More Than Anything (Liam Dunbar Imagine Part 3)

Anon:  more than anything pt 3!!

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(Y/N)’s POV

I was walking trought the tunnels looking for Theo. Since I kissed Liam the other day, I couldn’t forget him and I felt really bad. Theo was sweet with me, I couldn’t do this to him. I needed to fight for Theo. Suddenly I saw blood on the floor. I gasped and ran. Theo could be in danger! 

“Theo” I said entering into the room. Insted of seeing him on the floor trying to be alive, he was kissing Tracy. She was on his lap kissing him while he has his hands on her. 

I felt so angry that I caught my knive from my belt which I always carry just in case and threw it to him. It made a wound on Theo’s arm and he looked at me. He opened his eyes and then looked at his arm. For a moment, all that confidence was gone. 

“(Y/N)” he gasped. I shook my head, trying not to cry in front of him. “Wait, you hurted me?”

“Don’t worry, at least you will heal quickly”

I said and ran away from Theo, away from Tracy, away from another bad break up.

Liam’s POV

Puting the towel around my body, I looked at me on the mirror. I tried to dry my wet hair with another towel but I thought that a few cold drops couldn’t hurt anyone. Then, I focused on my lips and closing my eyes, I remembered how it felt being the only one kissing (Y/N). It was so real, even I would have swear I could smell her scent. I shook my head and opened my eyes. I sighed and opened the door to go for some clothes which where on the bed when I felt someone hugging me. 

“Oh my god” I said but I quickly hugged back. It was (Y/N). Her arms were around my neck and my arms where around her waist. I let her calm down for a while and then, I broke the hug. 

“What are you doing here?” I said seeing her red eyes. 

“I saw Theo kissing Tracy”

“What?!” I said. I got angry. Theo hurted (Y/N) and he couldn’t live like nothing. 

“At least I hurted him”


“I threw him an knive” she said shrugging. I smirked at her. “Now he has a bad deep wound on his arm” 

Without thinking twice, I kissed her. Everytime she did something, I was more in love with her. She was sweet and caring with people but when she has to be a badass, she was one. She could protect her by her own, in what I was thinking when I broke up with her? When she didn’t kiss me back, I pulled away and looked at her. 

“I’m sorry”

“Guess what” she said getting closer to me “I’m not” she said and kissed me. 

I kissed her back and pulled her on the bed, me over her. The things getting hotter. When my bulge rubbed her she moaned quietly and I slided my tongue inside her mouth. She mover her hands down my chest to the towel, playing with it. I broke the kiss and took off her t-shirt along with her bra. She didn’t stopped me so I began to leave kisses on her stomach. Her skin was so smooth. I looked up and met her eyes. She nodded and I took off her jeans and panties. She was so beautiful and she seemed so delicated that I was afraid of hurting her. I began to kiss her tights, sending chills down her back.

“Are you sure?” I whispered in her skin. 

“Since I met you, Dunbar” 

Reaching her mouth, I took off the towel and began to kiss her while I entered her. 

I woke up with the sound of my phone ringing. I groaned and hung up. 

“Who is it?”

“Dude” It was Mason “We’ve been looking for you! Where are you?”

“Sleeping” I said, rubbing my face with my hand. Suddenly I felt an arm around my waist and I remembered. It was (Y/N) and she was still sleeping next to me. Her bare chest agains my back and her arm hugging my tightly. 

“Yeah well, the school is almost finished. Why didn’t you come? Are you okay?” 

“Yeah, sorry Mason. I barely slept last night” I said remembering how good (Y/N) was. 

“Okay, well, pack meeting this night. Don’t forget it and please, call Hayden. She’s worried.” 

Without answering, I turned off the phone and left it on the floor. I turned around and looked at (Y/N). She was so cute sleeping. I began to caress her back and kissed her forehead. 

“Staring is rude” she said, opening her eyes slowly. “What time is it?”

“I don’t know but Mason called me to tell me classes were over” 

“You are a bad influence” she said and kissed me. I began to kiss her bare shoulder while she hugged me. “Liam, I have to go.”

“Please, stay” I said with a sleeply voice. I left open kisses on her neck hearing moans from her. Suddenly I heard footsteps. 

“Oh fuck” I said putting my hand on her mouth. She looked at me shocked and then we heard a knock on my door. 

“Liam, are you okay?” asked my dad from the other side. 

“Yeah, I’m okay. Shouldn’t you be working?” 

