• Um hi this is my one and probably only texture pack, I wanted to thank 10k followers who have been put up with me.
  • It contains 40 textures.
  • Pretty random and stupid.
  • I would very much appreciate like/reblog if you use.
  • Enjoy! (mf) | (4shared) | (box)


  • 45 random textures for you.
  • None of them was made by me.
  • I found them on google so, you can also find if you want make a pack, so, don’t repost this pack or claim as your own. I worked to find all of this beautiful textures, so respect me and all the creators. 
  • You can can use some of them to put in another pack, i don’t care, but don’t steal this pack. It’s mine, not yours. I made, don’t act like an asshole.
  • PLEASE like or reblog if you’ll download it. Don’t be not more assholer than before. I hope you like it.