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The Fixed Signs - Static Symphony 
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius

Time stops when the cosmos is fixed. The fixed signs anchor the middle of each season, the world was spinning, weather was changing and in all of the chaos they became stationary. The fixed signs can experience the still moment in time, hibernating during the peak of the season when its radiance is most potent. Taurus is spring’s fixed sign, when the roots touching the bottom of the earth begin to shoot, when life has stopped for just a short moment so we can appreciate the beauty. Leo is summer’s fixed sign, a literal hotplate that emits solar light, the striking display by the heated summer sign, sitting high and fixed in the sky emitting beautiful, although burning light. Scorpio is autumn’s fixed sign, the season when the leaves begin to fall and prepare for a wintery death. In this way the Scorpio reflects the dying art of the season, anchoring down so profusely that she experiences the melancholic daze of the fall. Aquarius is the winter sign of the fixed signs, in between the two supernals of Capricorn and Pisces, stilling her environment with sterile intellect so wisdom becomes frozen like the snowflakes she immerses herself in. The fixed signs can be unrelenting and likely self ruling. They are attached to their own convictions because they have spent so long in still reflection. Their nature is largely stubborn and difficult to compromise with, but this is because they commonly develop remarkable faith in themselves and their own beliefs. They identify strongly with their convictions, so they cannot be flippantly mutable and simply change the mind. It’s a representation of their very being. The fixed mind is hidden by a thick valley, it sinks into the hollows so every mineral of truth, wisdom, and authenticity can be extracted. This can create a captor situation, because the individual can feel so bound, trapped, unable to breathe, and incapable of releasing the fixed energies. Fixed energy must be released harmoniously with intention and mindfulness, a conscious sublimation from an internal source of energy that easily accumulates and contaminates. The fixed signs experience frustration and temperamental reactivity. They can feel too full of energy and over excited until the state of anxious, and then become overly lethargic and self isolating. This is why their energy must be released with intention, or they often become trapped by compulsion and addiction, because a fixed sign will always return to what they know works. Fixed people are capable of substantial inner development and wisdom. They can develop an intimacy with everything, that becomes a mutual exchange of energy, this is why fixed individuals can be surprisingly sensitive socially and become easily drained. The fixed essence contains immense energy that Taurus directs through the body, Leo directs through the heart, Scorpio directs through the intuition, and Aquarius directs through the mind. Reflection and taking care of the body is important in fixed signs. Imbalanced energy can reap havoc on the physical form causing aches, illness, and tiredness in Taurus, heart palpitations in Leo, premenstrual and menstrual symptoms in Scorpio and iron or anaemic problems in Aquarius. The forceful and yet silent fixed energies express uniquely through each element. The earth in Taurus emphasises the fixed qualities so she immerses deeper into nature and her physical body, sinking down sensually. The fire in Leo is enduring with fixed energies, it’s a fire that burns bright, burns hard, and never burns out. The water in Scorpio becomes frozen emotion as it becomes trapped, often expressing itself through intense and prevailing emotional conditions. The air in Aquarius becomes static in motion, like she catches the idea as it falls from heaven and fossilises it with the intuitive functions of her mind, never missing a frequency. 


[art: kurt rykovich]

It is the human condition to be messy and broken. I fear we are too complicated to be put together right. We are highly intelligent creatures that evolved too fast for our primitive side to catch up. We grapple with a myriad of emotions so complex we often cannot even comprehend WHAT we are feeling, much less HOW to deal with it. We are obsessed with order and perfection when by our very nature we are chaotic and flawed and it causes us to confine our darker selves… to lock them away where nobody else can see them. We are a cyclone in a bottle… a storm of immense power contained within a vessel we present as ‘ordinary’ or ‘normal’ and we all have difficulty containing it sometimes.
*Bad Date* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

I’d like to make a request if that’s okay! So Newt is very in love with Y/N, however Y/N only sees him as a very close friend. One night Y/N goes out with a guy, but the date goes horribly and he’s just extremely rude and creepy. Y/N runs to Tina & Queenie’s house in the rain, cold and wet, and Newt insists she comes in. It’s just really fluffy & sweet, like he gets blankets, fetches her her favorite treats & warm drinks, runs a hot bath for her, plays her favorite music, & maybe they kiss? And he’s just absolutely furious with that guy, and just genuinely tries to comfort her a ton and it’s really sweet. :D thank you!!

❤ Enjoy, lovelies ^_^ (protective/comforting Newt is my favorite)

Trying to focus on his work, Newt couldn’t help but think about you. Knowing you were on a date with someone at this very moment made his heart ache. For what seemed like ages, Newt had wanted to tell you his true feelings for you, but he was afraid he’d ruin what the two of you had; a beautiful and important friendship. 

