The Internet fuels the growth of thought contagions. We have long known that people gravitate to parts of the media that reinforce their beliefs. Liberals listen to NPR; conservatives tune into Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. We also know that being in like-minded company fosters and hardens pre-existing biases. Do a quick Google search and you’re guaranteed to find a liked-minded group. Thought contagions that turn into financial contagions are hardly new. There was tulip mania in 17th-century Holland, the South Sea bubble a century later, and the high-tech bubble at the end of the 1990s. But the Internet is a cruel accelerator of both thought and economic contagions. Just as global air travel made biological contagions more of a worldwide threat, in an Internet-driven, overconnected world there will be many more thought contagions, with far more widespread consequences.

I was eight years old when Justice League aired for the first time. It mesmerised me and I spent far too much time sat in front of the television or running around my back garden pretending to be Wonder Woman. I was ten years old when Teen Titans and The Batman aired for the first time. They were probably my first proper fandoms. I joined the Teen Titans Go forums and the art boards, I found and wasted countless hours of my life reading time travel au’s based off ‘How Long is Forever’. I started reading the comics after the Terra arc. The Judas Contract was probably my first graphic novel, I was so confused but I remember enjoying it so much. I borrowed it from the library and ended up exhausting their graphic novel selection. Superman/Batman, Batman: Hush, Justice League. I went through them all. My first single issue was The Batman Chronicles #4, a Contagion tie in. I didn’t know who Tim Drake was, who Helena Bertinelli was. I devoured Wikipedia articles. I found out about Jason Todd, I wasted my life reading ‘Jason Todd is Red X!!’ theories on TTGo lmao. I started reading New Teen Titans and started stanning for characters I’d never heard of. I watched re-runs of Static Shock and discovered Milestone comics. I made so many friends who loved DC and still love going to midnight showings with me and will spam my inbox with DC news the second it’s released.

I’m 22 now. It’s 2016 and the Justice League is about to hit the big screen. We have a Wonder Woman movie. We have one of the most canon interpretations of Bruce Wayne and the confirmation that yes, Bruce has had a family in this universe - not just teasing at it with John ‘Robin’ Blake. I get a lot of anons in my inbox that, honestly, I just delete. A lot of messages about DC being awful and how they’ll never make a good movie. Believe me, when DC fucks up I’ll tell you about it. I’ll still never shut up about how DC created the ‘Woman in Refrigerators’ trope or how badly their creators fuck up on a regular basis. What I’m essentially saying it, you can tell me all this about DC, you can send me multiple messages in a row about how Snyder’s fucked up and how DC will never be Marvel - I’ve stanned for this messy company since I was eight years old. I’ve been through thick and thin and reboot after reboot. DC means something to me and I’m so…grateful? And moved to be able to finally get to see the Justice League, together, on my screen for the first time. It’s like being eight all over again. Nobody hates or loves DC as much as DC fans, sending me messy anons won’t change that lmao.

Surviving as an Empath in the World Today

As an empath, I often find myself more tuned in and more sensitive to other people’s emotions than the average person. It can be an asset, but it also comes at a great cost. I’m unusually vulnerable to emotional contagion, to “catching” others’ emotions in much the same way that you’d catch a cold or flu. Sometimes this feels like a curse. It’s tempting to see my extra sensitivity as an issue that I need to numb myself from, or shield, in order to survive in society today. 

When we pick up on other people’s strong emotions it can become hard to tell the difference between what we are feeling and what others are projecting. This confusion can hurt on a physical level as our bodies think the sadness, fear, pain, or excitement is happening to us. These emotions can make life difficult, cloudy and at times unbearable. In this day in age, turning on the news often hurts me deeply. If I watch someone who has been affected by tragedy begin to cry, I’ll break down in tears along with them. There are so many terrible things happening in the world today, the idea of shutting myself off sometimes feels like the right choice, but in the end, that’s only going to do more harm than good.

Since society is still learning about what it means to be a sensitive empath the most common response to these strong emotions is to numb ourselves, but when we do numb ourselves we actually become part of the problem that we face as empaths. Numbing creates a disconnection and blatant disregard for our true selves and those around us. Do not isolate yourself. Do no resort to heavy drinking, drugs or even the things that seems more innocent but are still harmful like obsessively being on your phone, emotional eating or cutting off contact from those who care for you. 

What you have is a gift and you were designed this way for a reason. To hurt when other’s hurt. To feel the pain that others feel. What you can’t forget though is that these burdens were not meant for you to carry on your own. When I reflect on all the people who have been devastated by all of these unnecessary losses of life, I cry for them, I feel their pain and then I hand it to God in prayer. You are called to be an intercessor. That’s why when dealing with the pain, wounds, and burdens of others, you must come to understand that you cannot carry them for too long. Christ alone is who can bear our burdens fully. 

