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If I ever reblog something that makes you uncomfortable, let me know. Several people have messaged me about specific posts and how that artist has made child porn or something else that offends them. I will absolutely delete posts that make you uncomfortable, I want this blog to be a safe space for everyone. And I very rarely–if ever–check my sources, so I appreciate it when you reach out.

Selfies with Wile E. because comfort objects aren’t a bad thing.

In all of these I’m wearing my No Gloom ‘Shroom necklace, gray sweatpants and a predominantly blue T-shirt with Optimus Prime from Transformers: Prime on the front, so there is some red present on my outfit. I took these selfies in March. Just noting that in case this is being reblogged in April. I’m against Autism Speaks and I will be #REDInstead for April.

I have my Wile E. Coyote plushie in all of the selfies. He shows his age because I’ve had him since I got him for Christmas when I was 5, and I’m 36 at the time of these selfies. There is clear tape on his snout because the felt that makes up his mouth is falling apart. Wile E. is the one possession I own that I would not be able to handle losing forever. I get very distressed if I don’t know where he is (his place is on my pillow in my bedroom) and I’ll get downright aggressive if I see somebody ‘hurt’ him by kicking, throwing or swiping him aside or intentionally dropping him.

Btw, I’m sitting in my little sensory corner in all the pics. My proprioception is a mess today and I feel like an octopus attempting ballet. Corners are good for proprioceptive input because I can scoot myself backwards until I feel intense pressure on my shoulders, or I can bump into it with my back if I rock and I keep some sense of my body’s position in space. 

I guess I fit that stereotype of “autistic people sit in corners and rock” pretty well after all. :)

“In my own little corner in my own little chair
I can be whatever I want to be.
On the wings of my fancy I can fly anywhere
and the world will open its arms to me.” 

–Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella”

How are we supposed to sleep when we all know that Emma Swan is currently experiencing crippling white hot panic because she can’t sleep without Killian holding her. Like we discussed last week how she is such a contact comfort person like she needs to feel him near her to feel safe and he is not there and she is curled up in bed crying and he is well-aware that she can’t sleep without him and he too, is experiencing white hot panic and regret and terror and it’s literally killing him that he is trapped in an undersea prison that is preventing him from holding her and she thinks he abandoned her just like every single other person in her life has and she wants to be mad but all she can think about is how she’s sad and she needs her face pressed against his fucking cheek stubble so she can feel safe and okay and I am fucking never falling asleep am I   

I ordered a silver Dulcimer pendant from Stimtastic and it’s gonna help complete my formal Easter Vigil look.

I did a #REDInstead theme last year because Easter was early (before April), but this year it’s towards the middle / end of April, so I don’t plan to wear red lipstick or red nail polish this time. I like to vary it a little each year. I will, however, wear something red somewhere on my body to keep up the “wear red during all of April” protest against Autism Speaks’ “light it up blue” bullcrap.

For anyone who doesn’t know how formally I dress for the Easter Vigil, here’s some selfies.

A different year where I took pics without the shawl. I still wore it to church, but sometimes I like taking selfies without it to switch things up a bit.

My butterfly earrings and barrette are a direct nod to my Tumblr.

This year, I plan to wear a pair of smaller butterfly earrings because I’ll have a big, showy necklace that I’ll be attaching the silver Dulcimer to. I may tuck it down into my dress or let it show depending on how low it hangs and whether or not it will be sticking out at a weird angle. I wanted the silver one because it will match my look. Stim toys can be accessories like any other jewelry or purse! I have a Tangle that’s perfect for my ‘Cyndi-rella’ night too. :D

And once I’m all done up, I can pretend I’m on the Red Carpet and if an imaginary somebody asks “so who are you chewing?” I can say “Stimtastic!” :P (And I would say that, haha!)

In Another Life

Summary: A series of moments in a life that never was.

A short fic I wrote after seeing Rogue One the other day. Also on AO3. Tagging @mollyandherjumper because we were crying about the movie together yesterday. I hope everyone likes it!

Jyn grips his hand as the giant wall of destruction moves ever nearer, the contact a comforting reminder that, for perhaps the first time in thirteen years, she is not alone.

She’s envisioned her death before, of course, the consequence of a life spent running. She had expected to be fearful, panicked. Regretful, even.

Instead, she feels content.

Maybe it’s because she has just helped save millions of lives. Maybe it’s because her father will finally get the redemption he deserves. Maybe it’s because of the man sitting beside her.

Maybe it’s all three.

Whatever the reason, she is grateful for it.

Jyn Erso has always been more of a doer than a dreamer, but as she stares out at the horizon, she clutches the necklace her mother gave her and allows herself to imagine.