Unable to focus, Newt placed his pen down and made his way out of the case. He was currently at the Goldstein’s apartment and was alone since Tina and Queenie were working late that night. It was rainy and cold and the the sound of the rain hitting the windows was somewhat comforting. 

Making himself a cup of hot tea, Newt made his way to the sofa near the fireplace where he picked up a random magazine and began flipping through. It wasn’t until an abrupt knock at the door tore him from his thoughts and he turned around, wondering who on earth it could be. The person knocked again and Newt hurried to the door. Afraid it may be the landlord, he cracked it the slightest only to reveal you, soaking wet, crying and shivering.

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Cooking lessons (touken mini fic)

Kaneki had finally escaped the grasps of Tsukiyama and Nishiki. The constant meetings and pile of problems wore him down until he was nothing more than a tired mess. He could still hear them calling for him as he sneaked away nonchalantly, ignoring their pleads for the King’s approval.

He paused when he heard a familiar voice cursing loudly in the distance, a smile forming on his lips whilst he turned and went towards the source of the sound. In a old run down kitchen that somehow still functioned in this underground ward, touka stood besides a counter, a set of scales and recipe book opened in front of her and touka standing there with her hair tied back to a small, cute ponytail, a pink apron tied around her slim waist and her sleeves rolled up with flour already coated all over her hands. As if touka could sense kaneki’s presence, her head swung up and turned to kaneki, her tensed scowl fading to a more curious look. She looked so cute.

“Touka-chan, what are you doing?” Kaneki chuckled when her scowl returned, shoving the scales away with a clear annoyance. “Are you-”

“Yes!” She said a little too loudly, sighing with frustration. Kaneki came up from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist and planted kisses down on her flour covered neck. “Kaneki…shouldn’t you be-”

“Shh.” He rested his head on her shoulder looking down to the book to see an image of a simple cake. “You could’ve asked for help. I’m always willing to spend time with you.”

“W-Whatever.” She stammered, her hands resting over his that continued to rub her stomach slowly. “You were busy so I thought I could try it myself.”


“What do you think?!” She turned around, her arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him close. “You should be heading back, you know.”

“I know.” He leaned down, brushing his lips against hers but pulling back slightly as touka leaned forwards, a slight whimper escaping her lips. God, she made it so hard for him sometimes. “But I don’t care.”

“You don’t say.” She giggled, stepping back slightly to wipe away some of the flour that was now wiped on his black shirt.

“Hey, I have an idea.” Kaneki grabbed a spare apron that hung on the wall, tying it around him quickly. “Let’s cook together.”

Touka couldn’t contain her immense delight in seeing this new flurry of excitement from him. After an enthusiastic nod from touka, kaneki looked down to the recipe book, his face practically glowing with joy. He gathered the ingredients and touka watched with some amusement and leaned against the counter.

Kaneki started to explain each step whilst they both added the ingredients to the mixing bowl. Unlike her, who was clumsy and ended up dropping most of the flour on the floor or smashing the egg in her hand instead of on the bowl, he was so precise, performing each step with ease. And if this actions weren’t enough to prove his skills, the constant shower of praise from the 0 squad children certainly were. The only compliment she was given was ‘hey, the dog crap isn’t so bad today, manager!’

“Touka-chan?” Kaneki looked up to notice a frown on her face, hardly paying attention to his words. “Is something wrong? Are you not having fun?”

“You’re just…so good.” She complained and wiped the vulgar smelling egg off her hand. “I might as well leave it to you.”

“No no.” Kaneki said quickly, pulling her slightly so that she was in front of him again. “I want this to be enjoyable for both of us.”

He told her to grab another egg, this time more delicately and just as she was about to raise her hand, his hand was placed over hers, guiding it to the bowl. His touch was soft and gentle, the butterflies in her stomach making her shake slightly but kaneki held her still. They cracked the egg against the bowl and with their other hands, they opened the shell over the bowl.

“I did it!” She declared excitedly, feeling kaneki smile against her skin. “Well with your help of course.”

“See, touka.” Kaneki whispered in her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. “We work well together.”

They went on to the mixing, kaneki’s hands still on hers as they stirred slowly, touka leaning into him and turned her head to press her lips firmly against him. They break apart after almost dropping the bowl, both of their laughter echoed in the wide room.

“Atleast let us get the cake done first.” Kaneki teased and dabbed her nose with some of the cake’s batter. She wiped it off with a finger and sucked the batter off nice and slow, touka hearing a harsh intake of air from kaneki. She looked back up to him through hooded eyes and struggled to hold back her smile when noticing his jaw hung agape slightly.