“Yeah but Mason called me and told me yoo didn’t go to high school” 

“I didn’t sleep well. I’m better now”

My dad kept quiet for a moment but quickly left. I waited until he was out of the house to put off my hand from (Y/N)’s mouth. I put both of my hands at both sides of her head and kissed her nose. 

“Where were we?” I asked smirking.

“Liam I should go, really. I need clean clothes and a shower” 

She got up and I groaned laying on the bed. 

“You say that like if I haven’t got any showers”

She looked at me and began to get dressed. I stared at her body, each perfect curve. She was so perfect for me that I couldn’t believe I was capable of kissing her. Suddenly, Hayden came to my mind, along with Theo. He and (Y/N) broke up, I should broke up with Hayden too. However another idea came into my mind, what if (Y/N) didn’t want to come back with me? 

(Y/N) sat on the end of the bed and tried to put her bra. I sat and put my legs both side of her. I put her hair on one of her shoulders and kissed the other one while I helped her. 

“What are we now?” I whispered. 

She kept quiet. 

“I never told Theo that I loved him. However, when I’m around you, it seems to be the only thing I want to say” 

She turned around and looked at my eyes. My heart was racing so fast I would swear she could hear it. I smiled widely and put her hair behind her ears. 

“And that’s the only thing I want to hear” I said and kissed her. 

(Y/N)’s POV

I was walking down the street when I felt someone putting a hand on my mouth and taking me behind a building. I turned around and I saw Theo. He was angry, that I could tell.

“What do you want?”

“I want you, babygirl” he came closer to me. 

“I thought me hurting you would be enought to let you know that I don’t want to know about you anymore” 


“You kissed Tracy!”

“And you kissed Liam!” I opened my eyes widely “What? Did you think I wouldn’t know? Indeed, you smell like him right now.”

I was afraid of Theo, he was intimidating but I couldn’t allow myself to be scared.

“What if I did it? He made me scream his name louder than you would never have done” I said. 

He took a deep breath and hit me on the face. I felt on the ground and looked back at him. I felt my cheek burn and some tears threatened to go out. 

“You little bitch. Guess what, I was only using you. I can’t let you go because you are the key to make sure Scott’s pack would do whatever I want for your protection”

“You son of a -”

“Hush! Now, give me you phone” he said. I shook my head but she took it off of my hands. I was about to get up but Theo put his foot on my neck, forcing me to lay back on the ground. 

“What are you doing?” I said trying to get free. 

“Liam, meet me at High School at midnight. Come alone” he said typing on my phone. 

“Don’t you dare to touch him!”

He broke the phone with his hand and threw it away. 

“Now it’s your turn, little bitch” he said, knocking me out. 

Liam’s POV

Sitting on the stair of the hall, I was waiting for her. I didn’t know why she asked me to meet here at midnight but I couldn’t say no to her. Also, I tried to contct her but her phone didn’t work. Suddenly, someone appear in front of me. I looked up and saw Theo smirking at me. I got up and looked around. 

“Where is she?” 

“She was going to come but I told her I would do it for her” 

“Do what?” I asked with yellow eyes. 

“Be sure you won’t be with her, you know, because she’s taken” 

I groaned and Theo laughed. 

“Oh god, you really thought she would leave ME, the first kimera, for you, a stupid beta?”

I wolfed and began to fight against him. A samll part of me was telling me to listen to Theo because he was right. He was tought and intimidating. The first kimera. And what was I? A baby beta with angry issues. 

Easyly, Theo caught me and threw me against the wall. A few ribs were broken and I couldn’t breathe correctly. I felt a few wounds on my face while I was trying to get up, but I failed. Theo squated and looked at me. 

“She isn’t going to come back to you, Liam. She loves me.” I shook my head. “She worked with me, Liam. I forced her to be with you just to hurt you. Don’t you get it?”

“Liar” I said crying. 

“Then let me show you” he said. He turned on his phone and put a video. It was black but I could hear (Y/N)’s voice. 

“Don’t worry Theo, he means nothing to me. He chose Hayden over me, I mean, he was the one who broke up with me”

“Are you sure you are okay?” I heard Theo. 

“Yeah, I mean, I’m with you, right?”

He stopped the video and I began to cry a lot. I didn’t care if he was watching me, (Y/N)’s words were knives to my heart. How could a girl hurt me so bad? It was because (Y/N) had that effect on me. I loved her more than anything and she played with my feelings. 

Theo got up and left me there crying like a baby. I couldn’t breathe and it wasn’t because of the fight. It was because (Y/N) broke my heart in pieces. 

