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4 appears to be pulling Trump branded products, as boycotts mount

  • — the e-commerce giant acquired by Walmart — appears to be quietly pulling Trump-branded apparel and perfume, Mic has found, after reviewing cached and current pages on the website.
  • At the time of publication, Jet still appears in a petition circulated by the #GrabYourWallet activist group, which encourages consumers to boycott any organization with which the Trump Organization does business.
  • Jet isn’t the only retailer to pull Ivanka Trump products in recent weeks — both Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom made similar moves. Read more

Why drink milk when there are many alternatives out there? #milktruth #getreal

Uber’s toxic culture of rule breaking, explained
Last fall, Uber hired Jeff Jones, Target’s former chief marketing officer, to serve as president of the company’s core ride-hailing business, with a mandate to improve relationships with Uber drivers and counteract the company’s increasingly negative public image. Jones’s resignation is the latest blow in what’s been a brutal 2017 for the high-flying transportation startup, with problems ranging from a consumer boycott sparked by Uber’s participation in a Donald Trump advisory council to a Google lawsuit alleging that Uber’s key self-driving car technology was stolen, from serious sexual harassment allegations to the revelation of a secret program to foil local law enforcement. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick apologized publicly for problems at the company, saying he needs to “grow up.” But at 40 years old, the paper billionaire has been an adult for a long time, and experts say the steps Kalanick is taking to address the harassment issues are woefully inadequate. Read more
The export-driven income of growers in the [Israel occupied Jordan Valley]’s 21 settlements dropped by more than 14 percent, or $29 million, last year, largely because Western European supermarket chains, particularly those in Britain and Scandinavia, are increasingly shunning the area’s peppers, dates, grapes and fresh herbs, settlers say.

“The damage is enormous,” said David Elhayani, head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, which represents about 7,000 settlers. “In effect, today, we are almost not selling to the (Western) European market anymore.

Jordan Valley Settlements Hit by Boycott Campaign

Shit yeah. Boycott, divest, sanction - until all are free!

While consumer boycott on an individual level, in itself, is very limited as to what it can accomplish, I think it helps give me a peace of mind knowing that I’m not sending money to companies that profit off the illegal occupation of Palstine. Divestment and organizing with others to close down the actual  stores (such as Ahava) or to make your local stores/schools not carry these brands is much more powerful.
How Chemicals Change Us ( + using consumer boycotts to accelerate change

Consumer boycotts… of targeted food lines, of specific stores. Sure, these substances are in all kinds of things. But, if you want action, actual and threatened boycotts at consumer level is the way to go. Bashing Monsanto will not make a shred of difference. Threatening to stop buying Cambell’s Soup, or Hamburger Helper… that’s how to start things rolling.