All can be deducted to that which is logical, necessary and fruitful, as these are the three conditions for perpetuity. Together they are the sole components creating the core of existence. Any other concept is either fantasy, or temporary; both insignificant in the grander scheme of things. Interesting distractions, but not part of the constant one needs to establish the truth behind the reason for existence. What answer do you get to one of life’s greatest questions, when you deduct all using these three core components?
—  The core of existence, by M.A. Tempels © 2016
Waiting for God to act only seems like waiting for God to act. God is always acting because God is always loving the world and always giving birth to something. Waiting for God to act is actually waiting for your soul to become quiet enough and contemplative enough to discern what God is doing in the obscure and forgotten corners, far from the corridors of power or wherever you think the action is.
—  Brian Zahnd


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If Given a Destiel Kiss...

I want to first point out that I don’t need a Destiel kiss. I just need acknowledgement that their feelings are just MORE than best friends, MORE than brothers. That’s all I need from both characters. A Destiel kiss would be a bonus round.

I was talking with majesticaljeff on a different post of mine (x) about what a Destiel kiss may look like, so I decided to let myself indulge in the idea, even if it’s only for a moment.

My first thought would be a life and death situation, for that’s when Dean’s more prone to showing his true emotions.

Perhaps Cas is dying, that grace of his dissipating into nothingness. And perhaps Dean would kiss him before his angel dies. Part of his ramblings, part of him asking Cas to not leave. Perhaps he would kiss Cas when he feels Cas becoming cold, thinks Cas is dead and he doesn’t know what to do. Or perhaps Cas would have opened his eyes, show that he wasn’t dead after a moment or so of what seemed to be death, and it just….happened.

And if Dean was to do this to Cas, I don’t think Cas would have hesitation, I think Cas would find it natural, instinct kicking in or melting into it.

However, it may go the other way. Perhaps Cas is staring at Dean without the words, tears falling from him as he watches his Righteous Man die before he does it, unsure of how else to express himself. Perhaps Cas believes Dean dead once more, holding onto his corpse, remembering a tale about sleeping beauties and kissing him, hoping the tale was true. Perhaps Cas would have been frozen there, devastated by the fact that the man he had done everything for had just died, until Dean breathed once more and all Cas could think to do to express his emotions was a kiss.

And I feel like Dean would have more hesitation than Cas. Not because he loves Cas less, but more so from surprise, that it was happening that Dean himself was okay with it happening, and then allowed himself to kiss back or melt into it.

The next would be a cure for brainwashing.

Like Dean was able to break Cas’ brainwashing all that time ago, perhaps Cas will break Dean’s if the Mark was to take control. Maybe, in Cas’ desperation, it is the only thing he can think of to bring the Dean he knows and loves back…so he does it and breaks the Mark’s control over Dean.

The last I see is a Buffy/Spike reveal in the musical episode.

Some wonderful singing and dancing, all leading up to a big reveal at the end.

But who knows what the future holds? Hopefully, it is something wondrous.