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Republicans in the Senate on Thursday unveiled their plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare. The long-awaited plan marks a big step towards achieving one of the Republican party’s major goals.

The Senate proposal is broadly similar to the bill passed by House Republicans last month, with a few notable differences. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has been criticized for drafting the bill in secret with just a dozen Republican Senate colleagues, says the proposal — which he calls a discussion draft — will stabilize insurance markets, strengthen Medicaid and cut costs to consumers.

“We agreed on the need to free Americans from Obamacare’s mandates. And policies contained in the discussion draft will repeal the individual mandates so Americans are no longer forced to buy insurance they don’t need or can’t afford,” McConnell said.

The plan gets rid of those mandates. Instead, it entices people to voluntarily buy a policy by offering them tax credits based on age and income to help pay premiums.

CHART: Who Wins, Who Loses With Senate Health Care Bill

Graphic: NPR

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Hello! Morally corrupt anon from like a month or two ago lol. You've helped me sooo much with the issues I've had, allowing me to ACTUALLY WRITE! So thank you! Buuut, I do have another question, this one requiring a TW for abuse, unfortunately. How do I correctly write the MC abusing her boyfriend physically and mentally, yet she manages to make him come back to her many, many times? Thank you!

I’m so glad I was able to help you, love!  Thanks for continuing to follow me :)  This is an interesting question, which I’ve been eager to answer for a few days now!

CONTENT WARNING: This post contains the discussion of physical and mental abuse.  I’ve tagged it for TWs, but if this topic is upsetting to you, please scroll past! 

Why People Stay in Abusive Relationships

So first, I’m gonna drop a link in for my post on the different causes behind abusive behavior.  The reason behind your MC’s behavior affects the kind of abuse, as well as their S.O.’s ability to justify it.  The less you understand the heart behind your MC’s behavior, the more difficult it’ll be to portray it realistically.

But shameless self-promotion aside – there are a few different reasons that people stay in (or return to) abusive relationships, and some of them probably won’t fit with some character personalities.  Consider your character’s strengths, weaknesses, and personal desires as you read these options.  These are also numbered for easy navigation, not as a most-to-least common list.

1. Fear

Fear is one of the chief reasons for a person to stay in a bad relationship, primarily because fear is a common consequence of abuse.  If the abuse is physical, the abused person may be afraid of being harmed if they were to break off the relationship.  Even if the abuse is non-physical, there is fear of how the MC will react; an abuser may, depending on the type of abuse, lash out verbally, damage the victim’s property, share secrets or lies about the victim, release sensitive material (e.g. nudes), or even threaten to harm themselves/commit suicide as a means of manipulating the victim into staying.

Going further, the abused person’s fear may not have anything to do with the abuser.  They could be afraid of loneliness or living alone.  Some people remain in bad relationships to avoid dating again, having to find a new apartment/job/school in order to separate from the abuser, or simply standing up for themselves and having that conversation with the abuser.  It may be as simple as a fear of change itself,

These issues are most common with (but not exclusive to): dominant/submissive relationships, in which the victim is aware they’re being abused.

2. Codependency

Codependency is more commonly a result of mental/emotional abuse, and it inconspicuously gives the abuser a lot of power.  It runs as a two-way street, sometimes both ways at the same time – the victim may feel dependent on the abuser, or they may feel that the abuser is dependent on them.  In any case, breaking up is more of a matter of “Can I?” instead of “Should I?”

Codependency develops in a few different ways.  If the abuser makes a habit of insulting or belittling the victim, controlling them, or isolating them from other support systems, the victim will begin to feel a different kind of attachment to their abuser – one borne of necessity.  Abuse puts the victim in a constant place of defense, or “survival mode”.  If the abuser erases all other parts of the victim’s life, so that their only comfort can come from the abuser, the victim will feel incapable of “surviving” without them.

The other kind of codependency, though, is a reversal; the abuser, manipulating the victim consciously or not, presents themselves too weak, mentally unstable, misunderstood, or isolated to “survive” without the victim.  This places a feeling of responsibility on the victim, prompting them to be a “good boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/partner” and stand by them.  They may even like the feeling of taking care of their abuser.  The responsibility may even take over their life, until they feel that without their abuser to maintain, they’d have no direction or purpose.

These issues are most common with (but not exclusive to): relationships where one member is more responsible or controlling and the other is more emotionally unstable or unconfident.  It may be that the victim has a history of being taken care of or having to take care of loved ones, making this less of a manipulation and more of a natural (but still unhealthy) reaction.

3. Normalization

In many cases, victims of abuse can be wide awake to their situation – everyone around them could be telling them they need to get out of the relationship, that this treatment isn’t deserved or fair – and yet, they don’t leave their abuser.  Rather, they normalize the treatment, or believe the abuser when they tell the victim it’s normal.  They may buy into the idea that the abusive behavior is: A) a typical reaction, B) an abnormal but fair reaction, or C) a reaction forced by the victim’s “mistakes” or “shortcomings”.

Normalization can be a result of poor self-esteem – a belief that the victim doesn’t deserve better, because this treatment is good enough – and is often exacerbated by a lack of trust in anyone other than their abuser.  It can cause the victim to isolate themselves from friends/family, or even from anything that shows a “fairytale relationship” – TV, movies, music, books, etc.

