Yet the man who had done so much was forsaken. He and his few faithful friends found themselves exposed to all sort of dangers, including the schemes of revenge which the enemy might entertain. Here, indeed, was food for thought. When I yielded to my emotions I accused the French of being ungrateful, unjust, and unstable in their affections. At such times I recalled with accute sorrow the day when, still quite young, I had read a ‘Life of Hannibal’. I was hurt and indignant over his sad fate. The Emperor - he was Consul at the time - said to me, 'That is what happens to almost all great men’. My mother and I exchanged glances, for already he was rather great himself.
—  From Hortense’s Memoirs, about Napoleon’s exile in 1815.

We are all familiar with the way aether impacts the world around us. Who hasn’t witnessed the sky light up in a brilliant aetheric lightning display, marveled at the delicate beauty of a flower’s petals as they twist open to invite in aether breezes, or stood in awe of a herd of sky whales riding an aether squall? Aether is the most powerful force on our world. And now, thanks to the genius of Avaati Vya and the infrastructure provided by the Consulate, we can all safely use the power of refined aether in our daily lives. So how does aether get from the sky to your personal automaton or family cruiser? This informative diagram created by our Department of Instruction will take you on the exciting journey from collection through distribution!

Art by Kevin Tong


Telmo Miel’s “Lost and Not Found.

Opening July 23rd at The Fullerton Museum Center in Fullerton, California in conjunction with the Dutch Consulate and Thinkspace Gallery, is Telmo Miel’s “Lost and Not Found.”

Telmo Miel are a muralist and image-making duo from the Netherlands, Telmo Miel is Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann. They have worked together since meeting at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2007, officially becoming Telmo Miel in 2012. Their murals are both surreal and realistically rendered, with a tremendous amount of detail and vibrant color. Able to work fairly seamlessly, their styles have combined to such an extent that they’re able to execute multiple areas in tandem, exchanging places and completing each other’s work. They often execute their pieces on a monumental scale, creating huge architecturally sized spray-paint paintings on building façades. Combining multiple elements in a single composition, they layer references to the human and animal worlds to create complex creatures and fantastic scenarios. With positivity, humor and a touch of the romantic, their work is arresting and epic.

Lost and Not Found” will be on display until September 25th, 2016.

“And to the devil with it if she is!“ said the Consul. "One girl, who is not Nephilim, is not, cannot, be our priority.”

“She is my priority!” Will shouted.”


Gremlin management is a necessary task for all home and business owners in Ghirapur. The warm season is gremlin breeding season, and that means more encounters with these curious critters as they emerge to hunt for mates.

While gremlins have been labeled by some as “cute,” all citizens should be aware that gremlins are dangerous wild animals, and must be treated as such. Do not attempt to approach, pet, or feed them. Citizens charged with feeding wild animals will be subject to fines and/or extensive community service time. All it takes is one citizen giving one gremlin a snack of aether or an aether-powered device to start an infestation. Please do your part to keep our city gremlin-free.

The following simple steps can help protect your home and your investments from the nuisance of hungry gremlins:

  • Lock the doors and close the windows of your workshop any time you leave it unattended.
  • Install a Consulate-approved, tamper-resistant access cage around your personal aether socket.
  • Use gremlin deterrents such as resistant tarpaulin and bandar urine to protect your exposed inventions.
  • For more extensive infestations, humane traps are recommended and can be purchased from most general supply shops.

Renowned gremlin exterminator Pav Pande recommends using drastic measures only in cases of extreme infestation. “An exterminator’s primary goal is to rid infestations through humane means. A gremlin that is too accustomed to sentient-being contact, however, is a very serious problem. Education and proper precautions are the best ways to ensure a safe environment for all beings in the city.”

You can follow the Kaladesh Consulate here and here.

Malachi scowled. “I don’t remember the Clave inviting you into the Glass City, Magnus Bane.”
“They didn’t,” Magnus said. “Your wards are down.”
“Really?” The Consul’s voice dripped sarcasm. “I hadn’t noticed.”
Mangus looked concerned. “That’s terrible. Someone should have told you.” He glanced at Luke. “Tell him the wards are down.”
—  Magnus and the Consul, City of Glass
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Let’s remember that this woman was only in her twenties when she was taking care of a torn apart Herondale, a Carstairs who always thought he would die, and then a Gray who has no idea what she even is.
And run the London Institute at the same time.
And she didn’t even want any love in return for all the love that she gave.