constructive criticism would be nice

Sex with Hoseok

K so um this is my first time doing something like this so forgive me if its not great and some constructive criticism would be nice if you have any💕 this isn’t in any order these are just kinda some things i feel like sex with/being sexual with Hoseok would include I’m sorry im a kinky shit so um I guess hope you enjoy❣

• soft baby to sugar daddy real fucking quick
• Hoseok being to embarrassed to tell you when he has a boner at random times so giving you little hints: “Hobi?” “Yes kitten?”
•stopping the car on the side of the road for you to ride him in the backseat
•Changing room sex (A fuck ton)
•him making you have to beg to give him a blowjob: “daddy please” “I don’t know baby do you think you deserve daddy’s cock yet?”
•fingering you under the table
•mirror sex in the dance practice room after the others leave
•slamming into you with those delicious dancers hips
•eating you out for hours into the night till you’ve came so many times your shaking and you can’t stand it any more
•waking him up with hand jobs
•letting you think your dom for a night but secretly still being the dom one
•when he’s gone on tour sending you toys in the mail “film yourself cumming with this for daddy my kitten and send it to daddy💕”
•hickeys on your thighs
•hickeys on your neck
•hickeys on your sides
•hickeys on your collar bones
•hickeys everywhere
•he loves for everyone to know that your his kitten and his only
•pounds you into the bed
•fucking you till the neighbors hear
•sending you videos of him jacking off when he’s gone
•being punished when you tease him over text while he’s in meetings
•he loves when you run your fingers through his hair, slightly pulling while he pleases you
•thigh grinding
•straddling him/grinding him
•fucking you on his office desk
•running his hands up and down your thighs and making it seem innocent
•wearing nothing but his big tshirts while he fucks you in the mornings
•ear lobe bitting
•hidden away in the corner with him while he lightly runs his hands over you and whispers dirty things in your ear making you blush red at parties for his work
•not letting you wear panties in public under a dress
•innocent kisses while he rubs your clothed core

So I hope that was ok? I might make a part two to this later on hope you enjoyed I know it wasnt amazing but I tried my best💕

Modern Times

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How did she got herself into this? Babysitting Mystic Falls most dangerous serial killer, Kai Parker. Ah yes! Damon was the one to blame. He had been  complaining since weeks, about how he needed one evening without the Heretic. And since Y/N was his only friend, she said yes, when he had asked her to spend one evening with Kai in the Salvatore Villa. Why? Oh why, did she say yes? Because he had promised her Donuts. Now Y/N was cursing herself for having a sweet tooth. She wasn’t blind. She could see that Kai Parker was a man that could make many women go weak in the knees. But his personality was a whole different thing. So instead of sitting at home in her Pajamas and watching Tv, Y/N was sitting in the Kitchen of the Salvator Villa. And Kai was sitting in front of her. 

‘And the next thing I know she is dead! Can you believe it?’  Kai asked, finishing the story he had just told Y/N. ‘Well Kai,’ she answered,’thats what happens most of the time when you drain the blood out of people…’ Y/N shifted awkwardly in her stool. ‘Oh,’ Kai mumbled, ‘ Right. I forgot.’ How do you forget things like that?! She had been listening to him and his crazy stories for almost an hour now. And slowly…Y/N had had enough. ‘Kai, why don’t you watch some videos on Youtube?’ Y/N offered, if she could distract him maybe she would find time to read. She would never admit it but the Heretic scared her. Y/N knew he was out of his mind. And the stories he told her did nothing but proof, what she already knew.  ‘ What is a Youtube?’ Kai asked, his beautiful eyes glimmering with curiosity. ‘You know how to use Twitter, but you don’t know what Youtube is?’ What a weirdo. Earlier he had forced her to add him on Twitter. Y/N had asked him what he was tweeting about and he told her. He also told her about the girls messaging him, asking him to be their daddy. ‘Why would the want me to be their father? Are Kids getting treated so badly these days?’ Y/N didn’t answer. But she had turned as red as a tomato. Now she had given him her Phone and let him have a look at Youtube. ‘Alright Kai. You have fun, I’ll be in the livingroom.’ Mission accomplished. He was hooked. Now she would enjoy a good book. 