These issues are most common with (but not exclusive to): people with avoidant personalities or kind/forgiving types.  It’s most prevalent in extremely young relationships (when the victim has no other romantic experience) or in mid-life relationships (when the victim is willing to settle for fear of being alone).

4. Shame

When a person first experiences abuse, it’s a shocking (and often humiliating) experience.  They may not immediately speak out about their experience, nor will they always confront their abuser about it.  This leads to the victim allowing abuse to continue, and the longer this goes on, the more embarrassing it can be for the victim to leave the relationship – especially if the abuse is physical and has left evidence of the mistreatment.  Even if they don’t tell anyone about the abuse, the victim may be afraid that their abuser will talk about the relationship to friends or family.

There’s also the case of the victim telling their loved ones about the abuse, in which case the loved ones would advise them to leave.  If the victim ignores their advice and stays in the relationship, they may be embarrassed to later admit they were wrong.  In another vein, the victim may feel ashamed of how they acted or treated others in defense of their abuser.  Bad relationships can create rifts in families, friendships, or non-platonic relationships (potential lovers or ex-lovers for example).

These issues are most common with (but not exclusive to): people with pride or insecurity in their image, as well as stubborn or private people.  This seems more obviously applicable to physically or sexually abusive relationships, but can be common with verbal/emotional abuse (as this kind of abuse is considered “mild” or not even “true abuse” by some people).

5. Love

I saved the worst for last.  When the victim is in love with their abuser, leaving the relationship becomes even harder to accomplish.  Love can inspire the victim to justify, support, and defend their abuser’s actions – and love being the passionate feeling it is, convincing the victim that they’re being abused can be that much more difficult.  Victims who love their abusers can misinterpret abuse as an expression of love, which, even once they’re out of the relationship, can damage their view of love and respect.  It can lead to future abusive relationships, and in some cases, to the victim become an abuser to someone else.

On the other hand, love can also blind the victim to the abuse, causing them to focus on the “good times” and good qualities of the abuser.  The victim can go into complete denial, lying to others about their treatment and getting defensive when loved ones ask about the abuser.  The victim may believe that they can change the abuser, or that the abuse is only due to a tough time – the abuser’s stress, or their own “bad behavior”.  And ultimately, the victim may be hesitant to leave for fear of never loving anyone the same again.

These issues are most common with (but not exclusive to): dreamer types, romantic types, or longstanding relationships that develop into abusive relationships.

A final note: Your question was specific to returning to an abusive relationship multiple times, so I want to add that once an abused person gets the nerve up to leave their abuser, there will likely be a (perhaps brief) victory period before they return to the relationship.  This is usually sparked by some emotional compromise (getting fired, getting dumped, or any feeling of rejection, loneliness, or need) which sends them back to the abuser for comfort.  It won’t just be a situation of leaving and coming back, back and forth.  There has to be a reason for every change.

Anyway, this post was long as hell, but I hope this helps you!  If any of my followers have something to add, I’ll gladly signal boost it :)  If you have any more questions, my inbox is always open.  If not, good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Sanvers Week Day 1 - Intimacy

Pretty heavy trigger warning on this one. This story contains (non-graphic) discussion of sexual violence by straight men against queer women, based on this post about Rick in 2x19. It’s something my gf and I have both dealt with to varying degrees, so please stop in for a chat if it brings things up for you.

She didn’t want to scare her.  

So when they’d first started dating, she’d held Alex’s hand in public with all the confidence she could scrape together, smiling and laughing with her like they were soon to own the city.

She’d tug Alex along when she heard wolf whistles, the catcalls of “Hey ladies, I like girls too, can I join?” She’d walk a little faster, didn’t dare stop, didn’t argue, didn’t antagonise, because it wasn’t just about her anymore, and she needed to get Alex behind a locked door, she needed to get her home now, because she wouldn’t be able to breathe again until she did.

She’d take her out again another day, a better day, and smile like their mere existence wasn’t dangerous. Smile so Alex’s world would stay shiny, so she’d never notice how he crowded them in ever street, even if it was empty but for them. How scraps of his skin festered beneath Maggie’s fingernails when she held her hand.

She didn’t want to scare her. She wanted it to be better for her.

But some nights, when they kissed in the doorway of her apartment, Alex tasted like cheap beer and dynamite. And Maggie wished that she’d liked it, but this thing between them felt to her like it was all white heat and no fire escape, and she may just burn alive in there. She’d let Alex tug her inside anyway. Thought she may as well let Alex fuck her till she came to the realisation that she should never have wasted her time on a liar.

No one’s as beautiful as your idea of them. The sooner Alex figured that out, the better.

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I’ve heard some thinkpieces that Kawoshin is something that’s thematically doomed and I feel that this is agreeable… to some extent. Looking at Shinji’s point of view (in the anime), Kaworu is a beyond admirable. In fact, he’s perfect. He uses something that is foreign to Shinji, the concept of free will and he doesn’t seem as emotionally burdened as Shinji is.But Shinji, seeing Kaworu as the ideal version of him, doesn’t seem to see the flaw which Kaworu has: a very poor sense of self-preservation and capriciousness, which can be mistaken for being manipulative (which he’s not). Evangelion has no room for idealistic things and therefore, in a way, Kaworu has to be taken out of the picture in order for Shinji to stop seeking outer validation to an unhealthy extent. Again, Kaworu isn’t perfect in any bit. He is no better or worse than any other character in Eva, but I feel Kaworu’s removal was tantamount because of Shinji’s seeing Kaworu as ideal and Eva also teaches you that you need to stop being unhealthily dependent on others. 

