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The Information Diet

I recently re-read The Information Diet and here’s summary + some titbits of my own I thought were relevant:

 The problem is not information overload, it’s information overconsumption, the former means managing the intake of vast quantities of information in new and more efficient ways. Information overconsumption means we need to fund new ways to be selective about our intake. And while it’s good to disconnect, “social medial vacations/internet sabbaticals/etc” are all ways to avoid the real problem. You need to change your consumption habits.

An information diet is not about consuming less, it’s about consuming right. Consume deliberately. Take information over affirmation.

  • Start by mastering data literacy — knowing where to get accurate and reliable data, what to do with it, how to filter, how to process, how to synthesise, how to draw accurate conclusions and how to think critically.
  • Regain your attention, choose to good and constructive info over clickbait articles and social feeds, limit your intake (diversity is good but also realise when it’s too much). Worry about consuming consciously and making the information work for you rather than the other way around.
    • Remove distractions, silence your phone and social notifications, get rid of advertisements (try a browser extension like uBlock Origin), block sites if you need to (try RescueTime or StayFocused), unsubscribe to email feeds. The goal is to move yourself from a reactive model of computing, where you are constantly being tugged and pulled in every direction and responding to every notification that comes across your screen, into a conscious model, where you are in complete control of what you are paying attention to.
    • Improve your focus (try the Pomodoro technique — 10 to 25 minutes of focused work followed by a short break. Clay Johnson actually suggests to do five intervals of 5:1 in one hour and use the remaining time to rest, then add 30 seconds to the work portion everyday. I prefer to follow my BRAC cycle and do 40 minutes of work and 20 of rest. Experiment and see what works for you), notice when you get distracted and put your mind back to the work you were doing. His diet included: email twice a day, one hour max for news intake in the morning, one hour reading fiction, one hour for entertainment (television, social media) — total time less than 6h per day, which should be your goal too.
  • Now, onto the topic of what info to consume:
    • Seek to get information directly from the sources. When you consume overly processed information, you are more subject to succumbing to your own bias and other forms of misreporting. In order to consume this information safely, you must do the extra work of investigating source material, figuring out the intent of the person delivering that information and determining that information ‘s effects on you, assessing quality, veracity, credibility and point of view.
    • He advocates that local news often is more actionable and relevant to the individual.
    • People tend to seek out only information that confirms their beliefs (confirmation bias) — this limits your exposure to good information and cause you to suffer from forms of ignorance. Moreover, it’s though having your ideas challenged that they get better. So, choose to balance your inputs, get a better perspective and learn where others come from, make an effort to keep your biases in check.
  • It’s also important to seek out diverse topics of information, as the synthesis of information from different fields helps us create better ideas and keep us from losing our social breadth — we have more to talk about than the specialised knowledge of our particular field. Though, at the same time, pick a niche sector and master it.
  • Give your mind a chance to digest the information you have taken in: take notes, review them, reread if necessary, meditate, take the time to analyse and reflect.
  • Also synthesis is an important step. Content creation and self-expression can useful components of a healthy diet because they help you understand better what you say, both through the internal reflection it takes to make your finding comprehensible to others and through the public feedback you get from putting your content in front of others. So consider writing.

“We all have the freedom to choose whether to live out our lives as unconscious slaves to the pre-established, social matrix (as blind sheep/consumers) or consciously take the road less traveled and reclaim our true identity as a consciousness observer/creator.”  -Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

Diary of a Bodyguard: Client Safety and ‘Care’

Fandom: BTS (K-pop)

Characters: Park Jimin, Reader/Insert

Warnings: smut, sub!Jimin, fem!dom

Rating: NSFW

Word count: 9k +

Summary: Being a bodyguard, and a female one at that, was never going to be the easiest career path of choice. But when hired to ensure the protection and security of a touring k-pop boy band, it all seems worth it for one peculiar and unforgettable encounter.

A/N: It’s my BTS debut! Despite initial mixed feelings about this one-shot, I’ve overcome my personal conflict and decided to share this. Tbh I’m not 100% satisfied with the final draft; too many reasons to list, but there ARE elements I’m proud of. If I’ve learned anything from this drawn out process, it would be to STORYBOARD! I’ve since discovered the talented jeonjagiya and her ‘tips’ for aspiring writers - check her out! I really hope you guys enjoy this <3

Disclaimer: This work of fiction is written for entertainment purposes and is not a report of true events or an attempt to libel the persons represented.

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Cultural Appropriation

I refuse to apologise for calling out cultural appropriation. No, I will not stop getting mad about it. When my sorority sisters joke about wearing “Indian headdresses” I will lose my shit. I will tell you exactly how angry that makes me. I will explain how offensive it is not only to me and my family, but hundreds of people in America. I don’t care how aggressive I come across or how “mean” you wanna call me. You are the one in the wrong, you are the insensitive one. Please, please be socially conscious this Halloween and do not dress as

A. “Indian woman” and/or belly dancer

B. “Native American Warrior” or Pocahontas

C. “Sugar skull” or any variation of dia de Los muertos

D. Blackface, “gangster,” or “African warrior”

E. Geisha, Asian princess, china doll

F. Eskimo and/or Inuit warrior

Its extremely offensive to come dressed as any of these things, and I am asking you not to, and not to let any of your friends of family to. Stop racism and racially based prejudice before it can spread further.

True North

“Upon my bed at night / I sought him whom my soul loves; / I sought him, but found him not.”

“… Love is strong as death / fierce as the grave. / Its flashes are flashes of fire / a raging flame.”

– Song of Songs 3:1; 8:6

At night, drifting in the hazy world between awareness and sleep, she dreamed of him. At night he was real. She spoke him into being by the whisper of his name, breathed life into him by the exhale of her own lungs, taught his mouth to speak by the press of her lips. He was found in silence and sleep, shaped from the pale cast of moonlight through her bedroom window, the golden blaze of street lights in the distant dark, the throbbing red blood of her own pulse. She dreamed and he came for her, as he had always done before. She dreamed and they were together.

She opened her eyes, and he was there. He shone in the dim evening shadows of her room. Standing beside her bed, his features were sharp and clear—like the gleam of a blade cutting through the dark. He stared down at her with torchlight eyes.

She sat up. Reached out her hand to cup his cheek. Her fingers stroked his skin, traced along the firm line of his jaw. She felt his wild sharp pulse, the rising tide of him.

“Inuyasha,” she whispered, fingers clinging to the burn of his skin.

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Redeem Me - Part 1

Pairings/characters: Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, brief mention of Bobby

Warnings: Angst, mentions of blood and violence

Word count: 1583

Part 1/?

