Sherlock is "undercover" and John saves him - Johnlock develops [Omegle RP]

((This was far too amusing. The idea of Sherlock getting hit on and John saving him from the woman in question… I couldn’t stop giggling.))

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like Sherlock RP, Sherlock Holmes, Johnlock, and John Watson.

You: John, this is torture. Lestrade is torturing me. Why did I consent to this again? SH

Stranger: Torture? What, is he not letting you on the case? -JW

You: Quite the opposite. He needed me to scout out someone. At a bar. This woman keeps trying to hit on me. SH

Stranger: Oh no, how tragic for you, someone finds you attractive -JW

You: She’s piss-drunk. She’d hit on anything with legs. If I hit her, though, I will cause a scene. I do not need the attention. SH

Stranger: Plus it’s wrong to hit women. Just tell her to back off. Pretend you’re married or gay or something -JW

You: Tried that. She doesn’t believe me. SH

Stranger: What about one of your deductions, that usually scares people off -JW

You: John, it isn’t working. She insists on lingering near me. I’ve been texting with you, ignoring her outright, and yet she still lingers. SH

Wait, can you come? SH

Stranger: I am not hooking up with a drunk woman just to make things easier for you -JW

You: No, John, that is not what I meant. You can, however, play a possessive boyfriend very well. SH

Stranger: Sherlock, if you want me to kiss you, you should just ask. Joking. On my way -JW

You: That would work very well, actually. Please, do kiss me. SH

He sends John the address to the bar, grateful that he would soon have relief from this blasted woman and could focus on the case once more.

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Wholock :)
  • You:Sherlock? - Amy Pond
  • Stranger:Shouldn't you be running around an alien planet? -SH
  • You:Shouldn't you be protecting London? - AP
  • Stranger:Touche -SH
  • You:I miss you. - AP
  • Stranger:You are in the TARDIS, you could visit me any time you like -SH
  • You:You know it's not that easy. I saw you not long ago in my books. When we had dinner and you shot that murderer - AP
  • Stranger:I believe this would be one of those "timey wimey wibbly wobbly" situations. We've yet to have dinner in my timeline -SH
  • You:damn. Sorry. Don't worry it's fun. Where are we in our... Relationship? - AP
  • Stranger:A week ago you and Doctor took me to solve the Ripper murders. -SH
  • You:Oh. Wow. Really early on. Oh! that's what you meant by. Mr Holmes would you like to go on a trip with me? - AP
  • Stranger:Yes I assume it is. I suppose I can't ask when our next meeting might be? Although I am intrigued. Can I ask what happened to Rory? -SH
  • You:He passed away. - AP
  • Stranger:Again? -SH
  • You:For real this time. - AP
  • Stranger:I remember that is what we thought the last time. My apologies. Although this will make things awkward the next time I see him, should I see him -SH
  • You:Sadly you wont. Just me from now on Holmes - AP
  • Stranger:Oh.. pity. He really is- was a good man. -SH
  • You:Yes. Oh, this is going to be awkward right? - Ap

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WHO UPSET YOU?? WHO MADE YOU SAD?? i hope it wasn’t me in my feminism binge. LEMME AT UM, LEMME AT UM.

OMG LAURA. no one! just random rambling because i needed to get that OUT THERE. IT WASN’T. I love your feminist posts what are you talking abouuut. 

i just generally CRINGE at every hate post i see on tumblr and felt the need to write a response.

*pets you* shhh i’m fine but thank you (:

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for all I know I could have triggered something, tumblr is that kinda place. *grabs you in limpet style hug* no more sadness or unhappiness. be gone cringing and hate posts.

nah i’m not triggered easily. but when i am, it’s mostly because of hate posts. like the collection of social justice warriors trying to make sense but failing horribly but with disastrous results, yeah? those things makes me want to fling them all off the edge of the earth. if it had edges, yeee?

*hugs so so tight*