on how to read the notes on sheets and what not
•Favorite songs to teach are Last Living Souls, Clint Eastwood, and On Melancholy Hill.

•She would contemplate teaching acoustic or electric first, but goes with acoustic since it doesn’t involve amps or anything.
•She teaches you the basic cords first and gets you comfortable with those before teaching the more advanced stuff.
•Then she moves on to electric and how to use all of the equipment that goes along with it.
•I have to say that she would literally be smiling the entire lessons
•Favorite songs to teach are 5/4, El Mañana, and We Got The Power

Quick question! Which god(s) has a connection to education? Not knowledge, not learning for the sake of learning, but education as in school, teaching. Gifting knowledge to others.

See, before college I contemplate becoming a teacher like my mom, but eventually decided on astrophysics. That didn’t work out so I went to the humanities where I contemplated teaching yet again. I then changed to gender studies with the intent on working with local non profits like planned Parenthood or one of the refugee non profits in the area. I ended up applying for Teach For America instead, almost got in, didn’t, and I found myself as a teacher’s aide in a middle school instead. That went South due to a lot of reasons, I got a job working with medical specimens and once AGAIN ive got the urge to pursue a job in education. This time, a Master’s in Education to teach high school physics.

It’s just. Every time I turn around, working in education is right there. It always comes up. I’m going to go after the degree online (I’m going to apply soon) and I hope to finish the degree in the next two years. I’d just like to acknowledge the God who keeps insisting I take this path and thank Them and let them know I’m actually taking it this time!

The (Not-So-Very) Illustrious Founding Of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

It isn’t particularly derived from anything in the books, but you will never shake my headcanon that Hogwarts was founded completely by accident.

Four kids in the Middle Ages in their late teens, just about old enough to get married, fight in wars, take up adult responsibilities, who really just want to fuck around and study cool magic all the time, meet up with each other and discover perfect kindred spirits.  Obviously the only thing for it is to stake out a spot in the middle of nowhere where they can practice brewing potions and blowing things up just for the hell of it.  They’re witches and wizards.  They’re going to live like a century.  Why would they settle down and be responsible now?

So they end up with this badly-built little shack on the top of a cliff in the middle of absolute nowhere

(”This is our storeroom?” Rowena asks skeptically, eyeing the sad little pile of logs.  One entire wall was nothing more than a drape of oiled cloth.  “You want me to keep my books here?”

“Sad, soggy noble,” Helga mocked.  “Are you even going to look inside, your majesty?”

“Oh, come on,” said Godric, and lifted up a flap of cloth.  Inside, Salazar was lounging in the middle of a room twice the size of the shack from the outside, on what looked like an old log, half-Transfigured into a wide couch, plush upholstry and all.  It still had sprigs of branches coming off the bottom.

“Your Transfiguration’s a mess,” Rowena said.

“It’s artistic,” said Helga.

“It’s comfortable, at least,” said Salazar, and then, “Let me guess, Her Ladyship thought we were going to live in squalor?  At least it’s better than the fens.”

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So raven chicks are... not traditionally cute. In fact, a common reaction to seeing half-grown hatchlings is along the lines of, "Quick! Hide the Gelflings!" Imagine various inhabitants of Middle Earth's reactions to seeing Dwalin cooing over his hideous raven babies. :)

Okay, I guess this is not a horror prompt, and rather based on rutobuka2‘s supercute drawing . Also google spit out this cutie (who’s not a raven, but this being Middle Earth…)

But let’s investigate that scenario XD (Fluff ahoi)

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Masquerading as Professionals- Prologue - Ortega

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first fic and I’m a bit nervous haha! I’m obsessed with Waterloo Road, so this is a multi-chaptered teachers AU set in a Comprehensive and a Primary School (the English system is a bit different to the American system but Google should explain all!). The main pairings are going to be Biadore, Thorcid, Jalaska, and Bobbie (Bob and Robbie- I think I just plucked this ship name out of thin air haha), with some others popping up as well. Most of the queens are cis girls in this, but some of them are cis guys- I have not done this out of maliciousness and sincerely hope it does not hurt anyone. Anyway, here we go!

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If pain is an illusion then why is it that I really feel the pain of this heartbreak ? How can I practice to not feel so heartbroken? This is challenging; in a time like this I feel it difficult to stay balanced and focused. I feel like I am to blame for everything wrong. Thanks for your guidance, Namaste!

Illusions can provide very “real” experiences. People sit in a movie theatre and behold a story. They laugh, cry, and feel heartbreak of their own. Yet not only has that story already happened but it never happened! 

