Why do we always automatically assume that contact with an extra terrestrial species would be a bad thing. I hear a lot of negativity on the issue, coming from brainiac and bimbo alike, and I’m really appalled at how grim we’ve become.

Is it too hard to fathom that perhaps there are good people living in our world. And if we have kind, good hearted people down here, what’s to say there aren’t kind, good hearted people out there. They can’t all be bad, can they?

In correct training, the horse’s head should be suspended from its withers in self-carriage and the weight of the rider’s hands should be the weight of the reins and a light connection to the lips and tongue of the horse.  Such lightness is the punitive goal of Baroque training styles and modern classical training.  It is imperative that, from the horse's viewpoint, pain is escapable and controllable, so lightness of course is important for the horse at every stage of training, and those methodologies that embrace correct roundness training an constant self carriage are more correctly aligned with the correct application of learning theory than coercive methods.
—  Paul McGreevy & Andrew Mclean ~ Equitation Science