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What can college kids with limited resources do to help the environment?

The fact that you are asking this question makes me feel very hopeful as it shows you care. Helping the environment is not about the amount resources you have. I could give you a shopping list of behaviours you can change to decrease your impact on the planet, but what I want to tell you is find the environmental cause you are passionate about and get the best education you can so you can have voice and make a difference. Invest in your future through education. You will be able to make a difference.

There are lots of little ways we can all help the environment in our everyday lives. One of the easiest ways is becoming an informed consumer. Every time we spend a dollar we are casting a vote, from the products we buy, to the food we consume, and the transportation we use. The choices we make as a consumer can have far reaching influences, from across the globe to your friends and family. This became clear to me during my first trip to Borneo. I was confronted by vast, seemingly endless acres of oil palm plantations that were once dense primary forest. Those forests were once home to orangutans, elephants, and sun bears. It made me realized just how much palm oil I was consuming in the products I used every day. I began to eliminate those products from my home, and started writing letters to manufactures, urging them to find sustainable alternatives. Becoming an informed consumer really opens the door to understanding the influence, and impact we are having across the globe. Although it may sound cliché, it really does translate to acting locally and thinking globally.

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As a fellow millennial, I feel torn by the 'entitled millennial' trope. I am fortunate, in that I had a family who I stayed with while attending school and who helped with expenses. But I also busted my ass, and got an engineering rather than a philosophy degree, and I've been working since my freshman year... and I have savings, and don't feel like I'm doomed to poverty. And it is frustrating to see people who never tried to make a budget complaining that it is impossible to make better choices

It’s not impossible to make better choices.  It’s impossible to make choices that are good enough to ever replicate the last generation’s middle-class standard of living, no matter how hard we work and how little we spend.  Not hard, impossible.

You could save ten thousand dollars a year - extremely difficult when rent is high and pay stagnant - and still be middle-aged before you can make a down payment and elderly before you can pay off a house.  Oops, except now you have zero funding for your retirement or your children’s educations.  Can you save twenty thousand a year?

Unless they’re buying two iPhones a month, casual consumer spending is not the reason our generation can’t afford major investments.  (And neither is philosophy degrees.  People going to college believing they’re in training for the lucrative position of professional philosopher is not a real problem.)

Also, “poverty” isn’t quite the right word for what I’m talking about.  I don’t mean people who are insecure day-to-day in having a place to sleep or enough to eat.  I mean people who are quite comfortable now, but will never be able to retire.  And they will pass nothing on to their children, who will also never be able to retire.  As long as we’re able to stay employed, we might never experience material deprivation, but we have no wealth and no security.  And that’s a big, deep, generational problem that can’t be escaped by getting a STEM degree and not buying Starbucks.

Equal Pay

Feminist : “I want equal pay!!!”

Me : “For equal commitment to the job?”

Feminist : “Nah I need “work life” balance.”

Me : “For equal hours, then? Right know you only work seven hours to my eight.”

Feminist : “lol i’m not a slave”

Me : “For equal risk of being killed? You’d have to multiply your risk at least 9 times.”

Feminist : “Ugh why is it always violence with you?”

Me : “Equal chance to touch something nasty?”

Feminist : “Ewwww no! But I do want one of those CEO positions.”

Me : “How about all those homeless positions?”

Feminist : “Gross. no, I just want more money.”

Me : “You already control three quarters of consumer spending.”

Feminist : “Why are you such a downer? Do you just hate women?”

Me : “Ummmm… No, just spoiled people asking for free stuff without equal effort.”


viktor and yuuri say their wedding vows in each other’s native language. 

so viktor, in japanese: he’s learned a couple words here and there, enough sweet talk to make yuuri blush and enough slang to understand whatever the hell people in hasetsu go on about, but then the idea hits him from the middle of nowhere, a heart attack-esque and lightening strike epiphany - a picture of white suits and flowers and smiles too big for the stars and the whole goddamn universe - at practice one day. 

yuuri’s skating, cooling off in a way that shouldn’t be nearly as enrapturing as it is, and viktor’s watching, cooling off in a way that shouldn’t be nearly as lazy and motionless as it is, but he’s thinking. about the obvious, of course - the wedding, new routines, yuuri, the wedding, and yuuri - and then about the not-so-obvious, words and surprises and how he really should learn japanese if only for his currently sweating but still impossibly enthralling fiance… and now you can guess when it slams viktor nikiforov in the face. 

he’s consumed by it. viktor spends the next two months rolling those unfamiliar words in his mouth, working out all the ticks and stutters and catches because he always catches when he says shujin - but it’s worth it, he knows it’ll be worth it, to see the expression on yuuri’s face. 

and then yuuri, in russian: it comes about in a similiar fashion as viktor’s own revelation; he’s skating and thinking and most of all just breathing, and he wonders how to say husband in russian. 

he wonders if it would make viktor blush.

things only progress from there, and suddenly yuuri’s awake at two in the morning scouring internet pages and scribbling the cyrillic words on his hand. and he thinks distantly how it’ll sound, when faced with suits and crowds and viktor’s hands in his own - if viktor will cry, if he’ll smile, if he’ll just kiss yuuri on the spot right there, and then yuuri makes up his mind that he wants to see all three. 

