Did you know, you can quit your job, you can leave university? You aren’t legally required to have a degree, it’s a social pressure and expectation, not the law, and no one is holding a gun to your head. You can sell your house, you can give up your apartment, you can even sell your vehicle, and your things that are mostly unnecessary. You can see the world on a minimum wage salary, despite the persisting myth, you do not need a high paying job. You can leave your friends (if they’re true friends they’ll forgive you, and you’ll still be friends) and make new ones on the road. You can leave your family. You can depart from your hometown, your country, your culture, and everything you know. You can sacrifice. You can give up your $5.00 a cup morning coffee, you can give up air conditioning, frequent consumption of new products. You can give up eating out at restaurants and prepare affordable meals at home, and eat the leftovers too, instead of throwing them away. You can give up cable TV, Internet even. This list is endless. You can sacrifice climbing up in the hierarchy of careers. You can buck tradition and others’ expectations of you. You can triumph over your fears, by conquering your mind. You can take risks. And most of all, you can travel. You just don’t want it enough. You want a degree or a well-paying job or to stay in your comfort zone more. This is fine, if it’s what your heart desires most, but please don’t envy me and tell me you can’t travel. You’re not in a famine, in a desert, in a third world country, with five malnourished children to feed. You probably live in a first world country. You have a roof over your head, and food on your plate. You probably own luxuries like a cellphone and a computer. You can afford the $3.00 a night guest houses of India, the $0.10 fresh baked breakfasts of Morocco, because if you can afford to live in a first world country, you can certainly afford to travel in third world countries, you can probably even afford to travel in a first world country. So please say to me, “I want to travel, but other things are more important to me and I’m putting them first”, not, “I’m dying to travel, but I can’t”, because I have yet to have someone say they can’t, who truly can’t. You can, however, only live once, and for me, the enrichment of the soul that comes from seeing the world is worth more than a degree that could bring me in a bigger paycheck, or material wealth, or pleasing society. Of course, you must choose for yourself, follow your heart’s truest desires, but know that you can travel, you’re only making excuses for why you can’t. And if it makes any difference, I have never met anyone who has quit their job, left school, given up their life at home, to see the world, and regretted it. None. Only people who have grown old and regretted never traveling, who have regretted focusing too much on money and superficial success, who have realized too late that there is so much more to living than this.
9 Methods for Dealing with Psychic Energy Attack in Your Field

There’s a high degree of Psychic Energy Attack going on in the field right now. My strong sense is that it’s coming from (what I call) the ‘raptor consciousness’. It is a dense vibration, a controlling energy, that’s like a consumptive virus. It’s prevalent across the planet, has been so for millions of years, and acts through humanity’s denser vehicles of expression. I’ve described it’s origins in the Divinicus Book. Right now, that energy has been deeply stirred up and its stronghold here greatly challenged by the supportive, realigning energies of benevolence. It’s making life increasingly unstable, but here’s why that’s a good thing and how to deal with it…

It’s what happens when you stir the bed of the stream

The matrix is an interwoven system of frequencies that lowers vibration into dense behaviorism – ones that specifically target the mind for example and thereby addict people to the consumptive physicality of life. Various energetic layers of the matrix have been stripped away in recent years leaving the base ‘raptor consciousness’ feeling very exposed – that’s my sense of it (some refer to it as the ‘reptilian energy’ acting through that ancient DNA within us).

I know this will sound very esoteric to some, but there are entities working the field in the background, purposefully depleting people so as to enhance their own energy. You hardly know they exist, because they operate on a different frequency than the human body. So you can’t see them necessarily, but they act through your 4D field, implanting thought and emotion to get people living lives that generally don’t serve their higher self. They feed off the energy that is then released. When directly challenged, that consciousness is bound to react and fight back, it’s what happens when you stir the ‘bed of the stream’. So the first advice to offer, is not to worry if you feel this denser energy depleting you, either during the day or in your sleep. It’s going to happen as this energy is confronted, unraveled and stripped away from the planet over time. But you’re strongly advised to counter it in your own field too.

