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Hi! I just saw a post of yours where you mention using an app to find fair trade products when grocery shopping. I've been looking for something like that for so long! Can I ask what you use? Thanks!

Absolutely! Unfortunately the app is just for chocolate, but it’s really really helpful in avoiding slave-labor produced cacao, because it is everywhere.

It’s called the “Chocolate List” by the Food Empowerment Project. It’s on Google Play and iTunes as far as I know.

The Buycott app is good too. You can put in what kind of campaigns and social justice issues you are concerned with, and it’ll tell you if what companies/brands are involved with them. Animal testing, child labor, unethical environmental practices, etc.

And as far as fair trade products for grocery stores, I chose to shop at a small, locally-owned natural food store, and their products seem to be from more ethical companies (not always, but it’s definitely better from big name-brand stores). They’re not too pricey either, and their simple whole foods are the cheapest. I have to drive a half hour because I live out in rural farmland, but you should hopefully be able to find something close to you.

I hope that helps! Thank you so much for your ask, I appreciate it and hope others will find this information useful as well. :)

Our Little Secret (Part 5)

Bucky x Reader
WC 1206
Warnings: alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, some swearing

Bucky was standing on the other side of the door and by the set of his jaw, he was pissed. When he spoke, his voice was low, “What the hell, Angie?”

You reached out and grabbed his arm, “Brad, calm down. Nothing happened.”

He shrugged your hand off him, “What the hell were you guys doing in there?”

“Nothing! We just had a drink.”

“Yeah,” Max smirked, “She was cold.”

Bucky grabbed you and pulled you so you were standing behind him. “You,” he glowered at Max. “Leave her alone.” He turned to you, “Let’s go.”

He grabbed you by the arm and lead you away in silence.

The ship was beginning to dock and he angrily lead you off. The ride to the villa was tense and silent and when you arrived back at the villa, Bucky got out and slammed the car door shut without waiting for you to exit the car.

You weren’t sure if he was actually mad or just playing a part but you took your time getting out of the car. The driver looked through the rearview mirror and gave you a sad smile. When you got into the villa, you expected to see Bucky in the hallway but he wasn’t there. You heard noise coming from the living room and headed that way.

Bucky was pacing the room. You stood at the door watching him silently when he stopped suddenly, turning to you.

“Did he hurt you?”

You shook your head, no.

“Did he touch you?”

You shook your head again. “Are you… are you actually mad?

He raked a hand through his hair, “No…?” It came out like a question.

“Bucky, stop. Let’s have a drink on the balcony, okay? We can talk about things.”

He nodded, heading towards the glass doors at the other end of the room. You fixed yourself a gin and tonic and poured a glass of scotch for him.

Bucky was sitting on one of the patio loungers, sprawled out, arms behind his head. You handed him his drink. Taking a seat in the other recliner, you took a sip of your drink and made a face. “Ugh. I don’t actually like gin and tonics, you know.”

“Then why do you drink them?”

You swirled the drink the glass and shrugged, “I like the taste of the lime.”

He stared into his drink, “What do you like to drink then?”

Leaning into your seat, you answered automatically, “Cofee. Tea. Hot chocolate. Basically, hot beverages.” You shivered in the chair, feeling the cold since you were still in your dress.

Bucky noticed you shivering and suggested you go in to change into something warmer. As much as you wanted to discuss what had happened, you agreed. No point in freezing again.

You quickly changed into warmer clothes and washed off your makeup which took longer than anticipated. You rummaged through your purse for your cigarettes and lighter knowing it was going to be a long night. Hurrying down, you grabbed a few blankets so you could stay warm while outside.

Bucky wasn’t outside anymore but you heard him coming. You looked up to see him carrying two steaming mugs of coffee.

Smiling broadly, you were at a loss. “Thank you.”

He handed you the mug, “I wasn’t sure how you took it, so I just added milk.”

You inhaled the aroma, the giant mug hiding your face. “When it’s made at home, that’s exactly how I take it. It’s when I’m out I get fancy with my coffee. If I’m spending seven bucks on coffee, I want it to taste like dessert.” You took a sip and hummed. “This is perfect. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Lighting it up, he inhaled.

You gaped at him, “Bucky! I didn’t know you smoked!”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “Since before…”

You held up your own pack, shaking it, “Looks like we have something in common.”

He gave you a small smile, “Guess so.”

You sat there in silence, this time, it was comfortable. It was Bucky who broke the silence. “So? What’d you two talk about?”

You wrapped a blanket around your shoulders, leaning forward in your chair. “I think I underestimated him. He’s more involved that we thought.”

He motioned for you to continue.

“It was a feeling I got. Like, he was trying to impress me or something and he kept alluding to ‘working hard’ but he wouldn’t actually say what he meant by that.” You shuddered, “He invited me there because he said I looked cold.” You looked at Bucky, “He was watching me. And the whole time I was there, my skin prickled. I don’t like him.”

“You need to figure out how far you want this to go.”

“What do you mean?”