A/N: This is a request by @karlilarki(I thought of a supernatural fanfic that would be interesting, but I don’t write spn… Any chance you would want to? Premise is simple, Sam & Dean exorcise a demon from a woman, like they did Meg, but the woman lives. To make up for the wrongs she committed, she joins them as hunters…? Maybe eventually pair her with one of the brothers ? Please? 😂 😘) - This will be a series, I’m not sure how long. I guess it will stop when I feel satisfied with the story. Enjoy!

Part 2

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The last thing I remember was a glimpse of two very tall, broad men and black smoke. Everything after that is blank aside from some spotty images of my hands cutting into innocent strangers. It was spotty like that for a long time, until I found myself tied to a chair in the middle of a cluttered room in an unfamiliar house.

The shorter Winchester, whom I now know as Dean, was pacing a few feet in front of me. Sam was stalking around my possessed body with a book in hand that he started chanting words in Latin from. The demon inside of me shrieked, but it came out of my lips and my body was involuntarily thrashing around. I could hear the demon’s screams growing louder and louder in my head, but I was becoming less fuzzy. While my self-awareness began to return, I realized there was excruciating pain shooting up every nerve of body. Suddenly, the shrieking wasn’t only the demon struggling to hang onto me and I think Dean could tell because he winced and and turned away.

“Audi nos!” Sam shouted and I felt the demon being ripped from my body in the form of black smoke by an invisible force.

Then the smoke went up in flames at my feet, my screams were replaced by a peaceful silence for a brief moment.

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A Touch of Normalcy [Tyki Mikk/Reader]

Title: A Touch of Normalcy 
Pairing: Tyki Mikk/Reader [gender neutral]
Summary: Tyki makes it a regular occurrence to seek you out during his evening strolls. Much weights on your shoulders, he would do anything to to alleviate that for you.

A/n: man, haven’t written for DGM in a hot minute. well, if you like, make sure to support your gal here!

this was meant to fill a friend’s request, but i don’t think she wanted something like this. lmao oops.

Ornate plates were whisked away from the table, table scraps were fed to the hounds, all of this signaled the close of the evening feast with the family. Tyki dabbed the corners of his mouth with an embroidered handkerchief before tucking it into his pocket, casting brief glances to those in his company. He found it humorous how the merrymaking never ended when dinner did, their rowdiness carried on until stars speckled the sky and Trisha was at her wits end.

He swept his eyes across everyone once more, smiling wearily as he slipped away from his seat wordlessly, sauntering across the room with a practiced grace and quiet. With the door in sight, his hand secured on the handle, he pushed through to his way to what he thought was freedom. An agitated voice called him to a halt from across the room.

“Tyki! Where are you going in such a hurry?” Sheril raised the question with an accusing, grating tone. “We finally get a chance for a beautiful dinner and time together, yet here you are, skipping out as usual.”

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anonymous asked:

But isn't the basic fact about the superhero comics that they are power-fantasies put out by corporations who screwed its creators, or that they originated as a front company for Depression gangsters (as per Gerard Jones' MEN OF TOMORROW)? How does the pro-Union man in you square that union-busting exploitative history?

Name an industry that doesn’t screw over its workers and I’ll show you an industry that doesn’t exist. 

So unless you want to live in a cave and solely enjoy shadow-puppets, you’re going to have to engage with cultural industries that are varying levels of exploitative. 

But there are more or less socially conscious ways  of consuming - supporting the legal rights of creators is one way, supporting unionization rights is another, boycotts or collective purchasing actions, engaging in criticism, and so on and so forth. So consume, but consume consciously. 

billliemaximoff  asked:

Hey :) if your still taking requests id love to request one where Jamie and cersei have a lost daughter who is their second born that gets stolen at birth and she has a birthmark on her left wrist And she is a knight who ends up being with Brienne when she's escorting Jamie back to kings landing and Jamie gets to know her and she thinks her parents abandoned her and she worked hard to prove herself and he sees the mark and he realises but he can't say he's her father and cersei finds out too?

Originally posted by diver5ion



Warning: I don’t think there is any curses, but just incase, never know 🤷🏻‍♀️

“Aye, do we have to keep the kingslayer?” You asked ready to dump him on a road somewhere seeing as he was nothing but a dead weight to you and Brienne. “I took an oath with Lady Stark, you know that (Y/N). We must return the Kingslayer to King’s Landing.” Brienne said lugging the man through the woods “Exactly little girl, now stop your complaining and listen to the big lady.” Jaime said smirking at Brienne “Kingslayer, you seem more like an uneducated drunk because any man would know Brienne of Tarth is no lady.” You said walking ahead of the man throwing your sword over your shoulder, feeling the handle of the sword lift the left sleeve of your arm and that’s when he saw it. Everything then came pouring to him, like a waterfall. “Girl, tell me, who are your parents?” He asked slyly watching the girl flinch.

“I was abandoned, my parents didn’t want a child like me. So I am well I was nothing more than a common thief, until Brienne and her father found me in the palace trying to steal food to eat. They immediately pitied the girl with big eyes and a broken smile, they took me in and trained me in secret. I cut my hair passing for a lad until I was knighted, in hopes that one day when I do find my parents they will see all that I have done without them. What I have become on my own.” You said looking past the sea.

“How will you know who your parents are?” Jaime asked lowly feeling his heart break inside his chest. Cersei and Jaime loved (Y/N), when she had been taken from the palace it was the first time Jaime had seen Ceresi cry, she was completely broken and hesitant about having other children but she always knew deep down that (Y/N) would return. She always told Jaime that their daughter would walk back into their lives and her she was a strong young lady, a knight of high honor dragging her father back to king’s landing.

“Interesting, I think your parents would be proud of you.” Jaime said softly causing you to look back at him “Thank you.” You said smiling slightly. “We shall rest here for tonight, it will be a day’s walk from here to king’s landing.” Brienne said laying down your supplies and tying Jaime to a tree “I will go scavenge for food, you watch ser Jaime.” Brienne said looking at his cut off hand, silently wincing before walking into the forest.