This being said, if Shinji didn’t look at Kaworu as ideal, would Kaworu not be removed (dead)?

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So i very strongly sided with the mages until i saw what it turned into at the end of da:2 and what happens in da:i, i can fully support wanting more freedoms and to be given a chance at a real life, but what it looks like theyre trying to do is rebuild the tevinter imperium and i cannot support that, but i still dont agree with the templars either, and honestly this whole thing couldve been avoided if the chantry had been a little more lenient with the circle

What it leaded to in DA2? I don’t know what you mean really. Unless you mean Anders’ actions, but he wasn’t acting with any other mages. And at the end of the game he was so fused with Justice I don’t think we can even be sure he would’ve acted the same way if he were just himself. Also, what it lead to? It led to the mages - who did not do anything - all going to be killed because of it, well actually Meredith had already sent for the right of annulment before Anders’ actions so… yeah I can’t really see how I’m meant to blame mages for that? There are a few instances in da2 when mages do bad things, but they’re always a reaction to the insane amount of abuse in that circle.

And what do you mean in da:i? In what way are they ‘rebuilding the Tevinter Imperium’? Please send in another ask because I don’t get it? I might be missing something?

I do agree that the Chantry could’ve avoided the whole thing, but it would have meant an entire restructuring of the Circle, not just ‘being a little more lenient’. The Circle would have to stop being a prison and become an actual place where mages can be save and learn in safety. And I don’t think the Chantry would ever be willing to do so, considering how much power and money they would lose.

I view the question of ‘templars vs mages’ as simply this: are the horrors of the circle a justified necessary evil to protect the rest of the population from the possible crimes, or accidental destruction caused by mages?

That’s the only question that matters. That’s where the true grey morality of this issue comes in. Do you think the chantry is right that mages are so inherently dangerous that they need to be held prisoner their entire lives? That the Chantry has the right to decide which of them need to be made tranquil, or punished in other ways, and which entire circles get to be murdered down to the last child?

My answer is always going to be no. That’s why I support the mages. Always. And not just because we’ve already seen more peaceful solutions in game.

Just think about it, in the real world if we determine which groups are most likely to commit violent crimes, would you support pre-emptively locking them up? (Remember, modern day weapons can be as dangerous as any magic we’ve seen in game.) Probably not.

And let’s be clear, even a circle where there is no abuse is still a horrific idea in principle:

- Being locked up the rest of your life

- cut of from family

- not allowed to go outside 

- not allowed to form romantic attachments

- not allowed to have a family (and having any child you might have taken away from you)

- living with armed men instructed to kill you if you necessary 

- being constantly told you’re basically a walkign bomb so dangerous the world needs to be protected from you

- Living with the threat of the right of annulment your whole life

- Living with the threat of being made tranquil (yes yes, until you pass a horrifying test, unless you live in one of the circles that ignore that rule and oh yes the chantry and the circle has a huge monetary incentive to make you tranquil or suggest you allow them to make you tranquil even before the test)

Even if this prison - and it is a prison no matter how cosy the beds - doesn’t suffer from any abuse of power it’s still a horror show. But then I don’t think there will be a circle with no abuse. Just because predatory people are often dawn to positions where they can enact abuse and get away with it and the circle is the perfect place; no one gives a shit about the mages. Also, the only circles we’ve seen in game have been abusive, I find it odd to presume there must be a perfect circle where there is only the horrors of it being a prison.

And I haven’t even gotten into the whole idea that the Chantry makes money off making people tranquil, which kinda motivates them to make more mages tranquil, if only to keep the money flowing. Or that if the Chantry ever admitted that mages don’t need constant surveillance it means they will either have to admit that the templars are mainly there to be the Chantry’s military arm, or cut down on how many templars there are, and so weaken the Chantry’s power. (That’s what I mean when I say getting rid of the Circles would cost the Chantry too much.)

On the subject of ‘trying to rebuild the Tevinter Imperium’, I have to say the abuses of the Tevinter Imperium are not caused by magic, so assuming a society where Mages are free and able to be in positions of power, is going to be ‘like the Tevinter Imperium’ is just not how it works.

Slavery isn’t something exclusive to magic (well using spirits as slaves as well might be), and (blood) magic, is just the tool they use to enact their cruelty. If they had no magic they would find other ways. And to be frank, while I’m sure the other nations we have seen in game would claim moral superiority over Tevinter, I don’t think they can. Look at the way they treat the elves? Look at what the Chantry has done? Profiting off making people tranquil, making Templars addicted to something they control?

Also, remember the elves being sold into slavery in da:o? Do you think that was the only time that happened? It seems pretty unlikely doesn’t it?

So yes Tevinter is horrible, but I think the problem with saying ‘they want to rebuild the Tevinter Imperium’ is that it fails to recognise that the other nations have their own horrors and that depending on who (or what race) you are in Ferelden or Orlais, your life might already be as bad as that of the lowliest person in Tevinter.