(and he does see all three, but not before his own reaction is equally striking - enough so that phichit is brought to his own tears, and yurio is subsequently disgusted for the next week. it’s a perfect wedding, all things considered.) 

Supergirl AU

Cat Grant knows her assistants are cheating, she just doesn’t know how yet.

She even knows the exact date it started almost two years ago, when suddenly her constant stream of incompetent aides began to improve, to last longer. All her life her assistants have been barely adequate, but for some reason the last handful have gotten sharper and sharper. 

It’s been three weeks with this new one and, while his performance within CatCo is lackluster at best, he has yet to make a single mistake with her coffee or food orders. And if there is one thing Cat values more than all else its what she consumes; she spends all day creating media for the consumption of millions so what she herself takes in is of the highest priority.

This week she had a stress headache and she sent him off with a screech to get her some sustenance. Now she had very low expectations for this, so imagine her surprise when he comes back with a perfectly made bacon wrapped hamburger (her headache guilty pleasure) and a medium latte with just a dash of cinnamon. 

There is no way on Earth that this Witt fellow should know about that. Her guilty pleasures are closely guarded secrets, and Cat Grant has never explicitly told anyone about her infatuation with bacon and cinnamon (both separate and together). And yet when she needed it the most, he just happens to get it exactly right. This assistant hasn’t even made it a month yet; there’s no way he knows this is a weakness of hers.

Which means there’s a snitch somewhere feeding answers to her assistants.

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Hair extensions, either you’ve tried and love having long locks or can’t afford them. Anyway’s some wacky surreal news has been developed that those long silky tresses that you had to buy may, in fact, be goat or corpse hair. Yeah, allow me to repeat that… corpse hair.

As the BBC investigated along with Fair Hair Care most of the time those locks titled Malaysian, Chinese, Brazilian, Indonesian and etc, is most of the time goat hair.

F.Y.I. take this consideration before washing those goat tresses…

‘Consumers spend large amounts of time and money to find the right type of products to look after the human hair extensions but these products simply just don’t work as they are not treating human hair.’

Yet the corpse concept, yeah read this direct quote:

‘In other instances, some extensions could be taken from corpses or could be from girls as young as who have cut off their hair to sell for just a few pounds.’

Fair Hair Care is currently running a petition to stop and realign the hair extension industries regulations.

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Hi! When do you believe Hannibal has fallen in love with Will? Also, when do you think he actually realized it?

Hi, Anon!  Thanks for the message.  *cracks knuckles*  All right, let’s see. How long has Hannibal been in love with Will?  I think that in some way, Hannibal has always been in love with the idea of someone like Will.

Imagine, you spend most of your life angry, bitter and wanting to see the world burn – but at the same time, you are in love with the beauty of it all;  the taste of certain things, the scents around you that bring up memories and potential memories, the sound of the piano as a woman’s voice accompanies it.  You’re an aesthete but you also hate so much of the world and the people in it.

And as you grow and become Hannibal, you wonder, you hope that maybe out there is someone who feels this same level of simultaneous disconnect with the world as well as the constant drowning in it all.  Does this person exist? Surely they must because what good is being Count Hannibal Lecter, VIII if there is no one you can turn to wink at as you both watch the world burn and this person – this mother effing person — even handed you the matches.  

So Hannibal was already in love with the idea of this person, but time moved on and the chance of him finding them seemed more and more remote.

So imagine you are living your life, finding happiness in your drawings, in your wine, in the way the blood slowly drains from your piggish victims and you decide to be content. This is enough. It’s not what you had hoped for, but you are having a grand old time.  Then Jack Crawford shows up in your office, and tells you about this man he wants you to check out.  He’s brilliant, he feels things too deeply, he can tell what others are feeling, but he really doesn’t want anything to do with anyone. 

Sure, you can check him out. Why not?  Anything to make life a little more interesting and colorful. You are having a grand old time after all.  A little bit of cat and mouse should be entertaining.

