I’m finally finished!!

This little cutie is based on this pixel art by the wonderful consultingsnuggler, and is of course dedicated to Paula, the inventor of Fawnlock. <3 I’ve been trying to get this done for a while now, but seeing as she’s feeling a bit down I tried to get it finished even quicker!!

I made quite a few errors with this. :c So he’s a couple of pixels off in some places… but I think I managed to fix them well enough that it’s not that noticeable.

I think the best part about doing this was when I was at my grandparents’ house and my Nanna was like: “He’s got a sad face because he’s got no clothes on!” and my Grandad told me to “take my pornography away” (he was just kidding :‘3)

So yeah! Hope you like him, Paula. <3 (Do you want me to frame and send him to you?)