“Tell me, what happened after you got your hand chopped off?” You asked leaning against a tree “Brienne took pity towards me and became softer.” He said shrugging but he wasn’t interested in talking about himself, he wanted to know more about you, about your childhood, your life, your habits, your experiences, your hardship, everything, he wanted to know everything. “Enough of me and my hand, tell me about yourself knight.” he asked trying to shift in his roped torso “(Y/N), my name is (Y/N).” you said softly looking around making sure there were no thieves, or wild animals around the area. Jaime nearly broke down hearing the name that he had gifted you off your lips, his first daughter standing in front of him armed with weapons and the power that he nor Cersei had been able to watch her grow into the women she was today. “Did you name yourself (Y/N)?” he asked trying to crane his neck to see if Brienne was near them “No, the name was written on this chain, so thats what ive been going by since i was young, it’s all i have left of my parents.” she said holding out the chain that Jaime had engraved himself, he was so proud to make the necklace, but he was even more proud when he saw that she still held it dear to her.

“Do you have any idea about who your parents might be?” he asked still pestering her not knowing when to stop but she showed him a soft smile.

“I want to believe that they loved me more than anything in the world but if that was true I wouldn’t have been left in a ditch with mud surrounding me, I wouldn’t have been taken care of by direwolves until I was old enough to make my way to towns stealing for myself and them. I wouldn’t have been nearly executed for stealing to survive, but who am I to hold a grudge on people who may not even still be alive. These lands have become a battle with every step you take, so if they are still alive I wish them well.” she said fiddling with her necklace and even though her face held no expression her words came so soft and passionate filled that Jaime knew the girl was honest and genuine when she claimed not to hold a grudge against him and Cersei and for the first time in his life, he finally felt that a child he created became a great success without the Lannister name and even though he couldn’t admit it he was a proud father.

“The area is secure we will leave at first light. (Y/N) get some rest.” Brienne said smiling at you as you nodded finding a spot to lay down that was a bit farther than where her and Jaime were. “Brienne…” Jaime said feeling the tears surface in his eyes blurring his vision “She’s amazing, I know a girl her age shouldn’t be so skilled in the way of the cruel world nor should she have this weight on her shoulder telling her she’s not good enough but it doesn’t stop her, in fact it keeps her going. Which is why I had my father spare her life, she’s full of risk and life. She has no family but she fights as if she has someone to protect and I honor that about her.” Brienne said lighting the fire in front of them “Brienne.. I never wanted to lose her.. I looked for her everywhere, I tried to find her, I tried to get her back… I tried so hard..” Jaime whispered with the tears sliding down his face slowly as he stared into the fire feeling like a failure, he failed all his children, never telling them the truth, never telling them how much he loved them, never inspire them or wishing better for them.

“The girl has been through alot Ser Jaime, do you think it would be right to tell her the truth?” Brienne asked looking at you as you rolled over fast asleep, she then turned to face Jaime who was shaking his head “She must never know the truth.” was all he said before the night consumed their consciousness.


The travel to King’s Landing was long but fairly easy for your liking, as you set foot in the palace you immediately felt as if something was going to happen at any moment causing you to constantly keep your guard up as you entered the throne room. “Jaime! You’ve brought my beloved brother to me, thank you fair-sir-knight.” You watched Queen Regent Cersei glance over Brienne with disgust causing you to cough softly capturing everyone’s attention “And who might you be young knight?” Cersei asked looking at you once over “Cersei, these women have returned me home.. In mostly one piece.” Jaime said raising his missing hand causing Cersei to gasp in shock rushing over to her brother hugging him tightly as Brienne untied him from the ropes.

Just as you and Brienne were going to leave you felt a hand grab your wrist exposing your scar causing you to pull back “Forgive me (Y/N) but I would be honored to have you and Brienne stay and join us for supper.” he said smiling widely looking over at you and Brienne who shrugged and nodded at the request, but she wasn’t what caught your attention, Queen Cersei did, she gasped softly “My, how did you get such a nasty scar?” she asked coolly “I don’t truly know your majesty, I feel as if I was born with it but I could be wrong.” you said pulling down your sleeve feeling uncomfortable. “Allow, Podrick to show you where you will stay until supper.” Cersei said as a man appeared in front of you and Brienne ushering you both of out the throne room causing you both to bow your heads taking your leave.

Once the doors were closed Cersei looked to Jaime “Everyone out!” she yelled watching the guards scrambled to leave the throne room “You come back missing hand! But in return you bring home our child! Did you tell her? Does she know? Will she be after the throne as well Jaime? When will this end!” Cersei yelled as she sat on the iron throne “She knows nothing. She thinks WE LEFT HER TO DIE! She doesn’t hate us Cersei, she’s become such an amazing woman without us do you think I would taint my pride and joy? She has no interest in a throne she doesn’t know she belongs on. Her only interest is to make her parents proud and unlike you who only care for one thing, I am very proud of our daughter and the woman she has become.” Jaime said walking out the throne room in a hastily pace leaving Cersei alone.

“Shes finally home, but she can not stay here. She no longer belongs here, my poor child, you I have lost willingly but it is all for the greater good. You don’t deserve to be in a world that would break you the way it has broken your father. Be strong and safe my love.” Cersei silently prayed for her daughter before herself leaving the throne room, quiet and empty.

I’ve been thinking about TF monsters lately, but more specifically TF mindflayers

Consider: a mech that consumes another bot’s mind/consciousness through pnp/hardline connection. Probably super painful, but they can manipulate the connection to put them into a sort of haze as they slowly erase/absorb the mech’s memories and everything that makes them who they are. 

They’d probably be able to hide out in all sort of fields too. A mnemosurgeon that just eats the parts of a mech’s personality that they want gone. Or a medic putting the patients that can’t be saved out of their suffering. Some of them go into Ops where their victims are members of another faction and won’t be missed. 

They’d be terrifying because there’s be no real way to tell them apart from other mechs unless you looked at coding and then it’d already be too late because they’d be in your systems. 

They’d probably have real specialized cords/wires too, in order to dig into a processor more easily. Maybe their faces could even transform apart? into something decidedly Not Normal. 

When they’re done all that’s left is a shell, still alive, but unable to function for long without a processor to guide it. 

Letters to You (Shigezane X MC X ????) Part 8.5

A little BONUS stories/flashback on the story of our four chara!! You can skip reading this one or read it if you want to (to get a better understanding of what is happening to this freakishly long fanfic??) Or not. Well, anyway. Part nine is halfway done 😂😂

Parts : one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | part 8.5

tagging you guys: @shingenelena @kitty-kat-ty @frywen-babbles 

Ray of Hope

Running away was her only choice.

As a child, she can’t do much. With her family gone, and as the only survivor, she had no other choice.

She dressed up as her late younger brother, cutting her hair short and dressing up with a hakama she ran away, for how many days.

Until her body just gave up from her, just when the bastards who took her family away from her nearly caught her too.

It was the last straw, she used her remaining strength to climb up a tree. Anything could save her right now.