Misunderstandings (Prince Edward)

Lol so this is part 5 of 6! For redninjakitty14rp - we’re slowly getting there! XD hehe it IS a bit shorter coz things were just getting too repetitive for me XD



He was the Prince of Charles…and you were just a commoner…yet…of all the amazing designers in the world, YOU had been chosen. Every day was like a dream working in the castle, being able to spend hours on end doing what you loved…seeing Edward every day…

Somewhere along the way, you fell in love…though it wasn’t a hard thing to do. He was so kind and gentle, so considerate and caring - everybody loved him…it was just that, for you, that love was a little deeper than the usual admiration. Every day you were argueing with yourself. I like him and…I think..maybe he likes me back? Don’t be silly, he’d never like you back!. B-But he’s so nice to me… He’s nice to EVERYONE! would be the usual route you took…but it was true. What scared you wasn’t the fact that he was a Prince - you knew that he treated everyone equally - it was the fact that, with him, it was always hard to tell…and so, you spent your days, wondering…and wondering…

One day, as you were walking down the hall, you looked peered from one of the long, full length window into the vast, but well kept garden. Despite the flurry of colours from the various blossoms, you spotted him almost immediately. Smiling as you stopped to watch for a while, you saw Edward tenderly stroking flower petals and bending down to smell their delightful scents. He was like a picture, painted so perfectly that it was almost hard to believe it as real. The shining sun above him hit his silver locks at a perfect angle as they shone in the brilliant light, framing his gentle expression…but then, a stranger ran up to him, tapping him on the shoulder and throwing her arms around his neck. You felt the smile drop from your face. Of course, of course he already has someone…

Pain was pumping through your veins but you kept quiet. It was not your place, or your right to say anything or protest, so you simply suffered in silence, trudging through your every day routine, gradually losing more and more of yourself with each passing day.

Finally, you realised that to stay at the castle would just be mental torture and so, you did what you found was easiest. You left.

Pushing yourself extra hard, you had worked through several nights to finish off the last of the outfits and had already prepared several ensembles that would get him through the next few public engagements.

Swiftly, you assembled your things together and prepared to leave at night

However when the time came, a surt knock resounded through your room. “Hmm?” You wondered aloud, “…it’s 11 at night…who could it be?” You walked over and opened the door cautiously, only to be greeted with Edward’s gentle smile. “Y-Your Highness!” You exclaimed in shock. “Sorry Miss Serenity, did I wake you?” He looked at you with apologetic eyes. “Oh no, Your Highness! Don’t worry about it…” You reassured him quickly as he peered behind you. “Miss Serenity…are you going somewhere?” “U-um…” “…an your room is looking awfully bare…don’t tell me…y-you’re not leaving are you?” D-damn…why is he so sharp?

you looked away, avoiding his worried stare. “W-well I er…” You shuffled nervously, not quite sure what to say. “May I ask you…why?” You looked up at his question and pondered on how to answer. After some time, you simply decided that honesty was the best approach. “W-well…it would be improper for me to stay You Highness…” His questioning eyes urged you to continue. “You see…I…I have fallen for you…Your Highness…” You broke eye contct, desperately trying to hid behind your hair…until you felt a gentle hand push your hair back and softly push you into your bedroom, closing the door behind him. “Y-Your Highness?!” Edward was now pinning you against the wall, a passion that you had never seen before burning in his eyes. “Why must that be a reason for you to run my flower?” There was almost a hint of pain in his expression. You stuttered through your explanation of the girl and the garden. Hearing your words, Edward’s expression changed from one of worry to one of slight amusement. “Oh, my dear, that girl was simply a childhood friend come to visit…she’s married you know.” You could feel your jaw drop open as he chuckled at you. “After all…Serenity…YOU are the flower that has gained my affections!” Without allowing you to speak, Edwards lips touched yours lightly as he kissed you sweetly. Soon though, his kisses grew more and more passionate. You could feel your heart soar with joy as you mentally prepared for the night ahead.

Stay Beautiful~


141001 2min at SW2014 in Gunma ^^

♪ During Dream Girl, Minho looked at Taemin’s mic performance and gave Taemin a thumbs up gesture ^^

♪ Minho touched Tae butt today !!!

♪ ( This fanacc owner said she’s happy cos Taemin seems to sympathize a lot with Minho’s remarks recently ^^ )

♪ When Taemin fell down during Bounce, Minho gave Taemin worried look and they made eye contct with each other ♡ ( This owner said Minho is like full of tenderness ^^ )

*  cr : aionee_51 and shinyyy06

*  trans : fukumin99  

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