“Whatever you say kaneki.” She winked with a sly smirk.

With shaky hands, kaneki finished pouring the batter into the cake pan, his eyes always glancing back towards touka who cleaned the dishes as if nothing had happened. He bit his lip, forcing himself to pry his eyes away from his beautiful wife and placed the cake into the oven and set the timer.

Once he stood back up, he felt touka’s lips pressed against the back of his neck, his breath hitching. He spun around an picked touka up, her legs wrapped around his waist as her lips came crashing down on his. They pulled on each others clothes, their kisses feverish and desperate, moaning into each other’s mouths loudly as kaneki moved to seat touka on one of the counters.

“I don’t…” Touka breathed heavily as she broke away. “I don’t think I remember seeing this step in the recipe book, kaneki.”

“It’s my own special tip.” He smirked, pulling off her shirt and trailing kisses down her collarbone.

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind in our next cooking lesson together then.”

“Well…” Touka turned her head to the side, looking down to the almost black…thing that was in front of her.

“Well…” Kaneki probed the ‘cake,’ which was now as hard stone. If only the timer didn’t break when they knocked it down onto the ground.

They both looked back up at each other and started laughing deliriously, kaneki holding her in his arms as they both tried to place the blame onto each other for this excuse of a cake.

“Next time.” Kaneki said, brushing her bangs away and kissed her forehead. “Next time we won’t uh get distracted.”

“If only I got 1 yen for every time I heard that before.” She rested her head against his chest, hearing his heart flutter wildly. She smiled into his chest. “But sure. Next time.”

@mamasaiko damn you wasted so much of my time. It better be worth it.

Silence Pt. 5

Warnings: mentions of blood, being homeless? ANGST and FLUFF.

Request/Summary: The reader must unveil her secret in order to save herself.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader.

Word Count: 1,672

Y/N: your name

Y/N/N: your nickname

Age: 12-16

Silence Pt.1 Silence Pt.2 Silence Pt.3 Silence Pt.4

“I-I what?” You asked as your heart sank, anxiety already bubbling up inside of you.

“You have to tell us what happened that night Y/N/N.” Dean said shortly raising an eyebrow at you.

“Oh I heard you.. I just - “You sighed thinking of what to say next, “I just need a minute okay?” You said as you stood up and walked out of the small motel room. You promised yourself to never speak about that night again. It had started to rain, the sound of the  small droplets of water falling to the ground made you zone out and begin to remember the terrible hunt you wanted to forget so bad.

*Flash Back*

“Okay, you know the plan?” Your older brother Dean asked for the tenth time that day, you rolled your eyes. He was always so worried whenever you went hunting with them, you appreciated it but it could get really annoying.

“Yes Dean.” You sighed as you began packing your weapons, “We wait ‘till their asleep, you and Sam go in from the front and kill the son’s of bitches while  I go from the back to get the hostages.” You recited the plan using the exact words he used in the beginning with a monotone voice as if you were a robot.

“Great, you ready?” He asked you with his big brother voice activated.

“Always.” You answered turning around to look at him to see him biting his nails something he only did when he was very anxious, he had been worried recently much more than he usually was. You slowly walked towards him “Dean, what’s wrong?”

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  • Aries: Thor, God of thunder and the sky, kinda stupid quick to anger
  • Taurus: Loki, God of Tricks and mischief, is Jotun, tricky and sly
  • Gemini: Hel the one who sees over the dead, One side is a hag and the other is a beautiful lady, quirky and contrasting (child of loki)
  • Cancer: Frey, God of summer and sunshine, emotional and sometimes distant
  • Leo: Freya, Goddess of love and sex, flamboyant and fiery
  • Virgo: Frigg, Wife of Odin and the only goddess that can compare to her in a matter of nobility is Freya. Noble and pure nature
  • Libra: Jörmungandr, The world serpent who wraps itself around the world. Fights with Thor sometimes. Reserved but powerful (child of loki)
  • Scorpio: Fenir The Fenris Wolf. The one who will escape his bonds and eat Odin when Ragnarok comes. Cannot be contained and has immense power (child of loki)
  • Sagittarius: Slepnir, Odins eight legged horse. Resilient and prideful. (child of loki)
  • Capricorn: Odin the all father. Chieftain of the gods. Strong independent and stubborn.
  • Aquarius: Ægir the sea God/Jotun. Ruler of the sea with his wife Ran he watches over the warriors who die at sea. Unpredictable and tricky
  • Pisces: Sif, Goddess of earth, fertility and harvest and is the wife of Thor. Day dreamy and kind.