Two hours later, it was now almost eight pm, Y/N had decided to go and look for Kai. He had been more than quite, the Kai she knew was never quite. ‘Kai? Are you Alrig-’. Y/N stopped in her tracks. Was she getting crazy? Or did she really just see Kai Parker, the serial killer and psychopath do a dab? Y/N let out a little involuntary squeal. Kai turned his attention to her. ‘Hey Y/N, whats good?’ he laughed,’ This Youtube thing is amazing. I learned great things.’ Y/N walked towards him, until she realized that the whole kitchen floor was covered in Salt. ‘Kai, why is Salt all over Damon’s Kitchen?!’ Y/N looked at him, with a mix of confusion and exhaustion. ‘Well it suits him. He is so salty all the time.’ Kai winked at her. ‘We have to clean this mess!’ she said and grabbed his arm so he wouldn’t just vanish and let her clean the Kitchen all alone. He shrugged. ‘ Girl, Chill,’ he said and tried to look at her as cool as possible, but it made him only look like an idiot. What had Y/N done? He was ten times more annoying now than he was before. ‘Instead of cleaning, why don’t we Netflix and Chill for a while?’ Kai suggested seductively and winked at her. Good God, what has she gotten herself into now?

Y/N was completely exhausted. Kai had of course vanished before she could force him to clean the kitchen and now she had spent almost an hour cleaning. How she hated that Heretic. Y/N sat down at the kitchen table, taking a bite of the sandwich she made for herself. As a human she had to eat. Y/N took this as an opportunity to check her phone. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Kai had started a twitter fight, with some random girls. The first tweet read: ,,This is must be a fucking joke! Edward stands in the sun and looks like a fairy?! Smh what is this?’’ Another one said: ,,@/MiaCullenFangirl1 you dont know shit about vampires! also Taylor Lautner is much hotter’’ To which someone responded: ,, ONE MORE TIME FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!!’’ When did he find the time to watch Twilight?! While she was working her ass off? Y/N was rarely getting mad, but now she was and making her mad has never been a good idea.  ‘Kai,’ she yelled. No answer. Y/N stormed into the room Damon had given Kai and found the Heretic lying on his bed. ‘Would you explain to me why, instead of helping me clean the mess you made, you are tweeting?!’ Kai looked up from his phone and noticed how cute Y/N looked when she was mad. He would have to make her mad more often, he thought to himself. ‘Well I made an offer and you declined.’ he fake pouted, as if he was the one to be mad, because she didn’t want to have sex with him. ‘Kai Parker, I swear to Damon, who will beat your ass, that if you don’t apologize right now, I’ll send you back to hell.’ Kai has heard that thread many times but coming out of her mouth it sounded like music. Music! ‘Y/N, listen to this sound i found! It is a modern song and reminded me of you!’ he climbed of his bed and stumbled towards her, clumsily. Kai pressed play on his Phone. He placed the phone on a table next to him and looked at Y/N. Emotions by Mariah Carey started playing. ‘ You seem to have really bad mood swings, you know?’ he laughed and Y/N punched his shoulder weakly. She was smiling. He took her hand. They were smiling at each other for a moment. ‘So. Do you wanna Netflix and chill now?’ 

‘Fuck you, Kai Parker.’

(A/N: So! OMG my very first post!! I’m so excited. I hope you guys like it. I wanted to write something funny. This was a request by the lovely @geminioriginalsimagines .Hope you like it, Girl. I changed it up a lot. I hope Kai is not too out of Character. But I wanted to write a fluffy little thing. Constructive Criticism would be nice! But please bare with me, I am not a native speaker! Send me stuff, Guys. Much love, Angel.)

Imagine (Axl)

