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PLEASE READ AND HELP US I know this doesn’t have to do with all of the posts I regularly post, but I need you to know what’s happening in my country, and before you start reading what I want to say I would like to apologize in case I misspell something, soooo…. Here I go.
I live in Venezuela, a small country located north of South America, we are nice, warm, exciting people, but since 1998 everything has fall. The government of Hugo Chavez took power in that year and our country has never been the same since “el chavismo” took over our lives.
Let me explain it to you, we live in a dictatorship, where our elections are compromised, where we CANT find ANY food, medication, construction materials NOTHING, our media has been shot down and we don’t even have channels on the tv that speaks the truth and really tells us what’s happening.
People is dying because they are hungry, because they are sick, because they are homeless and the government just act like NOTHING is happening while actually EVERYTHING is. The military defends the government, why? We just don’t know, they choose to protect an small group of bad people either than defend their own brothers.
On December 6th 2015, we, Venezuelans voted for the new National Assembly and thanks to God we won, but dictatorship is a dictatorship is a dictatorship and on April 6th of this year 2017 the government decided to override ALL the power of the assembly that us, Venezuelans, choose, and since that day pacific concentrations all around the country started, people no matter what age or sex have been staying in the streets for days, only hoping that their actions motivates other people to do the same.
But these people has been assaulted by the militia, throwing them toxic gas and shooting them just to keep our voices shut, but we are not going to stop, because now our scream for freedom is louder than ever. 28 kills in 20 days, most of them were students, today my friend died and tomorrow I’m going to take the street and fight for my country.

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If u don't use ot4 or ot5 to denote whether something was before or after Zayn left or whether a gif/photo contains all 5 boys vs 4 because it was after March 2015, then what do you use for tagging?? Or like, if it was up to u what would u want everyone to tag things as?

Oh, it’s much deeper than tagging.  It’s really the issue of the fandom either A) not thinking critically at all, or B) being hypocritical about what they apply logic to.  It’s also about people, no matter what they think happened (Zayn’s leaving wasn’t fishy vs. Zayn’s leaving being super fucking fishy), being willing to immediately believe the worst about someone they should already know the true good character of.

In more specific terms, it’s about the fandom buying everything the media and the narrative says about Zayn without valuing logic and the things Zayn says from his own mouth more.  It’s about fans willfully interpreting everything related to Zayn as negative, deciding they have a grudge against him because of those perceived “slights”, and then erasing and demonizing him in equal measure.

To state a surprising truth, there isn’t a single person in this fandom that believes everything the narrative says about One Direction.  They probably think they do, but they don’t.  I’ve seen people who constantly mock the idea of a narrative or a constructed media image and yet they still push back when the boys are said to be dating someone that’s not confirmed, said to have been rude, said to be doing odd things (sheep placenta facials anyone?), said to have a bad relationship with each other, said to be violent or on drugs, etc.  

The thing is, people THINK they believe everything is simple and truthful, but at a basic level, they have their own beliefs about who the boys are based on what they’ve seen in interviews.  If those conflict with what they’re told, they scoff at what’s being fed to them.

This is fact and yet a large chunk of the fandom had very little problem turning around and believing everything bad the media said about Zayn, even when the things he himself said and did were so different from that.  

“so grateful” and “loved what we did as a boyband”

“I don’t think I woulda done anything different”

“there was no contingency” and “my band’s been really supportive, they’ve been really cool about it”

“it was nice to look back at the memories we shared together” and “ok, you’re saying that” (this requires tone interpretation, but his tone is “don’t agree, yeah, ok, whatever, shut up” rather than “I agree with you and I’m being coy about it”)

“you don’t want to feel that you’re being lied to, not that I was lying, it’s just that them songs didn’t really fit my style of singing, so I wasn’t really 100% confident in the way that I was singing back then”

What Zayn said in person didn’t at all match up with the headlines the newspapers kept running and the words they kept putting in his mouth.

A specific example is this whole thing that people believe Harry and Zayn have a problem when NEITHER. HARRY. NOR. ZAYN. EVER. SAID. A. BAD. WORD. OR. SHOWED, SIGNS. OF. TENSION.  

I can understand believing Louis and Zayn fought a little bit more (even though evidence suggests the Twitter fight was all a planned show), but the only things that ever happened with Harry and Zayn were some BS news articles with no source and Harry making a few jokes about the unnecessary tension and glee the interviewers had when talking about Zayn.

Up until the very last show Zayn was at, he and Harry were acting normal and close. Even after Zayn’s last show, Harry was right there with the other boys in leaving space for Zayn on stage.  Even after THAT, Harry was involved in things that referenced Zayn in a positive way.

(When a fan showed Harry this picture of Zayn in concert)

There is NO basis for believing there’s an issue between Zayn and Harry, yet the fandom believes it because it’s what the press has said.  They apparently want to believe it since there’s been little to no pushback.

This is my problem with group A.