9 Methods for dealing with Psychic Energy Attack

Here is some general advice around dealing with that…

1. Become as Nothing

This intervention energy is only ever present because of unconsciousness and sense of lack – the need to be completed in some way. Hence presence and awareness is essential: ‘becoming as nothing’ within your field, meaning not to react, go into fear or panic about what might be happening. Soften through your field with awareness. First accept whatever is going on. Be the witness of it, the Observer. This takes a lot of practice and we’ll need to progressively soften into new layers and new personal resistances as they arise. So keep working on this one – this article explains about realizing more deeply “the One” inside of you… Who are You and how to be that

2. Understand the personal limitations you’re dealing with

Accept that the Intervention is teaching your something about yourself. It will expose your own attachments, trauma and karma, because that’s what it acts within – your pain is the place where the light enters. So learn to transcend the pain by understanding what limitation you might be working with, thus you enlighten through the pain. This video gives a deeper indication in what I’m speaking of… Transcendence the Path to Freedom

3. Take sovereignty of your field

Once you’ve become ‘as nothing’ in the attack, then you can truly begin work with it and shift it from your field. You can do this by acting through your field. It’s taking back sovereignty within your field through presence. So take some time to lie still, relax and scan your field for tell tale signs of some kind of attack/intervention: a buzzing in the head, temples or third eye; nausea in the solar plexus; tightness like a wound knot in the abdomen; a sense of depletion of your energy and general tiredness (especially when you wake up in the morning). Make use of this meditation for removing entities… Releasing Entities Meditation

4. Build sense of Warrior Will

The more presence and attention you can bring to your field, the more likely you’ll feel the subtle signs of intervention. So then begin to work against it, using your intuition and sense of will. Recognize this energy does not belong in your field and doesn’t serve you. Let this stir your ray 1 warrior energy. Without anger, judgment or resentment, begin to push out this energy from your field. You can use particular meditations that you’re drawn to. Deep consciousness bodywork for example like soulmotion or Tai Chi (with the sense of the warrior) or strong, energetic dance.

5. The importance of staying grounded

Make sure in all these counter activities that you stay grounded, that your energy doesn’t leave the body or rise only into the higher chakras. So make sure you root yourself to the earth; push your energy down through your body into your legs and through your feet. The raptor consciousness is dense, you might feel it coming up from the ground, hence the need to push back down, to root the fullness of your consciousness throughout your body.

6. Establish energy fields

Consider establishing energy fields through your home and general area you live in. These are established by what you might call an ‘act of prayer’. It’s not praying though and not asking for anything in particular. It’s using your sense of presence and divine connection to establish a clear energy through the space that you live. If you or others are getting tight, wound up or angry in that space, use meditation to unravel it by sending peaceful waves through it. Switch off and unplug as much electronics as possible. Switch from wifi to ethernet where practicable. Switch off the mobile phone when not in use. Use the TV sparingly. All of these vibrations have a disruptive affect on your surrounding field and can allow in the intervention.

7. Create a Sacred Space

Many of us live in family environments where others are less conscious of what’s going on in the field and may have more attachment to ‘matrix’ behaviors. So in addition to the above, it’s going to help greatly to establish your own sacred space (that is entirely yours) within the home. It is from here that you can send out peaceful waves of energy through the entire space. Check out Creating a Sacred Space

8. Be mindful of diet

You are what you eat. Be especially mindful of your diet. If you consume the denser vibrations of the matrix (meat, dairy and junk food such as MSG, Gluten, processed sugar), then you need to be cleansing these from your field daily. Investigate those foods that detox, rejuvenate and bring aligned vibrancy. Check out… Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen

9. Call in Support

Benevolence is there to help us in all its myriad forms. If you have the sense of a particular Archangel for example (Michael perhaps) you can call in supportive help and protection. Bear in mind that true benevolence wishes to empower you personally. So make sure you’ve actively engaged in your own self-realization first through the steps taken above. But then by all means work with fourth dimensional and angelic support. You simply have to open your heart and invite that presence to work with you, being very clear, that anything which doesn’t support your highest good has no invitation into your field. You can actually state and feel the energy of this through your field as an act of meditation.