Fixed people are capable of substantial inner development and wisdom. They can develop an intimacy with everything, that becomes a mutual exchange of energy, this is why fixed individuals can be surprisingly sensitive socially and become easily drained. The fixed essence contains immense energy that Taurus directs through the body, Leo directs through the heart, Scorpio directs through the intuition, and Aquarius directs through the mind

The Gypsy’s Curse Part 1

Another RP between @agmsye and I.


Connor huffed as he made his way from the club to his car. It was a bad night at the club. Some gypsy guy was following him around and flirting with him when Connor was not interested. Connor was more looking to hook up with one of the hunkier guys he saw at the club. Finally Connor had enough and made a little bit of a scene when telling the gypsy to fuck off. Now the gypsy wasn’t bad looking, but he wasn’t muscular or athletic looking at all. Though he had to chuckle to himself about how he was cursed to “always see what he desired, but could not have it.” He chuckled to himself as he looked for his car.

The guy from the parking Service came up to him, wanting to help the Young man. He wasn’t exactly handsome or built, just some skinny pimple faced dork, probably wanting to get some Money. But as he came Close to Connor something happened. There was a bright flash and the dorky guy was gone. In his stead stood a prime example of a man. What seemed like seriously beefy muscles strained the tight t-shirt he was wearing, his bulging biceps threatening to burst out of the sleeves.

Connor’s jaw dropped. He stared at the new hunk before him. The park service’s guy smiled cockily, “Can I help you?” Connor simply shook his head no and the hunk shrugged his shoulders, heading towards the club. He was both horrified and incredibly turned on by what he saw. He hurried to his car, worried he had been given drugs or something.

He sped down the Highway to hs high way and seemingly exceeded the Speed Limit, because it wasn’t Long until he was stopped by a Police car. A policeman climbed out of the car and swaggered over to the waiting Connor. His breathing was heavy when he reached the car, his severe amount of extra fat having slowed him down. Connor winded down the window and another Flash let the slobby policeman disappear. In his stead stood now a black behemoth, leaning down into the car window.

The cop, Officer Burnman, stood at Connor’s window, his bulging crotch resting on his car window. “License and registration,” his deep bass voice rumbled. The younger man scrambled to get his papers and nervously hand them to the hot cop. Officer Burnman took the papers and bounced his pecs approvingly. He looked them over and handed them back to Connor. “Your left tail light is out. Get it fixed. I’ll let you off with a warning this time.”

Connor looked back up, past the officer’s straining shirt, “Thanks officer… Burnman,” he bit his lip, “Is there anything I can do to thank you?”

The officer grunted, “Just fix your taillight.” He turned around and Connor watched the officer’s muscled ass walk back to his patrol car.

Connor waited until the Police car was out of sight until he started his engine again. Slowly he drove to the outskirts of the town, parking in front of his house. He hurried upstairs and took the key out of his pocket, wanting to open the door, when his neighbour left his flat, his dog at his side. He was an average Family man, dressed in only a Jogging suit. But when Connor turned around and looked at him, the man was engulfed by a blinding Flash of light.

The jogging suit was pulled tight over every muscle of his neighbor, Tim. It was unzipped a little at the front, showing off his bulbous pecs that had a light covering of brown hair. Just about it, his chin now was sharper and had a short beard. Even his dog had changed from some small dog to a German Shepard. Tim smiled, showing his perfectly white teeth, and waved to Connor before jogging down the hall.

Connor was still perplexed at how he had been able to see the thick vein running along his neighbour’s thick biceps through the Jogging suit, when he entered his flat. He tried to comprehend what had happened. This all had started when the gypsy guy had “cursed” him. But that couldn’t be real, right? “Maybe it will look different tomorrow.”, Connor thought and went to bed, his dreams filled with pics of the parking guy, the cop and his neighbour. Connor awoke to the smell of cum and wet sheets. He was surprised as he hadn’t had a wet dream since freshman year of high school. He balled up the sheets and grabbed some detergent before heading down to the communal washroom, passing off the past events of the night and a long wet dream.

He was so lost in his thoughts he only barely noticed another guy Standing in the washroom. He stood there in only a pair of tighty-whities, his over clothes probably in one of the machines. As he greeted Connor, the Young man so lost in his thoughts that he startled and looked up. With another Flash the nearly nude man disappeared and was replaced with another hunk. The new man was seemingly of Asian origin and looked like he had just stepped off the cover of a Fitness Magazine. His tighty.whities had been replaced with a dark green pair of posing Trunks, that looked Close to giving in to the sheer size of the set of genitals behind it.

