The $14,000 kitchen garden that does all the work for you and even plays MUSIC for your herbs

  • It uses smart sensors to measure temperature, humidity, nutrient levels and pH
  • It can so far grow more than 30 different kinds of herbs and vegetables
  • Kitchen Garden can fit 32-64 plants, and can feed a family of four every day

Natufia Lab has unveiled a fully-autonomous growing machine that could mean you never kill your plants again.

The sleek, hydroponic Kitchen Garden revealed at CES in Las Vegas self-regulates the conditions inside to ensure the best growth conditions, and it even plays music for the plants.

It can so far grow more than 30 different kinds of herbs and vegetables, including basil, kale, and arugula – but, it’ll cost you $14,000.

Natufia Lab has unveiled a fully-autonomous growing machine that could mean you never kill your plants again. The sleek, hydroponic Kitchen Garden revealed at CES in Las Vegas self-regulates the conditions inside to ensure the best growth conditions.


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As the new administration takes power, I want to make a suggestion regarding how we (myself included) should consume news media. 

It’s simple. Every time Donald Trump stirs up a media firestorm by using Twitter to lambast celebrities, pick fights with other politicians, and answer callouts (no matter how seemingly valid or incendiary), I want you to go and look at the following, using as many unbiased (or near enough) and varied news sources as you can get your hands on. (I would personally suggest Associated Press, BBC, NPR, and CSPAN)  

-Look at what Congress has done and will do in the 48 hours surrounding that tweet, and the resulting media feeding frenzy.

-Also look at what the president himself is doing. Executive orders. Meetings. Nominations.

-If the Supreme Court is in session, watch them as well.

Basically what I’m telling you is that every time Donald Trump opens Twitter to vomit into the internet, you should hawk the government for a couple of days. I guarantee you, whatever they’re doing while the media is focused on “OMG can you believe ect ect”, is more worthy of your attention than a Twitter flame war, because the long and the short of it is this simple truth:

The politicians don’t want you paying attention.

This sort of diversion is not a new tactic. Politicians of every stripe have been doing this as long as the idea of politics has existed. It’s as old as the disappearing coin trick, because basically it is one. “Look over here! Look where there’s vivid but completely vapid conflict! You won’t notice that I’m palming your healthcare, civil rights, and public services right out from under you.” 

The difference now is that a political party has never ever had such a fertile ground for creating hollow scandal on command, nor have they had such an expeditious means of spreading it. With Trump in the White House, they can pretty much pre-order a media circus to spin up whenever they’d like.

So listen, friends. Don’t fall for their game. Pay attention to what matters. Don’t let them enrage you with things that ultimately are window dressing fluff. Save your attention and rage for fighting for what is important.   

everyone’s posting those little mini bios of their characters (and by everyone im being over dramatic, just sydney and lisa so far that i’ve seen in my rp fam LOL) and it makes me wonder like…. should i do that??? too???? would it help me use some muses i want to but never do??? like????

anonymous asked:

Yes the French are arrogant, rude, big headed, and most of all blind or unable to have a hard look at all their social problems and social fragmentations. But I actually don't think there's anything wrong with being secular (I adore secularism) and godless if it's in relation to the state (but Lbr you're not really godless are you? Fillon and le pen with her NF prove that. Conservative Christian Catholicism has a hold over your country, with it, holding abortion, same sex marriage back)

First, I’m sorry but this is exactly the type of patronising crap that proves my point more than any argumentation could ever hope to, so I truly do thank you for that.

We are all blind and unable to have a hard look on our social problems and fragmentation? I’m sorry but what? How many French medias do you consume daily? Do you ever watch French political debates? Watch French news? Consume any sort of French medias at all? We do look at our problems, we ARE well aware of our fragmentation and there literally isn’t a day when we don’t talk about it, everywhere and all the time (especially right now with the presidential election being so close). Only we do it in French (incredible I know), and maybe you would know that if you actually bothered to seek us out and listen to what we have to say about our own issues, instead of debating among yourselves about things that you don’t understand (what is contextualisation, right?). Who are you to tell us what we talk or don’t talk about? What our papers cover and don’t cover? People who don’t live here should shut their mouth, because they have no idea of what animate us, what make us think, what make us talk on a daily basis. Imagine that.

And that doesn’t even begin to cover the obvious fact that we’re a country of 60 millions of people who are NOT all the same, we are NOT a hive-mind, and we certainly are NOT a country of 12 years old in need of being taught life by anybody either. So you can keep your judgements where they belong. Meaning to yourself. 

