I know everyone died at Damen’s scandalized “that is sports!” But what killed me was this beautiful little exchange:
“The King of Vere really consumnates his marriage in front of the court?”
“Not in front of the court,” said Laurent, as if this were unspeakably foolish, “in front of the Council.”
“Guion is on the Council!” Said Damen.

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do you think alex ever told eliza about laurens? like, do you think she read the letters or whatever? did she know?

i dont know honestly, but i don’t think so. and if she did know, she didn’t find out untill after he died and they went through his papers.

she was raised in a slave owning, christian house and she probably had period typical homophobia. also, i dont think it’s something he would have brought up casually.

it’s not a secret that he didn’t respect women and i don’t think he would tell her about all his prior “sexual”/“romantic” relationships seeing as he wanted to be seen as “good” in her and her families eyes.

also, i don’t think she knew about the whole “final consumnation” thing, either. i think alexander kept that part of his life secret from her, to be honest.

and i do think john’s name was not spoken in the house after 1782.

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i have a jonsa prompt for you (if those are still open lol) but can you write a fic where they're made to get married by dany once she's queen to secure the north and it's sorta awkward at first (especially when they have to consumnate the wedding) but they learn to love each other

1.5k words. angsty with a hopeful/happy ending!

hope you dig it! :)

Months ago, she’d told Lady Mormont she did what she had to survive. That was true. To stay afloat in the rapids of Westeros had been no simple task for the girl she’d once been. She’d almost drowned: in King’s Landing, at the Vale, with Littlefinger… Ramsey. She’d been a lone wolf in a pit of vipers. As soon as she’d escape one captor, the next hand – some falsely benevolent, most cruel – would sweep her once more into another trap. But she’d broken free, time and time again, thinking of little else but returning home to Winterfell. She’d endured; survived to become the victor.

Now, however, with the Others almost upon them and the foundation of the North and all its houses rattled by the coming Dragon Queen, she felt another cage looming. Another marriage that would be impressed upon her by royal decree. She saw it in Jon’s eyes, the way he looked sadly at her, as he turned eligible suitors away one by one. He couldn’t hold them off for much longer. The North remembered, and until Arya and Bran returned, she was the only trueborn Stark left. It was only a matter of time before he had to make a choice. She didn’t begrudge this fact – it was her duty, after all – but Jon Snow did.

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