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actually the best interview tip for me personally has always been, basically, ‘use every psych trick in the book to make them like you’


  • pay attention to and mimic body language, esp eye contact – everyone has different comfort levels & u don’t want to make ur interviewer uncomfortable
    • u can use body language as eye contact breaks!
  • be dynamic – smile when something’s funny! show emotional range (not extreme!) basically, look like u have a personality
  • when you’re asking questions, ask them what THEIR favorite part of the job is, and pay attention to their answer. elaborate!
    • people like talking about themselves. if u can get your interviewer to talk about themselves at the end they’re more likely to have a favorable impression
  • it’s ok to make jokes/joking comments! you don’t want to overdo it, but it’s good to have friendly moments with your interviewer. if they laugh at something, laugh with them.

First pic: Jaime is sad and obviously Bart knows. He makes physical contact to provide a safe place for Jaime to open up, he changes the subject and tries to get Jaime away from the thing that reminds him of his sadness.
Second pic: Bart himself suggests not telling anyone that Jaime brings the apocalypse, again that physical contact, comforting him. Bart basically came back to tell everyone that Jaime is evil and he’s the one who brings the Reach apocalypse but when he got to know him, he decided to stay quiet.
Third pic: He also provides a safe place by opening his arms like he’s welcoming Jaime. He offers to help him battle his demons, although he definitely knows how dangerous and how hard, if not impossible it’ll be.
Fourth pic: He is just freed from the pod. His first thought isn’t “Where am I? What happened?”. Nope. His first thoughts are that he has to find Jaime, only Jaime, he leaves although he knows it might be hella dangerous because he’s on the enemy’s ground and he doesn’t know the place.
Fifth pic: When he sees Jaime in the pod being tortured, his first expression isn’t confusion or fright. It’s fucking anger. He has the urge to be Impulsive (pun intended) and thus to protect/safe Jaime. He doesn’t consider anything about his own safety. Priorities?
Sixth pic: He’s holding the unconscious La'gaan and his thoughts aren’t if he’s okay, his thoughts are going back to the battle field to save/help/protect Jaime, not escape or help the hurt La'gaan. He probably knows that he has no chances against Black Beetle but he wants to go there anyway, he’s in a rush and doesn’t consider the wet floor (more like a wave)((at one point he said that it’s a cliché that the speedsters slip on ice but he himself didn’t consider the water/wave/wet floor and slipped lol)) so he falls and Beast Boy catches him and while Beast Boy is holding him, Impulse is having a quiet emotional breakdown because he can’t get to Jaime. (I couldn’t find a pic) HE KNOWS HE CAN’T FIGHT BLACK BEETLE BUT HE GOES ANYWAY, I MEAN HOW FUCKING BOLD IS THAT?! Also he shouldn’t have risked his life bacause if he did and died no one would know that Jaime brings the Reach Apocalypse and his time travel will be pointless. BUT HE RISKS HIS OWN LIFE FOR NONE OTHER THAN THE PERSON HE’S TRYING TO ELIMINATE. Tbh that sounds like Stockholm’s Syndrome.
ALL THAT IS SO IMPORTANT BECAUSE he could’ve easily let Jaime die and then take the Scarab so that the Reach doesn’t get it. That way Jaime won’t cause the apocalypse. Perfect. Also Impulse wanted to find a way to remove the Scarab without hurting/killing Jaime or finding a way to control the Scarab which is a waste of time and tech since he could’ve just let Jaime die. But he wouldn’t let him die. Not because he’s a hero. Heroes make sacrifices. A hero would’ve chosen sacrificing Jaime and saving so many other people that the Reach will kill/enslave. But he wouldn’t sacrifice him. He risked his own life to save him quite a few times. I think that is undeniable proof of affection.

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Obi-Wan can't find a heavily pregnant Anakin. Turns out he went and hid somewhere to get some quiet away from people worrying. But he goes into labor and can't get out. By time Obi-Wan finds him, hours later, Anakin has a baby hanging out of him, and realizing it isn't the only one coming.

So basically Anakin’s being a cat?

I imagine Obi Wan probably has a heart attack when he realises he can’t find Anakin. Like there’s a bit of him that’s scared Anakin’s been kidnapped or something. Finding Anakin is somewhat of a relief. Like sure it isn’t the ideal situation to find him in but it’s better than some of the alternatives Obi Wan had thought up.

He’s probably very quick to comm the Medics. Because a) give them the heads up; b) tell them where Anakin is so they can come to him; c) so he knows what to do. After that it’s comforting Anakin and checking the child’s okay. Making sure Anakin is as comfortable and reassured as possible.