She kept quiet as much as possible, leaning into the tree and holding to it. Carefully observing the number of men just below her.

When the men was out of sight, her body finally gave up. Darkness started to consume her consciousness and she fell out of the tree into the bushes.


What was that?
She opened her eyes, after hearing a voice calling out to her.

“Can you stand up?” A boy who seemed a few years older than her asked, curiously peeking at her face. He reached out a hand for her to reach. But she hesitated to grab it. She looked at her own, trembling hands then to the boy again.

So bright.

His cheerful smile was like a bright sunshine for her, a flower blooming after a cold winter.

A ray of hope.

“I’m fine…” She answered, dusting off the dirt on her hakama. She tried to stand up, but her broken leg won’t let her. “Well, actually not. I kind of fell from a tree.” She added in a whisper, looking at the boy in front of her.

“You have scratches and bruises all over your body…” the boy looked at her with worry visible in his eyes.

“Ah.” She stared down at her arms, surely the bruises at her legs was worse. It hurts a lot she can’t stand.

“Ah! I know. Can you wait here?” He said,

“You don’t really have to bother about me…” she said, leaning into the tree.

“What are you saying, I can’t leave an injured boy alone!”

A boy. Oh right.

She closed her eyes, feeling the tiredness from running away and from falling off the tree. Right now she doesn’t really care. In fact, all she can feel was the physical pain, nothing more.

“H-hey! Are you going to die?! Don’t die on me!”

“You sure are cheerful for a boy…"she groaned, her hand on her side. “I’m not going to die. I just felt tired, that’s all.”

“Ah, anyway. Just wait for me here. I can’t carry you to our place… sorry about that.” The boy looked to her again with worry. It’s been long since someone had actually worried for her.

Don’t feel responsible about me.

“I’ll come back for you, I promise.” He reassured her with a gentle smile. She knew she must not expect that he will. But she found herself nodding to what he is saying. Not long, without noticing the said boy began running back to where he came from but not before he shouted.

“I’m Tokimunemaru. What’s your name?!”

Ah, what a loud mouth he has. “Aki..ra”

“Wait for me, Taki!”

She scoffed, “It’s Akira,” closing her eyes again.

SHE woke up, feeling the warmth around that seemed to surround her.

A man and a woman was beside her, talking.

“Oh, so you’re awake.” The man smiled kindly at her, a pair of fresh bamboo-green eyes, dark brown locks and a perfect face. The man’s features was so beautiful that she started to think one of the gods from the heavens finally took her. They looked alike with the woman beside him.

“Am I dead…?” She mumbled,

“Ah! Kojuro he’s awake!” That familiar voice– the older man chuckled, ruffling the boy’s hair.


“Mm!” It took a moment for her to realize she’s covered in bandages and she’s lying in a futon. Tokimunemaru was also beside her, looking closely at her face again. “You don’t need to worry about anything, I’m here. I’m here.”

“Thank you.” She said in a whisper.



A few years later when she was found by Tokimunemaru– now known as Date Shigezane, and she was named Aki Katakura. She learnt how to smile and to have fun again. She had gotten close with Shigezane earned the trust of Date Masamune. The four of them was always together– bet it at practice matches or during their free time.

She kept dressing up as a boy– but she is still known as Aki, a girl.

One day, as she was helping out her now older brother, Katakura Kojuro. The lord of the Date, Date Terumune visited them with Shigezane and Masamune. Who has to take after of the position as the next of the head of the clan.

“Aki,” Lord Terumune called to her, today she changed her hakama to a kimono as she will present herself to the head of the clan. “Milord,” She answered.

“I want to appoint you as Masamune’s page and personal cook from now on,” The older man smiled.

A page to Lord Masamune, and his personal cook too?

No words could ever describe how happy she is right now. She can now finally repay the clan and the family that took her in. She was so happy that she can’t say anything but let out a reluctant smile and some happy tears.

Lord Terumune looked at her, then to Kojuro who seemed puzzled as he is. Shigezane only smiled at her, knowing the reason why she was teary eyed. His eyes met with Aki, she smiled a little then her eyes met with Masamune.

Masamune looked at her with worry, maybe she did not want to be his page, she’s taking too long to answer– what’s worse was that she’s crying.

“Aki if you don’t want to–”

“I’LL DO MY BEST FOR LORD MASAMUNE! THANK YOU MILORD!” She answered with a happy smile and tears. “Sorry! I got carried away, I hope you’ll have me as your page and cook, Lord Masamune!” She said.

All of them broke into a smile.


“HEY HEY HEY SHIGEZANE!! SLOW DOWN! OYAJI WILL KILL ME IF HE FINDS OUT!” Shigezane ran down the corridor, Bontenmaru in hand. It was the usual afternoon, she just finished her work for the day when Shigezane came to visit and ‘kidnapped’ Bontenmaru, Kojuro’s turtle. She was chasing him in fear of her Aniue-

“Come on now, Aki! He won’t get mad,” he said, coming to a stop. “We’re just going to take Bontenmaru with us for a walk.”

“Take the turtle with us for a walk? Shigezane,” She panted, tying her hair. She looked at Shigezane with a sly grin. “Fine, let’s go back before sundown!”

The two sneaked out of the castle, the poor turtle in tow. They have been working all day that Shigezane asked her for a little stroll around town. Today was also her birthday, but not a single soul (except Kojuro) in the castle knew about it. She always spent it alone, but today was… special.

The thought that she was in town with Shigezane was enough to make her blush.

They arrived in town late in the afternoon and they first went to nearby shops. Unexpectedly, they bought a new bowl for Bontenmaru. While they were passing some shops her eyes caught something beautiful, a red ribbon, with golden linings. She unconsciously held the worn out ribbon she used to tie her hair. Debating with herself whether she should buy it or not.

“Found something you like?” Shigezane’s voice startled her.

“No, let’s go back?” She asked, looking away from the ribbon to Shigezane.

“Let’s stop by the tea shop first, then we’ll go.” He smiled. She walked ahead first.

They arrived at the tea shop, Shigezane ordered some dango and of course, Taiyaki and tea. They ate quietly. Not until Shigezane gave her a box.

“What is it?” She asked,

“Open it first.”

“I swear, Shigezane if this is some sort of pra–” she stopped talking when she saw what was inside.

It was the ribbon.

“Happy Birthday, Aki.”


“You are forbidden to see Kojirou!” From the other side of the hall, Shigezane and Aki can hear Lady Yoshihime’s voice clearly– like a thunder in a storm. They knew who she is yelling to– Masamune. Worried about him, the two of them quickly walked towards them.

