Confrontation (Jumin x MC)

ZombieApocalypse!AU: While Jumin is on his way to you, he is shown firsthand how quickly the city has started to change.

Word Count: 1275

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This is a continued storyline, I highly suggest you read the first part before reading this. 



Jumin had raced alongside Jahee down the stairs, echoes of the cries from the corpses seeping past the walls and doors. 

“Mr. Han, what if we run into one of those-t-hose things?” She scrunched up her nose, tightening her grip on the railings. 

“I…I don’t know. The best thing we can do is to be as quiet as possible. Most predators are attracted by hearing and sight. And while we don’t know much, it’s more of less best to assume they’re similar.” 

“Right, w-we should just keep focused.” She lowered her voice, keeping as calm as possible. “When we reach the ground floor w-we can take the back entrance.” 

“If we step out through the front we’ll see plenty more of those…things won’t we?” Jumin huffed, running his fingers messily through his hair. “Just…what happened? How did this happen?”

“No one knows yet. Everyone is too focused on reportings of infections and a mass evacuation of the city. I don’t know how much good that would do though with it spreading across the world. There isn’t much a person can really do.” 

“And what of the other RFA members how are they?”

“The messenger is blowing up. Luciel has barricaded himself in his home, Yoosung’s university is under lockdown as the safe areas are preparing for evacuation-” 

“The safe areas?”

“The parts that haven’t been contaiminated. Yoosung is not part of that group. He last sent a message saying he was with a few classmates trying to get to a safe section of the campus.”

“And what of Zen and V?” 

“V hasn’t said a word. And Zen…Zen is terrified. He was practicing at the theater when it happened, all the sound brought in a lot of them. Most of his co-workers were bitten. He…he locked himself in one of the maintenance closets.” 

“I’ll call V when we’re away from these things. I want to be sure he’s okay as well.” 


The two of them stopped as they reached the ground floor, pressing their back against the door, listening.

Nothing nearby, only distant whines. 

Jumin slowly opened it up, creeping forward into the storage room to only find boxes upon boxes along sharp metal shelves. 

Jahee followed, skulking forward towards a fire extinguisher mounted on the wall, ripping it from its placement. 

“I don’t know if there’s anything else here you could use Mr. Han.” She furrowed her brow. “Do you think you’ll be fine without one.” 

He stretched out his fingers, curling them back into fists. “I suppose I haven’t got much choice at the moment. I’ll survive.” 

They snuck out the back exit, the sounds growing darker and louder from the streets as they hid in the parking lots, lining the outside of the buildings as carefully as they could. 

At one point Jumin had peeked his head from the corners of the structures, looking out on the infested streets of shrieks of horror and wails of the undead.

The undead looked almost too human at the time, but he knew better.

Their veins were emphasized, their skin ghastly and recoiling, darkening bits of flesh being revealed beneath, eyes almost entirely rolled back or glazed over.

Most of their jaws were unhinged mimicking the cries of those who were once people, clawing desperately at the cars and concrete. 

It had been disturbing, to say the least.

But nonetheless, the two of them kept going, eventually reaching to what would be the penthouse.

And an issue arrived. 

“Mr. Han there’s a back entrance isn’t there?”

“Yes but it requires a key if it’s from the outside in. Otherwise, we have to take the front.” 

“Please tell me you have the key sir.” 

“No, it’s typically for staff. I didn’t go down there.” 

She let out a small sigh, pressing the fire extinguisher close to her, a groan escaping it. 

“We just can’t attract attention to ourselves. Even if they notice us all we have to do is keep a distance.” 

“We can’t truly say that when we hardly know a thing about them Mr. Han.” 

“It’s the best bet we have. Once we’re in the penthouse we’re safe.” He let out a deep breath, a warmth blooming at the thought of seeing you.

He even smiled.

Only you would be able to do that. 

“MC will be there. That’s all that matters.” 

And so, both of them trudged forward, crouched down as they curved about, the cries growing louder and louder by the second.

“I’ll go first,” He whispered, holding his breath as he stepped forward.

And something clamped onto his hand.

“Help me! Help please!” A dying wheeze erupted in his ear, one of the creatures digging at his arms with its nails, tearing the skin back as it tried to draw him closer. 

Jumin held back from yelling, taking his other hand and grabbing onto the corpse’s hair, ramming it against the building, a sickening crack emanating as the bones snapped and red splattered the surface. 

It didn’t help that he had to do it twice. 

However, it slumped down the second time, dropping its grip and growing silent, its nails dribbled with bits of Jumin’s slashed arm. 

But no bite. 

He was safe. 

Jahee scrambled forward, letting out a horrified gasp as she saw the sight. “Mr. Han are you-” 

“I’m fine. Just a few cuts.” 

“That…That was a person just a few hours ago…” She murmured. “I don’t want to end up like that.” 

“You won’t. W-We just have to be ready to defend ourselves.” 

“R-Right…” She darted her gaze away, swallowing hard. 

“Come on…” 

They stepped over the body, making their way through the floors of the home, Jumin hardly able to contain himself as he inched farther and farther up the stairs. 

“Do you really think MC is okay?”

“I told MC to stay inside. They have to be okay, without them…I…” He felt his heart threaten to shatter that the mere thought. “I…don’t want to imagine the world without MC. It wouldn’t be a world worth existing.”

“…I hope they’re safe as well.” 

They reached the final floor where the penthouse was, Jumin prepared to sprint out to the front door. 

To you.

Until he saw one of the infected ripping at the door, a low pitiful moan slipping from their lips.

And a rage flew over him. 

If that thing got inside it would hurt you.

It could kill you.

It could turn you into one of them. 

Jumin looked to Jahee, reaching out.

“Give me the fire extinguisher.”

“What for-”


She nodded slightly, handing it to him abruptly. 

And with that, he rushed forward.

And he brought it down without a second thought. 

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You have to have both parents DNA and you have to have a fresh sample, wich is the best. It may not contain any contaiminations, otherwise the test is invalid. It is done with a swab, that you have to put in your mouth. Saliva is the best for this. And omg, it is just so bad, I can't believe people are buying into this. Kishi really thinks we are dumb, and actually the naruto fandom has proved that many many times.

LOL The main problem with the Naruto fandom is the lack of reading comprehension and taking everything at face value.  Smh…