Kenichi, formerly Ken, turned back to his machine as he read the latest fitness magazine while he waited for his load to finish. Connor got a look at his prime, muscled glutes. Connor was so shocked he dropped his sheets and detergent. The hulking Japanese man turned back around, “You ok man?”

Connor bent forward to recollect his things, “Y-yeah.” He hurried at a machine on the other side of the room, his heart racing.

He started the washing machine and left the room, not wanting to stay near the hunky Asian for too Long, in fear of Shooting a load from his sheer presence. Kenichi only rolled his eyes at the stupid Performance and turned back to his Magazine. Soon later Connor was back in his flat, when the doorbell rang. He heard the mailman, a well known pudgy person, in front of his door. Connor only told him through the door to just leave whatever he had in front of the door, but the mailman insisted on his signature.

Connor could still hear the old rasp in the mailman’s voice. He looked through the peephole and breathed a sigh of relief. He smiled and turned the handle, not seeing the flash of light come from the cracks in the door frame. When he opened the door, he was greeted to what looked to be a football player wearing a mailman uniform. “Sign here,” the young jock in a mailman uniform said as he thrust the tablet to Connor.

Connor didn’t even look at the table when he signed, his gaze drawn to the formerly old mailman’s new muscles. “Whatcha staring at?”, the jockish mailman chuckled and bounced his heavy pecs, before taking back the signed tablet and Walking away, seductively swaying his ass as he did so. Open mouthed Conor watched the man walk away, his eyes fixed on the muscular bubble butt.  "What should I do?“, Connor asked himself, thinking of the endless possibilities his new power offered.

The timer on his phone went off, signaling that his load was finished. He didn’t have time to think and did not want his clothes stolen. He did his best to move stealthily down the floors to the bottom floor where the laundry room was. He was dodging kids, neighbors, and staff as he made his way to the room. Kenichi wasn’t there anymore and he was thankful it was empty. He took his now clean Sheets out of the machine and packed into a dryer, taking his dear time, assuming he was safe there. But he was wrong, just when he closed the dryer’s door, the door to the washing room opened and a guy stepped in. Connor recognized hm as the Grandson of the old Lady in the ground floor apartment. He couldn’t be older than 18, Kind of nerdy. That is until he was engulfed by a flash of light.

Now he looked like a nerd on steroids, literally. He still had thick rimmed glasses, but they complemented his face more than anything. His still wore a blue and white plaid button-up, but now it was straining to contain his immense torso. He bent down and put a bunch of women’s clothes into the hamper before carrying it back up to his grandmother’s room without saying a word to Connor. Connor quickly grabbed his basket and followed the hunk just to be sure. When he say the hunky nerd go into old lady Bella’s flat, he felt panicked again and ran back to his flat and double locked the door. He needed some time to figure it out.

What Are We....Rap Royalty?!

Summary: Catching Cas & Crowley using idiotic aliases doesn’t sit well with you, so you decide to call them out on it.

A/N: This is my entry for Week 13 of the SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge 2017 being hosted by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing.  The prompt given is in bold.

Word Count: 539

Characters: Castiel, Crowley, Reader

Warnings: None, except one angry reader.


“Beyonce and Jay Z! Beyonce and Jay frickin’ Z!!! Are you two absolutely insane? Which one of you utter lunatics came up with that idea?”

Pacing angrily around the library, you could barely contain the immense frustration you were feeling towards the two men sitting in front of you. You had practically dragged Cas and Crowley back to the bunker by the scruff of their necks after catching them using two of the worst aliases you had ever heard. Now they were sitting side by side, heads hung in shame as you chastised them for potentially blowing their cover.

“I asked you a question. Now is one of you morons going to answer me or do I have to smack you both around the head with an encyclopedia and knock some sense into you?!”

Not receiving an answer immediately, you walked over to the nearest bookshelf and grabbed the biggest, heaviest tome you could lay your hands on. Hauling it back to the table, you dropped it from a great height, letting it thump down onto the surface. The sound reverberated through the open space, bouncing off the walls and giving you somewhat of a shock - you didn’t anticipate just how loud of a noise it would make.

It did however have the desired effect. No sooner had the book dropped than Cas sat up, ramrod straight in his chair, his arm raised with one finger outstretched pointing at Crowley.

“It was his idea. He said that they were names that would open doors for us. Please Y/N, you have to understand that I was merely taking guidance from him - my knowledge of popular culture is patchy at best.”

Turning to face Crowley, you slammed your hands down on the table.

“Is this true? Was this all your doing?”

