conte de fees


Remember that Snow Queen I made 2 years ago (she has a name btw, it’s Yekaterina [or Katya])? Well I decided to revamp her design because hey, it’s winter! What better time but now!

If you want more information on her just click the link. I’m not going to give all her info away though but lemme tell you: she’s pretty sad.

“He struck them down, seven at one blow!”

(detail of his face and scissors)

A loooong time ago I made up a webcomic idea that revolved around fairy tales and my own twists on the characters in them, which I named “Conte de Fees”, that would have basically ‘short story comics’ for each character in the land of Märchen and its surrounding countries. It’s still an idea I’d like to carry out one day, so I find myself drawing characters from it sometimes. This time, I decided to re-vamp Jack: the “Giant Killer” and the Brave Little Tailor’s apprentice. 

In Jack’s hometown, the local tailor is the well known Brave Tailor, who every one thinks managed to kill 7 robbers in a single blow, can over power giants and is a master huntsman, capable of capturing even unicorns. Because of these beliefs, and many other gossiped stories around the tailor, Jack developed a huge amount of respect towards the man as a child, wanting to be just as adventurous and brave as he. Once he was old enough to work, he managed to talk the tailor into letting him be his apprentice, a dream come true…only to slowly realize that all the stories he had been told about the man had just been made out of assumptions by the other townspeople or were only accomplished out of sheer dumb luck. At first, he’s disappointed and wants to out the tailor on fooling an entire town, but after seeing that the man isn’t even AWARE people took all his stories out of context, he decides to stay quiet and eventually warms up to his teacher, liking him for the actual character he is. 

Needless to say though, Jack still thirsts for adventure, mainly to impress the local goose girl who he has a crush on. Though he’s gained the reputation of being a 'giant killer’, he’s actually quite friendly and courteous to them, having been taught by his teacher that giants are (normally) kind creatures of the earth that just like to live in peace (the giant he 'killed’ actually had been a very old, dying giant that had given some of his possessions to the apprentice [sewing scissors once owned by his wife, thread, and a sewing needle] since the two had been on good terms with each other before the creature became part of the earth again as a hill. The towns people assumed he had killed it due to the items he had 'won’ during his trip). In turn, the giants help him from time to time by telling him when a future adventure is felt in the wind. 

In the end though, Jack tries to be as cool as a teenager he can be, but slowly loses any composure when around the goose girl for too long, usually making himself out to be very awkward and quite the opposite of suave. 

Hope you like! Maybe more of my Conte de Fees people will show up again (like Kerr!) in the future! ALSO REMEMBER: THESE ARE MY VERSIONS OF CHARACTERS AND STORIES FROM FAIRY TALES, NOT ALL FACTS ARE GOING TO BE SAME BECAUSE I’M TRYING TO BE *~CREATIVE~*


New character for Conte de Fees: The Snow Queen, based off the fairy tale where her title came from!

I’m still developing her (and may change her design and colors here and there [not sure though since all white works for…well…a snow queen]) but I do know that she’s very curt, frigid, strict but when it comes to little boys she completely melts and will dote over them. Aka she loves the shotas (since in the story he kept Kai/Kay in her palace as her own and etc etc)

her design has some honeycombs and bee shapes to it since at one point in the story it’s mentioned that the snow she summons are like ‘snow bees’. There’s also a Russian style to her clothes and decorations too

Hope you like!

And because I feel bad for my lack of activity here, have another thing I worked on recently: Ala al-Din’s cute but easily jealous jinni friend. She is a fairly weak jinn (due to her age and the fact she was stuck in a ring for awhile) which explains why her flame is a natural color. More powerful jinn–such as the one Al’s mother gets from the magic lamp her son gives her–are either blue or green. When tired or lacking energy (in her jinni form), her colors become a muted blue and her scarf becomes smokey.

I might change her jinni form eye colors in the future but we’ll see!

Btw sometimes I post sketches that never see the light of day here on my twitter so if you want to follow that and tolerate my ramblings, just click here

Another new character! I don’t know if I’ll be keeping her name, but for now I’m sticking with the name she has in her story: Briar Rose!

Rose constantly wants to sleep. Despite her sleepy nature, she is very adventurous and would like to see the world and, if her parents would only let her outside, try and seek out Scherezhade to change her fate due to the curse set on her. She’s not narcoleptic by the way, she just likes to sleep since it’s relaxing plus, while dreaming, she can go on all the adventures she wants. She’s a little childish and does not like the idea of growing up and gaining responsibilities, but she’s more afraid of falling asleep for 100 years, not wanting to lose her friends and miss so much time.

