“Contact Lens” by Haruka Kojin

“I was on an express bus, looking at the pavement which passed my eyes at a high speed accelerated by the car engine. Looking still for some time, my vision automatically focused into a grainy surface of the pavement – appearing enlarged in my eyes.  I do not entirely rely on my visionary sense because my eyes are spheres having limited sensitivities. What if my eyes have rectangular pupils? Another world-view will then be my reality. Imagine how insects with facet-eye like flies or birds view the world? The birds can capture an ultraviolet ray invisible to human, so they must have their own version of reality unique to their visionary sense.” - Haruka Kojin


Mixed blood New Choice!Korean 1 Day Lens

NEW!!O-Lens Russian 1 Day

-14.0mm small diameter

-13.0mm color diameter

- Gold/Silver colors

EXID Hani, CLC Elkie, AOA Yuna MV’s Styles

- 0-800 power

- 1 box 20pcs

O-Lens Russian Velvet 1 Day USD$20/1box

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15 things contact lens wearers do

1. See. We all see.

2. Put them in without washing our hands

3. Take them out without washing our hands

4. Touch them and move them about

5. Touch them and move them about to gross people out

6. Nap in them

7. Peer pressure people with glasses into getting them

8. Marvel at the dedication of the monthly wearers

9. Wonder how the fuck yearly wearers still have their eyes

10. Shower with them

11. Swim with them

12. Fall in love with them

13. Elope with them

14. Have children with them

15. Wear them and your glasses at the same time just for lols


New Vid -THE CONTACT LENS INCIDENT! Reblog for a lucky drop of eye juice