With a little smirk, Crowley slowly begin to nod his head. The look on his face soon changed to worry as he took in your expression.

You’re an idiot. I’ve met smarter sandwiches. I thought you were the King of Hell. Apparently the only thing that you’re the king of is incredibly stupid ideas.”

“Hey, that’s enough. There’s no need for petty name calling. Anyway, Wings here isn’t as innocent in all of this as he’d have you believe. He was singing Single Ladies in the car while we were driving to that bloody police station!”

Eyes rolling, you reached breaking point. Gathering up your belongings that you’d thrown over one of the chairs when you’d entered the room, you moved to leave, simply unable to deal with the extraordinary levels of stupidity that were coming off your companions in waves. As you reached the door, Crowley got to his feet and shouted at you.

“Are we done here? Can I go now? I have better things to be doing than sitting here being scolded by you.”

Resisting the urge to march back across the short space and slap some sense into him, you settled for the only other option you could think of that might have some effect.

“Oh I’m done here. You on the other hand, well you two can just wait here. You think you’re so clever and funny…..let’s see how you explain this to Dean!”


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EXO Reaction when they propose at Disneyland

Time to post something, love you all! This will be long, hope you all like it. I’m sorry if they kinda look the same. It was hard bringing 12 different ideas for proposals xD
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When they say, ‘I love you,’ you won’t quite know how to explain how it makes you feel. But when they say it, it won’t be rushed at the end of a phone call. It won’t be routine. It won’t be a habit. They will say it to you many times, but no matter how many times they say it, it will never lose its meaning. Every time those words come from their lips, you will feel something you cannot explain. You will feel everything they feel for you, trying to be contained into 3 little words, and it will overwhelm you because it will remind you how vast your love is for each other, and how as much as you wish 3 words could convey how you feel for each other, it never will. Those finite words will remind you that what you two have together is something that cannot be contained, something so immense and infinite, that those words are only a tiny spark to the explosive fire you each ignite in the other.

And I hope you don’t settle for anything less.

Don’t be afraid of the dark, disjointed thoughts in your head…
I promise you there’s nothing wrong with you.
It is the human condition to be messy and broken. I fear we are too complicated to be put together right. We are highly intelligent creatures that evolved too fast for our primitive side to catch up. We grapple with a myriad of emotions so complex we often cannot even comprehend WHAT we are feeling, much less HOW to deal with it. We are obsessed with order and perfection when by our very nature we are chaotic and flawed and it causes us to confine our darker selves… to lock them away where nobody else can see them.
We are a cyclone in a bottle… a storm of immense power contained within a vessel we present as ‘ordinary’ or ‘normal’ and we all have difficulty containing it sometimes.
So embrace yourself – accept yourself.
You are exactly like everyone else in your own unique way. We all struggle to make sense of our own minds… we all battle with demons that nobody else can see. And those times when we are at our worst we all secretly fear there is something deeply wrong within us that cannot be fixed… Something dark and terrible that makes us different from everyone else…
But I’m here to tell you that you are not alone – we are all inherently flawed and we all go through this. There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just overwhelmed and that too is normal.
It’s okay… everything is going to be okay…
—  Ranata Suzuki | You Are Not Alone

anonymous asked:

This tumblr is lovely and wow don't even get me started on how beautiful the writing is - do you know of any other blogs like this one? I NEED MORE.

Hey, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and thank you very much for your kind words!

If you’re asking about HP worldbuilding blogs I can refer you to quite a few:

  • thelethifoldwitch which focuses on canon based expansions of the wizarding world and themonsterblogofmonsters which focuses on writing about the various magical creatures of the wizarding world. Both are run by the same mod and I can safely say that about half this AU has been shaped by them and their wonderful ideas.
  • wizardhistory which goes into the various histories of the wizarding world (and is always a very interesting place to go).
  • flourishandblottsstories - occasionally posts, with generally canon based expansions of the wizarding world. Also responsible for this very incredible post on the nature of magic which has p much become my headcanon for how magic works in the wizarding world.
  • departmentsofmysteries which is currently on hiatus, but a lovely whimsical look at the wizarding world in all its skeevy gloriousness, so do read what is there - it’s all very very clever, good stuff.
  • amortentiafashion - mostly robes, but occasional headcanons that work on expanding the wizarding world and always very well written.
  • shafiq28 - currently inactive, but still one of my favouritest HP fic projects. Focused on expanding the wizarding world in Bangladesh in so many interesting and incredible ways from the perspective of various members of the Shafiq family thru the ages (tho mostly late ninteenth to twenty first century, iirc.) The mod of this blog has been incredibly helpful in setting up this blog and  in shaping discussion of certain themes in this universe.
  • saintsandseekers - this is still a relatively new project, still in the early ‘birthing’ stages, but I am very very excited about it. It’s an expansion of HPverse, set exclusively in Ireland and will follow the story of a young banshee and will tackle all sorts of very, very interesting themes concerning the British rule and its effects on magic practice, as well as issues concerning the being/beast dichotomy and the central character’s place in wizarding society as a result. 
  • livesandliesofwizards - it’s last on this list but do. not. be. deceived. The blog is an archive now, but it contains immensely interesting and always very well written fic both by the blog-runner and various other people (some of whom are now mods of the various blogs listed here).