When you walk into a room and begin to take on burdens, it may ease the burdens of someone else to a degree. Their pain is made somewhat lighter in a sense, but you are not meant to carry that pain perpetually. The ultimate destination for burdens is into the hands of Jesus. Jesus is the true burden bearer.  When you feel weighed down by others, you have to give those burdens to God. As soon as I begin to feel overwhelmed, I say, “Lord, these burdens are not mine to bear, take them from me. Cleanse my spirit from heaviness.” 

Want to know why being an empath is a gift and not a curse? You have been given the ability to understand how people are feeling and thus know how or what to pray for them. You have been given the intuition of knowing what comforting words to say or what you can do to help someone. You have the ability to be stirred up to make a change and not sit idly by waiting for someone else to do it. You have been given a gift and voice, so use them! When burdens come upon you, you may feel the weight of oppression, hear the enemy’s accusations, or experience various negative emotions seemingly out of the blue. That’s not you! Learn to quickly discern the call to pray against or for a thing, rather than coming up under it. 


With a high-speed camera, MIT’s Lydia Bourouiba watches the explosive fluid dynamics of sneezing. Capturing around a million frames per second, her cameras let her measure the size and speed of large saliva and mucus droplets (green), as well as observe the motion of clouds of smaller droplets (red). Bourouiba hopes that her research can help health care workers design better methods to contain contagion (Exp. Fluids 2016, DOI: 10.1007/s00348-015-2078-4).

Credit: Lydia Bourouiba/The Fluid Dynamics of Disease Transmission Laboratory/MIT

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Does anyone else get these really existential moments where you just sit back, look away from your dashboard full of snezkink content, and seriously think about how of all possible things on earth, this is what natural/random selection decided that you’d be attracted to. It baffles me.

Like it really just hits me sometimes that I’m jackin’ it to a perfectly indulgent description of how wet a character’s sneeze is. And that something as universally feared by people as contagion is makes me weak - stuff like that…

and I’m like… fuck…


Sweeney Todd + Hamlet: Act 3, Scene 2

“‘Tis now the very witching hour of night,
When churchyards yawn, and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world: now could I drink hot blood,
And do such bitter business as the day
Would quake to look on.”

Mordesh Head Canon: Mouthless Speech

@fredrickdavis asked me a while ago about posting some of my headcanons about mordesh stuff and because I am a flake I forgot UNTIL NOW. Obviously this is just my interpretation and it may differ wildly from wildstar canon; not gospel, just my take!

How the feck do you talk without a physical mouth? Blather under the cut!
TLDR: Mordesh with no soft-tissue mouth structures don’t speak words, they think them, and the modulator processes them into an audible.

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Sometimes, for no discernible reason whatsoever, entire clans of dragons will slow to a halt and cease moving altogether.

The dragons themselves don’t seem to notice what is happening to them. They follow the same paths and patterns as ever, but at progressively dithering speeds, like the gears of a music box left to unwind. And then one day, no one leaves the lair again. No one stretches their wings or nuzzles their children or rubs their scales against the smooth places in the wall. They do not seem to breathe. They simply stand there, staring at nothing, statues attesting to the lair’s former greatness.

Other dragons fear falling victim to this curse, and so such “frozen” lairs are seldom explored, not even by thieves and rogues. It is rumored that stealing from a frozen lair imparts the most hellish luck, and thus the inanimate dragons may stand seemingly unperturbed for years in a row. The smell of rotten food and mothballs frightens off all but flies.

Healers have discovered there is no contagion involved, and visiting a frozen lair will not pass on the curse. However, dragons that have explored these lairs more deeply implore other dragons not to do so: the spine-chilling sensation of seeing one’s own friends and family glassy-eyed, immobile and unresponsive to affection is a lifelong curse all its own.


Combo of the Day (7-12-16): $3.58
Myojin of Night’s Reach - $3.00
Contagion Clasp - $0.24
Megrim - $0.34

Make sure your opponents never have cards to play and lose life for it too. Use Contagion Clasp to Proliferate the Divinity counter on Myojin, this will keep Myojin indestructible and give you a reusable counter to spend on its ability. Megrim just makes the card loss that much more painful.


Music Tag

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1. Five Finger Death Punch - This is My Way

2. Contagion OST - Not Alone in Biotec

3. IA - Waiting for…

4. Demon Hunter - Fiction Kingdom 

5. Red - Overtake You

6. Bullet for my Valentine - The Harder the Heart (The Harder It Breaks)

7. Slipknot - Before I Forget

8. Disturbed - Open Your Eyes

9. My Chemical Romance . Famous Last Words

10. Corpse Party: Songs of the Dead (Disc 1) - Chapter One

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Are we sure the MCU even cares about the Sokovia Accords beyond getting Tony and Cap to punch each other? :)

I mean, at the end of Civil War, Steve goes to break his friends out, but I could see AOS making a lot more use of them clandestinely to suppress Inhumans?