It’s easy to judge the mage rebellion for causing too much destruction etc etc, but it’s not like the Chantry would ever have willingly let them go. The mages were pushed in a corner, they didn’t one day decide that they would cause this. I would love it if peaceful revolution was possible but it isn’t. It’s always a question of what are you willing to sacrifice to gain your freedom.

DA:I could have been a great morally muddled story about what is justified in the name of revolution, of freedom. It could’ve shown us a mage rebellion where some are forced to fight, where some mages only take revenge for the abuse they suffered, while others desperately tried to find peaceful ways to change the world. It could have shown us templars being pushed to the edge by the chantry, and those who gleefully hunt and kill mages. It could’ve shown us exactly how much it costs templars to break with the Chantry.

Cullen does to a degree show us and in DA2 we had Samson, but I would’ve liked something like a Knight-Captain who objected morally to the abuses of the Chantry, tried to reason with them to go against amoral orders and ended up with the Chantry cutting off his lyrium supply so he was forced to watch the templars under his command suffer and a few of them die. Actually that would’ve made a great quest that with show us exactly how little control templars really have.

I’m just going to end with some links with more information on the mages and the Circle/ Chantry/ templars. I think all these help to get the whole picture on the situation for mages, necessary to understand why revolution was unavoidable (and before you judge their rebellions as ‘going too far.’) 

1. A post discussing why Anders did what he did and why other options weren’t available. I’m not entirely decided on whether I support Anders’ actions myself, but this is an interesting read on why the mages had to rebel to gain any power and why it’s difficult to judge them for it. It also touches on more abuses of the Chantry.

2. A post with a number of reactions to the idea of the Circle being ‘a nice place’ which it can’t be by its very nature. Also mentions some other abuses that will happen in even ‘peaceful circles’ like Anders’ punishment of solitary confinement for a year, which is literal torture and if you want to understand to what extent a quick google search will do on why solitary confinement is torture.

3. A great post about why tranquility is not a mercy and in fact a system that is incredibly vulnerable to abuse (and not just in da2). Also touches on how the Circle provides the Chantry with funds (and so power, which of course makes their ‘magic is evil we will protect’ you bs stink a little more.)

4. A post discussing why not all templars can ‘just stop taking lyium’ which helps to show that they’re basically trapped in this system as well.

5. A post combining resources about the abuses the mages face in da2, I’d recommend reading it even if you feel you know all of them already because I’ve played da2 many many times and I was surprised by some of these. Also remember that just because this is the worst circle we’ve seen it does not mean the abuses are unique to this circle.

6. A post explaining more about the Chantry and why it needs its military arm, and how it abuses that power. ties in to how they can’t admit that mages don’t need constant surveillance without either admitting the real use of templars.

7. A post about the theory that templars aren’t meant to protect mages but are meant to make sure there aren’t too many mages. (In other words, they are there to kill mages.) I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the post, though it does make sense that the Chantry would limit how many mages there are in any one circle to prevent an uprising. Still the post contains some interesting discussions about the templars tactics and how they don’t make sense if they’re meant to just protect mages. This of course does not mean every day templars are aware of what the real order are and I imagine there are templars who truly believe they are meant to protect mages.

8. A really good post on why Meredith wasn’t ‘just doing what she thought best’ and was pretty horrible before the red lyrium business. Also, while it’s easy to say meredith does not represent the Chantry the fact is the Chantry never stepped in and at the very least it shows how rife this system is for abuse and how little people or the Chantry care what happens to mages.

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Worth a shot: What's the best system if I want to play Alpha Protocol as a tabletop RPG, focusing on the complex relationship web and conversations with some action/stealth scenes? I've already read Black Seven (focuses entirely on the action), Night's Black Agents (OK, but a bit too rules-heavy for my taste) and Wilderness of Mirrors (closest so far, but also not enough interpersonal stuff).

If you’re not averse to doing a moderate amount of reskinning, but why not give the Leverage RPG a spin? It’s based on the television series of the same name (with significant support from the series’ creator, who is a huge nerd), which tells you pretty much everything you need to know. The way things are set up puts a fair amount of emphasis on the social engineering side of espionage, and there’s decent support for messing with people’s minds.

If even that doesn’t have enough focus on the interpersonal, you could also roll your own using the closely related the Cortex Dramatic Roleplaying system (previously discussed here). In a nutshell, instead of stats and skills, characters have Values and Relationships. Values are things like Duty, Glory, Justice, Love, etc., (every character has the same set, just with varying ratings), while relationships are tied to particular player characters or NPCs. Your basic dice pool is created by pairing the most relevant Value with the most relevant Relationship.

You can have skills and stuff too, of course, but they’re secondary traits - all you really need to roll the dice is Value + Relationship. It wouldn’t be at all difficult to come up with an Alpha Protocol-appropriate set of Values; the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide contains some fairly extensive discussion on putting together alternative Value sets. It does demand a fairly self-contained cast, as your dice pools can be kind of anaemic if there’s nobody you’re acting for, against, or on behalf of (and thus have no relevant Relationship die), but Alpha Protocol in particular has a big emphasis on building a central group of recurring allies, rivals and enemies, so it’d be reasonably workable if you’re planning on retaining that element of the source material.

