Dodging drug laws, B.C. unveils plans to immediately offer supervised-injection services in Vancouver and other cities
The announcement made by B.C.’s ministry of health marks a major policy shift that could change how supervised-injection sites are established across Canada.

Today (December 8) two new supervised-injection sites for drug users will open in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

The following week, similar facilities will open in Surrey and Victoria. Later this month, additional sites will open in all three jurisdictions.

The surprise announcement made by B.C.’s ministry of health marks a major policy shift that could change how supervised-injection sites are established across Canada.

Up until now, programs like Vancouver’s Insite facility have required exemptions from federal drug laws, and the former Conservative government made those exemptions very difficult to obtain.

The two sites opening today do not have exemptions from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act that authorities previously insisted they required to open.

In a telephone interview, B.C. health minister Terry Lake said today’s action was taken out of necessities created by the fentanyl crisis and unpreceded numbers of drug overdose deaths.

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horrorvenus replied to your post: “Could you please change texts from “slave” to “enslaved person”? I…”:

Your posts and many of the ensuing discussions, like this one, are the quality content I crave in my media consumption. Thank you very much for all your efforts.

Well, thank you for the compliment, and thank you for being interested.

Some of you think it’s weird I thank people for giving a crap, but let me tell you that 20 years ago finding anyone willing to listen to or look at any of this was considerably more of a chore than it is now.


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This blog is honestly the best thing on this website so thank u i've been laughing for six hours

…6 whole hours?!

Physicians recommend taking 5-minute breaks per half-hour of SDM consumption, followed by facial stretches and somber activities to relieve strain on smiling muscles.

Seriously though, thanks, that’s awesome to hear… after creatin’ somethin’ for so long, the whole ordeal starts to feel rather unreal, so hearing that there are real-life people enjoying it is the best. 

Keep spreadin’ the Scooby love!


Barely half of 30-year-olds earn more than their parents did at a similar age, a research team found, an enormous decline from the early 1970s when the incomes of nearly all offspring outpaced their parents. Even rapid economic growth won’t do much to reverse the trend.

Economists and sociologists from Stanford, Harvard and the University of California set out to measure the strength of what they define as the American Dream, and found the dream was fading. They identified the income of 30-year-olds starting in 1970, using tax and census data, and compared it with the earnings of their parents when they were about the same age.

In 1970, 92% of American 30-year-olds earned more than their parents did at a similar age, they found. In 2014, that number fell to 51%.

Mr. Chetty, 37, has explored poverty and income mobility in a series of papers that have gained widespread attention across the political spectrum. His research finds that upward mobility depends heavily on government policies, a position common among Democrats, as well as on neighborhood churches and two-parent families, as Republicans often argue.

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Star Wars!

You know that meme on Twitter that was going around about what you could give an extemporaneous TED talk on? I have decided mine would be about George Lucas and how brilliant thought-provoking influences don’t always result in great stuff coming out of it. (With a side-trip into parallels between Lucas and Tarantino, and how the consumption and idolization of cult media doesn’t necessarily make you awesome at leveraging those influences in your own work.) 

Like, I love Star Wars. I think that’s pretty obvious. But it is formulaic and flat and Manichean in the worst way possible. Not to mention ham-handedly appropriative of so much. (This is even before we get into the prequels. I know there are people who love them and I’m glad for you, but they broke my goddamn heart and I will never forgive Lucas for that.) 

The very structure of the universe, this insistent sharp line between black and white, is an active hindrance to good storytelling. I was thinking about this in my brief foray into SWTOR, where you can see the types of stories Bioware wants to tell but can’t effectively do because of this framework. I sometimes wonder how much of this is ossified dogma of both the Jedi and Sith, and how this would play out when there are no Jedi or Sith in the equation. (I’ve been hearing lots of buzz about how different the tone of Rogue One is from the other movies, and I’m really excited to see a different take on it.)
NASA EM Drive Paper

for anyone who wanted to read the paper itself. I would recommend reading the conclusion, it’s pretty fascinating.