These are my personal favourites but there are others you might want to look at like americanwizarding, 36viewsofhogwarts, headcanonish (which tumblr won’t let me tag for some reason & is also on temporary hiatus), theoneswefoughtfor (headcanons exclusively about HP next gen), amusliminhogwarts and others as well?

(Followers, please do add to this list if I’ve left anyone out.)

There are a lot of HP worldbuilding/ficlet blogs out there and I have a feeling that these only scratch the surface so yeah.

Everything and Nothing, Chapter Two

You’re in a HYDRA facility. You don’t know who you are, how you got here, or why you’re being trained as a lethal weapon and assassin. But hey, at least The Winter Soldier is training you… Right?

Part One - Part Two
Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five -Chapter Six - Chapter Seven- Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten

Click here to see art.

Trigger Warnings: Graphics descriptions of violence and torture

Chapter Two

You’re lying down. Your muscles and joints feel ever so cold and unusually stiff. You give a breathy exhale as you gradually awaken. You open your eyes and everything is so blurry. Your lungs feel heavy when you breathe and you’re ever so fatigued, but you pull yourself into a sitting position. Your memory is hazy, and you can barely think straight. You feel unusual, but you can’t really place what’s wrong.

You go to groan, but it comes out like a huff, which surprises you slightly. You rub your eyes. They feel cold and strangely dry. In fact, you notice as you rub your arms to warm yourself up more, that most of your skin feels dry, cold and rough, like it’s cracked. You shudder involuntarily. Taking time to look around, you see that you’re in a different cell now. There are three grey stone walls, but the fourth wall is a series of bars. A holding cell, you think. You don’t understand, but you decide not to think about it for now, as your head is still fuzzy.

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You know those times when your heart feels so full of joy because you realise and remember how blessed you are to have Islaam…
You take a deep breath and it feels like your body is too small to contain the immense relief and peace you feel? SubhaanAllaah.😓

Wallaahi we are truly blessed, so incredibly blessed.
Whatever hardship you are going through, take a moment and put things into perspective.. You are a Muslim - regardless of how difficult your situation is - you have your Lord, your Qur-aan and the sunnah of the prophet.. Without these, there is no such thing as happiness and peace…. The most amazing thing? It doesn’t matter how far you’ve walked away! As long as you’re blood is running, so can you run back to Him. Don’t you ever think your situation will be the same regardless if you put in effort or not. He sees, records and rewards even an atoms worth of deeds. Do you not know that there is a void in the heart that can only be filled by becoming close to Him. The most High. The one who created you and knows you better than you know yourself! Allaahu akbar.

Don’t be deceived by those who have been given the dunya… Those who look like they’re “living the good life”
Wallaahi there is no good life without Islaam.

He chose you for a reason.
Get up. Be someone great.

Star Wars Rant-Along: TFA EDITION! (Chapter XII)

Continuing on with the no-so-drunk theme of more recent posts, it’s time for another Star Wars Rant Along: TFA EDITION! We’re getting closer to the end of the novel by now (about two-thirds of the way in) and I am very, very excited that we are. Not only because I no longer have time to write these things (I’m currently traveling across Canada) but also because I’m tired. I’m tired of this book and I’m tired of being disappointed, and my liver is screaming at me to stop, so I will. Sober from here on out.

For those of you who are wondering what these posts are, basically I’m reading through the TFA novelization chapter-by-chapter, and I’m making a running/ranting commentary on it. You can find my full explanation on this thing here. For prior TFA rants, click on the links below. My state of inebriation is in brackets next to each one, to give you an idea of what to expect.

This week is TFA CHAPTER XII (in which we finally get a glimpse of the future)

Originally posted by trashwilldo

^The future, with long, flowing, luscious locks.

Alright, let’s get to the goods.


  • Last week: the crew arrived on Takodana. Maz had A Thing™ for the Walking Carpet, Finn decided to get the fuck outta dodge, and Rey became upset when he did.
  • This week: Rey waxes poetic about loneliness and suffers through her first Force vision. The Hosnian System is destroyed by Starkiller. Hux gets a hernia. Takodana is attacked by the First Order and Kylo begins his all important “search for the girl.”

