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“Young Justice: Outsiders,” The Highly Anticipated Third Season Of Warner Bros. Animation’s “Young Justice,” Is Coming and It Will Air Exclusively on Upcoming DC-Branded Direct-to-Consumer Digital Service.

In “Young Justice: Outsiders,” the teenage Super Heroes of the DC Universe come of age in an animated world of super-powers, Super-Villains and super secrets. In the highly anticipated new season, the team faces its greatest challenge yet as it takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy.

Equally praised by critics and viewers for its impressive visuals and rich storytelling, “Young Justice” reached more than 25 million unique viewers in each of its two seasons on Cartoon Network. This passionate fan support set the stage for the new third season.

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[post about how fiction isnt real so ship and let ship]

[post about how representation is important because the media you consume has a direct impact upon your worldview and identity]

[art of a 17 year old being fucked by a guy twice his age tagged otp]

[post about how representation of gay people is important because it helps to normalize them and make the world safer for them] 

Greg Berlanti’s ‘Titans’ to Launch on DC Digital Platform

The live-action “Teen Titans” adaptation “Titans” is back on, this time with the support of superhero super-producer Greg Berlanti.

“Titans” will launch on a DC-branded direct-to-consumer digital service in 2018, along with animated series “Young Justice: Outsiders,” the third season of the popular “Young Justice” series.

“Titans” follows a group of young soon-to-be superheroes recruited from every corner of the DC Universe. In this action-packed series, Dick Grayson emerges from the shadows to become the leader of a fearless band of new heroes, including Starfire, Raven and many others. “Titans” is a dramatic, live-action adventure series that will explore and celebrate one of the most popular comic book teams ever.

It was previously set up at TNT.

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“Titans” will be written by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns and Berlanti. Goldsman, Johns, Berlanti and Sarah Schechter are executive producers of the series from Weed Road Pictures and Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

“Young Justice: Outsiders” follows DC superheroes coming of age in an animated universe. In the new season, the team faces its greatest challenge yet as it takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy. The first two seasons aired on Cartoon Network. This passionate fan support set the stage for the new third season.

Also Read: Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble’s 'You’ Ordered to Series on Lifetime

Sam Register serves as executive producer on “Young Justice.” Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman are producers of the series, produced by Warner Bros. Animation. Phil Bourassa serves as the series’ art director.

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U-1 by Hank Beyer
Universal Speaker
What if we stopped thinking of audio products as temporary fashion, and instead as permanent utility? In a time of constant restyling and disposing, there is a vacuum for products which evolve with their surroundings, and grow with their users. By distilling product down to function, and culling aesthetic down to only the necessary, Universal is an attempt to rise above a temporary world and propose a vision for how products should be. 

“Young Justice: Outsiders,” The Highly Anticipated Third Season Of Warner Bros. Animation’s “Young Justice,” Also To Bow Next Year

Series Will Air Exclusively on Upcoming DC-Branded Direct-to-Consumer Digital Service

Really DC!? Why are you making a series you had a hard time selling last time, even harder to find?!
Please tell me someone else finds this an extremely stupid financial move as well, and if you don’t please explain to me why it isn’t cause all I see is DC setting itself up for failure.

brynwrites  asked:

For Lovely Teeth: Hyper, coffee, desolate, ache, and perfect.

Shockingly there’s no use of the word hyper. Which is bizarre because it describes most of the characters.

Coffee- uh oh here we go babies love their coffee. By which I mean Cedric. Cedric loves his coffee. He has a problem and everyone is an enabler:

  • “We could run over there now but if Cedric doesn’t get his coffee there’ll be hell to pay.”
  • While Cerra scoffed and threatened to dump hot coffee over her brother’s head, Ter gave me a sleepy smile and gestured toward the bedrooms.
  • Cedric appeared at the top of the stairs a few minutes later, rubbing blearily at his face, and had only gotten halfway to the kitchen area before Cerra was pouring him a mug of coffee.
  • Cedric grunted and let her hit him, then chewed down the rest of the piece -a considerable amount to eat in one go- and swallowed more coffee to wash it down, giving Cerra a deadpan stare the whole while.
  • The werewolf looked at me with a calculating glower as she took a sip, then marched over to the table and sat down where the others were chattering over empty plates and their own mugs of coffee.
  • I knew for certain that there was something going on when Cedric came to make his own coffee without complaining that it had not been prepared already.
  • “If you’d told me last year that he’d be regularly dragging his ass out here by sunrise, I would have laughed in your face and probably choked on my coffee.“
  • Cedric pushed past the others and sat on the coffee table in front of the couch, rubbing his face.
  • “Yea, because coffee is actually good.”
  • Cedric was still drowsing into his morning coffee when I entered the main room behind Ter, and I breathed a sigh of relief at the indication that I hadn’t woken up that late.