(Of course, if you want to get even deeper into the interpersonal, and you’re willing to get a bit nuts, you could also do a severe reskinning of Dogs in the Vineyard, previously discussed here. I’ve toyed with the idea of an espionage/conspiracy based DitV hack myself, though I haven’t done anything with the notion because it’d be a lot of work.)

CS FF (+Belle): We Could, You Know (Explicit)

A/N: Was going to save this for tomorrow, but I decided my dash could use a break. Thanks go to @imhookedonaswan for the beta and reassurance.

Summary: Killian gets a little carried away, but Emma doesn’t seem to mind in the least (aka the not quite a threesome fic).

Words: 3000 | Rating: Complete and total smut. Contains frank discussion of a potential M/F/F threesome. If that’s not your thing, scroll on. | ao3


Killian stretched his toes and leant back into his lounge chair, the warmth of Emma’s back against his chest and the bourbon he’d been drinking making him feel lax and languid. They had been curled up together for the last few minutes, letting the music and the sounds of the party swirl around them ignored. Emma had drawn one knee up, resting her foot on Killian’s calf as he traced his fingers along her thigh, drawing the hem of her loose dress up with each pass. With each breathy sigh that escaped Emma’s lips, the noise around them faded further and Killian was torn between remaining here, enjoying the moment, and carrying her off to his room.

He stayed where he was and dipped his fingers beneath the edge of her dress, stretching them out to pull at and admire the pretty pale pink of the fabric before returning to the soft skin at the top of her thigh.

“Enjoying yourself, love?”

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SPIRIT WORK 102 with BARON-BONES on 5/19 @ 8 PM EST

Originally posted by frankensteinsbrides

Hello, witchlings!  As some you may or may not know, on my Discord server, we host classes periodically throughout the week.  So far, since opening, we have covered Witchcraft 101, Tarot, Crystals, Researching Witchcraft, Linking Sigils, and Spirit Work for Beginners.  This Friday, @baron-bones will be hosting Spirit Work 102!

The lesson will include: the intangible aspects of spirit work–from how to meditate correctly, using visualization/interpretation, and how to commune with the spirits. The second portion of this class will be on some of the physical elements of Spirit Work (the use of items, charms, and containers.) Other topics discussed will be the inclusion of spirit work in your craft.  The final portion of the class will be a guided meditation with Baron, where we will do a very simple work where participants can become aware of spirits.

Class will be held on Friday, May 19th, at 8 PM EST.  For those of you planning on attending, we ask that if you are wanting to speak and ask questions on the voice channel, that you have a headset available.

If you have not taken Spirit Work 101, we have the lesson provided here.  Baron will give a brief overview of the previous lesson, but will not be going in depth over the first lesson’s topics.

Those that participate on Friday will receive: a PDF packet itinerary/workbook with loads of information designed specifically for this class AND a participation gift, which you will receive at the end of class.

If you are new and planning on joining us, we have a set of rules we follow on the server, one being that we require you to use a headset/headphones when in the voice channel.  It is simply to ensure that everyone can hear what is going on.  You can read more the full set of Witch Haven rules down below or learn more about the server over here.  

Once again, class starts at 8 PM EST sharp! Make sure to message one of the mods with your Tumblr name and age so we can properly categorize you in chat.  Hope to see everyone there!  Click here to join the server!

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Hey, do you know of any fics with trans Remus or Sirius, or just any trans characters in general. Preferably more happy ones, I just got putted to my parents as trans and I'm feeling kinda shitty right now. It's fine if you don't know of any

Oh jeez, it really sucks that you got outed…outing anyone else is just such a shitty thing to do. I hope things get better for you– you’re awesome and strong and I know you can do this, even though it’s hard and it doesn’t feel good right now.

But anyway, yes, I can absolutely provide you with some trans!wolfstar recs! I’ve recently updated my trans!Sirius reclist and my non-binary!Sirius reclist, and for tumblr posts I have a trans!Remus tag, a trans!Sirius tag, and a non-binary!Sirius tag. And for non-wolfstar I only have a small list of trans!Lily fics but if you request other HP characters I’ll see what I can do. All that’s left is trans!Remus fics, so here you go! 

Notes: There are actually so. many. FANTASTIC trans!Remus fics that I’ve had to break them up into “Definitely read” (my faves) and “Also check out” but honestly all of them are fabulous & worth reading. I’ve tried to make this a fairly comprehensive list of trans!Remus wolfstar fics, but I’ve done my best to mark angsty fics & list warnings so that you can decide whether or not to read them.

All fics feature transmale!Remus unless noted specifically that the fic contains transfemale!Remus.