At the same time, even if it wasn’t “real,” can’t watching a story of heartbreak help us to soften our own hearts? To learn to love with less restraints and conditions?

Heartbreak hurts and the first thing we want to do when we hurt is to make it go away. In a way, heartbreak is like a wound. A wound is not reversible. It is healed but that healing is through growth, not through “undoing” what was done. 

When our focus is only on how bad we feel, then we just want to make it stop. There are two general ways to stop feeling heartbroken. One way is to deaden your feelings and harden your heart. The other way is to meet your feelings and allow your heart to soften. 

Deadening and hardening is a form of rejection; it is focused on rejecting the feeling of pain. It comes from a place of weakness and fear. Softening and healing means giving the pain space enough for you to see what the feeling is revealing. It is a willingness not only to face your suffering but also to lean into it. This takes courage.

“Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God.” ~ Ram Dass

So the point, then, is not just to stop feeling heartbroken but to discover how your heartbreak can help you to become a more loving person. It is when our hearts are broken open that we may love more fully and without conditions or restraints. 

When you are avoiding or attempting to suppress this pain, then naturally it will be difficult to remain balanced and focused. However, when you are facing and exploring your suffering, then in a sense it is used to enhance your balance and focus. But in order for that to happen, you have to let go of your previous notion of balance, of orienting who and where you take yourself to be. Because if part of our identity was tied up in a relationship, then of course we would feel unbalanced and disoriented when that relationship ended. 

This is something the exploration of our suffering would reveal to us. It draws attention to places that need healing through clarity and love. 

People often ask how to “get over” an ex or a relationship. The attitude of “getting over” is a very externalized and outwardly focused perspective. It assumes the problem is external, that this ex is still causing you trouble. The problem is not outer so much as it is inner. If it were outer, recovering from a breakup would be a much more simple and swift process. This externalized perspective is the reason why disorientation becomes possible in the first place. Healing after a breakup means coming back to yourself, coming back to your heart. And that process can hurt quite a bit. But it’s the only sane option we have. 

After my girlfriend of six years and I broke up, I suffered. For a long time. I would dream of her almost every night for six months. This was when I came across the book The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron. It couldn’t have entered my life at a more significant time. Graduated from college, alone after a terrible breakup, and unemployed with little prospects for the future, I was carrying a world of turmoil in my head and heart. 

Through Pema’s teachings, her contemplations, and daily meditation as well as tonglen meditation, I discovered a different way of being. My pain didn’t vanish but instead it played a different role in my life and ceased to be a disruption. I can’t point to the exact day in which I stopped feeling heartbroken but I can tell you that it did stop. 

And the best part? I can still love. That is sanity. 

My advice is to allow your pain to be a beneficial reminder. Let it remind you to read Pema’s book daily. Let it remind you to practice meditation and tonglen daily. And, most of all, let it remind you that other hearts hurt too. You are not alone. In tonglen, first you learn how to inhale your own suffering and then exhale compassion for yourself. But next you learn how to inhale the suffering of anyone who has suffered the way you have and then exhale compassion to them all. 

Through this you will discover how courageous you can actually be. We can afford to inhale more suffering than we realize and we can exhale more compassion than we ever thought possible. 

Lastly, a few other lifestyle changeups can help. Physical exercise is a good way to shake things up. I started doing yoga several times a week. Taking up an art for the purpose of self-expression is also a great opportunity to gain perspective on your current life situation as well as release any stagnated feelings. 

You can and will move through this. If at any point you feel my perspective would be helpful, you know where to find me. Start today; get the book and sit for meditation.

Namaste my friend. Much love. :)

Mystic Verses of Kabir: Plucking Flowers of Spirituality

The body is a forest of blooming flowers,
But only the wise can pluck them.
How does one attain to this wisdom?

Firstly, go to the perfect Teacher,
And learn from him the inner teaching.
Contemplate on the words of the saints,
And strengthen your faith day by day.

Secondly, cast all your doubts away,
And shun the perception of duality.
See the One dwelling inside and outside.
Achieve this and you’re a saint.

Thirdly, rise above outer attributes,
And take a seat at the “third eye”,
This is verily the palatial throne
Where you hear the Divine Melody.

Fourthly, reign in the restless mind,
And abandon all your cleverness.
Swing on the swing of divine love,
And entreat the Teacher for the gift of devotion.

Fifthly, acquaint yourself with the eternal elements.
And exert mastery over the senses.