Healing the Wounded Dragon in You

Finally, it’s important to evolve your behaviors over time. Especially now where the raptor consciousness will be more desperate to influence those behaviors. Here’s an important video on dealing with this energy that we call “Healing the Divine Warrior” – the wounded dragon (which this denser energy influences). It offers plenty of useful insight into this distorted energy and how to transform it within you.

By: Chris Bourne

The Indian Roofed Turtle (Pangshura tecta) occupies the drainages of the Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra Rivers, from Pakistan to Bangladesh. Isolated populations occur in southern Pakistan and in west-central India. This species is collected for consumption as food and for sale on the international pet market. 

Jello Shot Syringe Kit

Keep your buzz going strong throughout the day by self medicating profusely with the Jello shot syringe kit. Once the medicine is prepared for consumption, the sweet concoction is to be enjoyed orally every 15 minutes or as needed for maximum inebriation.


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Image: Right lateral skull view showing numerous injuries indicated with black arrows

Was T-REX a cannibal?

Pre- and postmortem tyrannosaurid bite marks on the remains of Daspletosaurus (Tyrannosaurinae: Theropoda) from Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

Trace marks on the bones of non-avian dinosaurs may relate to feeding by large carnivores or as a result of combat. Here the cranium and mandible of a specimen of Daspletosaurus are described that show numerous premortem injuries with evidence of healing and these are inferred to relate primarily to intraspecific combat. In addition, postmortem damage to the mandible is indicative of late stage carcass consumption and the taphonomic context suggests that this was scavenging. These postmortem bites were delivered by a large bodied tyrannosaurid theropod and may have been a second Daspletosaurus, and thus this would be an additional record of tyrannosaurid cannibalism > Click to read full article.

Could Making Beer From Sewage Save Us From The Drought?

The historic drought in California and other U.S. states challenges us to rethink the way food production and consumption shapes our available water supply. To that end, one adventurous brewing club, The Oregon Brew Crew, collaborated with Oregon’s water utility, Clean Water Services, to brew beer from waste water. This comes as part of the water utility’s initiative to make better use of recycled water. As beer is 95% water, we could potentially save significant volumes of water through this less glamorous route. To be clear, the brewers did not make beer straight from water entering out of the toilets and sewers of Oregon. Read more…

Photo credit: Vince C. Reyes

Where do Denver City Council candidates stand on marijuana rules?

(Cannabist) Sixteen months after Colorado launched legal recreational marijuana sales, the center of the burgeoning industry in Denver is asking to extend shops’ evening closing hours and revisit the outright ban on public consumption.

And many City Council candidates in Tuesday’s election are receptive — including several with a good shot of winning or proceeding to a runoff.

Industry concerns center on competing with pot shops in neighboring cities that have closing hours later than Denver’s 7 p.m. cutoff for both recreational and medical stores. Some in the industry also want to provide tourists with safe, legal places to smoke or consume their purchases, since hotels typically don’t allow it in rooms.

scoobydoo2monstersunleashed asked:

as a nonwhite vegan, I was wondering how you feel when people use the "cultural dish" card and call the vegan a racist to justify their meat eating?

I don’t think it’s a cultural dish card. A lot of white vegans assume a very paternalistic and condescending tone when talking to people who are not white about what they should and shouldn’t be eating. I am all for being vegan and all for educating on animal cruelty. But white people really take their colonialism too far when they start telling people of color what to eat and not eat.
I would rather criticize the system that abuses animals for mass consumption than to talk down to the person from a small island who enjoys curry goat from their farm.
But that’s just me.

Critical fandom is important.

It’s not just okay. It’s constructive, it’s healthy, and in a lot of ways, it’s a responsibility.

In a media-heavy culture, everyone should be able and allowed to understand that:

  • It’s alright to love Firefly or Buffy and still acknowledge that Joss Whedon is generally a sack of crap.
  • It’s alright to like the Hobbit films and still be disgusted by Martin Freeman’s rape jokes.
  • It’s alright to enjoy Glee and still be upset by its bisexual erasure.

We really can critically consume media in such a way that it’s okay for us to like what we like and still talk about how it could be better, or what it did wrong, or how someone attached to it isn’t a great person, all without devaluing the entertainment and fun derived from the show, film, comic, book, or whatever that may be in question.