And you’re in Jack’s office talking about taste – or lack thereof—and you sit and really look at the face before you.  And you can see his disdain for people and niceties (the world isn’t nice, after all, not really.) and he just doesn’t give a fuck what you think.  And his eyes are really blue, and the stodgy uniform he presents to the world does nothing to hide how beautiful he actually is. And good god, you want to consume him. You want him to consume you and spend day after day together.  Is he worthy? You think he might be?  How can you find out?  What is this you are feeling? Good god.

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So time passes and you are still consumed with thoughts of Will Graham, but don’t really understand it all.  What is this you are actually feeling?  Part of you hates yourself for it, part of you hates him for it, but with each dry quip, each sardonic exchange, every “Doctor Lecter” he hurls your way just throws your mind into a maelstrom.  But you love it.  You adore it.

And when you send Tobias Budge after him – or is it he after Tobias Budge – you know that this will decide whether or not he is worthy.  (Or in the deepest recesses of your mind, whether you are worthy.  But you just ignore that for a bit…)

When you hear Tobias say he murdered some FBI agents, is when you know.  The rage, the rage you have not felt since her, since you murdered the ones that murdered her, THAT rage is back.

And when Will walks in, and your heart stops – or does it start again? – that you realize that you, Count Hannibal Lecter, VIII, M.D. are in love with Will Graham.  And it’s messy and complicated as shit, and did you sign up for this?  Yes. No. Who knows.

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So, to answer your question, Anon, when did Hannibal realize he was in love with Will?  Always and never and always.  But he definitely knows that he’s fucked and he’s having the time of his life. 

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modern inej & kaz hcs?

[cracks knuckles]

- kaz is either a VERY successful businessman (that may or may not have smth to the side bc we all know kaz has dollars where the hearts of the 😍 emoji would be) or a street boss… there’s no in between
- inej probably runs some errands for him in her spare time like you know… spy on his rivals, slash some tires, threaten someone (in a nice way) and has a yoga studio where she’s one with her inner self and peace
- kaz respects tf out of here and even if he’s filthy rich he’d never treat her as anything less than a goddess on earth which inej totally is and we all know it
- inej’s told him that she wants to have her own income and she doesn’t want any presents from him and prefers to have that money given to charity instead
- even so, kaz still gives her small but expensive gifts from time to time - on her birthday, on their anniversary, on important days and they’re always meaningful
- a golden case for her to keep her knives, a very luxurious frame for that one family portrait inej still keeps
- kaz’s a busy manTM but he always finds some time for inej and takes her out for lunch or something sweet in between meetings
- inej LOVES to tell him about her yoga classes and her eyes shine so bright kaz’s food always gets cold before she’s finished bc he’s just so Mesmerized
- kaz used to think tv is stupid and time-consuming - time he could spend earning $$$$$
- but inej got him hooked on netflix and now he literally can’t stop watching tv shows
- while we’re on that topic NO ONE can convince me his fav tv show isn’t lucifer like… you just can’t
- they have their get togethers with the rest of the gang every friday /despite wylan being a very busy businessman himself/
- they’re mindful of each other and they take it slow bc they know there’s no rush and it’s enough for kaz to see inej getting ready for class
- he lets her fix his tie sometimes and the feeling of her knuckles brushing his collar send goosebumps down his spine but it’s not a bad feeling AT ALL
- kaz brekker, a true wallstreet menace, melts at the sight of inej wearing his (t)shirts in the morning or even doing the most mundane things like making coffee, leaning on the fridge while she’s microwaving something for breakfast, just THE most simple things make him go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- they go on romantic dates like a pair of highschool sweethearts: lazy ice cream dates, movie nights, slow sunday walks in the park
- in fact, their first hand holding (without kaz shaking, without inej getting anxious) is at the cinema, probably during some really intense scene
- kaz doesn’t even realize it at first but then he hears inej laugh in the dark and it’s the purest, most amazing sound so he looks at her
- and there they are, fingers intertwined, no sweat or red spots, no panic, no water lapping at his feet
- their first kiss is very gentle and chaste and intimate while they’re laying on the coach: inej is in sweats and a ratty old tshirt, kaz’s hair is ruffled and unkept and his tie is loose and crumpled in her hand when she pulls him down to her
- he places his thumb on her neck, where he can feel her heartbeat and remind himself that yes, this is real and yes, you are safe and yes, THIS IS INEJ and she’s kissing you back and her lips feel like crushed velvet and spicy candy
- inej has a LOT of kitchen knives but kaz only smirks whenever he sees a new package on their front door saying “CAUTION: SHARP OBJECT INSIDE”
- inej is a modern feminist and she goes social gathering that could help a minority in need or just help someone who really needs it
- kaz always accompanies her but not bc he’s scared for her safety… if anything, it’s the safety of those who try to stop her from speaking her mind
- in the end, it may take them YEARS to get fully accustomed to each other’s presence but it doesn’t matter bc they have their freedom and they have each other and that’s the only thing that matters

