Remember how “realistic” Rollins looked in that Wilden constume?

Just thought of something….

If Rollins could march around lookin like Wilden and has these realistic masks on…..Then maybe we have an answer as to what the fuck was up with Jason in season 4 when he was actin so fuckin sketchy! 

We know Mary Drake was sniffing around in season 4 and we even had a flashback. I wonder if Jason was being weird about wanting help his mother more and she was there for him when no one else was when he relapsed was because that was actually Rollins dressed as Jason with a mask! Why else would sweetheart Jason, who’s done nothing but help the girls since day one, all the sudden do a 180 like that? Cause maybe it wasn’t him! 

Also, the creepy stare he was giving Ali while she was fuckin sleeping in season 5! Who else could you see doing that to her other than the ‘good ol’ Doctor himself? The way he stares at Ali just looks so malicious and disturbing! I know Jason never saw eye to eye with Ali, but Jason was overly fuckin sketchy and weird in S5, suddenly caring about his mother (the way Rollins was always working with Mary) and all the sudden Rollins is known to run around with masks and shit on…This can’t be a coincidence! 

Remember Jason going into that sketchy building in Rosewood in the middle of the night when Hanna and Emily followed him? Why was Jason in New York? I can see Rollins following them to New York, but why would Jason? Maybe because it wasn’t him….Maybe season 4 and a little bit of season 5 Jason was Rollins this whole time. 

(I could be waaaay off with this, don’t get me wrong! It was just a quick realization that I HAD to jot down! I mean, I’ve been so busy with work, I haven’t even had time to watch barely any of this season yet! So if I’m wrong, just know  haven’t kept up in a couple weeks! lol)