Isaac Lahey | The break up (part one)

Count of words: 884

Warnings: none really, a bit sad at the end

A/N: This is part one and as promised there will be two posts this week. Will post the second one tomorrow.

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Hi, could you write an Isaac imagine where the reader and him were dating before he was turned and when she asks what’s changed he lies and she finds out so she breaks up with him. Then Derek ends up biting her because he’s annoyed at Isaac’s sulking but it’ll turn worse because she thinks he made Derek bite her so she hates him. Mabye a fluffy or a sad ending or both?

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

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Beacon Hills, 8.00 am

It was a normal day for me. I woke up to go to school and when I opened my door Isaac was standing in front of it waiting for me to walk to school together. He has been my best friend since forever and my boyfriend for a couple of years now.

As I open the door I come across the tired and tortured brunete boy I’ve grown to love so much my whole life. A fresh wound decorating his face once more, covering the scar from an older one. A tear slipped his eye but I was fast to dry it. “It is going to be ok,” I said trying to comfort him, but it felt as though I was trying to comfort my self.

Beacon Hills, 9.30 pm

The rest of these days have been the same. Issac and I would walk to school together and then I would go and hang out with my friends. But, all that aside, Isaac seemed to have changed a bit, acting a bit weird alongside that. Just two days ago the cut on his cheek was fresh but yesterday is was completely gone without even leaving a scar. I tried to ask him about it but every time he would completely change the subject. Just today he told me he was trying out for the lacross team and he was all so confident about it. A sudden rush of confidence seemed to rush through him but I couldn’t explain it.

Beacon Hills, 2.00 am

Isaac finally spent some time with me. He came over at my house earlier and we have been cuddling since. I’ve kind of missed the adorable scared boy I loved and I got him back for a while. I was cuddled up to his side when I finally desided to ask him the only thing that was running inside my head for a while now. “What is going on with you lately?” As soon as I asked his face dropped, he was looking everywhere but me. “Well, tell me?!” I said and looked at him staight at his face. “I-it’s nothing. I’m just trying to cope with my dad’s death. Just stay here and lets cuddle some more.” He said and pulled me closer to his chest never leting me say another word.

Beacon Hills, 8.28 pm

It had been a couple more days with Isaac having this strange behavior, but it didn’t stop there. He became more distant. He kept ditching me on our date nights and tonight I finally desided to follow him. I have been following him for over an hour and just now we reached this familiar creepy old house in the middle of the Beacon Hills forest. It looked not only old but burnt. Black pieces of wood were falledn around it and it seemed nothing but void. The house was actually more than familiar for me. I remember when I was little I would run away and walk through the woods. I would always end up here and this beautiful lady would give me some water and food and then she would take me back home. 

Finally the door opened revealing a tall and muscular guy with black hair and blue eyes. He seemed dangerous but I though nothing of it. That until I heard some extream growling from inside the house. I silently walked towards the window and saw a blonde girl, a black guy and Isaac all tied up with chains, eyes glowing yellow, claws coming out from their finger tips. I accidently gasped and all the attention was turned to me. “Y/N NO!” Isaac yelled as I run away as fast as I could.

Beacon Hills High, 10.52 am

What ever was that I saw last night I tried to forget. I tried to forget it but I couldn’t. All I could think of was how my boyfriend’s eyes were glowing yellow and how he seemed deadly and dangerous. For the whole morning I managed to avoid him but luck didn’t stay on my side for long. When I was walking to my History class I bumped on his chest. All I could do was get lost in the relaxing cologne of the boy I seemed to fall in love with. “Y/N,” he said looking down at me. I tried to avoid eye contect cause what I had to say was not something I was proud of. “Are you ok?” He asked when he saw I didn’t reply. “About what you saw last nig-” “Don’t even bother,” I interupted, “I think it would be better if we are no longer together.” I said looking down ashamed to leave him like this. “No, no! What are you talking about! I lov-” “Save it. If you did you wouldn’t lie to me.” I said and looked him straight in the eye. “But you would be scared!” He said not understanding my reason to call things quits. “Yes, but I would understand. I would take some time to think about it and maybe, just maybe, I would try to help. But I wouldn’t really be able to, cause you seem to have become a monster.” I said, the last few words making my heart break as they left my mouth, but it seemed to be true. He was a supernatural monster.