TOPIK Level II Vocabulary

I have been studying some past tests for TOPIK Level II and here are some vocabulary words I encountered! These particular words are my list #3 from test #47

1. 방문 visit/call/drop by

2. 입장 position/stance - admission/entrance

3. 행사 event/function

4. 정오 noon/midday 

5. 마련하다 prepare/arrange

6. 효과적인 effective

7. 매달다 hang/suspend

8. 지휘자 conductor

9. 해설자 commentator 

10. 관람하다 watch/see (a performance/event)

11. 제공하다 offer to/afford/give/dispense - corroborate

12. 줄다 decrease

13. 수 (the) # (of) 

14. 직접 personally/in person

15. 저렴하다 cheap/inexpensive

16. 출판 publish/publication

17. 소비 consume/consumption/spend

18. 소비충 consumer bracket/ consumer layer

19. 변하다 change/vary/alter

20. 연령(별) age (-specific) 

21. 비율 ratio/rate/percentage

22. 사망 death/be killed

23. 사망자 the dead

24. 비중 relative importance/weight/specific gravity

25. 차지하다 possess/own - take up

How to revise for an exam in a day

• Don’t drink energy drinks or have sugary things if it’s early in the day. You will crash, your better off eating an apple it has a lot of caffeine in it too

•Make a list of everything you need to cover. If your doing a level and it’s a huge list cross of things that you either have an idea of already or is comparatively easier

•If its science or maths keep going over formulas throughout the day- trust me you need it

•If you need to learn English quotes find the top 10 and analyze them briefly- you need to remember them so don’t overwhelm yourself

• whilst your doing work play an audiobook or YouTube video on in the background for the same topic- that way you cram in audio and visual learning at the same time

• Time your breaks- 10 mins max unless it’s a meal

•Don’t think about how much work you have left or that you don’t have enough time- you need to just be getting through it. Although this should be good incentive not to leave it late again.

• If the subject is very application based ( chemistry, maths) go through the past papers online, find the ones you can’t do and learn how to do them

• If you are doing an essay subject you have to make essay plans for a couple of of the past papers NOT ESSAYS THEY ARE TIME CONSUMING

•Don’t spend to long on something- if you still don’t get it leave it

• Get off tumblr ;)

• Turn your phone off. If you need it keep it on aeroplano mode, a Snapchat streak is not worth retaking.

The Big Stall

Bad news on the economy. It added only 88,000 jobs in March – the slowest pace of job growth in nine months.

While the jobless rate fell to 7.6 percent, much of the drop was due to the labor force shrinking by almost a half million people. If you’re not looking for work, you’re not counted as unemployed.

 That means the percentage of working-age Americans either with a job or looking for one dropped to 63.3 percent – its lowest level since 1979.

 The direction isn’t encouraging. The pace of job growth this year is slower than its pace last year.

What’s going on? The simple fact is companies won’t hire if consumers aren’t buying enough to justify the new hires. And consumers don’t have enough money, or credit, or confidence to buy enough.

It’s likely Americans are beginning to feel the pinches of January’s hike in the payroll tax combined with the government budget cuts known as the sequester. Increases in gas prices haven’t helped. All are taking money out of the pockets of most people – whose job situation remains precarious. So they can’t and won’t buy much.

One indicator: Retailers cut their staffs in March – by 24,100.

Yes, the stock market has rebounded. But only a small portion of Americans are affected by the rebound. The richest 1 percent own 35 percent of all shares of stock; the richest 10 percent own 90 percent.

And, yes, housing prices have stopped falling, and construction of new homes has picked up. The construction sector added 18,000 jobs in March.

But the turnaround in housing isn’t because prospective homeowners have been able to get new mortgages. It’s because investors are buying or building homes to rent. And a buoyant rental market doesn’t make most people feel wealthier.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of all this is that we’re in the fifth year of a supposed economic recovery from the second-worst economic downturn of the past century, and we’re still not nearly back on track. Instead, we’ve had the most anemic recovery in history.

A Gallup survey released Thursday showed that the percentage of Americans holding full-time jobs has remained essentially unchanged over the past year. With 12 million people out of work and another 8 million holding part-time jobs who’d rather have full-time ones, this just isn’t nearly good enough.

We’re experiencing the burden of austerity economics and the continued scourge of widening inequality. Both are squeezing average Americans. Yet it’s impossible to have a buoyant and sustained recovery without a large and growing middle class.


