In celebration of reaching 500 followers I’ve decided to do my first ever follower forever. I am so sorry if I missed anybody, just send me a message if you think you should be on here. Thank you to all my followers, I adore you cuties <3 and thank you to everyone I follow for making my dash such a wonderful place :) mutuals favourites 


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I was going to do these when I reached 2K but than exams stared and I didn’t have the time. Anyhow, welcome to my first ever 2.3K tumblr awards!!!

  • Must be following me
  • Reblogs only (likes are for bookmarking only)
  • Must reach 40 notes or I will delete it in shame 
  • Winners will be linked on my blog
  • Winners and Runner Ups will get a follow and promos 
  • Best URL
  • Best Theme
  • Best Original Content
  • Best Doctor Who
  • Best Sherlock
  • Best Multifandom
  • Best Overall

 This is going to be fun!! Good Luck :D 

so I reached 2k today and I can’t thank you all enough for this and words may not be able to explain my love for all of you. thank you, again. (▰˘◡˘▰) ♥

and also, I decided to do a tumblr awards thinga ma doodle \(・∀・ \)

lovely art credit


  • must be following happy confused human
  • reblog until July 14th ; likes for bookmarking only
  • must reach 40 notes or this will disappear magically oooo
  • must be a fandom blog // mix w/ non-fandom is great
  • one winner + 2 runner ups for each award


  • Best URL -  the sam winchester award 
  • Best Theme - the dean winchester award
  • Best Posts - the castiel award 
  • Best Supernatural - the team free will award
  • Best Doctor Who -  the tardis award 
  • Best Sherlock ** - the baker street award 
  • Best Teen Wolf ** the beacon hills award 
  • Best Orphan Black ** the clone club award
  • Best Multifandom the sarah manning (for being such a mess) award
  • Most Underrated Blogger (must have under 600 followers, please inform me if you qualify;) the martha jones award
  • My Personal Favorite/ Best Overall the fruit crown award

 ** will only be done if there are enough blogs that enter

PRIZES (winners) -

  • a follow from me if not yet 
  • a post announcing you won 
  • promos from me whenever you want
  • a handwritten url 
  • my eternal love and friendship

PRIZES (runner ups) -

  • a follow from me if not yet
  • 3 promos whenever you want 
  • my eternal love and friendship


my first solo botm and I pray this works out


  • Must be following me
  • REBLOG this post ;  likes do not count
  • must reach 30 notes or this never happened ok
  • this ends at 31st of May - winners announced soon after
  • one winner and two/three runner ups (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

What am I looking for

  • fandom blog (preferably multi-fandom)
  • clean theme 
  • organized tagging system
  • hella rad posts
  • a wonderful blog overall
  • a nice blogger uwu

Winners will get: 

  • a follow from me if not yet
  • a link in my updates tab until the end of June
  • unlimited promos
  • my eternal friendship and love
  • free food

Runner ups will get:

  • a follow from me if not yet
  • a link in my updates tab as a symbol until end of June
  • promos throughout the month of June
  • my eternal friendship and love 


ayyy here we go again as usual


  • as always mbf piece of poop
  • reblog this post until the end of July // likes for bookmark only
  • must reach 40 notes or this will disappear magically as usual ooo
  • maybe check out my super cool July BOTM?
  • one winner + three runner ups c:

What I’m looking for

  • fandom blog // mix with others is good B)
  • an organized and great tagging system
  • a clean cool theme 
  • quality posts :^)
  • a nice blogger :)

Winners will receive:

  • a follow from me if not yet
  • a link in my updates tab until end of July
  • unlimited promos :::))))
  • (optional) handwritten url/ crappy edit-graphic thing
  • my eternal love and friendship

Runner Ups will receive:

  • a follow from me if not yet 
  • unlimited promos throughout the month of July B)
  • a link on my updates tab as a symbol til end of July
  • my eternal love and friendship :::)))



  • mbf eleven and amy
  • reblog this post (likes only counted as bookmarks)
  • ends April 30th ; winners will be announced May 1st
  • must reach 35 notes at least or we will not do the thing
  • must be a fandom blog
  • one winner and two runner ups c:

What are we looking for

  • A really nice clean theme 
  • Great tagging system 
  • Friendly blogger c:
  • Wonderful posts 
  • Overall a hella rad blog

Winner will receive:

  • A follow from us if not yet 
  • A link on our updates tabs until the end of May
  • Promos whenever you want
  • Our eternal friendship and love
  • Our souls

Runner Ups will receive:

  • A follow from us if not yet
  • A link on our updates as a symbol until the end of May
  • Unlimited promos during the month of May
  • Our friendship and eternal love c:

that is all, now reblog away! :)

here we go again !!!!


  • as usual mbf kieren and simon enthusiast
  • rebloguntil the end of August // likes for bookmark only
  • must reach 50 notes or this will disappear mysteriously spooky
  • check out my cool august botm !!!
  • one winner and three runner ups as usual B)

What I’m looking for 

  • a fandom blog, preferably supernatural / multi-fandom c: // mixed with non-fandom is great!!! BD
  • an organized tagging system
  • a cute clean theme
  • quality posts 
  • and most importantly a nice blogger!!!!

Winners will receive: 

  • a follow from me if not yet
  • a link in my updates until the end of August
  • unlimited promos :-)
  • (optional) handwritten url / a fail graphic by yours truly B^)
  • my eternal love and friendship : ) 

Runner ups will recieve:

  • a follow from me if not yet
  • a link as a symbol in my updates until the end of August
  • unlimited promos throughout August B)
  • my eternal love and friendship : )


Harry Potter themed blogrates!

(I did steal the idea)

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post!
  • send me your favourite harry potter character(s)
  • the blograte will look like this:

house: (which house I think you’re in depending on your blog) 

quidditch position: (which quidditch position I think you would play)

favourite class: (which class I think would be your favourite)

favourite place at hogwarts: (where I think you would hang out at hogwarts)

your patronus: (what I think your patronus would be)

number of owls: (blograte out of 10)

number of galleons in your vault: (how many followers I think you have)

would I support you in the triwizard tournament? (do i follow you)

Everything will be tagged blogrates for ts!

Welcome to The Sassy Donna Network! This is the perfect place for everyone who loves the sassiness of Donna Noble.

How to apply:

What I'm looking for:

  • A friendly and active blogger.
  • Blogs with a good amount of Doctor Who and Donna (multi-fandom is ok!).
  • A clean, organized theme and blog.

If you are accepted:

  • I’ll send you a message asking for an icon and a short description.
  • You’ll have to give me your email so I can add you to the network (but don’t worry, I’ll just use it so send you an invite).
  • Follow the other members!
  • Please link to the network page somewhere on your blog.
  • Track the tag #sassydonnanetwork

What you get:

  • +Follow from me and all the other members.
  • A spot on the network page.
  • A group promo when the members are announced.
  • Help with promos, polls, and other Tumblr related things.


  • I would like this to reach at least 50 reblogs.
  • The first members will be added at the beginning of next year.
  • Please be nice and respectful even if you’re not added to the page. I can’t add everyone (unfortunately), but there will be other chances!


blogrates because i feel so : ) ) )

also it has been like ages since i did one

  • don’t have to be following me because i feel ok today B)
  • rebagle this post pls
  • maybe enter my sept botm? (๑╹◡╹๑)
  • send me your favorite song / lyrics / band (★‿★)

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