“Contact Lens” by Haruka Kojin

“I was on an express bus, looking at the pavement which passed my eyes at a high speed accelerated by the car engine. Looking still for some time, my vision automatically focused into a grainy surface of the pavement – appearing enlarged in my eyes.  I do not entirely rely on my visionary sense because my eyes are spheres having limited sensitivities. What if my eyes have rectangular pupils? Another world-view will then be my reality. Imagine how insects with facet-eye like flies or birds view the world? The birds can capture an ultraviolet ray invisible to human, so they must have their own version of reality unique to their visionary sense.” - Haruka Kojin


Tom Hiddleston putting green contact lenses on, on the set of Only Lovers Left Alive

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NO NO NO NO PLEASE DON'T EVER RECOMMEND PINKY PARADISE. Just look up Jessica Lynn and her 90% corneal abrasion caused by Pinky Paradise contact lenses.

Here is the deal: ANY contact lens you buy that is not given to you by your  eye doctor or does not contact your eyedoctor to validate your prescription is generally not considered FDA approved in the US and can be unsafe for your eyes. ANY time you do not properly inspect, care for, insert or wear your lenses you have the risk of damaging your eyes. From my understanding, no circle lens is considered approved for the united states and are considered illegal because of that.  Corneal abrasions are commonly caused by wearing contacts. 

This site is dedicated to information about contact lens safety and I recommend every cosplayer read it:

Anyone who is interested can read Jessica Lynn’s account here:

Edit: Pinky sells brands of contact lenses, they don’t produce them. Even though they sold the lenses to Jessica I think it’s important to note that the BRAND was Vassen and that the brand is available through other sellers as well.

I suggest all cosplayers do their research on lenses before wearing them so they know what the risks are. Go to an eye doctor for your first pair, learn proper care/storage/wear/removal, understand why they aren’t FDA approved and check that if it’s a korean brand (EOS, GEO etc) are at least KFDA (Korean FDA) approved.

You’re sticking plastic in your eyes, be as safe as possible about it. 

The reasons I will suggest Pinky are: It’s very commonly used with few horror stories (that I have seen), Encourages you to talk with your optician for diameter / base sizing (FAQ section), Gives instructions for wear and removal, They support checking GEO codes for fake lenses, Has a New User guide which also encourages you to contact your optician. States that all their lenses are KFDA approved - this is not USA FDA approved. 


marshmallowfeferi said: Geo Medical is actually US FDA approved now so if you want to be save that’s the best bet

Just double checked this and they are! [source] [source]  and approved by Health Canada ;)