contains vibrance


PSD #3 & #4 for bright and dark scenes The 100.

Okay so I’ve been requested to share my The 100 psd, but, as I’ve said, I don’t use a single psd cos it’s impossible to make only one that fits all scenes. BUT I have managed to make two psds for some –or most– bright and dark scenes so here it is.

They contain:

  • Vibrance
  • Optional layer for yellow-ish scenes (BS psd)
  • Optional layer for blue-ish scenes  (DS psd)

Note: most dark scenes are kind of blue-ish but there are some that are also yellow-ish so you can use the bright scenes optional layer for yellow-ish scenes, cos it works there too.

Download (mf)

Rules are:

  • Like or reblog if download. (I’ll check)
  • You have to message me for the link, don’t be shy. I don’t bite.
  • When you come to my askbox you’ll have to be specific about which of this psds you want, or if you want both, so I can give you the right link or both links.
  • Don’t repost or claim as your own.
  • Enjoy! :)


since people keep asking about my coloring, I thought to make a tutorial to explain how to play around with selective color layers to emphasize or change some colors. (I warn you - you’re gonna use a ton of selective color layers)

I’ll explain how ho make something like this:

what you’ll need:

  • GIF MAKING SKILLS (you just need to know how to make gifs)
  • A BASE PSD (because i can’t color from scratch so this tutorial doesn’t cover that) - if it already contains vibrance, make sure it stays on top of everything else, otherwise add it yourself. (vibrance +100)

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I recently reached 6,000 followers and I had promised to release a psd pack when I did. So here you have 8 of my psds for different shows. The only thing I ask is that you like or reblog this post if you save/use of them and then come ask me for the link (mention psd name). Please don’t claim as your own since I put my time and effort in to these colorings. 

  • veronica mars - contains vibrance and 2 gradients maps.
  • htgawm - contains vibrance, whites and 2 gradient maps
  • delena - contains vibrance
  • thearoy - contains vibrance 
  • blake siblings - contains vibrance and 2 gradient maps 
  • scallison - contains vibrance and a gradient map 
  • clarktavia + bw - contains hue/saturation and a bw option 
  • anya - contains hue/saturation and vibrance 

That’s all! If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to ask me! 


prongevans’ psd pack

to celebrate my blog’s second anniversary (yayyy!) and that 1,000 of you follow me (i’m super excited and thrilled about this!!!), i decided to make something for you. it’s not much, i know, just a pack with 6 very simple psd’s for my favourite films and tv shows, but i hope you still like it and find it useful.

also, i wanted to thank you all for following me: to my old followers, for sticking up with me for so long (i know i can be very annoying and irritable most of the time, so sorry about that); and to the new ones, for giving me a chance (i’m warning you, though: you may regret it later). it’s crazy how so many of you follow me. really. it’s incredible, unbelievable, i never thought this would happen, and i’m so grateful for it. thank you so much!

  • please, like and/or reblog if you download, and do not claim as your own/repost them
  • contains vibrance, and an optional black & white gradient
  • you may have to adjust brightness and selective colouring layers
  • even though there’s 1 psd per film/show, i’m positive if you edit them a bit they could work on absolutely anything
  • download pack
red light - jongtae

~1.8 k words. pg-13. sort-of college au (technically just 1.8k words of jongtae having feels at a party)

contains nb (specifically genderfluid) Jonghyun wearing a glittery crop top, so how could u refuse. this is also inspired by Jonghyun’s “RED” 

dedicated to @taketaemtoyourleader who rly deserves all the jongtae lov and lov in general i lov

The room is crowded, air heavy with sweat. The walls flicker dimly with the flashing of the alternating colors of the strobe, and Taemin can see (and smell) the slickness of perspiration collecting on almost every surface. It’s so loud that he can’t even hear when Jonghyun turns to him and practically shouts: “Let me know if or when you want to grab some air or get out of here. I know this is a lot; I probably won’t be able to stay very long, either.”

Taemin doesn’t have time to respond before Jonghyun follows Jinki and Kibum through the fray and drags him along by the hand. Their grip is as strong as their hand is small, and Taemin would be damned if he let them go.

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A comiXologist recommends (a Dark Horse comic)
Shaolin Cowboy

Over the course of four issues, Geof Darrow’s Shaolin Cowboy plays out not so much of a story as he does one extended scene, a battle portrayed moment by moment, each panel crafted with detail and wit.  As anyone who has seen Darrow’s work in Hardboiled, Big Guy & Rusty the Robot or the other volumes on Shaolin Cowboy knows, he is a masterful artist, but more than just being able to create compelling images, he also a master storyteller.  Each panel in Shaolin Cowboy is a story unto itself, and though the images are static, they are so teeming with detail that they seem to come alive, to teem and writhe with activity, with action, portraying a larger moment within the series itself but also dozens of smaller, self-contained moments.

Despite its vibrancy and its extremes (the extreme detail of the images and, on occasion, extreme gore), Shaolin Cowboy never feels excessive.  Issue two, for example, is 30 panels of the titular character swinging a chainsaw through an army of zombies, and though the blood and viscera flows freely, the feeling of the issue is almost meditative.  It’s a moment that might take up a few seconds of screen time in a film, but her it’s given room to breathe.  By issue four, Darrow moves from larger panoramas of carnage to smaller, more contained panels (as many as 30 on some pages) of one-on-one battle, ratcheting up the tension of each moment.

Shaolin Cowboy is a pop art masterpiece, an enigmatic comic that satisfies on an action/genre level while exploring the full possibilities of the medium by using visual storytelling in imaginative and innovative ways.  It is not so much read as it is experienced, and what an experience it is!

-Harris Smith

Read Shaolin Cowboy on comiXology