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Cards From Art #78

Art by Grzegorz Rutkowski

I’m a fan of strategies that utilize the graveyard, and I also enjoy abilities that trigger from the graveyard. This artwork really wanted to be a burn spell, and it also wanted to be Dragon-related, so I mashed those ideas together to create this. I wasn’t sure about the appropriate casting cost, so I started it here to tweak it later.


Astro Magazine Spread Series: Park Minhyuk

[FANMADE CONTENT] only the fan comments are real! 

Thank you to everyone who gave me a fan message! x x

Guys! I have a new place to live!!!! There’s a recording studio in this place! There are artists and activists in this place! There are plants (and a hot tub) and murals (and a sauna) and a cat!!!! I can’t stop crying, because this doesn’t feel real! My description really does it no justice. It’s absolutely incredible. Wow wow wow
Nairobi Leads Shopping Centre Development

Barely a week after the burgeoning mall culture in Nairobi welcomed its latest mall; The Hub in Karen, the Shop Africa 2016 report is out and it has ranked the Kenyan capital as the city with the largest shopping centre development pipeline in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Shop Africa 2016 is the global real estate consultant, Knight Frank’s inaugural review of the shopping centre development trends in Sub-Saharan Africa cities where the shopping centre concept has taken root. The sector is an example of overall commercial property development.

Nairobi is the largest retail market in this region by existing shopping centre floor space, with its on-going wave of modern malls setting higher standards for the market in size and quality. The city’s first official mall is the Sarit Centre which has been a feature of Nairobi since the 1980s.

Luanda, Lagos, Dar es Salaam and Maputo follow, in that order, as the cities with the five largest shopping centre development pipelines, fitting the fastest-growing cities profile currently targeted by regional and international investors in Africa.

The upcoming Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi will be 62, 000 square metres upon completion of the major mixed-use project which incorporates retail, residential, office and hotel elements, built on a 100 acre site.

toontown-consumed-soul asked:

♣! If you don't mind if course.

Alias: Spuddy
Cog Build: Flunky, Bossbot
Pronouns: any!
Age: 1 year

Bio: Spuddy is a self loathing cog who emits the strange smell of potatos. They don’t understand why, but they often get mocked by cogs for it and beaten up by toons who thinks they have potatoes and relevent cooked goods stored in them. They just want a promotion.