No desolate either? I think I’ve been subconsciously averse to using spot-on terms in this books somehow. What even.

Ache- not so many of these but wow just saying, I just discovered how often I use the word “reach”. GEEZ:

  • The joy on Cerra’s face at the mere idea of going to see her werewolf husband put a warmth in my chest that ached in an oddly pleasant way.
  • The heartache had finally broken through to the surface by now, and as the Halfling spoke I found myself struggling not to reach out and put my arms around his head.
  • They were all such accepting people…trying to receive so much kindness at once was beginning to make my heart ache.
  • “You have nothing to ache over!”

Perfect- today on, Rai Really Likes Using the Word “Perfectly” in this Story for Some Reason….:

  • My feet weren’t exactly soft and perfect, but I was accustomed to tile and carpet beneath them rather than sharp rocks and thorns.
  • “You’re perfectly safe, I promise.“
  • “The thorns are pretty nasty, but so long as we have this little tunnel here it makes the perfect barrier around our practice ground.“
  • “You were enraged to the point of going berserk, but you were still plenty perfect.“
  • The worry of bugs wasn’t a large concern for me; I was perfectly capable of shaking my clothes out before putting them back on.
  • Obviously it fell to me to make the first move, and the training field was the perfect place for me to ambush him.
  • Perfect timing as always, Javianna.“
  • “I know you and Griff are the perfect match for the rest of forever and all and that’s distracting, but taking a moment to warn me would have been nice.“
  • His suggestion proved a good one when I found myself perfectly at ease a short while later, lurking around the square like some sort of vengeful ghoul.
  • “It’s the perfect scenario for men and women who have been wed for political reasons especially.“
  • “I always went right for the sweets, to be perfectly honest.“
  • “No need to worry yourself, lord Barl, I believe I was perfectly safe.“
  • “Rekr, I know she’s your favorite, so I’m perfectly willing to share her with you if that’ll make the loss easier.“
  • I was perfectly aware that I was being silly, but wrote it off as exhaustion and blood loss and allowed myself the freedom to flail about and enjoy myself.
Understanding value through perception

Creating value is the defining essence of your business  

Most people understand Marketing as a conduit to generate sales, whereas it should be understood as a communication platform. Marketing needs to be practiced as a means to engage and understand those who make your company, who support your game - and most important of all, to inherently create value in these conversations and interactions.

While sales might be a result to healthy business practices, it should never be something that would hinder you from growth. It is important to withstand costs, and generate revenue, but it is far more important to ground yourself and create opportunities instead.  Not every chance of exposure will automatically result in a sale, but you can gain supporters might become leads in the future. Brand awareness cultivates a culture that will not only assist with profitability, but enables network growths that will passively work for you over time.

The key is to understand who you are, and try to convey value before sales. A solid business plan, or at least a clear guideline, needs to define everything: from how much you can spend, and what you should spend it on; to your strengths and weakness as a team, highlight what defines you as a brand. Either casual gaming or perhaps cultivating an MMO-like experience, whichever it is, value comes from developer’s efforts, and it should understand what the gamers want. Communication is necessary when it comes to establishing expectations, just as much as you expect any marketing strategy to generate results.

Value can be understood in multiple ways, the one thing to keep present is that there is no way to explore consumer behavior without a direct reference to personal values. Value is that one determining factor that will influence purchase choices, it can provoke or ruin its chances entirely. The way to identify and measure this is by opening up to consumer perception theory, learning about gamers self- perception and market price perception. How both concepts come together as something that is meant to provide quality to their lives.

Companies don’t define what value means, it is their audience who does. Every consumer is ultimately drawn to efforts that address their needs and wants; there is no direct understanding of costs in the gaming industry, but what expectations they build upon what they want from what they eventually get. It is important to highlight that, while there is value in the actual gaming experience, this conversation is aimed at optimizing business efforts. This isn’t about how to improve game development, but how to create value through business development.

