You’re like the thing that makes the universe explode

into the colors of a world I’ve never known. 

You know, I’m unhappy about the world being concreted over and all the forests chopped down and the air polluted - and the fact that the planet is in the control of mad people, you know, people who are crazy, people who are greedy, all these people who are selling the rain forests and, you know, any forests,  just selling it because they make some money. You know, I’m very unhappy about that. But I have a long term view, which is, ‘all things must pass.’ I mean, before it used to be, maybe they’re going to blow us up with H-bombs. But even that, I thought, it doesn’t really matter. They can’t destroy what’s within ourselves. Krishna says that there’s no time when we didn’t exist and there’ll be no time when we cease to exist. The only thing that changes is the body. So even if they blew us up with H-bombs, our soul will stay in our other, astral body and the only thing that won’t be here will be physically. So, you know, I’m sad about the world, but I look at it from within and without.
—  George Harrison, 1997

From miyavi_ishihara instagram:  Thxx Sui. Imma bite you.#TokyoGhoul

Ishida’s comment:  (MiyaviさんのLIVEにお邪魔して参りました。格好良すぎでした…)

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Unfortunately, the price of the surgery came out to be much, much more than the insurrance company said it was going to be. I paid two times the cost they said it was going to be at max, but I still had a long way to go.

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