“But Kojirou is my brother, can’t I atleast see–”

“I can’t let you near him!” Lady Yoshihime cut him off again, her vented anger evident on her face, while her son looked defeated. Aki tried to stop Lady Yoshihime, when she felt a tug on her sleeve. She looked back at Shigezane, who only stopped her with a single shake of his head.

“Mother, Kojirou is my brother by blood. You can’t forbid me to see him” Masamune said flatly,

“I TOLD YOU, NO! YOU CURSED CHILD!” Lady Yoshihime was furious, her fan ready to strike Masamune.

All she can think about was Masamune at that time.


He closed his eyes for the pain, but all he heard was the sound of the fan hitting someone’s face– but it was not his. He opened his eyes, and saw


“What do you think you’re doing, you good for nothing woman?!” Lady Yoshihime’s words struck him that Aki had taken his mother’s fury for him

“Lady Yoshihime.” Aki tried to speak, “May I ask you to stop this? Lord Masamune just wanted to see Lord Kojirou.”

“How dare you talk to me that way! You’re just a mere page.” Her words only made Lady Yoshihime walk out in fury, leaving them behind.

“Masamune-kun, are you alright?” She asked, finally facing Masamune. Her right cheek swelling, she still smiled at him as if nothing happened. “Wow, your mother sure hits really hard, huh.” She said, touching her right cheek.

“You shouldn’t have stood between us…” Masamune said,

“But I can’t let anyone do that to you.” She smiled, but there was sadness in it.

“Would you like some Zunda mochi and tea? I’ll prepare it for you. Hey, Taiyaki. Can you take care of these for me?” She handles the scroll of documents to Shigezane.

“Are you alright though? Your cheeks are swelling.” Shigezane asked,

“I am, It’s nothing really! Lord Masamune, excuse me for a while.”


That night, she went out of the porch to drink some sake. Shigezane went back to his castle after the encounter with Lady Yoshihime that afternoon. She tried to make Kojuro sleep, but he insisted on working. But a few minutes later she nagged him, Kojuro was finally fast asleep after a tiring day.

“What a day it has been…” she mumbled to herself, “to think I’ve turned 21 today and Shige got me a ribbon and then get slapped by Lady Yoshihime.” She poured herself some sake while munching on some dango.
“Well the moon was beautiful tonight, so…” raising her flask to the silvery moon up above.

“Happy Birthday to me, and thank you for keeping me company tonight, Tsuki-chan.” She spoke to the moon, drinking the sake all in one go. Feeling the burning sensation on her throat she let out a contented sigh.

“Urgh. Damn it. Get a hold of yourself, Aki.” Suddenly remembering her late family, and Inuchiyo. She sniffled, drinking straight from the sake bottle.

“If you need some company in drinking, you could have just told me.”

“Lord Masamune…?”

“Pour me some.” He sat a little farther away from her. She knew he was not really good with women, but how is she going to pour some sake to him? She looked at him, her eyes narrowed in disbelief. He must be kidding her.

“Masamune-chan. How can I when you are far from me?”

“Ah.” He scooted closer to her like a shy little boy, well he is a shy one.

She noticed that he was not wearing his eyepatch tonight. Well of course, they are both in their sleeping robes. She poured some sake in a flask, they were starting to drink a lot when she heard Masamune speak,

“Mother… wasn’t really fond of me.” She listened to him quietly, looking at the dango on the plate.

“They say that my eye was a curse, I’ve been called names such as a demon because of it, sometimes by my own mother.” She can hear the pain through the hoarseness of his voice. But no, he was not a demon. His eye, was not a curse either. He did not do anything bad to deserve those. “I’ve become used to it , and Kojuro, Shigezane was always there for me.” He whispered, looking down at the reflection of the moon in his flask.

“You… you were also there for me” he smiled. “Thank you, and I apologize for what my mother had done to you.”

“What horrible thing to get used to, Masamune.” She took a deep breath, “Don’t let other people call you that. Besides, how can someone call you a curse and a demon? When you have striking good looks? Ha! I’d say you’re quite a chick magnet.” She laughed, playfully punching him in the arm. Masamune looked at her and smiled,

Before she can stop herself, she leaned closer to him and cupped his face, brushing away the bangs that covers his cerulean blue eye.


“Aki?” Maybe it’s the sake but he can feel the heat in his cheeks and the warmth of her hands. She smiled gently at him, he looked away nervously from her, but when she looked at his eyes

It drew him to finally look at her.

“What beautiful eyes you have, Lord Masamune. I don’t see why they think something as beautiful as this– someone as beautiful as you is called a curse.” She said, running her thumb in his right cheek. Her straightforward words suprised him. He froze in place, starinh to her honest eyes. This is the first time he got this close to a woman. What warm words, what warm smile. “I’ve known you for half of my life– and, I am thankful to the heavens to have known you. You are not a curse, it’s not your fault.”

“Lord Masamune,” she called his name once.

On that moonlit sky, he forgot about the glow of the moon and the stars.

In the complete darkness she came to his life, though her past may be shrouded in darkness too, she helped him nonetheless.

She had became the dragon’s light.

Women, Sake and Feelings.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to drink tonight because a woman rejected THE Date Shigezane.” He heard her sarcastic remarks, as he was helping out at the castle he decided to take a visit to Aki.

Not another one, he thought. He can’t help but smirk at his own foolishness. He had told the whole story to Aki, who had been his confidant for a long time. Of course, she rolled her eyes when she heard it. Raising her eyebrows and punched him in the arm for being stupid.

“Yeah yeah, a woman rejected me. And I had done everything to win her back, but guess what. Nothing worked so drink with me!” He grinned like nothing happened. Aki,on the other hand continued to munch on her dango while reviewing some papers for Masamune.

“Hey are you listening to me?” He called to her again, only to get a nod from her. He knew he was getting nowhere with this talk so he stood up, deciding to leave instead. Maybe he was interferring with her work.

“Leaving already? Come on, you sure you wanna drink alone?” She grinned, finally looking at him. “Sit, Shigezane.”

She was a hardworking woman, he knew that. He took a seat again to observe her working. If he insisted on helping, he knew she’ll reject it. He smiled to himself, remembering the years they’ve spent together. He noticed her hair tie falling off, and her hair was starting fall off from it.

“Oh.” He stood up, and started tying her hair back in place. It was surprisingly soft. She smelled nice. He saw the ribbon he gave her on her birthday. He can’t help but smile again

“Is it tight?” He felt her stiffen, he peered close to her face.

“If you were somebody else and you snuck up on me like that, I would’ve already cut you down.” She looked at him, reaching for her ponytail. “It’s nice. Do you usually tie women’s hair like this?”

