Reclamação que virou propaganda

Muitas marcas se preocupam com opinião de seus consumidores e não estão erradas quanto a isso, porém e quando a vontade do seu consumidor vai contra a sua filosofia como empresa ou marca?

A rede de cinema Alamo Drafthouse tem uma política bem restrita quanto ao uso de celular dentro de seus cinemas, coisa que pessoas de bom senso não deveriam necessitar de aviso.

Sensacional, #coisasquenosinspiram

Obrigado por não voltar aos nossos cinemas”


Announcing Consumr  

As of today we’re a little easier to spell and whole lot more useful! We’re sad to see the old Consmr go but we’re proud to introduce the new Consumr, which brings thousands of consumer products like toys, electronics and games to the everyday packaged products we’ve always covered.

There’s no reason to buy a disappointing product when you have Consumr in your pocket. Just point your phone at a barcode and return crowdsourced, honest reviews for everything from whitening toothpaste and mascara to baby toys and LCD TVs. 

We had to buy a vowel, but Consumr is 100% free in the App Store, and more beautiful than ever. 

So what’s new?

Personalized Recommendations & Quick Rate
Getting personalized recommendations is as simple as rating products. You’ll have fun doing it in our new quick rate. It’s like “hot or not” for products. The more you rate, the better the recs.

Visuals and Swipe
Consumr combines a clean, visual layout and easy to use gestures (optional) to navigate the app. Just swipe back on any screen or swipe to browse individual products.

Toys, Baby Gear, Electronics, and more
We’ve added the most requested categories. Even better, if our community hasn’t reviewed a product, we’ll now show you reviews from alternative sources so you’ll never have to check different apps & sites again!

Points and Leaderboards
Now you can earn points every day for writing reviews, scanning, adding photos and even liking useful reviews. There are prizes every month for the best writers so get reviewing!

Of course, our ever popular ScanBoxes stuffed with samples to try will still go out to our Elite users. You never know when you’ll get it… Just be the critic you were born to be!

                   Consumr: the People’s Product Guide