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anonymous asked:

What are your favorite blogs ?

*ahem* Sorry it’s been a day since I received this. I didn’t answer this immediately simply because I already did a promo thing yesterday. Also I needed to think. hmmm

I’m going to divide them by category:

My favorite meta blogs: @mittensmorgul, @bluestar86, and @charlie-minion

My favorite graphic makers: @adoringjensen, @galaxystiel, @astraliscas, @hallowedbecastiel, @rosetylr/@tattooedsam, @envydean, @malevolent-dean, @geeky-ps-edits, @strengthcas, @sparksflycastiel, and @blissfulcastiel

My favorite gif/edit makers: @bubblemish, @yourfavoritedirector, @idjitlovespie, @weallneedcastiel, @knightcas, @cassammydean, and @canonspngifs

My favorite Sam/brother-centric blogs: @multiplealienabductee, @spn-idjits-guide-to-hunting, @octomoosey, @itsokaysammy, @dailysamw, @padaleckhi

My favorite Dean-centric blogs: @green-circles, @justjensenanddean, @nerdjensen, @sweaterjensen, @capturingdeanwinchester, @dammitjensen

My favorite Cas-centric blogs: @magneticcas, @castielcaptures, @mishacastiel, @mishaakf, @nerdanqel, @amorecas, @dearestmish

My favorite destiel/cockles blogs (I don’t ship either, but sometimes I find them entertaining): @bbycas, @casthegrumpy, @jacklsmish, @seraphmisha, @diestiel, @mycocklestiel, @lunamisha, @angvlicmish, @prettyboydean

Overall favorite blogs with excellent content provided by excellent people:
@lividcolors, @thecobaltbluetie, @clarencegrace, @radiatecas, @eeriecas, @winchesterdorks, @winchestre, @weeklyspn, @royalrowena, @hclywinchesters, @autumnjensen, @monsterhvnters, @angelicdmitri, @unfortunatecas, @brinchestiel, @doomedbrothers, @astudyinsupernaturalamazingart, @dreamyjensen, @stardustsam, @princesscas, @dreamingsam, @wanderingcas, @coffeedcas, @cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you, @bagginshield, @euclase, @consulting-cannibal, @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper, @perennialcastiel, @plaidpadalecki, @amaranthinecastiel, @yellowbrickcas, @thursdaypie, AND SO MANY MORE

DON’T WORRY IF YOU WEREN’T INCLUDED. I’ll be posting a new follow forever before the season 12 premiere! <33