“Hey, sweetheart. How was your day?” You said to your boyfriend Axl, closing the door and locking it. “Fine” he said in an unconvincing tone. You scrunched your eyebrows together, “Fine, huh? Anything you wanna talk about?” You say, walking into the kitchen, assuming he had a rough day with the band. Axls expression changes immediately, making you even more curious. “What? No? Th-theres nothing for me to talk about. Is there something you wanna talk about? Why y-you asking?” He hesitates and shifts in his seat. You freeze, almost on the verge on laughing.
“Nope” you say, watching his forehead form a thin layer of sweat as you leave to go to the bedroom.
Why was he being so hesitant? And stuttery?
Axls behavior had been making you curious all night. He had been avoiding eye contact, avoiding conversations, and even avoiding touching eachother.
As you two sat on the sofa together, watching god knows what on TV, you reach over to hold his hand. Axl looks at his hand and then yours, and suddenly brushes you off. Getting up from the sofa, he walks over to the fridge to grab a beer.
You sigh, tired of his strangeness which you had been endurring all day long.
As he sits back down even further away from you as before, you finally decide to bring the situation to head.
“Axl, whats your problem?”
You turn towards him, grabbing the remote and switching off the TV. “Hey-I was watching that” he complains. “Not anymore youre not. Now talk” you demand.
Again, Axl shifts uncomfortably in his seat.
“Just dont feel good” he says, taking abother swig of his beer. “Bullshit” you say, knowing he is lying because of the way his nostrils flare. “Why cant you just tell me? Youve been avoiding me all day and night and you say there is nothing wrong. Obviously something is wrong Axl. You are usually all over me and now suddenly you cant even-”, “I cheated” Axl says over you, staring at the floor, ashamed of the words that came out of your mouth.
You stop suddenly after hearing the words. Your eyebrows furrow as you try and process the information.
“You what?” You whisper, hoping desperately his nostrils would flare now.
“I didnt mean to, it just happened. I regret it so much. It happened so fast. ” he says with a shaky voice, not looking up from the floor.
You remain calm, only due to the state of shock you were in.
Sitting on the couch next to him, a few minutes pass by as you try to evaluate everything. Axl glances up at you from time to time, looking at your confused face that focused on the floor also.
“Say something” he says, now on his 5th glance up to you. You chuckle, “I dont know what to say”, looking down at your hands in your lap. Axl sighs.
“Is this the part where you leave me and never talk to me again? Cause if it is, then all my assumptions are right on track” he says, frowning, looking at his hands also.
You stare at his side profile, the copper toned hair falling to the side of his face. “Tell me-,” you mumble, “tell me what happened”
Axl looks up to you confused. A single tear falling from your eye, dreading to hear what happened, but you know you need to know.
Axl sighs and returns his gaze to the same spot on the floor, “I was at the bar with the guys. I wasnt drunk-drunk but I was feeling good. There was this girl that had been there and she was playing pool. I talked to her once or twice, just a friendly gesture. She said she was looking to get with Slash and the next thing I know, her lips are on mine. Im so sorry, Y/N” he says, looking up at you then back down to the floor.
“All of it, Axl. I wanna here all of it” you say, rolling you eyes at him. Axl looks up to you, puzzled. “I did. I just told you.”
You stare at him, your face softening. “Thats it? You two kissed you? No sex? Or anything?” You say, throwing your hands to the sides of you. Axl now looks more puzzled than even, having a disgusted look on his face. “What?! No! No sex! I would never! She kissed me, I pushed her away, and left. Ive felt sick to my stomach ever since” Axl says, standing up from the sofa.
You begin to laugh, confusing him even more. “ Ive made her crazy..” He says, pacing back and forth.
Cracking up of laughter, you stand an wrap your arms around him. “God I love you” you say, trying to catch your breath.

Axl grabs hold of your shoulder and looks you in the eyes, “Y/N, did you not hear me? A girl kissed me! I cheated on you. Arent you suppose to be breaking things and throwing shit at me, and leaving me? Ive mentally prepared myself for that”
You laugh even harder, causing you to drop to your knees. “A-Ax-Axl! Oh my gosh!! Im dying!” You manage to get out.
“Jesus Christ” he says, sipping his beer as you laugh at his feet.
Standing up and brushing yourself off, you hold the sides of his face, “Did you enjoy it? Did you kiss her back?” You finally say. “No, I absolutely hated it. And I wouldnt have even had time to kiss her back OR enjoy it..I pushed her to the floor as soon as her lips touched mine. She hit it pretty hard”
You giggle, “Babe, you couldve just told me that. I wouldve understood! I wouldnt have even been mad! When you told me you cheated, I thought you meant you stuck your dick in another woman.”
Axls softens, “So youre not gonna leave me and break shit?”, “No, baby” you chuckle, “Just dont do it again, okay?”
Axl kisses your soft lips, “Never. Never ever. Ever.”
Arms wrapped around eachother, you think about how lucky you are to have Axl and how much you love him. Though, your thoughts are interrupted when Axls volgur comment fills the room.
“This dick belongs in you and only you!”

Hey y’all so I am still so incredibly happy about reaching 300 and I wanted to celebrate and do some blog rates! You guys are honestly the best and i love you all. 