Because in terms of the broader MCU, the world is not really filled with superheroes like it is in the comics? Treating Inhumans like a contagion to be contained instead of a people?

And then you have Wakana being isolationist, so it’s possibly they won’t even come into play until Black Panther comes out.

Marvel could also use the events of the next Thor movie to cause a registration-style event, similar to the comics with the Ragnarok Cycle (which Thor breaks) which brings Asgard to Earth, and humans having to live side-by-side with aliens which could heighten tensions.

On a strange island unsullied by cyclones that ravage its vicinity, an aberration meets his match. 

Dribbling resentment and corroding the western headland with dense clouds of a contagion, he keeps his head close to the floor, feelers drawn, examining the heat signatures of the beings that motion to pen him in. Whereas two indicate beasts, the other two shape the forms of the feeble and powerless humans, and yet boast auras far superior. The phenomenon is not unfamiliar – and all the less welcome. The creature rears his head back.

The outskirts of the thick Lukedonian woodland reverberate with torment, rattled like a skull by a grating shriek – or the grisly wails of the condemned, if the country has ever suffered as atrocious and unidentifiable a noise.  A rapid series of flares erupt from the headland, irradiating the sickly eclipse that looms across the horizon of a sunless sea before a caped figure takes to the skies. As it unfurls its tattered wingarms, leaving a backwash of dark, scintillating haze, that which blots out the sun recedes - as though the creature had rescinded its reign over his surroundings while making his escape. He shoots across the treetops, battered and begrudging, heading deeper inland.

Weeks of quashing the armed threats that tailed after him, only to be incapacitated in a matter of minutes by two hunters whose motions even betrayed hesitation. So even the bipedal race vies with champions standing at its apex.

Exhausted and distinguishing a clearing safe from further pursuit, the creature tucks in his wings, allowing altitude to plummet steeply around him. His landing sends a murder of crows into a frenzy. He ignores them, salivating a dark ooze that slowly corrodes the earth as he stumbles across the glade on a lame hind leg. Rest:

– although it is his only avenue for survival, sleep would not come easy, even though the torments and night terrors that follow will. Even for a beast, he understands he is now in no position to be utilizing the danders off of his wings as a mode of surveillance - it chances drawing attention.  Pressing his weight upon his uninjured legs he lifts his head once again, snuffling at the air in search of any possible threats within the parameters. 


That is is at least as difficult to stay a moral infection as a physical one; that such a disease will spread with the malignity and rapidity of the Plague; that the contagion, when it has once made head, will spare no pursuit or condition, but will lay hold on people in the soundest health, and become developed in the most unlikely constitutions; is a fact as firmly established by experience as that we human creatures breathe an atmosphere. A blessing beyond appreciation would be conferred upon mankind, if the tainted, in whose weakness or wickedness these virulent disorders are bred, could be instantly seized  and placed in close confinement before the poison in communicable.
—  in which Charles Dickens predicts social media. 
The satanic element is introduced into the story of creation only when the human turns away from ‘imitating God’ in whose image and likeness they were made to imitating each other, a process begun internally by the female and externally by the male. The serpent in the text is a metonym for desire. In fact the Genesis 2-11 text is all about the phenomenon on mimetic contagion issuing in violence. An anthropological reading of this text still yields great insights into the human condition. This is why I have said time and again we must first change the way we think about ourselves before we can change the way we view God. Another way of putting this is we must first learn to read the Bible anthropocentrically (from below) before we read it theologically (from above). As long as we treat the Bible as first a text about God, we will not be able to see just how we make God in our own broken image. Only after we see this can we begin to see just how and where in the Bible (and especially in Jesus) God is remaking us in God’s own Jesus focused image.
Observe, my Lord, I pray you, that grand Error upon which all artificial legislative Power is founded. It was observed, that Men had ungovernable Passions, which made it necessary to guard against the Violence they might offer to each other. They appointed Governors over them for this Reason; but a worse and more perplexing Difficulty arises, how to be defended against the Governors? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? In vain they change from a single Person to a few. These few have the Passions of the one, and they unite to strengthen themselves, and to secure the Gratification of their lawless Passions at the Expense of the general Good. In vain do we fly to the Many. The Case is worse; their Passions are less under the Government of Reason, they are augmented by the Contagion, and defended against all Attacks by their Multitude.
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Same…and that’s the really sad thing, even the spirit of scientific enquiry can’t make me leave the safety of Xkit orz

It may disappoint Science, but we must leave the risk of infection/mildly annoying ad exposure for the Experts to run u_u