Value can be broken down in two larger realms, one being the utilitarian value, which comes from solving a problem via product or service; or hedonic value, the instant gratification that is provoked by experiences. One is entirely practical, whereas the other one is emotional in nature. Being influenced by both internal and external variables, they go along with understanding they satisfy a particular need which is defined by the demographics present in your audience.

Gaming represents a vast industry that can produce incredibly stories, educational tools, casual distraction, and plenty of experiences in the realm of entertainment. Ideally, you want your marketing to stay consistent to the essence of your project – if your game is a casual short experience, do not present it as an epic Final Fantasy inspired homage. Captivating advertisement will never make up for disappointing experiences, creating false windows of expectation can only reflect buyer’s remorse, resulting in losing credibility from people who already trusted you enough to invest in you.

In order to be able to create perceived value is to listen to those who listen to you. Find out who they are, what they do, translate this information in action, then try to produce content that will represent who you are, and at the same time, provide content that will be perceived as valuable. Think of it like having a best friend, there are things you have in common, and with time, you develop your own world of jokes, activities, interests and experiences. It never happens overnight, it sure takes time, patience, and being present for your community.

Creating these environments is fundamental to growing a network, understanding these dynamics is what will create chances of building trust. Nowadays, being seen or heard of is not enough, most people tend to gravitate towards things they already know; meaning, building trust is no longer a branding attribute, but an actual variable that makes the difference between a sale or not. If you have yet to cultivate trust, you should invest yourself in finding out ways how to add value to the people that matter.

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Test run of these 40mg Keystoned Cake Pops was a success. Next batch will have more stable chocolate and frosting.
As always we used Underworld Extracts the cleanest and highest quality medicine around. These cake pops are made with Fruit Punch, Sour D and Sunset Sherbert Wax.

Labels will be added with the proper care instructions and company information. As always these medibles are not intended for resale or sale to minors. Nothing on this page is for sale. Consume responsibly and as directed by your caregiver.
Karlie Kloss backs travel brand Away in $20M Series B
The supermodel and entrepreneur joined Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, and a trio of VC firms — Global Founders Capital, Forerunner Ventures and Accel Partners.

Anthony Noto
Reporter New York Business Journal
May 19, 2017

New York-area startups and venture capitalists are making funding deals with the hopes of creating the next profitable company. Here’s one deal announced Friday:

Who gets: Away, the direct-to-consumer luggage brand launched by two former Warby Parker execs, has raised another round of financing.

Amount raised: $20 million in Series B funding.

Who invests: Global Founders Capital led the round, which included supermodel and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss as well as Stewart Butterfield, founder and CEO of Slack. Also participating in this round were existing investors, Forerunner Ventures and Accel Partners.

What the CEO says : “We’ve been blown away by our customers’ response to Away, and we couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to raise the capital we need to support our continued growth,“ says CEO and co-founder Steph Korey, who founded Away with fellow Warby Parker alum Jen Rubio. "We did $20 million in sales in our first 15 months, and are currently at a run rate of $50 million—this far exceeds all of the expectations we had when we first founded the company.”

Company details: Away has come a long way since it launched in March 2016. Since then, the New York company has done more than $20 million in sales and has a current run rate of around $50 million. It currently has 66 staff members and expects to be profitable this year.

Its luggages are known for being lightweight and featuring a hard case made of German polycarbonate. They include perks such as built-in USB ports, a battery for charging, a compression pad system to squeeze items inside, a built-in, removable laundry bag, and high-end YKK zippers inside and out.

New York Business Journal

anonymous asked:

Oh! Do you headcannon that Tobirama has more red tattoos than the ones on his face, too? Because I can TOTALLY see that! It's a concept I've been wanting to play with for a while now and I'm so happy to see it with someone else! :D Also, Madara, get dat booty lol

My dear, you don’t know what Pandora’s box you have just opened. Because after @redhothollyberries had seen the drawing she went “you have ad headcanon for those? “ … not really?” “then WHY NOT …?” and here we are, those tattoo have an headcanon and is a long one, so get ready! (And say thanks to her because she wrote all of ours … ideas? Angsty brainstorming? In English, my “fancy” use of the language is going to stop here!)

Tobirama wasn’t always that OP. He was damn smart, but he wasn’t strong the way Hashirama was. He was quick, but weak when compared to his brother. Also, his albinism made him too sensitive to midday light and he was often sick.