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anonymous asked:

I followed this blog because it seemed very professional regarding advice but I must say that I am surprised at how this is not the case. some of the advice is very prejudiced (like saying enbys cant be lesbians) and it's often written very emotional. You seem to implicate in your advice that being nonbinary is very strict while we all know how fluid gender can be. Please view this as constructive criticism, and it would be nice to see you all work on yourself so you give good advice for a start

I stopped reading at the part where we supposedly said that non-binary people cannot be lesbians- seeing that Mod Tabby IS a non-binary lesbian. You must have us confused for another blog.

Also, we do acknowledge fluidity in gender, but we also recognize that being non-binary is not a cohesive class, and therefore cannot be treated as a distinct category separate from privilege and oppression dynamics created by the gender binary.

As for the rest, I have some constructive criticism for you. Disregarding emotion in discussions of oppression and other sects of politics is illogical because of the nature of the content. We do not believe in tone policing, and the fact that we do not sugar coat things for some people does not delegitimize what we are doing here as a mod team.

Separating emotion from discussion causes people to forget how very real and emotionally taxing these discussions are. Like seriously, that’s some liberal bullshit. You’re expecting us to hone in these feelings because they make you uncomfortable? Find a different support blog.

I urge you to research tone policing and how it’s often used to disregard the voices of oppressed people. Then maybe you can start giving good advice. -Mod Dave



Hey guys! It’s my first one shot so some constructive criticism would be nice. So here it goes!


Title: Tracker 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader  

Warnings: Torture 


Tears. Tears are so weird. They can show sadness, embarrassment, happiness when you’re angry. They truly are weird. 

Bucky fell to his knees before looking around at the empty apartment. The apartment that once held so much happiness is now filled with sorrow. It also didn’t look all that well either. A bookcase full of your and his favorite books were knocked over, the coffee table stood broken, the couch seemed okay, but the TV did not. 

His eyes swept across the mess for some time before they settled on the door. He swept the tear from his cheek lightly sniffling. How could I have done that? he thought to himself as the tears just continued to flow. He didn’t care that they continued to flow or the fact that Hydra could be on there way right now. He just wanted you back. You with your perfect hair. You with your perfect smile. You with your perfect voice. You with your perfect everything. Just as he stood up the door was kicked down the same time the windows were broke in. 

Hydra agents flooded the apartment. They all raised guns at Bucky; most of them were aiming at the most fatal spots. Bucky just raised his hands above his head looking at the floor. Hydra agents slowly moved forward before they roughly grabbed onto his wrists and shoving them behind his back. They handcuffed him before taking him out to the van out back. They threw him into the van before filing in after him.

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Tennis Skirt - Jimin

Hey guys, Miya here! This is my first time posting a oneshot on this blog, I hope it isn’t too basic. & It’s about Jimin posted near Jimins birthday so yh, point for me! Constructive criticism would be nice. Thank you for reading! 

TW: Dirty talking, and spanking. 

Word Count: 2754


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Please Be Kind To Your Fanfic Writers

Today on the fic I published on AO3, in addition to the usual disclaimer I put at the top of all my fics for, you know, legal-ish reasons, I added something else: Please be kind and tip your fanfic writers in the form of comments and/or kudos.

If you’ve been following along on my blog at all, especially my “on the continued subject of constructive criticism” tag, you’ll know that there are a lot of fic writers in our fandom who are unhappy because of, saddened by, discouraged by, and even want to quit writing because of the lack of feedback they often receive on fics they publish. I’ve struggled with a similar lack of feedback, and I know how absolutely awful it feels.

So I wanted to add that simple reminder to my fics because, much like with delivery drivers, where some restaurants (in the US, at least) will print reminders on receipts to tip delivery drivers, since they’re paid below minimum wage, sometimes readers need be reminded that what we do as fic writers is hard and often very thankless work, and asking that you take a few seconds to give some feedback doesn’t seem like too extreme a request.

Now, this request is obviously easier done on AO3. It takes next to nothing to kudos, and barely much more to leave a quick comment. Tumblr is much harder, because tumblr is not designed to be a fanfic publishing platform, and I realize that. Liking a fic on tumblr puts it in your likes, which some people don’t want. Same with reblogging – I may love a fic, but I don’t really want it on my blog. And I’m not asking that you do so. I do, however, ask that you consider, if you don’t want to like or reblog a fic, maybe popping into a fic author’s ask box and leaving them a quick message (anonymously or otherwise) telling them what you thought of their fic (complimentary or critically). This isn’t a one-time thing, there’s no reward if you do, but just think of how nice it would be to the people who write fics for no money and just for your entertainment.