“No, it’s the first time I tied a woman’s hair.”

“I see, I’m done with my work. I’ll prepare the Taiyaki and Sake. Wait for me here.”
“Stupid?” she mumbled to herself, “You’re the stupid one, Aki. You loved him for years and you still don’t have the guts to tell him.” She put the taiyaki in the plate, taking a deep breath to calm herself down. “It’s not like he’ll see me as a woman anyway, let alone feel the same way for me.” She carefully placed her dango on a seperate plate, looking at its colors “I’m just his, childhood friend,” She smiled at her foolishness, for loving him, and for him being too blind to see it.

Dango, Taiyaki and Sake in hand she made her way to her chambers where shigezane was waiting for her. When she arrived, he saw him reading a letter.

“You’re smiling like an idiot. What’s that?“she put down the tray, trying to look over the letter Shigezane was reading.

"Oh. Just a letter.”

“Love letter?” She asked.

“I don’t know, sort of? The sender is unknown.”

“Alright, here’s your sake. Drink.”

She poured some sake for him in a flask, not caring to read what is inside the letter. She knew it already, after all. She’s the one who sent it.

It’s been months now since she started sending him letters, for no reason. It was mostly about how she thinks for him. She began eating her dango, Shigezane began to drink. She waits for him to speak,

“Hey Aki, drink.” He thrusted a flask towards her. His face had began to shade a color of red– his eyes sleepy. “Drink the pain away with me.”

“Damn it, Shigezane. You can’t just drink like that.” She took the sake from him and drank it, not caring that it was too strong for her. She can’t stand seeing him like this, yet she kept her silence. This case was worse than the first two.

“Aki, why do they always fall for Kojuro?” It has started, she can’t say anything. She can only look down at the plate full of dango. She just munched on another one, thinking of what he had done to deserve all this.

“Ohatsu, Onana.” Hearing those from him with a pained voice brings pain to her. She was hurt for him, “and now Okage.”

She felt his warmth as he snuggled his head in her lap, now they are closer. She still can’t say anything to him, she did not know what to do or to say. She just took another dango and ate it. Trying to force back the lump in her throat.

“Damn it.” He closed his eyes, as a tear fell from it. “The next time I fall this hard, I won’t let any man take my woman away from me.” He whispered

Seeing his state, she finally got the courage to speak.

“This is the third time, Shigezane.”

He chuckled, opening his eyes to look at her

“I know, Aki.”

She bit her lower lip, hearing those words.
“Don’t settle for things that you don’t deserve, if someone really loves you,” she played with his hair, and then stroked his cheeks “They’d choose you, without hesitation, without weighing you to
Kojuro.” She smiled, when he stared into her eyes he saw something– it had always been there whenever she is with him. But he brushed it off. “Don’t get me wrong– I’m not on anyone’s side here okay?”

“Ahaha, I never said that. But really, easy for you to say, it’s not like you know.” He said, looking down.

“I do know, Shigezane. I do.” She said, reaching for her flask. “I may not look like it, but I know. How it feels, atleast.” She took a deep breath, “to love someone who can’t love you back.”

“Aki…?” He called her in a sleepy voice, sake and dizziness starting to take over him. She continued to play with his hair to make him sleep.

“Shh… sleep.” He closed his eyes, she hummed a tune. When he was fast asleep, she finally whispered to him.

“I love you, Shigezane.”

To Wait For You

For the final day of @mmrarepairweek here is my first contribution to the AU prompt! It is a vampire AU and it is a monstrous oneshot, so if you decide to read all of it, you’ll have to trek over to AO3 so I’m not post almost 18,000 words on tumblr ^^

Rated: T

Pairing: Zen/Yoosung

The wind bites at Hyun’s face as he sinks into his leather jacket, doing his best to keep his voice steady despite the shivers that keep wracking his entire body. There’s hardly anyone out tonight, just the occasional person rushing by with last minute groceries to prepare for the oncoming storm. Most of them simply glance at him in pity while other stare unabashedly and he can’t decide if the latter has more to do with his looks or the fact that he’s out here in the foul weather.

It’s not exactly as if he has a choice. He has no other clothes, nothing warmer to wear and he’s hungry. Everyone is trying to get home to the warmth of their houses for the blizzard but he has nowhere to go. He’ll have to try to find a vent that’s releasing warm air to crouch next to. Maybe if he’s lucky it’ll be by a dumpster that will block the wind, too.

The snow starts to blow but there’s still a few people out and so Hyun keeps singing, even though he can’t feel his fingers or toes anymore. The air is starting to dip in temperature drastically and it feels like his throat freezes with every breath he takes but still he perseveres, determined to be able to get at least one thing to eat today. He doesn’t notice the person watching him from across the street, blond hair sticking out from under a black stocking hat with brows furrowed in concern. If Hyun looked he might be able to make out their face but it wouldn’t mean more to him than a sharp sense of deja vu he wouldn’t be able to place.

Minutes pass by and he realizes he’s not sure how long it’s been since he last saw someone. A loud growl comes from his stomach and he bites his lip, looking down in disappointment. It’s been three days since he last had more than a slice of bread someone tossed out for the birds. He’s cold, hungry and maybe starting to regret his decision. Why did he think he could do this? He’s just a kid. Maybe his parents were right, and this was a bad idea…

The storm is in full swing now, the wind howling and strong enough to push Hyun back a few steps until he steadies himself. Shit. The snow is thick and it’s hard to see where he’s going, but he swings an arm over his eyes and squints ahead, making his way into the closest alley. He waited too long, there’s no way he can search out that warm vent now, but he has no choice other than to seek shelter of some sort from the wind. God, he’s probably going to die out here of hypothermia at this rate. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Tears prick the edge of his eyes as he trudges forward, unaware of the man with the black stocking hat following him. If he lives through this he’s going to go back to his parents, beg them to take him back in. He’ll do whatever they ask, even if it means no longer pursuing his dream. It doesn’t matter, his happiness doesn’t matter, not in the long run. What matters is that he lives to even be able to hope for it.

Snow piles up quickly, the wind causing it constantly shift and drift to new places. Hyun’s not sure how much longer he’ll make it. His eyelids feel heavy and he’s moving slower than before, his energy dipping at an alarming rate. Did he just pass that sign? It’s hard to see, the neon barely permeating the thick sheets of snow but it seems familiar. Is he going in circles? It’s hard to tell.

