“Ils n'ont pas apprécié que le texte, les vieux cochons.”

Ecole - Paris - Un camarade docteur, suite à l'excellent déroulement de ma soutenance de thèse devant un jury exclusivement masculin faute de femme spécialiste du sujet. Remarque d'autant plus blessante que, ayant intériorisé la misogynie constutive du milieu et pour éviter ce type de réflexions, j'ai longtemps déployé tous les efforts possibles pour invisibiliser ma féminité. Cette échange a été un déclic - le sexisme est un état d'esprit qu'il faut combattre, pas la conséquence de “mauvaises attitudes” de la part des femmes.

“doxxing plebcomics because you don’t like their opinion destroys the freedom of speech of the internet!!”

no it doesn’t lmao

first off, anti-sjs don’t know what legally constutes as doxxing? doxxing becomes illegal when “information obtained through doxxing is used to threaten someone, steal someone’s identity, or infiltrate private emails.” it’s also illegal if it’s something like your social security number, credit card number, or bank information is posted for obvious reasons

posting someones public facebook and finding their public work address because they have it available for anyone to see through their public facebook isn’t illegal because it’s all public information. facebook is a social media site, it didn’t even require any form of hacking to get that information lmao.

secondly, plebcomics can still say whatever she wants? to say this is some “restriction on freedom of speech” is hilarious because literally no one is stopping her from saying what she’s saying if she wants to attack black folk and make fun of trans people she can, and if people want to call her work and let her employers know what she’s saying about marginalized groups they can as well.

just like you can’t go to school and shout obscene things into the intercom then shout “first amendment!!” when someone tells you to stop because freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want inherently free of any and all consequences you can’t represent people of color and lgbtqia+ members as ridiculous strawman arguments then say “you’re taking away my freedom of speech!!” when people get upset about it

anti-sjs literally know nothing about the law, freedom of speech, or what doxxing is but it’s not like any of that is important because black/trans/gay/mentally ill folk are always wrong, right? 

Article 53. The family enjoys the protection of the state.

Marriage is based on the free consent of the woman and the man; the spouses are completely equal in their family relations.
The state helps the family by providing and developing a broad system of childcare institutions, by organising and improving communal services and public catering, by paying grants on the birth of a child, by providing children’s allowances and benefits for large families, and other forms of family allowances and assistance.

Article 54. Citizens of the USSR are guaranteed inviolability of the person. No one may be arrested except by a court decision or on the warrant of a procurator.

Article 55. Citizens of the USSR are guaranteed inviolability of the home. No one may, without lawful grounds, enter a home against the will of those residing in it…..

Article 66. Citizens of the USSR are obliged to concern themselves with the upbringing of children, to train them for socially useful work, and to raise them as worthy members of socialist society. Children are obliged to care for their parents and help them.

—  From The 1936 Constitution of the USSR
Rantsomes: pro gun baby

Guns kill people? False, people kill people. Yes guns were created with the intent as assault weapons, but taking away our gun rights isn’t gonna help the innocent. If bad guys wanna kill, they will find a way to kill. Plus, the bad guys will still have then, they don’t follow laws. With that being said, the fact that we have a shot gun and a rifle in the house makes me feel so much safer. If someone were to break in, boy do I feel bad for them. They’d hear that shot gun and run if they were smart! I’m pro gun. Everyone should be pro gun if your smart or even have a fucking brain!! Practice your second amendment rights while you still can, cause you might ( most likely won’t have them) not have them for much longer! Learn how to protect yourself, get training, don’t just go to shooting ranges, get training classes that put you in stressful situations so you learn how to defend yourself!