Sixthly, let consciousness pierce the six chakras,
And reaching above them, see the Light.
Make perfect the left and right nerve currents,
And dwell in the cave of the Void.

Seventhly, let truth enlighten your life,
And behold the Supreme Spirit in you.
Grab hold of the silken thread of realization,
And climb to the Eternal Abode.

Eighthly, let the lotus of consciousness bloom,
And render your heart resplendent.
When in your soul you see the Eternal,
Then you’re fit to be called a saint.

Ninthly, your portals of perception will open,
When you make an ally of the Perfect Master.
You will see that the soul is not the body,
When the Master shows the soul’s unity with God.

Tenthly, you’ll reach the door of liberation,
Where the Divine Melody resounds.
Kabir says, “Listen to me, my brothers,
Only a rare one considers my teaching.”

(Bhajan of Sant Kabir, Translated by Dr. Das,
“The Kabir Voice” Newsletter, Surry, BC Canada)

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Oh god that scenario you made was totally adorable!!! <3 <3 Could you do another one with 2P!France?? Pwease :3

((Im assuming you mean the “First Steps” scenario with 2P!Canada? XD Yeah, i’m just gonna assume that one. I’ve been getting a couple 2P!-specific requests with that theme since i posted that; at least i know that you guys dig the fluff, since you guys can be pretty angsty trolls XD. BTW, the stupidly ironic name for this child is gonna be Adelaide….because Guys and Dolls is the shit))

Scenario: *Just Stupid Fluffiness: First Steps (2P!France; Francois Bonnefoy)

You were getting ready to head off to work, passing by your fiancee, Francois, who was sitting on the couch watching what seemed to be a game of soccer ((or football, for you non-Americans)). Sitting on the floor between his legs was your daughter Adelaide who seemed to be just as immersed in the game as her father was; although, you were sure that it was more out of wonder for the TV itself as opposed to the game. Her shining purple orbs reflected the TV screen as she watched with wide-eyed awe. The soft curly hair framing her face also matched that of Francois (and the small curl beginning to sprout from the top of her head definitely gave away that she was his daughter), but the locks were your hair color instead. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the two dorks with their gazes set dead-on the TV in front of them; when was the last time you found them doing anything else as you head out for work? the fact that you couldn’t even vaguely recall a time was sad enough to bring you behind the couch, resting your arms on the cushion beside your fiancee’s head.
“Francois? Would you mind doing me a favor today?” you asked, leaning your head closer towards him in hopes of increasing your chances for a verbal response this time around. This seem to pay off too, because the blonde spared a minute away from the TV screen to instead fixate his gaze on you.
“Depends; what exactly is this favor?” he asked, his gruff french accent working well with his ruffled and disheveled appearance. His untamed mane and half-buttoned shirt spoke for how little activity he had planned for today besides watching the game.
“Well, i was wondering if you could teach Adelaide how to walk. I’ve been trying to get around to it for a while, but i just never seem to have the time, and considering….” before continuing, you gestured to the many soda cans and snack wrappers he had lying haphazardly across the coffee table. Even Adelaide seemed to find entertainment in a recently-finished can of Pepsi that her father had neglected to throw away. “….all that you have going on here, i’m assuming you got time to kill.”
Finally taking a proper look at the room for himself, Francois gives a look of slight defeat as he lets out a small sigh and once again cranes his neck up towards you.
“Sweetheart, if you want me to clean up can just ask.” he says with a slight chuckle. Giving him a smile, you brushed a stray curl out of his face before giving him a kiss on the forehead, to which he responded with an appreciative hum.
“After you teach her how to walk. Goodbye, sweetheart.” You say, then looping around the couch to meet with the toddler now banging the soda can on the floor. “And goodbye to you too, sweetie.” You say, kissing the babbling girl on the top of her head.
“Have a good day at work, darlin’.” He bid roughly, the natural huskiness in his tone causing him to clear his throat softly after you closed the door. Upon your departure, he sat up from his slouched position on the couch, now resting his elbows on his knees as he ran his long fingers through his hair and looked down at his daughter resting on the floor. Adelaide turned herself around to meet his amethyst gaze with her own, giving a curious look as her fingers still fumbled with the can.
Already sensing the tediousness of the task lying ahead of him, Francois let out a groan before scooping up his daughter and walking to take her to the backyard, where he hopes the fresh air and open surroundings would encourage her to do more than crawl.