“Maybe just a little nap,” he hears himself murmur as he tumbles to the ground, curling in on himself. Just long enough to regain some of his energy, then he’ll get back up and find a place for the night. It’s not long before he loses consciousness completely, consumed by the cold and hunger making his body weak despite its ability to heal quickly. Humans are only capable of so much, even ones with impossibly fast healing have limits.

Read the rest here!

Dominant vs. Demonstrative: Telling Apart the Quasi-Identicals (J or P)

Oh, the age-old question: “Am I an INFP or an INFJ?”

Too often that question is answered with “Shut up you snowflake, you’re obviously [more common type]” but as with same-axillary & same-dominant types it can be genuinely hard to tell, because they have some commonalities so that ppl could recognize themselves in both descriptions.

In case of the XXXJ vs XXXP distinction, you have the same 4D functions. Though valued functions are complete opposite, function strengts are similar.

Obviously auxillary vs. opposing and PolR vs. Inferior can be good indicators (Opposing can barely be used, PolR is generally disliked more than inferior & ppl still have some speech patterns of their inferior sometimes) but what if someone has a ‘bad relationship’ with their inferior, is relatively young, or a strong inert subtype?

So what about the 4D functions themselves? In socionics, the Dominant (like the auxillary) is said to be in the “mental ring” : You perceive it as something you actively do & use deliberately. Meanwhile the Demonstrative is in the “vital ring”, like the inferior & tertiary: More something that happens to/occurs to you or that you perceive in the environment than an active process & more subconscious or “felt” . The dominant in particular is where your thought process starts. “Oh, an idea! What to do about it…”, “Oh, an observation! What possible meaning might it have…”

Also, the dominant, even more so than your other “valued” functions (the ones in the classic mbti) is what you base your decisions on.

In case of the INFx above they’d experience both philosophic ponderings & deep personal value judgements & both would be visible to others, but particularly in a person that it young or not type-savy, only one would be trusted to make the decision.

Say an INFP and an INFJ is in a situation where they perceive both a value judgement (”I don’t like this, it sucks.”) and a possible consequence (”If complain they might get mad.”) The INFP will complain or remove themselves from the situation - if they believe in politeness or like the other person they’ll do so likely but if it seriously bothers them according to their set of inner priorities they will act on that. Meanwhile the INFJ will think in terms of consequences & meanings “If I complain they’ll be mad but if I don’t the jerky behavior might have bad consequences…” - they might ‘ask’ their Fe & act depending on what it says (”It is a sucky action it cannot be allowed.” or “Not worth it”) - chances are they will try to get the person to act differently in an indirect way.

Both are equally capable of morally condemning the person or sucking it up but if you ask them to justify it you’ll hear their valued functions in the reasoning.

It should be said that both have their advantages - The Dominants will be very deliberate, soßphisticated & self-aware about the function & trust their insight there mut other may be turned of by their being very “srz bzness” about it. The demonstratives are more sceptical of their imput but they may not be fully aware of this side of them.

One good way to summarize/understand that is to say: “The Dominants know where they’re pointing it.”

Let me elucidate:

Fe-Dom: Expressive & empathetetic. Any and all social Interactions are very deliberate srz bzness.

Fe-Demonstrative: Expressive & empathetic. Often mistaken for deliberate when they aren’t, especially by FJs - they weren’t flirting & they didn’t mean to guiltz you into indulging them.-

Se-dom: Action-oriented & Energetic. Enjoys material possesions  & physical experiences but “mature” enough about to know they can make do with what they have. Will deliberately & consciously fite & provoke you.

Se-Demonstrative: Action-oriented & Energetic. Professes modest Si values but totally upset if the neighbors have a bigger shinier house.  “I AM PERFECTLY CALM!”

Si-Dom: Skilled &  lover of quality & beauty, wants everything to be ‘just right’. Behavior actively enforces that their ‘flow’ of comfy sensations isn’t disrupted, pay conscious attention to changes from “the usual” & thus remember them.

Si-Demonstrative: Skilled &  lover of quality & beauty, but could deal with living in the wilderness. Has an aura of chill about them without even trying, may not be consciously ware of sticking to comfort zone. Don’t care so much about time outside the present - quality comparisions will be framed in terms of Ti or Fi.

Ti-dom: Detached & analytical. Has opinions about which facts are important & will correct them if others get them wrong but doesn’t bother with stuff deemed unimportant (like “swiping the floor” or “homework”) Usually mean to help & contribute this way.

Ti-Demonstrative: Detached & analytical. Complain & critizise things no matter their importance. Basically have an inner art critic that won’t shut up & may not be aware how much they’re correcting ppl, framiing it in terms of their dom & auxillary when confronted.

Te-Dom: Pragmatic & dominant. Use the system & work within it to archieve their goals.Highkey natural business sense. Consumately & consciously about strict priorities and categorical yes/nos.

Te-Demonstrative.Pragmatic & dominant. Know how the system works but don’t care about working within it. Lowkey natural business sense, may not realize they’re coming off as ruthless & insensitive.

Fi-Dom: Opinionated & sensitive. Will not budge if the spirit isn’t willing.  Willingness to act directly proportional to feelings about the matter.  Perceptive & analytical about moral stuff.

Fi-Demonstrative: Opinionated & sensitive. Will claim to be stoic or altruistic even when their butthurt is obvious. Fi is NOT used for sophisticated analysis (that’s what Ti & Ni/Si are for)

Ni-Dom: Inert and contemplative. Natural sense for purpose & potential which is reflected in their actions & decisions.

Ni-Demonstrative: Inert and contemplative. Shower thoughts incarnate, not very purposeful in action at all.

Ne-dom: Inventive Visionaries. Make it up as they go along. Have tons of crazy ideas. Sillytastic & proud but still in a cultivated way.

Ne-Demonstrative: Inventive Visionaries. Prefer planning but can speed chess if necessary (more so than their introvert counterparts) Also have tons of crazy ideas but less for their own sake & more to fullsteam implement the better ones. Srz Bzness in demeanor, but may be more scattered than they realize.

The Illithid Life Cycle

Greetings humans. I would like to share with you the gloriously complex and superior life cycle of the Illithid species.

this will be a multiple-repost series, so if you are interested in more, check the notes periodically.

I hope this will make your kind appreciate the great honor your species is going to be given, to be incorporated into this cycle.

OK, so lets start with something important. The life cycle of the common illithid is not actually the natural life cycle. This should be clear upon analysis of our breeding habits. Our current life cycle is the result of a symbiotic relationship with a species known as the Elder Brains, the mature form of an Intellect Devourer. So in this post, I will cover the natural life cycle first.

