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A few pages out of an oingoing project based on synesthesia. The rules are : I can listen to the song once to decide on the exact shape and palette, and once to paint for the duration of the song.


anonymous asked: What would Astros reactions be when they send you a text by accident that contains their feelings that they originally meant to send to another member??? :-) ps. i love everyones writings!! you’re all so good!<3

THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANON! It means a lot. :) I hope you enjoyed this!

Fonts for Marauders Apologies

These are all the fonts for all the characters. I’m putting it here because I almost deleted the document containing this by accident. And although I don’t think I have posted an apology with the wrong fonts on it yet, I do sometimes need to refer to this just in case.

James Potter: American Typewriter Condensed
Sirius Black: Just Me Again Down Here
Remus Lupin: Pacifico
Peter Pettigrew: Wire One
Lily Evans: Lily Script
Marlene McKinnon: Savoye LET Plain: 1.0
Mary Macdonald: Quirky Nots
Alice Longbottom: Graziano
Frank Longbottom: Jenna Sue
Arthur Weasley: Papyrus
Gideon & Fabian Prewett: Hui Font
Molly Prewett: Cochin

Lucius Malfoy: Sacramento
Narcissa Black: Lavanderia Regular
Andromeda Black: Hoefler Text Italic
Bellatrix Black: Cine Caption
Regulus Black: Iowan Old Style Italic
Rabastan Lestrange: A Dripping Marker
Rodolphus Lestrange: Nosifer
Severus Snape: Amatic SC Bold
Alecto Carrow: Payzant Pen
Amycus Carrow: Clear Typewriter
Voldemort: Alex Brush
Death Eater: Eater

Edward Tonks: Noteworthy Light
Edgar Bones: Reenie Beanie
Amelia Bones: Princess Sofia
Nymphadora Tonks: Henny Penny
Petunia Evans: Shadows Into Light
Somebody: Bad Script Regular
Dirk Cresswell: Love Ya Like A Sister Regular

Minerva McGonagall: Great Vibes
Albus Dumbledore: Snell Roundhand
Rubeus Hagrid:
Henry Potter: Baskerville

A goat is a worrying thing if you’re used to sheep, because a goat is a sheep with *brains*. But Tiffany had met goats before, because a few people in the village kept them for their milk, which was very nourishing. And she knew that with goats you had to use persykology. If you got excited, and shouted, and hit them (hurting your hand, because it’s like slapping a sack full of coat hangers) then they had Won and sniggered at you in goat language, which is almost all sniggering anyway.
—  Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full Of Sky
How Did We End Up Here- DVD

@lipringsandsnapbacks​ recorded separate parts of 5sos’ new DVD and I figured I’d put it all into one post.