“You’re going to make this extra difficult for papa, aren’t you?” he asked with a tired look in his eye, noting how his child was now quite literally crawling around him in circles. It was as if she was purposely mocking him, and the devious glint in her orbs definitely gave away that even she knew she was proud to be doing something that evidently displeased the frenchman (even if she didn’t fully understand why it was annoying him in the first place).
This routine had been going on for just over two hours, and the merciless amount of sunlight that Francois had been receiving in the meantime was more than making up for the several straight days he spent in his dark living room. Adelaide didn’t seem to mind though, in fact she seemed to relish in being outside for a change; it was surely motivating her to be more active, just not in the way Francois was hoping it would.
Exasperated, Francois sat back on the grass, taking a breather to contemplate other ways to teach his daughter to walk. Maybe Google was the best resource? As he was thinking of this, he couldn’t help but notice the way that his daughter was playing with the soccer ball lying a few feet in front of him. She seemed to be trying to move it the way she saw on TV, except she was instead resorting to crawling on top of it. Amused by her actions, Francois got back up with a huff and walked over to her, taking both of her small hands in his own to stand her up. Upon getting the support she needed, he saw her reaching her legs out to kick the ball.
After this, a brilliant scheme began formulating in the groggy mind of the blonde. This would almost be too perfect.

“Guys, i’m home!” You called out, but was shocked to see that the living room was empty. Honestly, you had quite forgotten how the room even looked without your husband sitting on the couch; though, you could see the mess was still lying there. Upon observing this, you hoped that he had at least begun teaching Adelaide how to walk, like you asked him to; if not, there’d be some serious problems….for him, at least. Beginning your hunt, you wondered where they could've went off to in the house; you checked your bedroom, the nursery, the dining room, and even the kitchen! You didn’t even think to check the backyard (the one scarcely used for anything else besides the occasional late-night beer hangout with friends), until you heard the familiar faint laughter of a little girl coming from behind the house.
Upon looking outside, you were surprised to see Francois skillfully dribbling a soccer ball between his feet, baiting a stumbling Adelaide as she attempted to reach the ball.
“You….I can’t believe you actually did it.” You said in slight awe, unable to mask the genuine surprise in your voice. Francois didn’t take any offense to it though as he then swiftly passed the ball to Adelaide, who dropped to the floor immediately to play with it, before walking over to greet you.
“Welcome back, mon cher. You have a good day?” he asked as he gave you a kiss on the cheek while wrapping a strong arm around your waist. You welcomed his hold with a smile as you responded with content lacing your tone.
“I did, even better now that i see you’ve done some good work while i was gone. Apparently she’s a soccer-fanatic like you, then?” you asked, hugging him around the waist as you gave him a small kiss on the lips.
“Ah, well, at least she had good taste.” he responds lovingly, interrupted when he felt a small tug on his pant leg. Looking down, he saw Adelaide gazing up at him with the soccer ball in hand. It was evident from the look in her eye that she wanted to play with him again.
“Ah, one moment, mon petit.” he dismisses, but is once again cut off when she gives him a set of puppy eyes that could warm the heart of even the coldest man. Seeing the effect it had, you gave Francois one last squeeze before letting go of him to go inside.
“I’ll leave you guys to play for a couple more minutes. Though, i want to see you both cleaned up before dinner.” You said firmly, seeing Adelaide smile upon seeing her father reach down for the ball, to which she happily handed it to him.
“Alright. Now, Adelaide, show papa what you got.” he encouraged as he once again began dribbling the ball away from the toddler, who followed after him with shaky steps.
You prepped dinner by a window so that you could see them playing outside merrily until he finally scooped her up and invited her inside to get cleaned up before dinner.
It was times like these that reminded you how grateful you were to have a great husband and father to your child like Francois. Even if he was a little rough around the edges, it didn't do much to disguise his softer interior that you couldn't help but fall in love with every time.

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((*long exaggerated sigh* wOW, that took awhile. I just now noticed how many scenarios i have in my inbox that are 2P!France-specific, so i’m wondering why that is. I mean, i already know this particular scenario-theme is popular because of the one i did with 2P!Canada, so was there a recent scenario that you guys really liked with him or something? I can’t help but feel like this i all kinda coordinated XD))

The Zen of an Aching Heart

“Your days pass like rainbows, like a flash of lightning, like a star at dawn. Your life is short. How can you quarrel?”