Trans!Remus fics

Definitely read:

  • *TransFigured by picascribit– 26k, E, mwpp era. “We thought you might be a werewolf,” said Sirius. “What?” Remus almost laughed at the absurdity….“I know. All I meant was, we thought you might be, and we still wanted to be friends. Whatever you’re not telling us — how much worse can it be?“” Fantastic fic but beware of angst, esp. in the beginning. TW: suicide attempt, transphobia, bullying, dysphoria. [Sequel: TransLate– 5k, M, mwpp era. Accidental pregnancy.]
  • *I’ll paint a mural of your smile by david8– 33k, T, non-magic/coffee shop AU. “…it doesn’t take Sirius long to sense something different about Remus…And soon, even Remus understands that not everything is as it should be with the seemingly happy, extroverted and flirtatious rich guy…” Also with bipolar, non-binary Sirius. Some angst related to mental illness.
  • *I just didn’t know it yet. by genderisasocialconstruct– 1k, G, MWPP era & post-Hogwarts. “Sirius comes to realise that the time waiting for his soulmate was well worth the wait.” Soulmate AU. Super super cute. Fluff. 
  • *Queer As Day by philiatran– WIP~ 24k, T, non-magic/university AU. “Sirius Black…has two things. 1. A penchant for photography. and 2. A tumblr blog dedicated to picture after picture of Remus Lupin.” Everyone is queer and it is fabulous. Some angst regarding friendships, as well as several clearly-marked triggers, esp. TW: dysphoria, transphobia, past suicide attempt, depression.
  • Long Distance by irrationalmoony & LadyAmina– WIP~ 21k, E, non-magic/university AU. “James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter have been inseparable since…their first day at Hogwarts boarding school. So when Remus relocates to France for further schooling…they’re not going to let the distance stop them…” Texting fic, also with genderfluid!Sirius. Fluff.
  • *Succession of Halos by LadyFaceElena– 7k, G, non-magic AU. “When Remus gets talked into seeing his favourite author–Astronomy Professor S. Black–hold a stargazing lecture, he…does not expect the ripped jeans and rolling-stones t-shirt wearing, motor-bike riding Sirius Black….” Also has genderfluid!Sirius.
  • Forbidden by LadyFaceElena– 12k, G, non-magic/university AU. “...Lily and Marlene decide to make a video in response to Israel’s banned book about a Jewish and Arab romance…Artist Sirius Black reluctantly agrees to participate…having no idea he’s on the path to finding love…” Also has genderfluid!Sirius. Contains discussions of family issues & oppression but not overly angsty.
  • *All Hail the Outlaws by LadyFaceElena– 29k, E, non-magic/university AU. “One of Remus Lupin’s three jobs happens to be working maintenance for their flat building…James Potter and Sirius Black move in across the hall…the pair set out to make their neighbours new best friends, and everyone’s life is turned upside down, but in the best way possible.” Some mentions of transphobia & misgendering but mostly fluff.
  • Boys by oliverdalstonbrowning– 3k, G, mwpp era. “Remus doubts himself and Sirius plays Space Oddity.” So much fluff. Remus has some dysphoria in this but really it’s just so fluffy.
  • The Hands and the Heart by oliverdalstonbrowning–3k, T, mwpp era. “Dysphoria is the hardest struggle Remus has ever faced, but Sirius is determined to show him the hands and the heart of his situation. [TW: Gender Dysphoria, self-harm, brief alcohol mention.]” Definitely angsty but oh-so-sweet.
  • No Understanding no Sound from Above by kyuuketsukirui– 2k, M, multiple eras. “Remus has a secret that has nothing to do with the full moon.” Closeted transfemale!Remus. Beautiful writing but very sad– lots of internal and external angst due to canon timeline, no happy ending. 
  • ennui by elliotasterion– WIP~ 12k, M, magic AU set after PoA. “Sirius is cleared of all charges after the events of Prisoner of Azkaban, but Peter escapes anyway. Remus and Sirius have to find a way to come together all over again, while keeping Harry out of trouble. (Not a raising-Harry fic.)” Feels very real, quite well-written. Some angst, mostly related to Sirius’s mental health issues & canon events but also a couple transphobic remarks.
  • *Semi-Automatic by destielspancake– WIP~ 68k, T, non-magic/texting AU. Remus and Sirius start texting because of a wrong number. Lots of fun & jokes but also angst– do heed the warnings, esp. TW: dysphoria, self-harm, and references to past suicide attempts and rape.
  • secrets were made to be known by atlaspeaks– 3k, M, mwpp era. “Remus has always had secrets. He’s gotten used to having them - and even more so, used to having them found out.” Lovely & fluffy apart from brief section in which Remus is outed without his consent.

Also check out (below the cut):

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Why we need more films like Felidae

W A R N I N G:

The movie I’m discussing contains copious amounts of animated gore, as well as a plot revolving heavily around sex and the concept of eugenics. Procede to watch the movie at your own risk. 

However there are minimal spoilers in this rant.

Okay so yes, I’m gonna talk about the infamous gorey cat sex movie.

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#146 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “a fluffy fic where the reader is nervous about getting undressed around Van because of their old self harm scars and just Van being comforting about it?” and “Being pregnant and uncomfortable in your skin and Van reassuring you/being a sweetheart” and “a fic about trying for a baby with van for ages and it never succeeds until about a year later and you’re both over the moon and he’s picking out baby clothes and helping you with everything being super protective and so on”

Warning: The fic contains discussion of self-harm, and imagery of cutting and scars.

Note: Another one in which I’ve tried something a little different with structure and style. Specific feedback would be really appreciated. 

One: Scars.