When Hashirama discovered his mokuton, Tobirama felt left behind. He couldn’t help his brother, couldn’t protect him, if he couldn’t even keep up with him. So he started researching for way to make himself better. The stories said that the Uzumaki used fuinjutsu to change their bodies - why couldn’t he? He asked to be allowed to study with the Uzumaki, both he was denied - so he started studying on his own, making it up as it went.

The first thing he corrected were his eyes (the diagonal lines under each eyes), that neutralized his sunlight handicap. He was 13.

Next, he went about augmenting his speed and agility - the bands on his ankles and wrists. That fuinjutsu helped him channel his chakra in a more minute way than it naturally would. The bands around his ring fingers helped him control better his jutsu.

But he soon discovered they weren’t really effective: they were too chakra consuming. Those seals directed the chakra better, true, but they needed a lot and Tobirama didn’t have his brother’s reserves. So he came up with the spirals wrapping around his legs and arms (ankles, thighs, wrists and biceps): pieces of fuinjutsu that act like a battery, sapping at the chakra his body produce and storing it (the longer the spiral, the more chakra stored). With enough days of charge, he can have as much if not more chakra than his brother. This both supports his speed-enhancing seals and his suiton affinity.

Then, when he’s 15, he goes further. He’ s sick of being ill so often, so he creates a seal that fortifies his immune system, so that he won’t catch any more bugs (the seals on his chest and lower abdomen). Thing is, he doesn’t realize these new seals tap in the same chakra pathways the battery seals do. That means that when he’s off duty is immune system does work better - but when he releases the battery seals and floods his body with chakra, he overcharges the anti-illness seals and his immune system starts attacking his own body.

It takes months of usage before he realizes he’s ill - something he can’t cure because nobody realizes what’s happening. He suspects his seals to be the culprit, but he doesn’t know why or how. So he hides it - until he can’t hide it anymore and collapses. Touka and Hashirama are out of their minds with worry. They had never liked those seals.

Hashirama kidnaps Tobirama and runs to the Uzumaki. (@redhothollyberries is going to reblog this with a drabble, look out for it!)

There, he begs for them to save his brother. The Uzumaki are jealous of their medicine and fuinjutsu secrets, and would let Tobirama die - if it wasn’t for the daughter of the Clanhead, Mito, who isn’t about to let a boy die if she can help it. She’s cunning and smart, and persuades her father that it would be in their favour to have the Senju in their debt.

Hashirama agrees to whatever they might ask him, just please, save his brother. So the Senju ask for the Mokuton - they are a Clan of hotheads who want to make themselves better so of course they would be interested in it. They want to experiment on the Mokuton. Hashirama agrees on both giving them tissue samples and to taking an Uzumaki wife - with the catch that any mokuton child would be given to the Uzumaki.

Mito and the best of the clan save Tobirama, correcting the seals and adding the design going over the shoulders. In the meantime, Mito and Hashirama fall in love - later, Mito will persuade her father to marry her to Hashirama, and to make the treaty into a real alliance between the two clans.

When Mito eventually moves in with the Senju, she and Tobirama become best of friends. She teaches him what she knows of fuinjutsu, and helps him complete the set of seals: one on his back and around his neck to widen his chakra sensing range, and one on his chin to neutralize any poison.

And that, people, is how Tobirama becomes OP.

And some character reference! 

Ps: I asked for porn! But she was more interested on the “Fuuinjustu!” stuff *pout*
DC Entertainment Launching Digital Service With Live-Action 'Titans'
‘Young Justice: Outsiders,’ the third season of the popular animated series, will also debut in 2018

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are launching a branded direct-to-consumer digital service in 2018, kicking off with live-action drama series Titans from superhero uberproducer Greg Berlanti and the animated Young Justice‘s third season, Young Justice: Outsiders.

A Guide to the Blondes of 1D

We’ve been making jokes about every blond associated with 1D potentially being Briana Jugawirth. And at first it was funny, yeah. But then I realized that I really can’t tell half of these people apart. And I bet you can’t either.

That ends now.

You’re welcome!

io / ryuu (ioryuu) version 

this post is mainly comprised of quotes about the members of the earth defense club and may include spoilers so read at your own caution !! ok this one will be based on our favourite listless can’t-be-bothered yufuin en and his wife atsushi yoo

pls note that these reviews were written in a enatsu / ioryuu shipper perspective (lol @ me for being enatsu trash) and please do not distributemy translations anywhere + i got these quotes from here ( keep in mind that everything is in korean lmao) and if there are any mistakes please feel free to fix me on them as these are my first translations !!

naruko io

beside the two teenagers (en&atsushi) that stood in realisation of what they’ve just done, a fellow adolescent named naruko io (17) yelled: “the roaring prince, battle lover sulfur!”