“Although this test campaign was not focused on optimizing performance and was more an exercise in existence proof, it is still useful to put the observed thrust-to-power figure of 1.2 mN/kW in context. The current state-of–the-art thrust to power for a Hall thruster is on the order of 60 mN /kW . This is an order of magnitude higher than the test article evaluated during the course of this vacuum campaign; however, for missions with very large delta-v requirements, having a propellant consumption rate of zero could offset the higher power requirements. The 1.2    mN / kW performance parameter is over two orders of magnitude higher than other forms of “zero-propellant” propulsion, such as light sails, laser propulsion, and photon rockets having thrust-to-power levels in the 3.33 – 6.67    μ N / kW (or 0.0033 – 0.0067    mN / kW ) range.

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u ever realize when white people cant connect to a piece of work that wasnt made for their direct consumption they call it problematic! they did the same with the get down

transparency much 😮


Public Image Ltd’s debut album was released in the UK on this day, December 8th, in 1978.

Though now considered one of the groundbreaking moments for the post-punk movement, a lot of reviews weren’t kind to it when it came out. It seems a lot of the critics wanted the Sex Pistols part two and were a bit perplexed as to what they were hearing. When asked about the record in an interview at the time, John Lydon referred to the sounds as “Anti-Rock.”

Warner Brothers, the band’s North American label, deemed the record too uncommercial for US consumption audience at the time. It didn’t see a proper US release until 2013.

It’s one of those albums that permanently etched itself in my mind when an older cousin of mine played me his import copy to a preteen me back in then. Eventually, he gave me that copy which I still own today. Picking that one song from a definitive album (without picking the most obvious one) can a tough decision at times. I spun “Annalisa” (a song inspired by story of Anneliese Michel) on my radio show the other night so we’ll just go with that one.

Human AU where Stefan, Lucien and Marcel are brothers and Klaus’ sons

Dear Diary,

Today father had to come to school for Lucien. Somehow Marcel found out about Lucien stealing upcoming tests and selling them online. We already wondered where that amazing new Rolex came from, but it all makes sense now.

I do think however that father is a little proud of him. I caught him trying to get angry with Lucien, but there was something in his voice, in his face, that didn’t match with his words. I actually think that Elijah told him to say all of this. Elijah thinks we can be better than our father, but I think he’s wrong.

We all look alike our father in some way. Marcel has become president of the student council because he has our father’s talent to convince people to go to war for him. I bury myself in my books, because it keeps me from losing control over my alcohol consumption, just like dad. And it seems that Lucien sees chances where others see barriers. Just like our father he can move mountains if he sets his mind to it.

It’s a pity he always uses that mind to do things the principal is not exactly fond of. Like stealing tests and selling them online. It does explain the high grades other students have gotten lately. I’m afraid they will have to redo all those tests.

Lucien is suspended for three weeks too. He’s lucky. It could have been a lot worse, but dad plead for him and now he can come back. And guess who has to keep up with his homework and all his missed tests the upcoming three weeks? Exactly. Me.

I didn’t do anything wrong and yet I get the extra work. I guess it’s my father’s way of punishing me, even though he’s not going to tell Elijah that of course. And for sure not Rebekah. Rebekah likes me. Maybe because I’m the only sane person in this family, if you don’t feed me alcohol that is. Apart from Kol no one is trying to, luckily. I hate the person I become after a few too many beers, but you already know that. I wrote about that when I had a headache the next morning.

But despite everything Elijah still thinks that we can do better, that we have to do better, that we have to try everything we can to be better. I think Lucien is trying that, really. Just not in the way Elijah actually meant when he gave us that lecture about chances in life and what being a Mikaelson means.

I’m not sure if dad is proud of Marcel either. After all, he did betray one of our own. He could have just told dad and Elijah and I’m sure they would have stopped him somehow. I guess father would have just given him that Rolex and Lucien would find something else illegal to prove that he doesn’t need to stand in dad’s shadow.

I wish him good luck with whatever it is. I just hope he knows I’m not gonna keep track of his school work again. Next time he gets suspended he can deal with the mess himself. His problem.

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Fucking Ulta and their "spend $50 and get free shipping" but then having the vault for $49.99 and then having the AUDACITY to tell me to spend $0.01 more so I can have free shipping. FUCK! (I bought a wonder pencil. Spent like 4 bucks to save 5 and change, that makes sense right?)

there is no ethical consumption under capitalism

but hearing about your purchases made my heart race I’m in too deep with makeup