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Buck Up and Do Your Job

A post on Cosima Niehaus.

Spoilers through 3x06.

Another character seemingly thrown under the bus (not quite as badly as Alison) is one formerly beloved geek monkey. I mean sure, Cosima could be a brat. Stealing wine. Sassing people. Being a brat to Scott.

Cosima in season three has no regard for her friends, her sisters, a woman she once claimed to love or even her own health and survival. Cosima’s survival, despite the remission miraculously achieved by Delphine’s putting Kira’s dental pulp stem cells into her uterus (note to Orphan Black, hire a medical consultant… cause lung polyps and kidney polyps are serious shit and Cosima should be sick).

When I heard Cosima and Felix would be spending time together this season I was excited, I assumed the two would be actually engaging each other and chatting about life, the universe and everything. Instead what I got is Felix berating her for pining, making her a lesbian Tindr profile and telling her to find a scratching post and get laid.

Cosima is an asshole to Scott, an asshole to Delphine and (even) an asshole to Shay - who presumably knows nothing (Unless she’s another plant of some kind).  She uses people. She skips work. She doesn’t give a fuck.  And it’s her own life on the line. Is she depressed over losing Delphine? Does she want to die?  She’s angry at Delphine - who has now saved her life twice, sacrificed immunology and their relationship to keep her safe (and her sisters…) 

Miraculously “curing” Cosima has damaged her character arc. If there are no consequences to pay? Does anything have meaning? Does anything these characters do matter?  Though I suspect Cosima will get sick again, this brief remission was what? A chance for her to scratch her itch with Tindr girl? What is the point?

They told us in season 2, with Cosima’s words, “My sexuality isn’t the most interesting thing about me.” Queer fans (LGBTQIA …etc) cheered. This was representation. This was cutting edge. This season, Cosima’s arc revolves around her trying to avoid her feelings by hopping into bed with the first girl she meets through online dating, the cheezy line of “I can see inside your soul” actually works on a very desperate Cosima Niehaus. She neglects her job, her sisters, development of the cure/ a gene therapy, the cypher… everything for a little extra rubbing with her scratching post. (I don’t see chemistry between Cosima and Shay at all.. but that is not the point of this post…)

What is so awful about a single Cosima? Why can’t she be allowed to mourn Delphine or miss her? Science isn’t boring. Keep her with Scott or Felix socially? Let her move around the Orphan Black world and be useful?  She din’t even care enough about Sarah to try to contact someone at DYAD who may have the power and resources to locate her…  In fact, the most satisfying moment for me was watching Delphine (who gets shit done!) call her out on her bullshit, her work ethic and her stupid attempts at hiding the little work she’s done with Scott at work. (Side note? Poor Scott… He tries to get her into work, he tries to get things done… and all he gets is sass and brattiness…)

Cosima’s character is lost this season. It seems there is more to Cosima than her sexuality, but the writers have forgotten that. Let’s pop them in a love triangle! Let’s torture cophine fans and pimp this new “romance” in social media hardcore! I don’t know what they’re doing.

A less likeable Cosima? I think so. A totally unproductive Cosima who hasn’t lifted a finger to help herself in 6 episodes? Yeah. That. Right there.