Most of the writers I know on tumblr, especially the ones who struggle because of a lack of feedback, would be more excited than I can possibly explain here to receive a couple of asks from people saying something as simple as that they enjoyed their fic. And given the hours we fic writers often spend on fics, that seems like not too bad a repayment to me. 

So please, be kind to your fanfic writers. It’s a symbiotic relationship between writers and readers, and we need you to let us know that sometimes, you need us and you appreciate what we’ve put forward.

Silver Tongue

Summary: You’re an expert thief who likes to use her skills to earn her keep, when someone hires you to get ahold of something that the Winchesters are very fond of.
: brief SamxReader
: 2504
: Implied Smut
AN: This was just an idea that randomly came to me while in the shower (where all the best ideas are had!) Feedback would be nice! Constructive criticism welcome!

Catch Me if You Can


The first thing you ever stole was $20 from your best friend’s mom when you were 14. That was when you caught the bug; got hooked on the feeling of guilty triumph that spread through your veins as you bid your friend farewell and walked away. You even bought yourself a tub of icecream on the way home using the money, just as a small celebration.

Your family being in the business that they were meant you picked up a lot of handy skills that just boosted your talent for thievery: lock-picking and deceit being your strengths. However, you had no intention of following your parent and brother into hunting.

Shootings? Decapitations? Not your style. You much preferred the cruel elegance of taking something without someone’s knowledge, right under their noses.

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One Shot - Ed Sheeran Concert

Today was the day. It was finally here, and after months of waiting, you were finally going to see your idol perform. Ed Sheeran.
After you got ready for the concert, you got in your car to pick up your best friend, Isabelle.
When you pulled into her driveway, she practically sprinted down her front steps to your vehicle. You could tell she was almost excited as you were.
She threw open your car door and climbed in. “Hey y/n!” she said.
“Hey Isabelle!” you responded with a smile. “You have the tickets right?”
“Yeah, they’re right here!” she answered holding them up.
“Perfect” you said as you put the car in reverse, and drove down her street.
After you guys dropped off your ticket stubs and had your bags checked, you made your way to the front row. It was expensive, but definitely worth it.
As you walked down the aisle and you counted down the numbers, you noticed a cute boy sitting in the space next to your seat. And he noticed you. You gave him your most dazzling smile, and said hi.
“Hey” he replied with an even more gorgeous smile. In response, your heart skipped a beat and your face turned red, so you turned around to talk to Isabelle.
“Oooh he’s cute!” she exclaimed. “Very,” you responded.
What seemed like hours later, the stage lights finally came on and Ed came out. You and Isabelle went wild along with the rest of the crowd.
As the show went on, you kept stealing glances at the very attractive boy, now standing, next to you. A lot of the times, you would catch him glancing back. But the one thing you noticed most, was how beautiful his voice was while he sang along with all Ed’s songs.
All along you were just humming and dancing around in your tiny space, but when “Drunk” started playing, you couldn’t help but sing along. At this point, the attractive guy couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. You smiled and continued singing.
When “Drunk” ended and the next song came on, you realized you somehow managed to sing every single word on point, surprising even yourself. Somehow, the cute kid gained your attention again, and over the music he yelled “hey! You have a really pretty voice!”
You yelled back, “thanks! I like yours too!”
He smiled and stuck out his right hand, “Shawn!!” he yelled.
“Y/n!” you yelled back shaking his hand. Smiling, you switched your attention back to Ed.
As the very last song came on, you were determined to impress Shawn one last time. As Ed quickly sang “Sing,” you kept up with him the whole time. 
And so did Shawn. And it almost seemed like he was trying to impress you too.
When the song ended, you bent down to pick up your bag. As you started to head out with Isabelle, you felt a tug on your arm. When you spun around you noticed it was Shawn.
“Y/n I think you’re really pretty and you have a great voice,” he said shyly, “I’d also like to get to know you better.” He smiled and handed you something.
You looked down in your hand and unfolded a small piece of paper. It was a phone number. When you looked back up you noticed a hopeful expression on his face.
You gave a reassuring smile and told him you’d call him sometime. Then, you ran a hand through your hair and turned around to catch up with Isabelle. When you caught up with her, you turned around to look back at Shawn for the last time.
He was starring back and biting his lip. It was so hot, and you couldn’t wait to talk to him again. Smiling again, you turned around and headed out with your best friend. It was definitely a night to remember.
This was literally my first writing imagine, so please don’t make fun :) some nice, constructive criticism would be fantastic though!!! :) please and thank you!