consumed by cake


First episode of Bake Off and the contestants have already learned to use booze to appease Mary Berry

1d as prisoners

harry: sells bracelets that he makes with macaroni which he stealthily takes from the kitchen (asks for them politely) for a quarter , best friends with all of the officers

zayn: requested to be moved to solitary the second day of his sentence

liam: pumps iron in the yard, terrible at basketball but thinks hes the best at basketball, punched a guy who tried to shank him and then apologized to him for 20 consecutive days

niall: was once fined heavily for consuming every snack cake in commissary, has family members smuggle him blonde hair dye during visitations

louis: often called “small but deadly”, doesn’t have a bunkmate because the last one was so afraid of him, wears 20 macaroni bracelets under the sleeves of his jumpsuit

Get to Know the God

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  • Title : The Playful One (They always give a different name when asked)
  • Domain : Fortune and Luck. They aren’t actually related to entertainment, but a lot of venues are dedicated to them as they favor actors
  • Alignment : Good?
  • Residence : They don’t have a single residence and just rest wherever they can


  • Disposition : mischievous, generous, easily distracted
  • Weaponry : arms
  • Powers : Can give fortune and misfortune, attract large amount of butterflies
  • Attire : Big butterfly doorwings, four arms, compound eyes, won’t stop glowing blue

Patronage : Gamblers, anyone who needs a bit of luck, actors and entertainers
Symbolic flora : Sweet pea
Symbolic fauna : Butterfly
Symbolic satellite : White Dwarf Star
Symbolic gemstone : Tourmaline
Symbolic consumable : Red Velvet Cake
Favored offering(s) : Theater shows, music, games, entertainment.
Favored blessing(s) : Increase in luck! Increase in excitement is their own favorite, but isn’t usually good for the person with the blessing

Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s Honeymoon

So basically I was hanging out with branch-and-root​ this weekend, as one does, and she commented about the AoKuro Week prompt post, noting that she kept seeing the prompts and wanting to pair them up. And here we are.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s Honeymoon

After everything was said and done—vows spoken and rings exchanged, embarrassing toasts made and threats delivered, champagne drunk and cake consumed—after all that nonsense, Daiki divested himself of his jacket and his tie, undid the top couple of buttons of his shirt, and sprawled low in his seat. “Thank fuck that’s over.”

Tetsu glanced at him. “If you didn’t want to do it, you should have said something a little sooner.”

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