In the Jewish mystical tradition, one great Rabbi taught his disciples to memorize and contemplate the teachings and place the prayers and holy words on their heart. One day a student asked the Rabbi why he always used the phrase “on your heart” and not “in your heart,” and the master replied, “Only time and grace can put the essence of these stories in your heart. Here we recite and learn them and put them on our hearts hoping that some day when our heart breaks they will fall in.”

But when our heart breaks—in love, in friendship, in partnership—it is always a very difficult experience. Modern neuroscience has even discovered that the emotional suffering we experience registers in the same areas of the brain as physical pain. So when we’re feeling abandoned and rejected, we don’t want to eat, we can’t sleep, we have difficulty breathing, our bodies feel as if we have the flu or we’ve been run over by a truck.

So, what can we do when we have to accept the loss of a friend or a loved one? What truth can we find beyond the stories we tell ourselves about how they’re wrong and we’re right, or that we’re wrong and they’re right? What can we do besides spending fruitless hours trying decipher everything they said or did? Can we do something more useful than justifying to ourselves what we said or did, or wishing that we had said or done something else? And what can we do when the story spreads to nearly drown us in despair over feelings that there’s something wrong with us, that we’re unlovable, that we’re the reason things didn’t work out?

Like a sandcastle, all is temporary.

Build it, tend it, enjoy it.

And when the time comes

let it go.

The first thing you need to do when you’ve suffered loss or betrayal is to find a way to regain your wise heart so that you can let it hold the aching of your heart. The Zen teacher Karlfried Von Durckheim speaks of the importance of the need to go through our difficulties in a conscious and clear way.

The person who, already being on the way, falls upon hard times in the world, will not as a consequence turn to those friends who offered them refuge and comfort and encourage their old self to survive. Rather, they will seek out someone who will faithfully and inexorably help them to risk themselves, so they may endure the difficulty and pass courageously through it. Only to the extent that a person exposes themselves over and over again to annihilation and loss can that which is indestructible be found within them. In this daring lie dignity and the spirit of true awakening.

Sometimes suffering the losses and the unexpected betrayals and break-ups that befall each of us becomes the places where we grow deepest in our capacity to lead an authentic and free life. Often by working our way through our difficulties, our ability to love and feel compassion for ourselves and others deepens, along with the wisdom that will help us through similar problems in the future. And learning how to survive our present difficulties is one of the few things that will help us to know the right things to say and do when others whom we love suffer as well.’

- Jack Kornfield, A Lamp in the Darkness: Illuminating the Path Through Difficult Times.

Hello! (A Cherik Ficlet)

For @icathier who inspired it. I had fun writing it and I needed the distraction. Thank you so much my darling 😊😊


Charles has a cold, but that doesn’t stop him from singing much to Erik’s dismay.


Erik stared out the kitchen window as the wind violently shook the trees outside. The weather had been unseasonably cold for days. He sighed as he waited patiently for Charles’ tea to steep.

“Hello, can you hear me?” Charles sang along to Adele as the song played on the TV.

“Unfortunately, I can,” Erik muttered under his breath as he threw away the tea bag. He normally wouldn’t have a problem with Charles’ singing. He had a warm baritone that Erik loved to hear. What made Erik want to grit his teeth upon hearing him sing that day was that Charles had a cold. His throat was scratchy and his nose was stuffed, he sounded like a strangled cat and it made Erik cringe.

“Hello from the other side. I must have called a thousand times,” Charles continued to sing while the hair on the back of Erik’s neck stood on end. The high notes Charles was trying to hit, however, made him cough and sputter. Erik was hopeful that would be enough to make him shut up but, no. “Hello from the outside,” Charles continued to sing sounding even more scratchy.

Erik took the tea to the living room and wrapped Charles’ hands around the mug then sat beside him with an arm around his shoulder. “Charles, maybe you should stop singing,” Erik said cautiously.

Charles twisted under his arm and looked at him with a frown. “Why? Do I sound that bad?” Charles asked.

Erik was a smart man. He knew a loaded question when be heard one. “I just don’t want you to hurt your throat,” Erik lied as smoothly as he could possibly manage under Charles’ fixed stare and hoped he wouldn’t pick up on his discomfort.

“I won’t hurt my throat by singing, Erik,” Charles said as he turned back to the TV with a shake of his head making Erik feel like he were talking nonsense. “It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry,” Charles resumed his singing as if Erik had said nothing.

“Drink your tea then. It’ll help warm up your vocal cords,” Erik said desperate for a few seconds of silence while Charles drank his tea. Maybe even, if he were really lucky, the song would end before Charles finished drinking it.