From your forgotten friend

Hello, old friend. It’s me, the person who you met online some years ago. You were a shy individual back then, but I remember how we bonded over your love of drawing. We shared interests, aspirations and ideals. I suppose that’s why we became such close comrades.

I remember how we used to spend many hours chatting away about life, learning stories and fundamentals about each other’s being. It was those times when we inspired ideas from each other. We sketched, traded and encouraged each other time and time again. It was also around this time that I ended up introducing you to another long-time online friend of mine. As I expected, and hoped, you two got along instantly and formed your own bond, which was the best result I could have hoped for. I wanted you to meet new people and gain confidence in yourself.

But something has changed, old friend of mine.

Over the years I began noticing something. Something which has led to this moment. Soon after I introduced the two of you to each other, the time you spent with me started to decline. At first I didn’t think much of it, as of course, your circle of friends had grown and naturally wanted to spread time around.

However, more time passed, and the amount of times we spoke kept dropping. You were becoming a very busy, and widely, loved person. Particularly with the friend I originally introduced you to. Many the times I would wake up in the morning to find you two had done some collaboration work, been enjoying a stream or show together, or enjoying some gaming well early into the night, long after I’d gone to bed.

I suppose that can’t be helped though. After all, I live in a completely different time zone to you. When it was time for me to get some rest, it seemed like it was time for you to truly come to life. My friend, of course, doesn’t have that issue. They live only an hour or two away from you. So you guys could play games and watch stuff together without having to think about the timing.

I can’t say I blame you, though. That friend of mine lives near you, has similar tastes in games and has better media equipment than I do, beyond what I can afford. There’s nothing I could offer you that they already could. And from the looks of it, did so. I remember when I asked if you would mind if I joined in on one of your projects, but you explained how it was something you’d always wanted to do with your ‘bro’. That was when I realized you’ve never referred to me as a ‘bro’, while I’d considered you one since shortly after we met.

Once again I decided to try and push this silly notion out of my mind.  Maybe it was some part of me, or something I said, that has pushed you away. It would have been nice to find out it that was the case, but at this point you hardly ever spoke to me anymore. I kept thinking it was bad timing due to new jobs or prior arrangements, but it wasn’t, was it?

Every time I tried to strike up a conversation with you, I could tell you weren’t interested. Or distracted, as you’d often called it. I’d ask about stuff, but you just gave one word answers. The depth of our conversations is long gone.

You may not think it, but I can read between lines. Everytime I noticed my friend was also online, you show no interest in conversing. Even after, I was the last thing on your mind.

I know you’re doing extremely well for yourself now. You have a plethora of friends from here, DeviantArt etc who cherish you. Makes sense, you always make time for them.

I remember, old friend, how you explained to me, back when we used to share stories, that you dreaded the feeling of being a third wheel in a friendship. A forgotten friend. The one that people only speak to when they want something.

You told me you wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

But i never expected that you would do that exact thing to me. Sure, I’m not a very open person but I do know what rejection feels like.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing this here. Simple, really. I’ve attempted contect with you several times over the past six months but 90% of the time I don’t get any response. For whatever reason that may be. But I know you’ll see this post pop up, so I know you’ll likely be reading it, one way or another.

I haven’t been happy with iife for about a year now. Some of my other friends know this, but you know me, old friend, I was never one to say much about myself or ask was help, was I? I wanted to ask you since I was there to pick you up when you felt down about things.

Maybe you remember. Maybe you don’t. But I wanted to let you know anyway.

- From your forgotten friend.

