FDA Approves First Drug To Boost Women's Sexual Desire
The daily pill, called Addyi, modestly increased women's interest in sex in clinical tests. The approval was praised by some women's advocates as a milestone and condemned by others as irresponsible.

So, there is now a pill to boost women’s sexual desire. 

Of course, it’s pink and little, and of course, it won’t work on dismanteling the male dominated patriarchal systems that stigmatize female sexuality and female desires, and men who didn’t care about pleasure their partners will still not give a damn, but at least we have news things we can buy and frankly, who doesn’t love the  growing consumerism? Sexual pleasure, kink, interest in sex, everything needs to involve buying and spending and feeding to big fat corporations, because, I mean, that’s such a turn on. #NoPleasureWithoutConsumerism