The curse set on her is basically one we all know from the story: after her parents (who had foolishly kept close ties to faeries) were only able to invite 12 of the 13 most powerful faeries due to a lack of golden plates (faeries refuse to eat human food unless it’s on a golden plate), the 13th one, the faerie of Fate, cursed their child to die from pricking her finger on a spindle at the age of 16 [originally 15 in the story but I like 16 more since 6+1=7 and 7’s a magic number yadda yadda]. Because faeries are fiercely loyal to one another, their not able to cancel out each other’s spells but are able to ‘soften’ them which one did to the curse, making it that Rose would not die but instead fall into a deep sleep. Because of this, the closer to 16 she gets, the sleepier Rose becomes. Also, trying to avoid the curse, her family has gone to extreme lengths to keep her protected and ignorant of the curse such as ordering all spinning wheels to be burnt (they have to import clothes and etc because of the lack of wheels now) and making sure she stays in their home. She knows much about her fate though, but isn’t completely filled in (for instance since she’s never seen a spinning wheel or told about it, she’s not aware a spindle will be her demise).

Her outfit is suppose to be very loose and look like a night gown and lace robe. She wears a mop/night cap too on her head u vu Also you can’t see it because I didn’t define it, but what holds her hair in the front are poppies and thyme, since poppies symbolize eternal sleep and imagination, while thyme represents strength, courage and ensures restful sleep. 

Hope you like! 

I was going to use this as a paper mobile for class but I decided not to go through with it because I didn’t have the time/want to spend the money right now to do it. I went with another idea but I’m holding onto this for the future maybe, possible personal project! 

BUT YES Kerr, experimenting with simplicity and color uvu


I’m alive!

A new witch I made for my fairy tale story, Adanna! 

Adanna has the ability to read people’s futures, more specifically when a major event in their life time will occur by using the three clock hands in her hat. When combined, she can use them as a wand as well to do simple magic tricks. 

Much like many of the witches in Märchen though, her talent isn’t sought out by her customers since who wants to know WHEN something will happen to them and not WHAT? So, to make money, she creates and even fixes clocks. All clocks bought from her are exactly on time, making her popular with the more punctual type. 

She wears a more complex outfit than many witches wear due to living in a major city but she wears the shawl her mother gave her before she left to find her fortune.

Btw she’s green and deals with time because it’s a play on the Greenwich Mean Time, a place in London that stands as our global time standard (ha ha ha~). Colors are probably going to change. Hope you like and are all doing well! <333

I find myself wanting to draw Kerr more and more these days…

Older version of him (by like 3 years)! The older he gets the shorter his hair will get as well I think. This was for coloring practice as well. Not really defined/finished but it was more about practice of technique on my part rather than a finished outcome!

I hope to put more stuff up soon, see you then! Hope you at least like this! 

Just felt like I’ve been uploading nothing but Amnesia lately and, as much as I loooooove the game and fandom, I wanted to change things if only for one post!

Two of my fairy tale characters based off the stories of The White Cat and Puss in Boots. The white cat is based off 18th century French fashion whilst Puss is based off a mixture of French and Spanish musketeer outfits. I still have to name them, if I finish this picture in a less sloppy version I’ll be sure to have them by then!

Normally I don’t make cat people but sometimes there is a time and place for them in my heart. Technically to humans the cats look like normal kitties but in clothes (because we have to have fabulous animals) but for the sake of not wanting to draw furries constantly I’ve decided if it’s just cat view they look like this. Okay? Okay.


Since I’ve been re-visting my designs for Conte de Fees (aka my fairy tale comic idea) I decided to go back to Hamelin: Mysterious Piper Extraordinaire (as he so likes to call himself)! 

Hamelin is actually not from the world where Conte de Fees exists. Or ours (Hell that’s not even his real name).He’s actually from a seperate world where music plays a big part in his society, able to manipulate certain things via sound. He is the only one of his people that discovered a means of breaking through space and time though, able to split open the 5th dimension via his flute and navigate his way to other worlds. One of those worlds even being Earth. 

At one point, he had considered settling down there, noticing a rat problem going around at the time and feeling he could make a living by manipulating them out of towns. For awhile, this worked in his favor until he came across the town of Hamelin. There he gave his normal price: one coin per rat that he got out. After getting an agreement, finishing the job but then cheated out of is pay, his temper got to him and created a devious plan. He’d manipulate the kids of the town with his music, take them away on a walk for just a little bit through his space rips, enough to scare the town, then bring them back when he felt the point was made.