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Updated S5 Character List


-Ferdia Walsh-Peelo as teenage Alfred

-Darren Cahill as teenage Aethelred 

-Kris Holden-Reid as Eyvind (an important warrior in Kattegat who decides to travel and settle his family in a new land; connected to Floki’s Iceland storyline in the scripts)

-Adam Copeland as Ketill Flatnose (”a fierce and brave warrior chosen by Floki to be one of the leaders of the Viking party intent on traveling to Iceland to set up a community there”)

-Khaled Abol Naga as Ziyadat Allah (historically was the third Aghlabid Emir in Ifriqiya in 817; likely connected to Bjorn’s Mediterranean storyline)

-Karima McAdams as Kassia (possibly based on Kassiani, a Byzantine abbess, poet, composer, and hymnographer in 810; likely connected to Bjorn’s storyline also)

- Laurence O’Fuarain as Hakon (unknown role; it should be noted that Harald Fairhair and Thora had a son called Haakon the Good in 921, but this is probably just a coincidence, based on Laurence O’Fuarain’s age)

-Kieran O’Reilly as White Hair (unknown role, but may be tied to the name Olaf, a s5 character originally intended to be connected with Hvitserk’s and Ivar’s storyline, based on audition clips; possibly based on Olaf the White, who ruled Dublin alongside Ivar the Boneless in 853)

-Alicia Agneson as unknown, possibly Freydis (closely connected to Ivar’s storyline in 5B; rumored to be a princess in Kattegat)

-Unknown actress as Thora (unknown role; seemingly connected to Hvitserk’s storyline in the scripts. Possibly based on the historical Thora Mostaff, one of the concubines of King Harald Fairhair)

-Unknown actress as Gunnhild (unknown role, seemingly connected to Bjorn’s 5B storyline. Possibly a love interest, based on script)

-Unknown actress as Aud (likely based on Aud the Deep-Minded, the daughter of Ketill Flatnose and a settler of Iceland; closely connected to Floki’s storyline in the script)

-Unknown actress as Elseswith (likely based on Ealhswith, the wife of King Alfred the Great; seems to be Alfred’s love interest, based on audition videos & scripts)

-Unknown actors as the Kings Frodo, Angantyr, and Hemming (three Danish kings who play a role in Ubbe’s & Alfred’s storyline in Wessex, according to scripts and audition clips)

-Unknown actor as Helgi (connected to Floki’s storyline in the scripts; possibly a child, based on dialogue)

-Unknown actress as Ethelfled (likely based on Aethelflaed, daughter of King Alfred the Great; likely a child, based on plot and pacing)

-Unknown actor/actress as Frodi (contected to Floki’s storyline; possibly a relative of Ketill, based on script wording)

Let me know if I’ve missed something or made any mistakes on here :)

I need more Boueibu in my life

Seriously there’s not a lot of new contect recently… and I miss the days in which everything I checked on tumblr was Boueibu posts… now I can go a week without checking the tag and there are not a lot of stuff… it’s kind of sad… we should be given love everyday(?)

ok but seriously…. we need more Boueibu

who’s with me? XD

hello again, i see a lot of newbies who are trying to be succesful on the studyblr community, even us who are been here for more than a year, sometimes we have strugles on waht to post and we don’t have any idea.
i see that they want to post their original contect, but they don’t know what to post, really you don’t need nothing expensive, fancy or aestheticaly pleasing, because you are starting and learning about it the community, but if you already have all that “studyblr essentials” (i don’ judge if you want to get it, i just get muji pens and mildliners, and i love them) use them to your favor.
you don’t need a pretty neat handwriting, mine is not neat, and you can practice, practice and practice to make it perfect (for you, not for me)

but the point on this blog is, that i make a list of some ideas, that you can do to create your own original posts, and get people to know you.
the first and more important tips is: we want to know about your day, about you, we love that, i do love it

here are some simple ideas for you

-planner/bullet journal
-study space
-planner essentials
-study essentials
-favorite books
-what’s on my pencil case?
-what’s on my backpack?
-planner routine
-cute notes
-favorite pens, pencils and why?
-any tip that help you to study
-relaxing tips
-coffee or tea
-favorite studyblr blogs
-diy project
-mind maps
-back to school haul
-favorite apps
-banner/decor tutorial
-coffee shop date
-study guides
-flash cards
-post it notes
-a review
-color coding
-organization tip
-productivity videos
-healthy study snack
-your bedroom or dorm

i hope all this can help you, it help me sometimes so i know what to show you.
all the love. t.