consumption and wealth

  • Random corporation: We're proud to announce that our happy little family is choosing to adopt greener policies, and we're going to donate leftover products to shelters!
  • Neoliberal: See? Capitalism can absolutely reconcile individual self-interest of capitalists and the broader human needs of communities! This voluntary choice by this corporation demonstrates that.
  • Leftist: Actually, little concessions like this will not ultimately quell climate change or eradicate poverty. More often than not, they just do surface furnishings for the sake of social capital. Most companies will never seriously care about a given issue if there's even a moderate impact on their bottom line, and real solutions to climate change, global poverty, widespread automation, social calamities, etc. will require sweeping systemic change. If given the choice between qualitative change for the betterment of humanity and profits as per usual, capitalists will choose the latter 99% of the time -- a system built on competition and capital accumulation essentially compels them to do so.
  • Neoliberal: WELL. What do you want them to do??! They have to stay in business somehow!! What's wrong with wanting to make a profit sweety =)
stain - Mini Fic, 1/4

Requested by winner : @boldlyandrogynouswizard-a5913eab




You and Jumin have been together for about a month now, and Jumin actually wanted to meet your father. As to ‘seal the deal’ for later purposes.

You didn’t want Jumin to meet their father. You had.. problems with their father. Yeah, Jumin had his issues with his father, but you didn’t want Jumin to display you as another image of your dad. Though.. you sucked it up. You knew your father wouldn’t take it easily if you didn’t tell him about Jumin.

You woke up one day, and knew what you had to do. You walked into the kitchen to see Jumin making pancakes..

“Good morning, my love.” He smiled, turning to show the pancakes he was making.

“Jumin. I want you to meet my father tonight. We should have him over for dinner. Can we do that..? We REALLY don’t-“ He cut you off.

“I would love to, MC. Thank you for letting me meet him.”

You grinned as Jumin motioned them over, having MC taste the pancakes.

They were.. sweet, but the sweetness would no longer linger when your father arrived in the next hours.

Both you and Jumin got ready, Jumin finishing some papers, you picking up around the penthouse, but time stopped when the guards brought up your father.


“Mr. Han, we have a man out here, claiming he is MC’s father.”


Jumin came in and opened the door.

“Welcome, sir. It is a great pleasure to meet you.” Jumin held out his hand.

“Extremely nice to meet you, Mr. Han.” Your father cracked a smile, giving a firm handshake. and you kept beside.. and slightly behind Jumin.

Jumin chuckled..

“Oh, please, sir. Call me Jumin.”

“And you can call me dad!” Your father chuckled and looked at you, his beam subtly dimming.

“Where’s daddy’s hug?” He held out his arms to you, you chewing your lip, and giving him the quickest hug ever given. Jumin was complexed for merely a moment, but put it aside.

Jumin lead your father to the dining table, having him sit across from you, Jumin at the end of the table, you both on his sides. His chef came and poured some delicious wine for everyone.

Your father looked around with greed, thinking of what he could benefit from letting you be with Jumin. You were.. disgusted, revolted. He only wanted you to be with Jumin for money, for consumption, for wealth. Yet, you stayed silent.

You barely ate, and that’s when Jumin became very concerned.

“Sweetheart, why haven’t you ate?” Jumin put a hand over yours, which was curled, your knuckles pressed into the well-furnished table. You can see your father tighten his grip on his fork and grit his food between his teeth, rather than chewing it.

“MC, eat your food. Jumin had it prepared nicely, do not be a burden.” Your father had a passive-aggressive tone, you having flashbacks, and memories of the well-known times of what happened after the tone and behavior.

“I just feel a bit sick.. maybe I ate too much earlier..” You replied meekly, scared of their responses.

“Darling, you should try to eat, at least-“ Jumin was interrupted by your father.

“Do not waste your time, son. They’re absolutely stubborn, manipulative, and always throw a pity-party.”

“Dad, you have NO IDEA! I didn’t tell Jumin of what you did to ME and your wife, MY MOTHER! Jumin knows nothing of the sort because I thought you would CHANGE! Yet, you know what? You can’t change cold hearts and souls. Believe me! I tried my HARDEST to forgive all the bruises and scarring, mental and physical! I LOVED you. Though you walk in here, look at all Jumin has, and you want me to be with him for YOUR benefit. You only came over for his money.

I’m so sick of you! Dad, just-“

“Leave. Security, get this man out of my sight.” Jumin ordered his guards to come in and do so, hugging you as you watched your father be dragged away, cursing and all. Jumin hugged you and kissed your head as you silently cried.

Your father has abused, hurt you. He put this.. binding on your relationship.

You let Jumin embrace you, as you blankly stare at the wine stain on the carpet, left from your father. Soaked in the carpet, as much as your father’s actions will forever soak in your heart.

Spiral's Zelda Runes

Alright, so below you will find my associations for the runes I made. These are totally just my personal associations, and are subject to change as I get used to using my runes. So without further ado, the 14 symbols in my Legend of Zelda based rune set:

Triforce - Balance, Creation, Manifestation [instability]

Din’s Mark - Power, Wild Forces, [subjugation, weakness]

Nayru’s Mark - Wisdom, Knowledge, [cunning, naivete]

Farore’s Mark - Courage, Aspiration, [arrogance, cowardice]

Fairy - Healing, Renewal, Protection, [exhaustion, consumption]

Rupee - Chance, Luck, wealth, opportunity, [excess, poverty]

Earth Sage Mark - Stability, Grounding, Strength, stubbornness, [immobility, obstacles]

Wind Sage Mark - Cleansing, Banishing, Release, [smothering, pollution]

Light Sage Mark - Clarity, Inspiration, Creativity, [Delirium, obscurity]

Forest Sage Mark - Fertility, nature, growth, [stagnation, decay]

Fire Sage Mark - Passion, skill, cleverness, [impulsiveness, apathy]

Water Sage Mark - Emotions, spirituality, [fervor, fanaticism]

Shadow Sage Mark - Secrets, illusion, hidden dangers, [safety, preservation]

Spirit Sage Mark - Magic, divinity, the unknown, [demons, death]

The fashionable people bought their batteries from collectors in Tangier, or Jakarta. They claimed energy from Ethiopian sunlight had a smoother release; that Antarctic power felt crisp, and minimized corrosion.