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What Sherlock would do if he lost his coat

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  • If Sherlock lost his coat he wouldn’t be able to believe it at first. He wouldn’t be able to believe that he’d have this gap in his memory where he couldn’t remember where he’d left it.
  • So of course he’d blame everyone and anyone else.
    “Where did you put it?”
    “I didn’t put it anywhere Sherlock, I keep telling you I’m not your housekeeper I don’t clean up for you.”

  • He’d retrace his steps for the day. 
  • There would be many many hours spent where Sherlock just played his violin, thinking.
  • Mrs Hudson would tell him to buy another one but before she’d even finished her sentence Sherlock would cut her off with a ‘no’.
  • Sherlock would make John look. 
  • He would even call Lestrade to send out a search or he’s never helping them again.
  • Mycroft would get involved because he’d be confused by Sherlock’s actions.
  • It would be a stressful time for everyone.
  • Especially Sherlock.
  • Molly would buy him a new coat and Sherlock would snap at her that “it’s not the same”, but then later he’d feel bad and try to wear it but no it’s really not the same.
  • He would feel really uncomfortable without his coat.
  • He would call the police department to come over for a drugs bust in the hope they find it.
  • They won’t.
  • Sherlock would even refuse to go outside until he found it. This would make a lot of people look.
  • It would be Molly who eventually found it, in the freezer in the morgue, draped over a dead body.
  • No one would know how it got there.
  • John would literally have to wrestle it off Sherlock because, “That’s been on a dead person you can’t just wear it Sherlock, you need to wash it!”