The Vegetarian Survival Guide to Summer BBQs

(Grilled corn and portobello burger)

Just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to fill up on salads and sides at barbecues this summer. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan friendly options out there  – you just have to know where to look. To help you survive National Barbecue Month and grilling season, we’ve hand selected 10 absolutely delicious vegetarian recipes – from burgers to kebabs to grilled pizza, and yes, even, salad.  

1. Grilled portobello & peach burgers – This recipe combines some of our favorite summer produce – tomatoes, peaches and avocadoes – to create a fun take on a veggie burger. The burger in this case is a marinated portobello mushroom, and toppings include guacamole. Get the recipe at

2. Grilled veggie banh mi sandwiches – The banh mi sandwich is usually all about meat – but it doesn’t have to be. To fit in with the barbecue theme, this sammie features grilled veggies, including purple (!) bell peppers among other “exotic” veggies. Get the recipe at

3. Tofu and sweet pepper shish kebabs – Who doesn’t love shish kebabs? Or any food on a stick, for that matter. We love that these tofu kebabs can be grilled or baked so you can enjoy them all year round. Plus, there’s also a recipe here for homemade BBQ sauce. Get the recipe at

(Avocado tacos and grilled tomatoes)

4. Grilled tomatoes with basil vinaigrette – This yummy recipe was featured in a few roundups around the web, and we couldn’t resist including it in ours. Red and yellow tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and thrown on the grill? Yum! Get the recipe at

5. Grilled corn with chipotle-lime butter – The great thing about corn on the cob is that it’s already vegetarian, but this recipe adds a flavorful flair by combining adobo and chipotle peppers to the butter topping. We’ll take two! Get the recipe at

6. Grilled avocado tacos – Why should barbecues be limited to hamburgers and hotdogs? We think tacos are a great addition; and grilled tacos with avocado and queso fresco are even better. Get the recipe at

(Long weekend salad and herb garden pizza)

7. Grilled herb garden pizza – Pizza on the grill sounds enticing –  topping it with fresh tomatoes and herbs is even more delectable. You can make your own dough or buy it prepared and add all the toppings your heart desires. Get the recipe at

8. Grilled potatoes – Potato chips are a staple at any BBQ, and these grilled spuds from SkinnyTaste are both delicious and healthy. Even better, they take about 10 minutes to make – that gets our stamp of approval. Get the recipe at

9. Tomatoes stuffed with cannellini and couscous – Ok, there are a lot of tomatoes on this list – but there’s so much you can do with them. In this case, grilled tomatoes are stuffed with cannellini beans and roasted garlic couscous. But you know what? You can stuff ‘em with whatever you want! Get the recipe at

10. Long weekend grilled salad – Summer is all about long weekends, right? This unconventional salad features grilled corn, zucchini, and peppers, mixed up with beans, a tasty dressing and more. I think we could eat this every day. Get the recipe at

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5 Ways to Conquer Cord Clutter

The more technology, the better, right? What we can do without is the rat’s nest of cords that comes with each gadget. Going wireless where possible helps, but there’s no way to get rid of each and every cable. Thankfully there are some real – and real-effective – ways to tame the clutter those cords cause. Just in time for spring cleaning, here are five of the niftiest ones we found.

1. Tangle-free earbuds – Do your earphones get tangled between uses? The Nest earbud storage case leave’s them tangle free every time. ($9.99 at Digital Innovations)

2. Get rid of unsightly power cords – Can’t stand power strips, power bricks and chargers underneath your desk? Throw them into the bin … the CableBin that is. Power cords come out through the back, connectors for your gear come out the top, and all the clutter in between stays out of sight. ($90 at Blue Lounge)

3. Core solution for long cords – Cords usually get tangled because they’re too darn long. AppleCore spools easily tighten-up cords of all types – from fine earbud wires to heavy power cables. Cute design, too. A must for Apple owners we’d imagine. (From $2 at Applecore International)

4. Hold everything in its place – Find and identify cables at a glance with the UT Wire Cable Station mini. Mounts anywhere and you can write directly on the Cable Station so you’ll know which cable is for your cell phone, and which is for your tablet. ($9.45 at Amazon)

5. Twist and shout – Twist ties can bundle-up a bunch of cords in a pinch, but they aren’t attractive and practical like the Cable Twisters from The Container Store. Available in packs of three, they come in white, black or a combo pack in shades of blue and black. ($9.99 at The Container Store)

Spring cleaning season is the perfect time to clean up cord clutter, and these products make the job easy, so hop to it.

How do you organize your technology?

6 Cool Fish Tanks We're Obsessed With


If you’re a fish person, chances are you like to keep things low key. Fish are self-sufficient – give them a little food and a clean tank and they’re happy as a clam. Whether you’re raising a low or high maintenance fish, we found the coolest little homes – some requiring little to no maintenance – for your pet. Check out our anything-but-boring fish tank favorites.

1. Cup holder upgrade – Bring a little joy to your desk with this all-in-one fish tank powered by a USB drive.  An undergravel filtration system facilitates biological filtering which keeps the tank clean and your fish happy. Plus, the fishquarium doubles as a pencil holder, clock, and lamp. ($39.99 at

2. Fancy fish – Crazy about your fish? If money isn’t a factor, buy him a state-of-the-art 8-gallon tank  from biOrb – manitaining it requires very little work on your part. Undergravel filtration cleans the tank and an LED intelligent light keeps your fish on a natural light schedule. Fishy is worth it! ($359.99 at

3. Wall décor – Fish tanks for home décor? Brilliant! KAZE Home’s bubble fish tank gets pinned to the wall taking up zero space on tables and mantels. Add an LED light in red, blue, or white to light up his – and your – home.  ($24.95 at  

4. No cleaning required – Using the laws of physics –  yes, that class you took in high school – this aquarium is self-cleaning! The copper spigot flushes out dirty water when a  clean cup of water is poured through the top. There’s no need to ever remove your fish from his new home and filters are obsolete.  ($70 at

5. Mountain climber – Can fish climb mountains? If he lives in this modern, handmade glass bowl, yes! Unlike any fish bowl out there, this one is artistic and adds a touch of intrigue to your home. ($97.00 at

6. Economical Bettas – Betta fish don’t need an extravagant tank, they enjoy small spaces. Complete with a plastic, mountable aquarium, gravel, and all the essentials for a happy betta home, the Hagen Marina aquarium is a great addition to your home’s décor. ($19.99 at

Is your fish high-maintenance?