‘there must be some kind of mistake, everything about this is. normally at this time of the day, i’d be counting my weekly profit and transferring money into cheques. i definitely cannot understand this narcissistic pose, this isn’t the real me. to be precise, the pose i am currently in was made against my own will by that pink wombat’s bizarre powers. i even visited the research laboratory to try and get rid of this bracelet which was again, created completely against my will. they were clueless, it all ended with them thinking that there was something wrong with my head.’

poor io omg i didn’t know he was that against being a part of the battle lovers… apparently he counts the amount of times he’s become a battle lover for his fucking damage insurance and he’s been visiting all sorts of research stations to try and find a way to get rid of his powers lmao

other than that, it is stated in the novels that io is a billionaire who lives alone… and in his house, each floor is a completely different living space for instance on the FX business floor, countless computers and other technologies are installed and as stated by yumoto it’s like the NASA research station, the interior of a spaceship and etc… and he earned all of that by himself wtf

apparently in the io/yumoto illustration, you are given the appearance of one of io’s many living spaces and the blogger stated that it looked nothing like the room of a high school student ^^;; wombat stated “his hobbies have already surpassed the usual boundary, he might even have the ability to create a change on this globe.” 

ryuu : “what does io smell like exactly?”
atsushi : “wouldn’t ryuu know that kind of thing the most?”
zaou san tilted his head as kinugawa san said this.
ryuu : “nope, it’s the complete opposite. since i’ve been with him for so long, it’s become harder for me now.”
atsushi : “now that you say that, i feel as if it’s become harder for me to smell io too.”
ryuu : “ah, definitely. you have no smell.”
io : “is that so… does that mean i’m odourless?”

io looked down with a discouraged expression on his face.

en : “eh? were you depressed by that just then?”

yufuin san stated bluntly.

io : “no, it’s nothing like that. well, it’s better than hearing that i smell of cash.”
atsushi : “you want your own smell too don’t you? you’re a human so you won’t be completely odourless… en chan, smell io for us.”

as yufuin san came closer to the younger teenager, naruko san immediately moved his body away.

io : “i’ll pass on that, thank you.”
- pg 193 wombat’s pov of the defense club’s conversation

i laughed a little too hard at this… it’s cute how io wants to be known as a normal high school student despite his wealth aw aw ww another possibly useless information of io !! normally when you’re lacking sugar in your body you’ll eat sweet food but apparently io consumes glucose (??) direct quote from the blogger ..???? 

ok now ryuu -

zaou ryuu

although the look on io’s face was not a good one, zaou ryuu (16)’s voice stayed light (?). 

“the thrilling prince, battle lover vesta!”

showing a passionate wink with his eye, ryuu displayed a perfect pose as if there were no flaws in what he was currently doing. 

‘it’s fortunate that i looked better than the others, it would have be suspicious if i showed an energy resembling a love which has been nourished for over a hundred years withering so instantaneously (nice simile..??..??). i don’t hate doing this, i get to wear outfits which you don’t usually get the chance to wear. but how did this all start, exactly? it’s all because of that pink wombat’s spontaneous appearance that i’m in this position now. before that guy came i was living a happy, enjoyable life with girls surrounding me (pf)- now thanks to him my time with girls has become shorter- (how can it be shorter than it already was) well, like i said, i don’t hate doing this completely.’
- pg 19 ryuu’s monologue

ryuu is a year younger than io… I REPEAT RYUU IS A YEAR YOUNGER THAN IO .. .wow i find that really cute somehow .„??? 

“in other words, although ryuu likes girls he’s the type that gets bored of them after a period of time.”

when did this all begin- i’ll admit, i live a ‘after dating girls i spend the rest of my time with io… type of life
- pg 94 ryuu’s flashback as well as monologue

although ryuu enjoys spending his time with girls, as shown in the anime (episode 9… i think? the one with the melon guy uk) after a certain period of time, he’s the type to get easily bored of them ;; 

apparently ryuu grew up living with his grandmother so that’s why he became familiar with female presences and enjoys spending time with them.. ww that’s really cute aw he likes it when girls grow an interest in him and when he’s able to make them happy !! but when the girls start growing interest in anyone other than him, he behaves like a child/becomes sad and ends his relationships with them.. lmao this probably happens often omg

i feel as if ryuu’s actually dating girls to please himself mentally bc it’s stated that instead of dating an individual and loving that one person deeply, he prefers dating between 2-3 girls at the same time.. so like rocchi from durarara!! 

