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Molly Hooper Appreciation Week Part Deux - Day 7

A/N : Seven fics in seven days.  I am done with the angst for awhile after this one (I hope). 

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Molly Hooper Appreciation Week Part Deux - Day 7 - Free For All (Anything that didn’t fit into a themed day that focuses on Molly)

The Box

Molly stared down at the box that had been entrusted into her care.

She had hoped that she would never have to open it.

When Mary had brought the unassuming box to her so many weeks ago, Molly had assumed the other woman was being paranoid.  (Even more than usual for an ex-spy who was married to a known adrenaline junkie and good friends with the world’s only consulting detective/danger magnet.)

Mary had set the box on Molly’s kitchen counter and jumped right to the point.  “I’ve got to leave for a while, I don’t know when I’ll be back.  I need you to hold on to this until I do, or until I can’t; in which case, open it and you’ll know what to do from there.”  

Molly had shaken her head, clearly confused.  “I’m sorry, what?”

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