ok so last night i had a dream that dean winchester was bitten by….

a wereduck.

yes, a wereduck. and it didn’t give him any kind of special powers or bloodlust or other murderous compulsions. he literally just remained the exact same dean because there really isn’t anything special about wereducks, apparently.


every month for a week he had to turn into a duck.

and like. when the duck bit him he had no idea it was wereduck. he just. turned into a duck for a full week. and sam was panicking and frantically looking for him until a week later this fuckin. duck. just waddles into the bunker. and sam is like, “how did a DUCK get in here?” and then right before his eyes the duck transforms back into dean. and dean is just like “dude, i got bitten by a wereduck.” and sam was like, “what. the. FUCK.” 

and then my dream ended.

While looking up angel stuff, I came across the fact that “Balthasar” was the name of one of the three wise men, so that got me thinking.

Balthazar actually was one of the wise men. He brought the gold.

“You twits! Frankincense? Myrh? She just gave birth in bleeding barn and you’re bringing her perfume?? They need money! Cash! I don’t care if they could sell it, you’re making the process much more complicated than it needs to be. Gold is not uncreative… it’s practical. This is, for all intents and purposes, my half-brother and I’m not about to bring a lousy gift.”  (passes an angel sitting outside, smoking a pipe) “Hey, Gabriel.”

“’Sup, Balth. Still on for drinks later this week?”

“Oh, Dad Yes.”

Not only did I get to meet @ushiiwakas today for the first time, I also got to chat with the wonderfully talented @consulting-cannibal and thank her properly for this thing, which I of course love and treasure. Thank you for being so nice to someone so nervous, Scout!! <3

Inspired by the designs of consulting-cannibal and ravennowithtea, here’s my fic including Trueform!Cas. 

Imagine a combo of these, since I love them both so much:

“What the hell?”

Dean sat up with a frown. The last thing he remembered was hunting a truth-sorceress who saw into everyone’s “heart of hearts” (whatever that meant), but now?

Now he found himself in a vast expanse of white. There was no ceiling, and no walls. The whiteness stretched up from the vague idea of a floor beneath him, and remained unbroken until….     

Dean squinted. Something stood out against the bright background, but it blended so well it was hard to tell. It looked like it was draped in white fabric, which was why he could barely make it out. 

Whatever it was, though, it was huge. Like, the size of a building.

Dean gulped. 

Was he in Heaven? That was a place usually described like a bright, white room, right? 

But no, he’d been to Heaven and it wasn’t like this at all.  

So where was he? An alternate dimension? A dream? Limbo?

A groan resonated through the air, and the hairs on Dean’s arms stood up. His eyes trained on the thing in the distance, which had begun to stir.

Dean tensed and felt himself for weapons. He still wore his clothes from earlier, but everything was gone - even the knife he kept in his boot. 

The thing finally shifted to reveal four sets of enormous black wings that reared up into the air. The creature rose, its wings furled behind it, and with the black backdrop, Dean could see it much more clearly.

It was…breathtaking. Still the size of a building, but now vertical; it appeared to have been reclined on its side, before. Dean was right about the fabric, for it wore long, white robes that obscured its feet and figure. It bore the hands of a human, but needle-like claws jutted from its fingertips, and its head…

It had three of them that sprouted from a single neck, each facing a different direction: a zebra, an ox, and what could only be described as a porcelain mask of a human face. The mask-head had pupil-less blue eyes, and craned forward on its own worm-like neck.

Dean froze when giant blue orbs fixated on him. For some reason, he was reminded of Cas, and that’s when the creature cocked its head. 

Pieces clicked into place. 

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