mytrashbagisfull  asked:

What should I do if I'm in a social situation that I'm stuck in and can't leave from? I'm asking because I'm currently in one and I know there will be many more in the future.

Remain calm, no matter what you do, you keep calm. Your head will be more clear and you will be able to think things through. I know things can get tough, but I am sure you are a very strong individual.

anonymous asked:

I hate to admit it, but I'm lonely and don't have friends. I know everyone says that, but it's a real ongoing problem for me. Most people I talk to aren't special in my eyes, and if they are, I'm not special or different in theirs. Finding that one friend is incredibly difficult to do. I'm not going to ask for advice, I would just like to say I am very glad you found Watson and that Watson found you. Personally, I'm waiting in expectation for something such as that to happen to me.

It’s really hard when you appreciate someone but they don’t do so too. It is still a wonder to me why Watson decided to become my friend and assistant. You will find your Watson eventually, it will happen without you realizing it. And perhaps maybe there is already someone near you that in fact considers you special. We weren’t born with the ability to read minds after all.

mytrashbagisfull  asked:

What do you suggest I do when I'm bored? I don't have a gun to shoot the wall so that's out of the picture.

I would normally do what keeps my mind busy. If you don’t have a gun you might as well try to find something that does. You could create your own mind palace, solve cases, or try things you have never done. Though I think you might as well go to John, he is the expert in ‘normal’ hobbies.

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[☎ I hope you don't mind ;;]

Sherlooooock…you really are calling me?” she burst into a loud laugh: “I didn’t even think you had my number - what does my dear brother who does not even know that I am alive want? Were you trying to call someone else? Mmmh…” she hummed softly, as if she was thinking carefully about it: “You need a limb for a case? I am sure I am good only for that for you aren’t you? You don’t even know how my limbs are done, you never come and see me perform, you bad older brother! Or were you calling someone for a booty call, wooOOHMYGOD!" 

Well, it’s that time again!  I’ve reached my next hundred and so I think it’s about time for another follow forever list!  Every blog on this list has managed to both entertain and engage me and you all should follow them.  They make life better!

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she’s very good at disappearing. it’s a survival tactic
& a skill that is essential, sometimes not even for
oneself but rather for the people you associate your-
self with.

when she’d heard news of sherlock’s death, sudden-
ly the rug is pulled from under her feet & she’s left
feeling as though the line tethering to this earth has
been severed. moriarty knows her weak spot, &
she’d wonder if this is all a ploy to coax her out of
hiding if not for the fact that he, too, has perished in
the falls. of this, she still has her doubts.

she does what she’s always been best at–she moves
on. or tries to, until the whispers of the consulting
detective returning to baker street turn into shouts & she
again wonders if this is all a trap. 

         but like a drug, like the finest opiates, she is drawn
         to him. & so as the streetlights are flickering, sun
         setting low in the sky, she makes her way down the
         cobbled paths to 221, surreptitiously picking the lock
         & letting herself into the front hall.

up, up, up, swiftly to the door to the apartment, trying to
quiet the sound of her boots as she does, but there’s that
creaky step at the top & she freezes, listening.