For some reason I feel like Anakin is actually rather calm. Possible a mixture of just exhaustion and a little memory of shit-that-went-down-on-Tatooine, and I mean he isn’t looking forward to pushing a second child out of him so soon after the first. But he’s not freaking out. Again, possibly because he just doesn’t have the energy to freak out.

contact comfort;

this is a fill for a prompt i got on my main blog

Anonymous said:#4 and #17 with Namjoon

4. “I’m too sober for this.”
17. “Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

Summary: Your best friend, Namjoon, whom you definitely are not in love with is having cat troubles, so you consult the expertise of one Kim Taehyung. (Harry Potter AU)

Your best friend, Namjoon, is the sort of wizard who really stands out in a crowd. It’s not because of his gargantuan height or his stunningly good looks, although that does help. It’s not even his innately clumsy nature, no; Kim Namjoon stands out because he exudes an aura of self-assurance and confidence (although not quite up to Slytherin standards). Although lately, this confidence of his, funnily enough, comes crumbling down the minute the Gryffindor prefect is around his cat, Mimi.

Mimi is a beauty, to say the least, with her fluffy white coat that looks like it’s dusted with snowflakes. However, she is also extremely picky about who can pet her, and for some reason, Namjoon isn’t really one of her favourite people at the moment. The boy himself is puzzled by what seems to be a recent development, according to what he’s told you.

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I know we’re all talking about that hand kiss but can we also please talk about how after the hand kiss is over they in no way disconnect their hands, Emma’s fingers curl around Killian’s and he squeezes while he smiles at her, giving her that contact comfort he knows she needs, not letting go until she feels steady, so that she knows she’s never alone and that he’ll never ever leave her 

“A person wearing headphones and/or avoiding eye-contact when you are talking isnt necessarily ‘rude’. That person may be autistic and most probably finds it easier to listen like that! Please respect their sensory needs!”

Just a quick PSA. 

I’m feeling a lot less pissed off at neurotypicals today so that calls for less angry art. 

Avoiding eye contact and wearing headphones all the time is often perceived by neurotypical people as a rather rude gesture. This is unfortunate and is something that really has to be unlearnt for the benefit of autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people who do these things. 

Autistic people (as well as some other neurodivergent people) avoid eye contact because the experience ranges from uncomfortable and mildly distressing to very painful and upsetting. Avoiding eye contact is much more comfortable and natural for a lot of us and makes us feel a bit more at ease interacting with people and the world in general. (I will add though that not all autistic people avoid eye contact but enough of us do that it needs to be respected. If you meet a person who says they are autistic but are able to make eye contact yes they are still autistic.)

Forcing an autistic person to make eye contact with you is not only incredibly rude and insensitive, but it is also an act of ableism. You are in no way entitled to force anyone to make eye contact with you. Please respect autistic and otherwise neurodivergent peoples need to avoid eye contact. 

Wearing headphones all the time is something a lot of autistic people and people with sensory processing disorder do to avoid sensory overload and meltdowns that can be caused by loud noises or too many noises at once. It is important to remember that our hearing can be more sensitive than yours so what we perceive as loud might not seem that loud to you but that doesnt change the fact that it may still be painful to us. 

If an autistic person wears headphones while interacting with you they are not being rude, they are avoiding pain, sensory overload and potential meltdowns. Please respect this. If you try to force an autistic person to remove their headphones you are being rude and insensitive and being very ableist. 

That is all for now, unless I have forgotten something. Thank you. 

this AU wouldn’t be completely without a Pines Family Sleep Pile

this takes place almost immediately after the curse is released. they’re all sleeping in front of the fireplace, too exhausted from the day to do anything else. Stan was so tired and focused on Ford and the kids that he didn’t even change clothes first, haha

also, everyone’s hands are touching. Mabel and Dipper are holding hands, and they have their hands over Stan and Ford’s. Stan has his arm over Mabel because he got used to hugging her and Dipper when they cuddled together, while Ford has his arms wrapped around Dipper because he’s kinda using Dipper as a teddy bear. he wants to feel the comfort/human contact that hugging Dipper brings. Ford is also sitting kinda awkwardly because he’s not used to having a body again

Mabel and Dipper are both using Ford’s arm as a pillow. poor Ford is gonna feel that in the morning, lol. also, i really like drawing Stan’s hair like this, haha

(Ford design based on @cirilee‘s!! i just tweaked it a little)

infinitemisfit33  asked:

Hello reiji ^-^ I've been meaning to ask, have you ever considered wearing contacts instead of glasses? Contacts are much more comfortable, believe I wear them, and your brothers will probably stop making fun of you and calling you four eyes!


Reiji: I…

Reiji: Using contacts would cost much more than using glasses.

Reiji: Therefore, I reject your kind advise.


A friend told me to come here and see about advertising myself a bit.

I work a weird job and I’ve gotten kinda screwed over so I won’t have any money for a few weeks, but I was going to charge $10 for flat colored busts/detailed heads and $15 for detailed busts just so I can have enough for household things. Depending on how bestial a character looks, I may not be able to do it and will have to decline but anything with predominantly humanoid looking features is perfectly doable for me.

Can contact me on here, but it’d be easier on FB through my art page. ; a lot of the flat colored heads on this page are done in an out-dated style, but most of the detailed heads/busts are my current style.

If you’re not comfortable contacting me via FB, I check my gmail pretty regularly too.