“It’s still too hot, Erik. Do you want me to burn my tongue?” Charles asked accusingly, glaring at Erik.

Erik squeezed Charles’ shoulder and rubbed it soothingly. “No, of course not. I just want you to feel better,” Erik said with conviction since at least that wasn’t a lie.

Charles’ glare turned into a pout making Erik smile. “Thank you but I like to sing and I won’t let a sore throat stand in my way,” Charles said then took a tiny sip of his tea and resumed his singing, “Hello from the other side.”

Goosebumps covered Erik’s arms as he suffered through two more lines where the strangled cat was joined by two baby rats for the chorus.

Charles started coughing again and Erik groaned. “Oh, for the love of– just stop singing, Charles,” Erik said in exasperation.

Charles’ hurt look immediately made Erik feel guilty. “You do think I sound bad,” Charles said with a pout accompanied by tears sparkling in his impossibly blue eyes that Erik just broke.

“No, I don’t. I really don’t. I just don’t want you to hurt your throat any further,” Erik said, infusing his words with as much love as he could. He was weak when faced with Charles’ tears, he just couldn’t handle them. He cursed himself for saying anything. He should have just taken the torture like a man for Charles’ sake. When Charles said nothing and just stared into Erik’s eyes while his lips trembled, Erik’s heart broke. He took the tea from Charles and put it aside then kissed him. It was a chaste kiss with no demands just a simple expression of love but Charles wouldn’t let him go and dived in giving the kiss all he had.

Charles soon pushed Erik away and gasped breathing heavily. Erik gave him a confused look but Charles explained,“I’m sorry, Erik, but my nose is really stuffed, I couldn’t breathe,” he said with an apologetic smile.

“Of course. Don’t worry about it. I’m sorry too,” Erik hurried to say then added, “How do I make it better?”

Charles smiled seductively. “Well,” he said as he ran his thumb over Erik’s lips, “I need my mouth to breathe but you don’t,” he said with a wink.

Erik chuckled and shook his head. “You’re incorrigible, you know that?” he said then pecked Charles’ smiling lips.

“I know and that’s why you love me,” Charles said then guided Erik’s hand to his pants while licking his lips suggestively.

Erik was a man with a strong will but not when it came to his husband so he just smiled and started to undo his pants. It was really no hardship at all. He adored Charles.

As Erik settled between his legs Charles fought to keep himself from giggling. It was entertaining that the poor darling thought he didn’t know how he felt about his singing. Charles, briefly, contemplated teaching Erik how to stop himself from projecting but quickly thought against it. Toying with Erik was just too much fun.

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Who was Siddhartha? What is the story of his life? How did he become the first Buddha?

Siddhartha Gautama was the son of a king who lived in what is now Nepal. It is said that at his birth it was prophesied that he would be either a great leader of men or a holy man. His father, wishing that his son would rule after him, protected the boy from all sights of pain, sickness or death. The young prince grew to manhood and took a wife. He had a son. Then one day he was confronted with a sick and dying man. He realized at that point that in a world of death and suffering pleasure and happiness had little meaning. He was gripped by a universal compassion for the suffering of mankind and he had a burning desire to end it.

He left his father’s house and wandered through Northern India. He tried various things. He studied with learned priests and found their teachings wanting. He retreated to the forest and joined the ascetics there. He starved himself and sat in meditation for days at a time. Still he suffered. Still his heart was not quiet. Then one day he was sitting in meditation under a great tree. He vowed that he would not move until he knew the answer. He sat and he sat.

As Siddhartha sat under the tree the demon Mara came to him. Mara was the spirit of deception, of illusion. First Mara sent visions of wealth and power to Siddhartha but Siddhartha remained unmoved. Then Mara grew angry and sent images of flaming arrows toward Siddhartha but they turned into lotus flowers. Great monsters assailed Siddhartha but turned to smoke. Still Siddhartha sat. Then it happened. All of the illusions of the world fell away. Siddhartha merged with the One and awoke. He became the “awakened one” the “Buddha”. 

Now Siddhartha pondered what to do? Should he remain in the forest and live his life in blissful contemplation or should he teach this thing he had discovered to others? He decided to teach. As he walked through the grove he met four samanas, the ascetic holy men of India, and they said “Siddhartha where do you go?” Noting the glow about the face of the Buddha they asked “what has happened to you?” Siddhartha told them of his awakening and his intention to teach what he had learned. The semana scoffed and said “they will think you mad, they will not understand” to which the Buddha, smiling, replied “some will understand”.

๑ Samsaran ๑