Some things are objectively bad. Some things are just problematic. Nothing is perfect. It’s great to say, “I’m a fan of this; it does have its problems, but I’m still a fan for these other reasons, because this part is still good.” That’s powerful, and it’s a power that we, as individuals and groups, all possess.

Make critical fandom the norm.

one of the questions about hannibal (lecter) and his meat consumption that keeps bothering me (whenever I remember it) is that the meat of people nowadays must actually be almost toxic with all the stress hormones, antibiotics, other drugs and chemicals we constantly treat ourselves with so … he must actually - theoretically - be feeling like shit after having that as often as he does?? :/


The Sketchbook Project World Tour is available now!

“In the age of everything digital, …it is almost miraculous that a worldwide artistic endeavor like The Sketchbook Project even exists. To think that over 30,000 people of all ages, artistic abilities, and walks of life have enthusiastically committed time and energy to fill the pages of a sketchbook submitted for public consumption is to realize our collective need for something real. Something permanent. Something that speaks to our human need to take risks, to experiment, and to be understood.” 

—Chris Jobson (This is Colossal) from the foreword

Lately I think a lot about how we construct
the narratives of our lives
for consumption by others.

We do the things we do
and we don’t always share our
reasons. The fraying wires, the bruised fruit,
the times I’ve put myself in a taxi alone
to go home,
the fingernail clippings shorn off in a bout of anxiety.

Here’s a vignette:
It is nighttime, with friends, at a party. I accept
a cigarette, light it, hold it
the way I’ve seen Grace Kelly do in photos,
and then flick it over my shoulder when
no one is looking.

And these moments, I now realise,
are the crux of it all. The gulf between the words I whisper
in your ear in bed
and the unspoken subtext
of when I don’t text you back the following
morning. The lies we tell ourselves versus the lies

we tell others. The implications
of my grey stone house— its street, its neighbours,
the clout it unwittingly carries— is like a
fur-trimmed mantle
that is beautiful but far, far too

I am a different variation of myself
at each galvanising place
in which I find myself, and how exciting it is
to have unlimited chances to try out
all of these
iterations of my being. This much is true.

Yet also true, but less easily admitted:
even after all this time—
after all this
time—v I ache each springtime, pining for my
cherry blossom trees.

At 20, I recognise
that I am always well-intentioned
but I am rarely honest.
—  Prometheus Didn’t Intend to be a Martyr, by Madeleine B.

anonymous asked:

Did you know that if we keep eating fish at the rate we are by 2048 the ocean will be empty and we will have made all marine life extinct. I mean I love sushi as much as you probably do, but I'm thinking continuing consuming such things in the state our earth is in is a little selfish

I agree. Everything in moderation. Over-consumption is such a huge problem nowadays. I hardly have the luxury to be causing much damage to the fish population as I don’t have much time to go out and enjoy sushi. :(

anonymous asked:

Is it possible to write (and sell) erotica that doesn't contribute to the patriarchy?

1. i’m almost certainly not the person you should be asking, esp at this time of day

2. that said, probably not, as patriarchy is so everywhere that it can p. easily become a “there is no ethical consumption under late capitalism” situation, regardless of targeting or whatever? i genuinely don’t know tho

3. i try not to sweat this like at all because from a straightup pragmatic view this has become the most effective method i’ve had to support myself and hopefully soon enough others in the future

Chinese participation doesn’t mean that it negates the orientalism factor of anything or that Chinese people can be exempt from being complicit in orientalising their own culture lol (not when a lot of $ is to be made for reducing their own culture for Western consumption)

Rihanna Sheds Her Cloak For Sheer Top At Met Gala After-Party

Rihanna owned the red carpet at the 2015 Met Gala on Monday night in her lengthy gold cape, looking nothing short of royalty. But as the evening went on, the clothing came off, as shown by Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian’s barely-there dresses.

And all queens need to shed their cloak when it’s time to party. RiRi decided to join the sheer trend later on in the evening when she stepped out for a Met Gala after-party at Up & Down in New York City’s West Village. The “American Oxygen” singer opted for a black sheer top with fur along the edges.

Last year, Rihanna wore a backless gown to the Met Gala after-party.

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