An illithid is produced as a batch of tadpoles from the parent. In most cases, this tadpole is excreted from what was once the genitals of the host, which have since been adapted to tadpole production. The tadpole is excreted into some water-based fluid, and if it survives long enough without being euthanized, eaten, or taking a host, it matures into a Larva, seen below.

These larva will remain barely sentient without any consumable grey-matter. They will, however, continue to grow in size and power. Eventually they will attach to a sentient host and consume it, gaining full consciousness in the process. However, since their prey is typically dead when it is consumed, the larva will be driven insane. The influx of psychic energy triggered by the introduction of sentience will in turn trigger massive physiological changes, resulting in the next form, a Seugathi, seen below

Over time, the Seugathi will increase in size, intelligence, and psychic power as it continues to consume not just grey matter (like a respectable Illithid) but the rest of the body as well. Eventually it will reach the next stage in it’s development, a full grown Neothelid, seen below:

These monstrous creatures are utterly insane and hyper intelligent. They will lash out at any sentient creature, including other illithids, hoping to boost it’s own intelligence so that it may continue to ponder the unknowable questions of the universe with increased processing speed. They are likewise capable of producing illithid tadpoles. However, they never lay them in a pool that has an Elder Brain, resulting in them always becoming Seugathi, and they typically eat their Seugathi children before they can fully mature to gain their collected intellect. Only when a Neothelid dies are it’s children able to mature into other Neothelids.

Bakugo, Iida cheating on S/O


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He keeps on saying this to himself over and over in his head.

Guilt consumes his consciousness. His pride won’t allowed this foolishness to continue eating him away.

So he became harsh and cold to you. In order to cope.

Hoping if he made you hate him then the guilt would go away.

Hoping you’d end it, the relationship between you two.

Because he didn’t want to break your heart like that, telling you it’s over. It’ll just make him feel like a villain even more.

So one night, he came back to your dorm and attempt to tell the truth. However once he entered your room he saw you were fast asleep. Next to you was your journal and it was wide open with your recent note.

“Bakugo begin behaved differently…I’m worried. We’ve been disconnecting from one another, I’m scared…I don’t want to lose him anymore. I’ve lost him when he got captured by Shigaraki. That is the same day I truly realized I loved him, and a part of me died. Yes I know he’s hot headed but for me it what makes him charming in a odd way, and constantly being worried for his safety ironically. Heh, just writing down my thoughts truly do help me calm down. Alright! Tomorrow I’ll ask him out on a date to reconnect again, I just hope everything goes well!”

Gritting his teeth, Bakugo held in a loud scream. His eyes began to sting.

Sighing really loudly he took the pen beside the journal and wrote a note to his S/o.

Hey, S/o…I’m sorry for everything. I hurt you even without you knowing the true reason for it, I can’t even make myself to say it. I cheated on you. Yeah that’s right, I cheated. Why? Because I’m impulsive arrogant brat who pride got the best of him. I don’t deserve someone like you, that’s why I bullied you. So you will leave me on your own. I’m sorry.”


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So unforgivable…shameful to the fullest.

How did this happened even? Lida is even the type to cheat, so how? Kinda simple. The same person that he had an affair with push themselves on him. 

He could’ve stop it. He could’ve…but he didn’t do anything to stop it. He let it happened.

He can’t keep it to himself, it would make him go insane just concealing the truth.

A day later when it was evening, he called on his s/o to come in a local park bench. 

He clenched his teeth hard, gripping on his hand too tightly for comfort.

“Hey Lida! I didn’t expect a call really late. So I thought I’d buy you some green tea pastry and some tea since I didn’t see you eat anything for lunch. Lida? Whoa…Hey, is something wrong? You don’t look alright. The phone call even sounded really serious too, not even the normal serious you always are…”

Lida looked toward the ground, his eyes building up tears. I have to tell them…

“S/o…please break up with me.”


His s/o dropped the green tea pastry and bottle of tea they bought for him. Their voice shaking when they replied back to him.

“Wh-what why..? Did I do something wrong..? I-I can change it if that’s the case…!”

This is my fault. I made them cry like this…this unnecessary pain…this despair..

“It’s not you s/o. It’s me. Last night I…I cheated on you. I had an affair with someone. You don’t deserve someone pathetic like me…I betrayed your trust. That’s why I’m leaving you. There’re better people than me, those who won’t spit on your trust. Goodbye…”

Lida sat up from the bench, he looked at you with regret and tears on his eyes. He turned away and started walking away from you. 

“L-Lida…? Hey Lida…?”

You were shaking, eyes puffy from the crocodile tears. You grabbed your chest and you started breathing hard. You touched your lips, chest, thighs then head. The areas where Lida touch the most white you two had intercourse. Your first love, the first person you had sex with. Gone. 


You fell on your knees and just started sobbing. 

“Don’t go…”

Gathering wild food in our own locality creates a rich and ongoing relationship with the land. When we start digging around for this forgotten knowledge, we are getting into the ground of our heritage. Our ancestors knew the places where they lived: every inch of land, every kind of plant, every sign of life. They made use of everything. They were intimately involved with their surroundings, immersed in the ebb and flow of the seasons. Their attention was anchored to the here and now as they watched with anticipation the gradual emergence of shoots and stems, flowers and fruit, waiting patiently for the time to gather and make use of them. Signs indicating the presence of plants, animals, birds and fish consumed their consciousness. With senses sharpened to the immediacy of instinct they discerned the presence of every animate or inanimate object.
—  Miles Irving, ’The Forager Handbook

anonymous asked:

this blog is incredible!!!💐 also what are ur thoughts on people who have health conditions (e.g. anemia) whose doctors require them to eat meat? are there ways to consume animal products consciously and minimize impact on the environment?

Thank you for the kind words. There are no physical health issues which prevent someone from going vegan, anaemia included, since there are many plant based sourced of iron. There are other barriers to going vegan for some people, but that certainly isn’t one of them. As for the second part of your question, I don’t believe there is any way to “consciously” consume animal products. Some animal products are less environmentally damaging than others, but they’re all bad, and they are certainly all cruel. Animal products cannot be obtained without violence and cruelty to animals, there is just no “humane” way to consume them.

Title: Valentine’s Day
Pairing: Sasuke&Sarada fluff
Rating: K
Length: Oneshot
Warnings: none


Sasuke was brought out of his inner thoughts as a small hand touched his knee, his mismatched eyes opened to see his daughter staring up at him.

He had been sat on the couch relaxing since he had brought Sarada home from the Academy. She had soon vanished upstairs, presumably to read, and after an hour or so had suddenly reappeared before him. He blinked at her.


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