He turned to look at you, “How far are you willing to go to get what you need from him? It’s obvious he’s interested in you. My little stunt may have been what we need for him to step it up. But do we continue down this road? Me being the jealous boyfriend? Or do we try a different tactic?”

You made a face, “Shit. I don’t know. Do we have to decide right now?”

He gave you a small smile, “No, not right now, but we should have a plan of action soon enough. I know the estimated time for this mission was weeks but we didn’t anticipate immediate contact with the target or how badly he wants to get in your pants.”

At that moment, Bucky’s phone rang. When he answered it, it went straight to video chat.

“Bucky, what’s the status? Neither you or Y/N have checked in with anyone on our end.” It was Steve.

Bucky looked up at you. You were frozen in your spot. Swallowing hard, you nodded to him.

“Steve. Things are going well. The target made immediate contact with us, well, with Y/N. Seems like he has an interest in her.”

“Make sure she doesn’t get in over her head on this.”

Your blood boiled. Snatching the phone from Bucky’s hand, you snarked, “She can take care of herself just fine, Captain.”

“Y/N, don’t do something you’ll regret.” His tone was condescending.

“Where the hell do you get off telling me what to do? You’re not my superior in this case so you can fuck right off.” You tossed the phone back to Bucky, “I’m going to bed.”

Steve waited for you to walk away then he laughed, “Still got that fiery temper, huh?”

Bucky rolled his eyes, “She’s not wrong, you know. You’re being as asshole.”

“C’mon Buck. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Well, we’re not reporting to you on this one. So you don’t need to call and request updates. You can get them from Fury if you’re that damned curious.”

“Okay, okay. Sorry.”

Bucky nodded, tensely. “I’m gonna call it a night, too. It’s been a busy day.”

“Take care of yourself.”

Bucky shut down the call and sat there, staring at the night sky for a while. He was hoping that if enough time had passed, maybe you’d be asleep before he came up to bed.


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While I love Jojo too, I agree that it has a lot of problems with representation (among other things)...! I feel like a lot of people try to justify Araki's writing so they can turn a blind eye to the unsavory parts, but I think an important part of media consumption is acknowledging the problems something has. That doesn't mean you can't like it, and I think an important part of fandom culture is seeing how people change and rewrite the characters and story in fanworks to be more inclusive.

yeah!!! exactly. even if something was written a long time ago, it can still be apologized for and changed! there are a lot of parts of jojo that leave a bad taste in my mouth, and i think a lot of people want to look over that and have the show be completely perfect in their mind, but addressing problems in a show is part of loving it!! things can always be improved, and addressing bad parts of a show or series can really help it move and develop and ultimately be BETTER 

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I agree with most of the things you put on the 42 things male allies can do to help, but saying "don't watch porn. female bodies are not for male consumption" is a little harsh. people just need to watch ethical porn! instead of getting it from sketchy sites like porn hub where the women in the videos might have been trafficked, go to mayvids or myfreecams and SUPPORT consensual sex workers!

1. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism. As such, there is no ethical porn. There is no ethical way to use another person’s body as a product.

2. There is literally no way to tell if the women on any site is trafficked. You don’t know if she is forced to be in front of that camera. You cannot tell unless you personally know her. I can 100% assure you traffickers use every site available.

3. I support sex workers by supporting causes that help currently or previously trafficked women and working to undermine the capitalist patriarchy that oppresses women. I do not support sex workers by consuming the products of potentially trafficked women.

Terfs and other transphobes are not welcome here

Do not reblog/like my art, do not follow me, and do not talk to me. My work IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE trans-inclusive and it’s not, nor will it ever be, for the consumption of bigots.

People really don’t understand the difference between a character being attractive and being intended for consumption by the other gender.

There’s a big difference between a character looking hot and a character being intended for sexualization. There are lots of attractive characters out there that aren’t intended to be consumed by other genders, objectified, and sexualized. For example:

Batman. Undeniably attractive. He is good looking.

But he was not intended for consumption by women. He get’s power poses and muscles because that’s how men want their male heroes, the one’s they aspire to be like and project onto, to look.

By contrast look at Black Widow. She is intended for male consumption.

She doesn’t have long legs, a tiny waist, a pronounced butt, and big boobs because that is what women want their heroes to look like. She looks like that because that’s what men want their women heroes, the one’s they picture themselves romancing, to look like. She’s not just attractive, she is also sexualized and intended for a male audience.

Now look at a male character meant for women. Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.

He’s not buff and bulky, he’s long, lean, and well dressed. This is what women want their hero men, the one’s they want to fall in love with, to look like. This isn’t a male fantasy, this is a female one. 

Now look at a women intended for women. The main characters from Totally Spies.

They have small waists and long legs yes but their boobs and butts aren’t particularly noticeable. They get power poses instead of one’s intended to sexualize. They look like this because this is what women want to project themselves on. This is a women’s power fantasy. This is closer in comparison to Batman, good looking but powerful, than it is to Black Widow, sexualized. 