I would like to bring your attention to this screenshot, from the montage in episode 2 of Kara doing a bunch of ‘small’ heroic acts. Now, what I would like for you to look at is the words scrolling at the bottom of the page.


The fact that Supergirl doesn’t just effect the criminal environment of National City, she also effects the economic environment of National City does have interesting implications. Sure, the fights of a superhero would create some property damages–as Max Lorde pointed out, Metropolis’s is 4 times higher-but a city with a real live superhero that can fly, that is out in the open doing heroic acts like saving a man stuck in traffic while having a heart attack, bringing him to the hospital when he would have died, saving a plane, stopping robberies, acting like a beacon of hope for those who may have little of their own? My guess, that would bring in a major amount of tourism. Tourists are people who bring in money.

And my guess is that with Supergirl, people feel happier, safer, more inclined to spend money rather than save it for harder times. Because sure, Supergirl’s fights might create some chaos, but clearly there are monetary benefits for having a hero like Supergirl.

[request] [scenario] congratulations

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((hehe this is for the sweetie pie @skyyzi - here’s an early gift~ congratulations !!) 

Title: congratulations

Member: jihoon

Genre: fluff fluff ((angst if u squint like. .23 seconds of angst)) 

Word Count: 872

“I’m sorry, jagiya. My flight was delayed until tonight, so I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to your graduation in time.” Jihoon sighs into the receiver, voice guilt-ridden and unsteady. “(F/N)? You there?”

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The British Are Bingeing on Credit
And it’s starting to worry the Bank of England

One thing that helped the U.K. economy outperform since the Brexit vote was consumer spending. But the source of their funds has been cause for concern at the Bank of England, which warned this year that household debt remains high, and rapid credit growth could pose a risk if underwriting standards aren’t up to scratch. Regulators are reviewing the issue, and the BOE may have more to say on Tuesday when it publishes its Financial Stability Report. 

bloomberg all set to blame the public for the upcoming crash for ‘bingeing on credit’ ie, being forced to get into debt because wages are so low and rents etc so high 

Consume less. Create more.

In the age of information - attention is one of the most vital commodities we own, along with our time. We can’t afford to to give it away so freely. 

On my journey to attract certain types of success into my life, one of the biggest changes I’ve made is to stop consuming. I now spend less time scrolling aimlessly on social media, watching shows, and other mindless consumption.

I have been so engrossed in what I want to do and create, that those things don’t matter to me anymore. I no longer want to numb myself from life because
my work is my life now. Working on my vision consumes me, more than me consuming what others are trying to push on me.

Generally I’ve been doing this since last year when I stopped watching so much tv shows. Then a few months ago I reduced consuming social media, mainly because watching other peoples (highly curated) lives was giving me anxiety. 

Now I consume less TV, less junk food, less aimless social media etc. overall.

I still kinda do those things. But before it was majority of my free time, now its maybe a few minutes a day. And if I do it, it’s with deliberate intention because of some value that might be in it.

It was hard at first, since those habits were developed over many years, but now I finally have those extra hours to work on something that is meaningful and valuable. 

I hope you start being more deliberate in what you give your attention away to and focus on building your legacy.

NCT 127 Reaction to having a dream in which they cheated on their s/o.

NCT127 Reactions to their dreams of themselves cheating on S/O with another then wake up from the dreams. 

Here you go anon, hope you like it!

When Taeyong snapped awake from his dream he would just lie there completely stunned. You were fast asleep besides him, clueless. He couldn’t understand. He definitely didn’t want to cheat on you, so he just couldn’t understand why his mind would take him there. He would lie there with wide eyes, his heart racing, sweat slowly covering his body. He’d get up and take a shower to try and wake himself up, his mind was so groggy it was making him uncomfortable. He wouldn’t tell you about his dream, he would just take it as a random fiction of his imagination and just try and forget about it.

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“Dreaming a thought that could dream about a thought,
That could think of the dreamer that thought,
That could think of dreaming and getting a glimmer of God.
I be dreaming a dream in a thought,
That could dream about a thought,
That could think of dreaming a dream
Where I cannot, where I cannot.
Less morose and more present,
Dwell on my gifts for a second.
A moment, one solar flare, we’re consumed.
So why not spend this flammable paper on the film that’s my life?”

BigHit Survery: Have you purchased any official merchandise? Like a Bangtan Bomb?

Me: *Sweats*

BigHit Survery: Have you purchased any unofficial merchandise?

Me: *Sweats harder*

BigHit Survey: How many hours a day do you spend consuming BTS content?

Me: *Sweats the most I have ever done sweated*