Cut to rays of sunshine warming skin. Fluffy dust particles floating through the air. Hands reaching out to try to catch them. Unsuccessful. Cut to lazy kisses. Teeth knocking against each other. Lukewarm tea. A boy in black, full of love. Cut to romance and dates and happy parents. Jump straight to that part of the story. Nevermind the years before. The prologue. Long and painful. Images of red dripping to the bathroom floor. Seeping through clothes in lines. Ignore all of that. Doctors. Psychologists. Medication. Late nights. Healing skin. Doesn’t matter. Cut to Van McCann. Human perfection. In love and loved. That’s where the good bits are.

By the time Van walked into your life in a cloud of music and dope and warmth, you were well on your way to recovery. You’d told him about before, about the depression. He was good and understood and didn’t say stupid shit like ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ Instead, he just listened and asked if there was anything he needed to do to keep you safe and happy. You told him he was already doing it.

A drunk night out reached its pinnacle in your bedroom. His hands were under your shirt, and you were undressing him as fast as you could. Then, as his hands brushed over your thigh, you sprung apart from him. You moved with such force you threw yourself against your wardrobe and felt the handle jab into your back. Van looked at you with confusion. 


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Understanding the Connection Between Eyepatches, Chunibyo and Moe

Content Warning: This post contains discussion on self injury.

Thanks to a particular anime show in 2012, the term chunibyo has been a buzzword since among western anime fans. Anyone suffering from chunibyo is easily spotted thanks to the staple accessory of a medical eyepatch. What might seem like trending gag actually has a decent amount of context behind it. Here’s what I’ve gathered so far on the matter.

Accessory Eyepatch Origins 

In the 2000s self-injury among teenagers was a becoming a prominent issue in Japan. Studies found that acts such as wrist cutting were trending among young girls in particular. This mixed with the popular kawaii fashions worn by school girls made for an unsettling image of a young girls in colorful, cheerful outfits juxtaposed with the darker ideas represented by bandaged wrists. 

This combination of cute and concerning resonated with teenagers and took on a new form as a fashion and art style. An entire sub style of kawaii fashion emerged, menhera (a slang term for someone suffering from mental illness). Menhera is designated by colorful seifuku and medical imagery. 

In 2008, Yoshihiro Nishimura, a filmmaker known for gory thriller and horror stories, parodied the self harm trend among teenage girls in the movie Tokyo Gore Police which featured a fake commercial for the “Wrist Cutter G” a colorful and cute new wrist slitting product, perfect for school girls. 

In 2014, artist Ezaki Bisuko created the satire manga Menhera-chan featuring magical girls that must self harm in order to use their magic.

However the popularity of self harm in the form of a fashion statement meant that the style could be adopted by anyone, even those who were not actually performing self harm or suffering from any kind of mental illness. Wrist bandages could be an accessory regardless of whether there were actual injuries underneath them. Other accessories inspired by medical imagery and illness matched the menhera aesthetic and also became popular.

That’s right the white medical eyepatches in Japan began to be used for non-medical fashion around the mid to late 2000s. This accessory wasn’t just for the menhera sub style either. Fashion cultures love to mix and mesh and overlap and the eyepatch found its way into all kinds of youth fashion. 

What does this have to do with chunibyo? 

In 2008, a book called the “Chunibyo User’s Manual” by Kotobukiya was published as a comical guide to the phrase being used by middle and high schoolers “chunibyo” (translated as 8th grade syndrome for American English). According to this guide there are three types of chunibyo: Dokyun kei, SubCul kei and Jyakigan kei. 

Dokyun kei (or DNQ kei) accounted for kids who would act tough and pretend to be delinquents or apart of gang when in reality they aren’t. SubCul kei (or Subculture Kei) describes those who only take interest in obscure media and culture and complain about the mainstream pop culture, inferring they are special for their lack of well known interests. (Basically the Equivalent to the American 2000s Hipster.) Finally, Jyakigan Kei (or Evil Eye kei) is a label for kids who project their interest in fantasy and occult onto themselves by pretending to have supernatural powers.

A school kid suffering from chunibyo is more likely to wear fake bandages around their wrists or take part in the eyepatch fashion trend. A chunibyo could perceive self harm as “edgy” and use it for whatever kind of alter ego they’ve created for themselves for the sake of attention. 

But if you aren’t pretending to have depression or any other problems then why else would you by wearing an eyepatch? To cover up your magical evil eye of course. 

Jyakigan kei is the one form of chunibyo people apparently find the most endearing and that’s why it ended up the premise for a whole anime series.

Now We Get to the Anime and Moe Part. 

In 1996 the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion aired and gained immense popularity. Fans adored the character of Rei Ayanami, an aloof and cold school girl who piloted the giant mech Evangelion, unit 00. The character’s introduction consists of her feebly struggling against injuries from a previous accident and sporting an eyepatch and wrist bandages.

Many fans found Rei cute, attractive and most of all provoking moe, a multifaceted term that can describe a want to adore and protect.

Then in the 2000s characters, in primarily hentai games and visual novels, started cropping up with something in common.

(Games from left to right: My wife and I and Boyne 2006,  Soukai no Oujotachi ‘2008,  Nurse ni Omakase 2004,  Tokidoki Pakucchao! 2004,  Chokotto Vampire! 2006,  Azrael 2002)

Character designs including a medical eyepatch also cropped up in anime from the 2000s but the visual trope was most popular in games aimed at an adult male audience because the eyepatch was associated with moe thanks to the aforementioned Rei. (It’s also important to note that eyepatchs were not exclusive to female characters but just more popular.) 