Now are all of these characters attractive? Yes. But do you see the difference between sexy and sexualized? Sexy depends on the ‘type’ of the viewer and what they like in men and women. Sexualized has less to do with what you personally think is hot and more to do with what society as a whole thinks is hot. So when I say that Wonder Woman in the movie was not meant for male consumption I am not saying she isn’t beautiful, sexy, or attractive (I left that movie gayer than I was before). What I am saying is that she was posed, treated, costumed, and written more like an attractive human than like an object for men to gawk at.

i’m sure this has all been said before but it’s so fucking tiring to read article after article and post after post by straight (or even just non-lesbian) feminists waxing poetic about the bechdel test. like yeah, obviously it’s indicative of a massive issue w the representation of women in media and a useful tool to gauge the failings of hollywood and big time show writers or whatever

but that wasn’t what it was fucking intended for. it was never about all women, it was about the lesbian experience. it was about the overwhelming loneliness of the lesbian identity and how far removed you feel from media. i feel this every day, and i have for the last decade that i’ve been out

it’s infuriating to watch straight women talk about the bechdel test at all (“my show is different – even though they’re talking about men, the story is about their friendship. it’s like turning the bechdel test on its head”) and even MORESO when they’re fucking criticizing it (“the bechdel test isn’t the end all be all… films can still be feminist and not pass it. films that don’t pass can be even more feminist than films that do!”)

it’s like…. the name of the fucking strip has the word “dyke” in it. have you all ever considered once that the original comic wasn’t ever meant for your consumption at all? have you ever thought about the fact that alison bechdel was writing as a lesbian about her lesbian experiences and that maybe, just maybe, this isn’t some generic feminist concept but instead a description of a lesbian-specific experience?

and the thing is that the liberal feminist application of the bechdel test has been criticized for not being intersectional – which it isn’t! movies about gay men and men of color are still incredibly groundbreaking and significant to our culture even though they “fail” the bechdel test

and that is LITERALLY BECAUSE the bechdel test wasn’t ever fucking MEANT to be the Generic Feminism Test Of Diversity And Equality – it was commentary specific to the lesbian experience when engaging with media

straight feminists historically hated and excluded lesbian feminists (and many do to this day lmao) but still, as always, want to co-opt and misappropriate our writing, concepts, and experiences to suit their needs

I saw Wonder Woman with my mom yesterday and during her big fight scene through the village I turned to my mom to see her reaction (I had already seen Wonder Woman once before) and I saw my mom was crying. Afterwards I asked her why and she told me about how as a child she would make sure to never miss the intro theme to the TV show Mash. There was one shot of a bunch of women in military uniforms sprinting and for her as a child that was everything. Women heroes, unsexualized, not for male consumption, just doing their jobs as bad asses. And she explained that Wonder Woman was just the same and she hadn’t realized how starved she’d been for it. She loved how Wonder Woman fought. She didn’t kick to show you her thigh or grab a man’s head in her crotch to spin him to the ground. She kicked in a way that brought her entire body weight down on someone, she kneed men through walls, and took machine gun fire. My mom said that every shot of Wonder Woman was filmed like she was bad ass. She wasn’t posed like she was pretty. She was posed like she was dangerous. And that made my mother cry.

  • me: theres no such thing as ethical consumption in late capitalism
  • me: no i'm saying the consumer isn't at fault for the corporations bullshit
  • me: so what ur saying is businesses don't have pricing power huh how original.
  • me: almost like ur objectively wrong.
  • me: because you're objectively wrong.

i’ve been having some feelings about things. 

transcript below if ya need it

“Hey, maybe that thing you think is because of ingrained racism and you should be critical of why you think that.” “Im not racist fuck you”

We live in a racist culture. Racism is tied to almost (if not) everything. What we find hot, what we find sexy, what we love and hate.

When people talk about how certain preferences are racist, it’s not an attack to say you’re a filthy, irredeemable racist. Usually, anyway.

It’s a way of saying that racist cultural context makes you hate the same thing in a brown character that you love in a white character.

It’s the way of saying that as a culture, we’re willing to make literal Naz*s more complex and empathetic than a black woman or an Asian man

Why do you like Tony Stark but not Scott McCall? Why do you NoTP James and Kara, but not literally any other white ship?

Finn and Rey vs Rey and her torturer. Dizzy isn’t gay enough but fanon slash ships are better lgbt rep than an actual queer boy.

These may not be conscious decisions, but they’re being made anyway. Just because you don’t realize your bias, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

So recognize your bias. Confront it. Then work on being better. More critical. Because it may just be fandom to you, but media isn’t just 2D

Media seeps out of 2 dimensions –out of tv & books & movies– and shapes the way we humanize and empathize with real people.

Dont hide behind “It’s just my opinion”. Your opinion doesn’t mean shit when it perpetuates a culture where there’s no justice for black ppl

It doesn’t mean shit when the culture is sick. Your opinion is informed by and informs culture. So stomp that shit out early.