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Here we go…

Name: Isabel, but I go by issie mostly

Tumblr username: imzadinot

Selfie: I don’t actually take selfies so…

Date of birth: 06/03/1997

sun sign: pisces, i think

moon sign: ??

Chinese horoscope: ??

Sex: female

religion: don’t really have one?

Height: 5′9-ish

weight (optional): I dont actualy know

Blood type: I should know this but I dont

Natural hair colour and style: this dull grey colour but i used to be blonde as a kid and wavy

Curent hair colour and style: short and wavy and i just dyed it purple

eye colour: brown

Do you wear lasses or contct lenses: I should wear glasses but i havent really worn them in ages

Any disablitlities (no shame): no

Any chronic illnesses (no shame): asthma

Memtal illness (no shame): no

Sexual orientation: still figuring this out

your nationality: British

Languages I know: English and sort of french (I also know the basics of Klingon but that doesn’t really count)

Where do you want to live and why: I have no idea

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Illvermony house: I need to take the test 

Favourite colour scheme: I dont have one??

what is my favourite outfit: skinny jeans and a t-shirt

what do you wear if you want to feel sexy: pyjamas

what do you wear if you want to get comfy: again, pyjamas

what shoes do you usually wear: trainers or pumps

what book changed your life: ????

what life code do you live by: shit happens. get over it.

your myers briggs pesonality type: should I know this?

what kind of a friend are you: depending on who you ask, I’m probably the bitchy/mean friend. 

how do you think other peope see you: weird, obsessive/geeky. loud.

what can’t you stand in other people: interolerance. 

what is the one thing you can’t stand about yourself: the list is too long

your strong points: i have no clue. 

your weak points: I’m bad at actually talking to people online (i should work on this, really). actually, i’m just bad at talking to people/

what do you think you were in a past life: either a serial killer or a politian. I’m too good at lying and thinking of ways to hide a body. or a sloth as i’ll literally sleep all day

how is your relationship with your parents: okay, I guess. 

your happiest memory from your childhood: pick any memory from our walking holidays in the lake district

your worst memory from your childhood: we could be here a while but it’s probably finding out my dad was cheating on my mother and him asking me not to tell. i was ten, go figure. 

describe your best friend from childhood: i didn’t really have a best fried until i got to secondary school, but she’s great and we’re still best friend now. we have many of the same obsessions (one direction, supernatural, lotr, star trek/star wars) and she doens’t find me all that weird. 

describe your current best friends: there’s a whole group of us, including my oldest/best friend. we just hang out whenever possible and we all just undestand each other. 

what is tumblr to you: basically fandoms and the occaisonal post with adivce on how to successfully adult. 

your life goal: to do well enought at something and get a job that will allow to have a nice flat in a nice city with maybe a dog. 

bucket list top three things: I haven’t really thought about it that much. getting to comic-con one day is on there, as is maybe travelling around india/thailand/europe

your most prized possesion: my laptop

how do you reaact to sudden change: depends on what it is. 

how do you face problems: I stress about them for days and end up worrying about them until they go away.

biggest accomplishment: getting the hell out of doncaster after finishing sixth form. (i grew up there and 18+ years is longer than anyone should spend there). other than that…not dying, i guess.

talents: writing, if that counts. 

your deepest darkest secret (optional): I think I already told you guys that

your source of strenth: chocolate, fictional character and misha collins

your priorities: are so not in order.

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