Livebloggin’ (happy we’re finally getting to the interesting parts)

Pg 169:

All the discussion and debate was making Rey weary. Coupled with Finn’s confession and his walking out on the rest of them, it made her wonder, not for the first time, what she was doing here. She felt lost and alone.

No different, she told herself, than she had felt on Jakku.

Alone… alone… It echoed in her mind as she sat there. Under the weight of her loneliness Han’s voice seemed to fade, and Maz Kanata’s as well, until there was nothing surrounding her but a silence as deep and profound as the distant reaches of space itself.

Then something came, stealthy and unidentifiable, to fill it.

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Olicity Drabble: 7 Smiles

Originally posted by feilcityqueen


Oliver smiled to himself with his neck bent and said, “Hey.” 

He heard her lightly padding straight towards his fairly large desk. He kept his face hidden but kept the soft curve of her ankle within his sight. The pale cream of her shoes accented the bright coloring of her vivid red skit as she slowly pushed herself forward. The pen between his thumb and forefinger dropped when she pushed a small handwritten note across the surface of the glass lined table. 

He fought the urge to glance upwards and asked carelessly, “Felicity what’s with the second grade antics?” 

The tips of her shoes began to tap wildly until he felt the floor beneath them slightly shake. The lines of his face burned as he fought to contain the immense joy he felt in her slight torment. He coughed lightly then picked up the fallen pen. “Felicity the floor beneath us is going to think I’ve taken up tap dancing…” he warned as her shoes went still. 

She nervously tapped at his desk before placing another small note next the the first one. Now Oliver was completely baffled. She still had yet to even utter a single word yet he was completely consumed by her. He often was if he was being honest. Everytime he stepped down the lair’s stairs and heard her mindless chatter, or even catching the slight wave of her blonde ponytail made his soul lighten. 

Felicity made everything better…even him. 

She was still standing before him with tapping fingers and twitching toes so before she fell through the floor he finally glanced up. Their eyes locked and in seconds his heart sank. Her usually beautiful, bright, blue eyes were red rimmed and swollen from unshed tears. Her usually perfect ponytail was gone so her blonde hair fell in waves over her slender shoulders. Her makeup was messed and her lips unpainted as she kept lightly chewing on her bottom lip. What struck him was how in that moment she’d never looked more perfect and, that made his heart race. 

“Felicity?” he asked with concern lacing his voice. “What’s wrong?” 

She shook her head and sniffed softly, “Notes, just read the notes…” she implored as he took a que from her and shook his own head. 

“No. Felicity just talk to me,” he stated softly as he stood. She began to back away so he quickly and swiftly moved around the desk’s corner and quickly reached for her elbow. 

What he did next completely shocked them both. 

She fought his touch but relented when he easily pulled her into his embrace. Her forehead fell perfectly against his lips as her small hands latched onto the lapels of his jacket. He pecked her smooth, cool skin as she sniffled, “Oliver please the notes, you need to read the notes…” Her pleas fell on deaf ears as he proceeded to rub his hands swiftly up the fabric of her black blouse until he’d reached her cheeks. Then with a tenderness that sometimes still took even him by surprise he cupped the sides of her face and tilted her face upwards. 

One single tear fell over her cheekbone which he quickly caught with the ridge of his thumb. She smiled sadly and parted her lips to speak…he however had another plan entirely. 

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When they say, ‘I love you,’ you won’t quite know how to explain how it makes you feel. But when they say it, it won’t be rushed at the end of a phone call. It won’t be routine. It won’t be a habit. They will say it to you many times, but no matter how many times they say it, it will never lose its meaning. Every time those words come from their lips, you will feel something you cannot explain. You will feel everything they feel for you, trying to be contained into 3 little words, and it will overwhelm you because it will remind you how vast your love is for each other, and how as much as you wish 3 words could convey how you feel for each other, it never will. Those finite words will remind you that what you two have together is something that cannot be contained, something so immense and infinite, that those words are only a tiny spark to the explosive fire you each ignite in the other.
—  and i hope you don’t settle for anything less /// love-inspire-universally
how to draw


  • rippling muscles
  • frame tending to square, barely containing immense strength, as if coiled in on itself
  • wide range of body fat & build ranges, such as “pear”, “apple”, “starfruit”, “durian”, etc
  • generous body hair. basically anywhere. go nuts
  • head like a brick. neck like a tree
  • genitals can be basically w/e as long as they look fierce


  • don’t