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I don’t know if this anon about the re-writes is a Reylo shipper (I doubt they are Reylo; I’m getting suspicious with these kind of messages) who “fears” about Reylo not happening because of a minority of obnoxious people who want to put Kylo Ren in white & black boxes with no depth and deny the obvious Kylo/rey connection and importance. Seriously if Reylo is meant to happen it’s going to happen. In comparison of the supporters of Reylo dynamic, the antis are a drop in the ocean. [CONT1]

The popularity of Reylo is dangerously increasing, despite what some people trying to spread. I couldn’t believe when I saw the 12000 + fans in the fb page and the over 1,5 million views in a Reylo video. If some people think that the core of the new trilogy which Reylo dynamic, if they expect, they are going to change long termed planned project, because of a small group of whinny fans, they are going for a big surprise in the next two films. [CONT2]

The Reylo dynamic (along Finn) is vital and is the heart of the new trilogy, like it or not. These two characters are meant to develop against each other, with each other, within each other and through each other. [END]

While I lean towards believing that the anon was genuinely concerned (there’s a lot of heartfelt anxiety amongst the Reylo crowd atm, and I don’t like to doubt people without good reason), I agree with this sentiment. The interest in the Reylo dynamic clearly extends beyond Tumblr, with everyone from Time magazine to How It Should Have Ended picking up on it in some capacity. 

As much as the antis like to believe that Reylo is some kind of collective delusion on the part of a few deviants on Tumblr, they’re the real minority - most people can recognise the strange tension in Rey and Kylo’s scenes, and the undeniable chemistry between the actors. 

I certainly don’t think everyone should see that chemistry as sexual or romantic, but I roll my eyes at the people who attempt to argue that they have a vanilla hero/villain dynamic - to take such a reductive stance is to completely ignore the obvious care and attention paid by the filmmakers to developing their dynamic and subverting viewers’ expectations.

[[Dear Catnip,

I did it. I designed it. It’s my fault. I killed her. It’s all my fault. I can never get those thoughts out of my head. And I know you can’t get her out of your head either. That’s why I know you’ll be happier with Peeta. Because all you will ever see in my face is the explosion that killed Prim. That’s why I disappeared to Two.

Shamefully signed,