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scrap planter appreciation.

i have this random flat plastic pot that I just throw scraps in.. because i am a true plant hoarder & i just can’t throw anything away. all of the stuff you see here was grown from random leaves, twigs, seeds, half dead stuff, etc. i just toss the scraps in and hope for the best. i also toss in pretty rocks and things that I find.

what was once a pretty gross pot of dead looking scraps is now my favorite planter in my collection. 

Bonsai Japanese Quince Trees (Chaenomeles japonica)

The tradition of growing miniature trees in shallow containers started in China, where is is called penjing (盆景), which means “tray scenery.” These tray displays have a number of variations, including “Tree Penjing” (shumu penjing), “Landscape Penjing” (shanshui penjing), and “Water and Land Penjing” (shuihan penjing).

The Japanese word, bonsai, is derived from the earlier Chinese word for the  above practice: penzai (盆 栽). Bonsai is a much more specific artform, involving the restriction of the growth of a tree in a shallow container. This is achieved through root pruning, and foliage pruning, as well as the use of wire to guide the growth of the tree.

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I have 50+ year-old quince trees I’d like to get off my hands before winter, for sale or swap. They make excellent bonsai specimens, and I ship them bare-root, so they are easily adapted to transplant into a bonsai soil.

Photos: BonsaiTonight, The BonsaiCast, mainguyen2010, Seeds for Africa
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