Secondly, the push back on secularism is, in fact, one of those things that make us talk, and make us worried, and make us react… I have talked about it quite a lot myself, in fact. But of course you wouldn’t know that, since you don’t live here. I know that you don’t, because if you did live here, if you were french, then you would know that a few days ago François Fillon found himself at the centre of a political controversy for saying that he was a Christian on live television. And guess what? People did talk about their fear to see secularism be undermined. Everybody did. Despite this, our secularism still beat the shit out of the one existing in any anglophone country, nobody would bat an eye if a politician called himself “christian” to justify their morality in the USA, and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone that the head of the state is also the head of the church in the UK, so maybe before judging how we deal with your issues you should sweep in front of your door as we say over here, and deal with yours. 

It seems to be a nice thought for you to have, the idea that you are so much better than us, the idea that despite how bad you have it, despite the social problems that you deal with everyday “at lease we aren’t as blind as those damn french (or Italian, or [insert European country that’s cool to hate at the minute])”. The reality is, you aren’t any better, nobody is better, we all have our issues and we all deal with them the way we know how; with our cultural context, history or constructs. 

Finally, I must say that I find bewildering that you would dare to call me… to call us, arrogant and yet still feel justified in sending me that crap anonymously. Between the two of us, I don’t think I am the one to have shown the most of it. 

Creating transparency in marketing

Before the Internet, people relied solely on the advertising they saw to give them all the information they needed before buying a product or service. But now, people can research your business online and find out immediately whether or not you are lying in your advertisements. Even withholding the truth (whether intentional or not) is considered a lie by the average consumer. Especially after all the recent reports of fake news, consumers are feeling especially upset with the idea of being lied to by a business. That is why it is so important that you are transparent in your marketing. Don’t try to hide anything ugly. Just tell it like it is, and make sure you are offering the best. Here are some ways you can boost your transparency this year.

Get the right data and do something with it

First of all, you need to know what you are currently doing in order to figure out what to do next. Find ways to collect data on your audience through social media and outside partners. You can’t be transparent with your customers if you don’t even know what is going on yourself. Plus, it is very valuable to have that information on hand when trying to figure out what exactly to do with your marketing. This data can be used to determine what you need to focus on sharing with your customers and what information is most important to tham.

Update your website

Make sure your website has as much information about your business as possible. If you have any gimmicks to get people to buy your products, make sure they are clearly explained. If there are any contests, make sure it is clear how to enter and what the prize is. Having a blog is necessary to any website, but it is also a powerful tool to use in being transparent. It gives you a place to post any problems that may be occurring and how to solve them. It is also a place where you can continue to post more information as you get more data on what your customers want to hear.

Tell them the truth

You may be scared to tell the truth when something goes wrong or a product starts having problems. But it is much better to tell your customers what is really going on then to let them find out from some other customer on the internet who has made a video about it. Of course, you want to be mindful of each individual circumstance, but it is much better to be honest about any problems or issues you have than to try and hide it.

Highlight the good too

Transparency isn’t just about posting the bad stuff or making sure your customers are informed of problems. It is also about posting good things. Use your blog and social media to highlight positive things in your company. If you have any charities you donate to, make sure the information on that is easily available. Use text marketing to contact your customers and let them know when there is new information available. Get on social media and repost positive reviews or how-to videos. The important thing to remember is customers crave information. So give it to them. Be clear and transparent, and you’ll start seeing a lot of marketing success this year.

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Consumer Corner: Fungicide, Laundry Packs, Mobile Coupon Growth

Consumer Corner (Jan. 8-14th) ~ we’re going to try and make this a weekly Sunday night event by bringing quick recap of consumer related news that happened during the prior week. Hopefully you’ll find this useful. 

Fungicide - was a hot topic this weeks as both Pepsi and Coke-Cola admitted alerted the Food and Drug Administration after discovering that Brazilian growers had sprayed their oranges with a fungicide that is not approved for use in the U.S.  The FDA said the low-level chemicals did not pose a safety risk.  

Biggest Laundry Innovation in 25 years - (Ad Age)  A slew of ultra-concentrated detergent “packs” that are slated to hit stores in February are expected to ratchet up marketing outlays in the category by nearly $300 million.  Tide which appeared to have a first mover advantage delayed its program by six months last Sept. It now will face competition from laundry other laundry titans Church & Dwight, Henkel and Sun Products. 