‘it’s certain that it’s true… io is a definite, also yufuin senpai and kinugawa senpai, when i’m with them i don’t feel bored. i never found being with them bothersome or a pain in the ass, eh- although fighting those monsters is though… not only that, but being around yumoto is enjoyable too. seeing that guy jump at wombat never fails to make me laugh… i can’t imagine even staying in this room for more than 2 days if they were all girls… ‘
- pg 101 ryuu’s monologue

this really suggests that ryuu’s lady’s-man act is all a camouflage… 

in my opinion i think the person next in line after yumoto when it comes to companionship is definitely ryuu… he often states that girls can be annoying and the dates he goes on are sometimes boring lmao

its also confirmed that ryuu goes to io’s house during the holidays to play video games together and when he’s on a date with girls, he constantly thinks of what io said in the past day or smth like for instance “ah- io asked me to come along with him to eat that new limited edition gyudon~”

atsushi : “although ryuu gives off the vibe of a mischievous boy, at the same time you’re like a girl too,”

zaou san wore a complicated expression on his face as kinugawa san said this.

ryuu : “eh- what do you mean i’m like a girl?”
atsushi : “hm, for instance when you’re with io, it’s like you’re the girl in the situation position-wise.”

atsushi is the voice of all ioryuu shippers jfc it’s like this in episode 7 too omg maybe they were right about atsushi being a sadist… and now that i notice it the author of the novel is also the screenplay director of episode 7 omfg

oh yea o ye a another information apparently ryuu likes cherries yes yes start the headcanons 

click the link below if you haven’t seen the other ones !!

review of the novel | hakone yumoto | yufuin en / kinugawa atsushi | naruko io / zaou ryuu

a stormpilot mix

i. i want to hold your hand - the beatles (say to me you’ll let me be your man and please, say to me you’ll let me hold your hand) ii. give it up - kc and the sunshine band (everybody wants your love, i’d just like to make you mine all night) iii. shoop - salt n peppa (you’re packed and you’re stacked ‘specially in the back) iv. better than words - one direction (i don’t know how else to sum it up cause words ain’t good enough) v. aquaman - walk the moon (all i know is i wanna be here with you from now on) vi. take a chance on me - abba (my love is strong enough to last when things are rough) vii. proof - paramore (so do you love me? all you gotta do is say yes) viii. lucky ones - lana del rey (everybody told me love was blind, then I saw your face and you blew my mind)


Here’s some common sense for you. I want gun ownership to be as boring and annoying as car ownership. I want you to go to some Department of Weapons and sit for hours. I want folks who own guns to prove their skill, their mental and physical health, and to be licensed and reviewed over the years just as happens with our driver’s licenses. You earn the right to own and drive a vehicle; earn the right to own and use a gun.

Quibble with me over semantics if you want to; what is a “right” vs. what is a “privilege.” I’ll be busy with my friends trying to prevent more unnecessary deaths.

Gun ownership isn’t some inalienable right granted by God.

Remember, the Constitution was written by men coming out of a long and bloody war near the end of the 18th century. It was written for their time.

It also included the “right” to own a human being.

Things change. Folks evolve.

I want a voluntary federal buyback program for firearms, with hunting weapons and vintage/historic weapons exempt. I want the sale of weapons to be even more tightly controlled than the sale of Xanax and other controlled substances. I want advertising for firearms to be as regulated as DTC (direct to consumer) advertising for pharmaceuticals (“May cause shortness of breath, long-lasting boners, etc.”) We can do all of this. It’ll create jobs, believe it or not: regulators, educators, enforcers.

It will not end murder. It won’t end rape or robbery either. It WILL make it harder to commit those crimes. There will be a black market for guns as there is for any coveted item in a capitalist society. (And I’m not anti-capitalism, btw. I’m a big fan! Sorry, hippies. I do love you guys, by the way, you’re very nice people with good instincts.) Continuing education credits for gun owners should be required, just as they are with medical professionals.

When you have a greater ability to take a human life you have a greater responsibility to prove your fitness to wield the tools that may create that end.

And that’s how the fuck you well-regulate a goddamn American militia..