Thing is, exploring the 5th dimension is already hard enough to navigate alone, so with 100 spell broken kids complaining how hungry they were and how so-and-so won’t stop hitting them one can only imagine how easy it was for Hamelin to lose his directions. So, much to his dismay, he did return to the town but it had been 150 years since his last visit. Unsure what to do and feeling highly guilty, he dropped them off at the town and quickly fled, deciding to find a different world to settle in. That’s when he found Märchen.

Since then, he’s become a vagabond, traveling around the lands and helping out when he’s low on money. Due to his guilt, he’s also dropped his real name and taken on the town’s name as a means of apology/regret and a personal reminder to mind his temper. 

Hope you like! I personally find him one of my favorites in the cast but I don’t draw him enough weh. I’ll try to bring up a colored version of him at some point, need a break from prints!


Bonnie and Francois’ thief selves!

Bonnie goes under the guise of the Magnificent Maid, not only because it’s the complete opposite of her social rank in society (thus making it harder for people to guess who she is in real life) but also she likes to say she’s ‘cleaning the mess that Master Thief makes". She wears a wig to further her disguise and her mask is simple with a few frills on it.

Francois’s alter ego is the Master Thief Cyrano and wears a long nosed skin colored mask with a mustache, which if seen from far away looks like these are his real features, which helps him keep suspicion off of his real self. His thief name is based off the play Cyrano de Bergerac. He keeps most of his hair hidden under his hat.

Both characters are based off the fairy tales The Master Thief and the Master Maid


So to-day I decided to finally re-do a Conte de Fees character because I’m actually using him in one of my up coming projects, which made me think: DUDE. YOU NEED AN UPGRADE AND A NAME. You see, for the longest time this guy was simply called “The Green Man” because in fairy tales the devil was usually never named but was known for wearing green [since for a long time that’s what people symbolized the devil with: not red, green]. So that’s how he got his simple title, but now I decided to give him an actual name.

Gusion (or ‘Gus’ as he tells others to call him since it sounds more friendly, or so he says) is A devil/demon, not THE devil, which he will make clear should anyone call him out on it and is basically a trickster character. He never really does anything evil but he does like to make things harder on others, cause problems or just pull a good prank for the sake of entertainment. He normally just travels around, sometimes just the land of Märchen or the full continent of Gesch itself, in a gaudily decorated caravan which doesn’t seem to be pulled by a horse or anything, yet it can move and Gusion holds reins while traveling as if there were something pulling it. He claims to be a merchant and will sell his items to who ever is willing to buy but on occasion will give items for free (if he’s in a good mood or if it will lead to entertaining chaos should a person take his offer).

Being a nomad he’s not very close to many people but does have a good friend (Bear Skin) and also an ex wife, the only woman to scare him off and make him never want to marry again. He also has quite the reputation so many people are weary about approaching him when he comes to visit.

His name is based off the 11th Spirit in the Goetia and his sigil is to the left of him. I decided to go with this demon since (in comparison to the others) was pretty average skill wise plus his sigil looked very whimsical, like something you’d see on a gypsy’s caravan. His clothing is also very modern since the people in Conte de Fees clothing is more old fashioned, and I wanted a contrast between the 'normals’ to a devil. He also uses a lot of modern technology that confuse a lot of the people of Gesch.

Last there’s some doodles of Baroque just because, hur hur~

Hope you like!

Alymar the Canary Prince

So I decided I missed drawing Alymar (plus I promised mi Michichichi that I would stop neglecting him) and realized I wanted to re-design his original outfit. Went with a more Italian medieval/renaissance look to it (such as the doublet underneath his cape) since that’s where the fairy tale originated, but made sure his design still resembled a bird (due to his ability to change into a canary).

Now that I feel like I can sketch again I need to get working on a friend birthday sketch *¬* And I promise I’ll draw more of him and even Sho btw, Michiiiii

With that Maleficant movie coming out soon (which personally I think looks God awful aside Jolie [love the cheek bones mmm]) I’ve been thinking about my own Sleeping Beauty characters and just doodled Rhodanthe again. 

A little more information: She’s not a big fairy fan given that–although her family has close ties to them–they’re creatures who do things only for their own amusement and, oh yeah, one cursed her as a baby. She and the one who cursed her do talk to one another though, but the relationship is fairly bitter on her side. Also despite her frou-frou delicate appearance she is far from spoiled and will fight back if needed (usually with her words first).

Might draw more of her this week since I haven’t been able to draw for myself in awhile that isn’t con related sobs HOPE YOU’RE ALL WELL