Now in the 2010s more examples of characters in anime with medical eyepatches have emerged including the 2012 series “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions”. 

The medical eyepatch has been established as a visual trope that’s meant to be cute and is associated with moe by the mid-2000s but by the late 2000s it has also become associated with real life fashion and the term to describe the real life behaviors of adolescents. Chunibyo Love & Other Delusions, the anime series, simultaneously exploits the cutesy angle of the eyepatch design to successfully appeal to otaku but also solidifies the accessory’s relationship with the idea of immature chunibyo behavior to its viewers.

So um...what are we?
Guang Hong Ji
So um...what are we?

An anxious Guang Hong calls Leo in the middle of the night, unsure of where they stand after there date. You’ll have to bear with him, he’s never done this before. 

This audio is PG-13 and contains discussion of adult things, but no explicit material. :)

This is Guang Hong’s side of the phone call. This is based on an RP done by me and the lovely @leodelaiglesia-skates~

anonymous asked:

You have any resources for someone interested in kemeticism?

Ah, kemeticism! I had a bunch of resource stuff saved on my hard drive for this when I was interested in it. Like 30+ documents that I made notes on. :p

Most of my resources were obtained from @thetwistedrope and [their Wordpress blog] which has [an amazing list of resources], including [this starter guide]. Seriously, I highly recommend you scour both of those. Thetwistedrope also has an amazing [Kemeticism tag on their Tumblr blog], which does link towards a lot of their Wordpress posts, but also contains other answered asks with other useful information. Really go through that; there’s a lot, but there’s some amazing stuff in there that I won’t be including because it’s really damn specific and doesn’t really cover the basics.

There is another Wordpress blog called [The Kemetic Roundtable], which contains many people’s discussions on various aspects of Kemeticism, how they perceive it, and how they go about it in their own practices. 

I will do my best to find some Tumblr content for you too! I can’t really declare to their “accuracy,” because I only did a bit of studying into Kemeticism, and I guess UPG also needs to be taken into account. So, just, you know, the grain of salt thing and all that!


@idi-the-noof​ seems to be another decent blog for Kemeticism stuff. Same with @basttjamheri. @satsekhem also looks solid.

(Any other Kemetic blogs, please feel free to sign off here if you’re okay giving advice or pointers, etc., or just okay to chat or share resources or whatevs!)

“Magic” and Rituals and Things to Do

I also recommend poking around in the [kemetic fandom tag], because it is a thing and sometimes it is an amazing thing. But, according to another anon, it can also be a prolific anti-semitic and anti-black bigotry thing, so just be wary of that. (Thank you, whoever you are, for letting me know that!)

I hope that helps you, and best of luck on your journey! :D

anonymous asked:

hiya amanda catsi! the money zone this week contains discussions of Justin's latest fad diet; 0/10, would recommend you avoid it. stay safe! 💕💕😊

thank you so so much anon ❤❤❤
for anyone else dealing with an ED who watches MBMBaM - heads up! you might want to avoid this too!!

Imagine your brother Jamie comforting you after having a fight with your boyfriend Sonny

(A/N:For @snowangle1994, who requested this imagine, (I think you did. I forgot to write down the name on the request, so I’m sort of guessing based on your profile picture. Sorry if you didn’t). I hope you enjoy it. I’ll try to upload tomorrow but I’m so busy I might not be able to. Hopefully this tides you all over.)

Contains mentions and discussions of psychically abusive relationship.

Imagine your brother Jamie comforting you after having a fight with your boyfriend Sonny

“I don’t know who you can be so reckless.” Sonny said immediately after you shut the door as soon  you both stormed into your shared apartment.

“Reckless? How was I being reckless? I got our guy.” you fired back as he turned around to face you.

“You left without telling anyone, to follow up on a lead, and then got shot at.” he stated, breathing heavily, his voice intense and unusually angry.

“I got shot at not shot. So, whats the big deal?” you argued, lowering your voice in attempt to calm the situation.

“The big deal is that you could have died” he shouted.

“But I didn’t so why don’t we celebrate that instead?” You suggested, walking over and putting your arms around his neck.

“You’re unbelievable.” he commented, shaking you off angrily and walking away.

“What’s unbelievable is that you think you need to control me. I don’t need to explain everything I do to you.”

“Its not about that.” he sighed.

“Isn’t it though? You’re angry that I didn’t tell you where I was going? That you couldn’t get some of
the glory or something. That’s the only reason you could be so angry.” you assumed.

"What the hell, Y/N? That isn’t the reason!” he argued.

"What else could it be?” you questioned.

"I already told you!” he stated.

"No you didn’t. You just don’t want to admit that I’m right. You’re jealous, that I made the collar and not you.” you thought up and assumed.

"What’s wrong with you?” He accused.

"What’s wrong with me. What’s wrong with you?” you fired back.

"Who are you?” he asked exasperated.

"Y/N Reagan.” you played along coldly.

"No, the Y/N. I know wouldn’t do something like this. Wouldn’t even suggest what you just did.”

"Well maybe you just don’t know me at all.” you added, taking a deep breath.

"You’re right. Maybe I don’t.” he commented, looking dead at you, hurt.

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