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SkyMall may be dead, but SkyMallism is thriving more than ever

More than a humorous listicle generator and the inspiration for half-serious wish lists (hey, my dog really does need a carpeted bed ramp), the magazine of oddities was likely many readers’ first brush with artistic surrealism. The catalog echoes the 20th-century French poet Comte de Lautréamont’s famous surrealist dictum that beauty lays in the “chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella.”

SkyMall as we know it is going away, but its surreal legacy is immortal.



November 14th:

  • A TGV train derailed during a test run, into a canal in Strasbourg, France. 11 people were killed, over 30 were injured and 5 people are still missing.

November 13th:

  • 129 lives were lost in Paris to terrorist attacks and 372 people were injured. Their worst disaster since WWII.
  • Japan experienced an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude. Although there was no reports of injuries or damage, please remember that in 2011 Japan was hit by a Tsunami that caused 18,000 deaths and left over 230,000 people still yet to return to their home towns.
  • Lebanon lost 41 lives to two suicide bombings in their capital city - Beirut. This bombing is the deadliest in the capital since the end of Lebanon’s civil war in 1990.
  • Mexico was hit by an earthquake of 4.3 magnitude in a Baja California town. No reports of injuries or damage.

November 10th:

  • A business jet crashed into an embankment after hitting an apartment block from clipping a telephone wire in Ohio, USA. All 9 on board died.

November 7th:

  • A funeral held in a mosque in Baghdad was bombed. At least 17 lives were lost and up to 33 people were injured.

November 4th:

  • A cargo plane crashed after losing altitude in South Sudan. 41 people lost their lives, only 2 survived.

October 31st:

  • A Russian airliner crashed in the Sinai desert of Egypt en route from Sharm El Sheikh to St. Petersburg in Russia. All 224 passengers and crew were lost.

October 2nd:

  • A military transport plane crashed while taking off in Afghanistan killing all 11 on board.
  • A small aircraft crashed shortly after going missing after take-off in Indonesia. All 10 people on board lost their lives.

June 30th:

  • A military transport plane crashed into a residential area of Medan, Indonesia. All 122 people died on board, and at least 19 died on the ground.

April 2nd:

  • Garissa University College in Kenya was hit by gunmen. 147 lives were lost, 79 people were injured and 587 were evacuated. The death toll is the highest in a terror attack on Kenyan soil since the U.S. Embassy was bombed in 1998

March 24th:

  • A Germanwings Airbus plane crashed into the French Alps en route from Barcelona to Düsseldorf, instantly killing all 148 people on board.

To date:

  • In Syria, over 250,000 people have died due to conflict to date. Amongst these, in October 273 individuals were killed by Russian forces alone.
  • All the countless other lives that were lost to natural disasters, conflict, etc that media doesn't show us and for which there is no statistic for.

The Islamic State (ISIS) are to blame for some of these disasters; not the Islam religion or the recent Syrian refugees

Do not blame Muslims. Do not blame nationality. Do not blame skin colour for what religious extremists do. 

On the topic of religion - hijabs, niqabs, and burkasshould not be banned and are not a symbol of terrorism. It is a freedom of choice.

So yes, lets ‘’pray for Paris’’ but let us pray for every single innocent life that was lost too soon when it shouldn't have been; whether covered by media or not. 

The ‘compassion’ we now extend to those in France needs to be widened to the world.

Pray for us Westerners for being so damn clueless, naive, gullible and being quick to blame others. If you don’t know what’s happening in the world around you - then don’t pretend to care by preaching on social media how much you are ‘’shocked’, or how you ‘’care and offer your respect’’ to such disasters. Stop sharing those pictures, posting status’s or following the latest hashtag trend. We do it for the likes and the attention, to make us look like we’re all for humanity when in reality - none of us actually care unless it directly affects us.

So let us pray for the world and for all those who have suffered and lost their lives. We need to respect each other and our own choices, and research before jumping to conclusions

Not all disasters need to be broadcast, but if you open your eyes, you will see what is happening around you. 

Everyone’s lives are equal, no death in the first world should be more important or have more meaning than a death in the third world.

Actually, let us not pray as religion itself has alot to account for for the loss of so many lives. Let us believe in what we want to believe, but please let us not kill or harm to prove our faith.

Instead, let us hope that all this madness and sadness ends; and the human race have some genuine compassion and understanding towards each other… before it’s just too late.

I have listed only a small few of the tragedies that have hit our world this year. It takes nothing to do a bit of research, to learn and to understand the truth of what’s happening around us.