Animethon 19 Fic: Johniarty - The Price I'll Pay
John never thought there would be a day when he was glad Sherlock was dead, but he also never expected to get sent home injured from the war, never expected to meet Sherlock Holmes in the first place, never expected that there would be a day he’d shoot a man in the streets of London…nothing in John’s life ever seemed to go to plan, was the point. He wasn’t sure why he expected that this particular possibility should have occured to him as the one thing that would never, EVER happen, but he was proved wrong regardless.

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Headcanon: Jim starts sending Sherlock these random little videos shortly after they begin their relationship, especially when he knows Sherlock has to deal with Anderson or press conferences. Sherlock pretends to be annoyed; but secretly he looks forward to getting them. 

My girlfriend sent this to my phone out of literally NOWHERE yesterday. I just about killed myself with laughing. <3