contained immensity

Don’t be afraid of the dark, disjointed thoughts in your head…
I promise you there’s nothing wrong with you.
It is the human condition to be messy and broken. I fear we are too complicated to be put together right. We are highly intelligent creatures that evolved too fast for our primitive side to catch up. We grapple with a myriad of emotions so complex we often cannot even comprehend WHAT we are feeling, much less HOW to deal with it. We are obsessed with order and perfection when by our very nature we are chaotic and flawed and it causes us to confine our darker selves… to lock them away where nobody else can see them.
We are a cyclone in a bottle… a storm of immense power contained within a vessel we present as ‘ordinary’ or ‘normal’ and we all have difficulty containing it sometimes.
So embrace yourself – accept yourself.
You are exactly like everyone else in your own unique way. We all struggle to make sense of our own minds… we all battle with demons that nobody else can see. And those times when we are at our worst we all secretly fear there is something deeply wrong within us that cannot be fixed… Something dark and terrible that makes us different from everyone else…
But I’m here to tell you that you are not alone – we are all inherently flawed and we all go through this. There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just overwhelmed and that too is normal.
It’s okay… everything is going to be okay…
—  Ranata Suzuki | You Are Not Alone
  • Aries: Thor, God of thunder and the sky, kinda stupid quick to anger
  • Taurus: Loki, God of Tricks and mischief, is Jotun, tricky and sly
  • Gemini: Hel the one who sees over the dead, One side is a hag and the other is a beautiful lady, quirky and contrasting (child of loki)
  • Cancer: Frey, God of summer and sunshine, emotional and sometimes distant
  • Leo: Freya, Goddess of love and sex, flamboyant and fiery
  • Virgo: Frigg, Wife of Odin and the only goddess that can compare to her in a matter of nobility is Freya. Noble and pure nature
  • Libra: Jörmungandr, The world serpent who wraps itself around the world. Fights with Thor sometimes. Reserved but powerful (child of loki)
  • Scorpio: Fenir The Fenris Wolf. The one who will escape his bonds and eat Odin when Ragnarok comes. Cannot be contained and has immense power (child of loki)
  • Sagittarius: Slepnir, Odins eight legged horse. Resilient and prideful. (child of loki)
  • Capricorn: Odin the all father. Chieftain of the gods. Strong independent and stubborn.
  • Aquarius: Ægir the sea God/Jotun. Ruler of the sea with his wife Ran he watches over the warriors who die at sea. Unpredictable and tricky
  • Pisces: Sif, Goddess of earth, fertility and harvest and is the wife of Thor. Day dreamy and kind.
Olicity Drabble: 7 Smiles

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Oliver smiled to himself with his neck bent and said, “Hey.” 

He heard her lightly padding straight towards his fairly large desk. He kept his face hidden but kept the soft curve of her ankle within his sight. The pale cream of her shoes accented the bright coloring of her vivid red skit as she slowly pushed herself forward. The pen between his thumb and forefinger dropped when she pushed a small handwritten note across the surface of the glass lined table. 

He fought the urge to glance upwards and asked carelessly, “Felicity what’s with the second grade antics?” 

The tips of her shoes began to tap wildly until he felt the floor beneath them slightly shake. The lines of his face burned as he fought to contain the immense joy he felt in her slight torment. He coughed lightly then picked up the fallen pen. “Felicity the floor beneath us is going to think I’ve taken up tap dancing…” he warned as her shoes went still. 

She nervously tapped at his desk before placing another small note next the the first one. Now Oliver was completely baffled. She still had yet to even utter a single word yet he was completely consumed by her. He often was if he was being honest. Everytime he stepped down the lair’s stairs and heard her mindless chatter, or even catching the slight wave of her blonde ponytail made his soul lighten. 

Felicity made everything better…even him. 

She was still standing before him with tapping fingers and twitching toes so before she fell through the floor he finally glanced up. Their eyes locked and in seconds his heart sank. Her usually beautiful, bright, blue eyes were red rimmed and swollen from unshed tears. Her usually perfect ponytail was gone so her blonde hair fell in waves over her slender shoulders. Her makeup was messed and her lips unpainted as she kept lightly chewing on her bottom lip. What struck him was how in that moment she’d never looked more perfect and, that made his heart race. 

“Felicity?” he asked with concern lacing his voice. “What’s wrong?” 

She shook her head and sniffed softly, “Notes, just read the notes…” she implored as he took a que from her and shook his own head. 

“No. Felicity just talk to me,” he stated softly as he stood. She began to back away so he quickly and swiftly moved around the desk’s corner and quickly reached for her elbow. 

What he did next completely shocked them both. 

She fought his touch but relented when he easily pulled her into his embrace. Her forehead fell perfectly against his lips as her small hands latched onto the lapels of his jacket. He pecked her smooth, cool skin as she sniffled, “Oliver please the notes, you need to read the notes…” Her pleas fell on deaf ears as he proceeded to rub his hands swiftly up the fabric of her black blouse until he’d reached her cheeks. Then with a tenderness that sometimes still took even him by surprise he cupped the sides of her face and tilted her face upwards. 

One single tear fell over her cheekbone which he quickly caught with the ridge of his thumb. She smiled sadly and parted her lips to speak…he however had another plan entirely. 

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You know those times when your heart feels so full of joy because you realise and remember how blessed you are to have Islaam…
You take a deep breath and it feels like your body is too small to contain the immense relief and peace you feel? SubhaanAllaah.😓

Wallaahi we are truly blessed, so incredibly blessed.
Whatever hardship you are going through, take a moment and put things into perspective.. You are a Muslim - regardless of how difficult your situation is - you have your Lord, your Qur-aan and the sunnah of the prophet.. Without these, there is no such thing as happiness and peace…. The most amazing thing? It doesn’t matter how far you’ve walked away! As long as you’re blood is running, so can you run back to Him. Don’t you ever think your situation will be the same regardless if you put in effort or not. He sees, records and rewards even an atoms worth of deeds. Do you not know that there is a void in the heart that can only be filled by becoming close to Him. The most High. The one who created you and knows you better than you know yourself! Allaahu akbar.

Don’t be deceived by those who have been given the dunya… Those who look like they’re “living the good life”
Wallaahi there is no good life without Islaam.

He chose you for a reason.
Get up. Be someone great.

When they say, ‘I love you,’ you won’t quite know how to explain how it makes you feel. But when they say it, it won’t be rushed at the end of a phone call. It won’t be routine. It won’t be a habit. They will say it to you many times, but no matter how many times they say it, it will never lose its meaning. Every time those words come from their lips, you will feel something you cannot explain. You will feel everything they feel for you, trying to be contained into 3 little words, and it will overwhelm you because it will remind you how vast your love is for each other, and how as much as you wish 3 words could convey how you feel for each other, it never will. Those finite words will remind you that what you two have together is something that cannot be contained, something so immense and infinite, that those words are only a tiny spark to the explosive fire you each ignite in the other.
—  and i hope you don’t settle for anything less /// love-inspire-universally