My problem with group B is all of that plus they DO know how to see everything I’m pointing out; they know and they choose not to bother with it if it doesn’t apply to Harry and Louis.  That’s even worse.  There’s no way to miss what’s going on since it’s entangled with the other boys.  It’s even harder to miss since there’s a good core of bloggers here that always gather evidence, do the hard legwork, and make posts about it.  

With the ability to reason, there should only be 2 divisions in fandom: those who believe the narrative no questions asked and those who don’t.  Instead, there are those who believe the narrative no questions asked, those who believe it about some and not others, and those who question and examine everything.

“OT4″ and “all 4 boys” are heavily associated with the erasure of Zayn from the band- even the pre-March 25 band-, the degradation of Zayn’s character, failures of logic, gross hypocrisy, and the diminishment of the amazing bond OT5 share.  

I understand and acknowledge that not all people using it have those intentions or participate in those actions (which is why it doesn’t bother me as much when people I follow and know have good intentions use it), but so many do that it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth every time I see it.  Zayn’s career prospects, personal desires, name, and reputation have been so unfairly and so badly abused that the injustice of it makes me furious. Anything connected to it makes me furious and that’s why “OT4″ and “all 4 boys” has that affect on me.

It’s not something I’m expecting everyone would use, but @paynoisbatman uses “zayn’s boys” when there are 4, or “liam’s boys” if Liam’s the one missing, etc.  It’s a great way of showing that the missing member is still important and is still part of the love all 5 share.  When it comes to “all 4 boys”, you simply have to drop the “all”.  It might take a tiny bit more typing, but it’s worth it to represent the situation accurately and honor the contributions of and bond between all 5.


it’s fake. all those movies and tv shows and books where high schoolers pretty much live out their entire lives by age 18? that’s not real life. most people don’t lose their virginity when they’re 15, or even 16 (unlike what those shows portray- most “high schoolers” in shows are played by people in their 20’s anyways). people get so caught up trying to live the lives of FAKE characters, and it’s honestly quite sad. live freely- there is no deadline to do anything, so don’t let society and the media construct your life or tell you how to live. be true to yourself, do what u love and do what feels right.

i think one of the big problems with Discourse on sexuality is how many people have accepted that the hypersexuality they see in media or hear reported about–they’ve accepted it as fact, when in reality it’s there to get viewers, sell papers, and keep you invested.

so many people, not just asexuals, appear to believe that the “normal” or “dominant” sexuality is a straight sexuality with a high sex drive and it’s so far from true and accepting this as normal is so damaging. it’s not true for all women and it’s not true for all men. it IS true for some people and that’s fine! but there are as many straight people who haven’t kissed or had sex by 25 or 30 as there are lgbt people with the same experience.

There are teenagers having sex because they want to get it over with who feel no sexual desire and there are teenagers who desperately wish they knew how to initiate a fulfilling sexual relationship but hold out until their 20s or later.
there are a A LOT of men who have foreskin issues that keep them from having sex! There are people who think that crushes and sexual desire only look like what’s on the CW and that therefore anything more low key means they’re abnormal. There are people who’ve never met anyone they feel attracted to and then they leave their homes and experience a vastly more diverse new setting and sometimes they do find people they’re attracted to and the ways they experience attraction aren’t what they thought and it’s different and intimacy is different and more grotesque and funny than what they expected and maybe they never feel attraction again or maybe they do.

and this is all so western centric anyway, so very very late 20th century western centric, this idea people have of a normal sexuality. masturbation wasn’t normal until recently. most straight people can’t imagine any other kind of physical pleasure than the canned in'n'out sex. individual sexuality is always fluid and changing (even if it stays within the same basic attraction to ____ sphere) and levels of desire are always changing and dependent on so many factors and just the idea that some people on the internet have decided to take a recent media construct as “normal” and then define themselves against it and against all the “sexuals” who supposedly adhere to it and can’t think about anything but sex and only value sexual relationships–

i mean thats not real. it’s not good thinking, it’s not useful (except maybe to individual people specifically applying it to themselves) and it is in fact damaging. like you should know that there are thee asexual people out there but you should also know that what you’re defining yourself against isn’t real and that there are millions of people who don’t come close to what’s being set up as “normal” and if you don’t see yourself in that normal it doesn’t mean ANYTHING. it doesn’t mean anything at all except that you don’t see yourself reflected in a particular image created to make money. literally there are as many ways to feel about sex as there are people in this world and while some people feel it in a way that gives them institutional power over others, there STILL are so many others and you can do whatever you want with that but i hope that t feels liberating.

Kind of stinks that sometimes when I try to reach out and connect and network with other artists I admire or just want to be friends with I usually get  kind of shrugged off, ignored and passed over. Like hey, I understand if people are busy or overwhelmed with their own lives as it is but every now and then shouldn’t we be more open to each other?

I tried reaching out to an old classmate I regarded as a friend to ask how they were doing, compliment their art and ask about their experience with the entertainment side of illustration and if she would like to include me in future collabs with friends, alert me to events I should attend, introduce me to people and give me any kind of endorsement…. that’s what friends do right? Help legitimize and encourage each other?

half the time I hear about people’s jobs it’s always because they knew person X they met person Y and got to work with person Z and now they work together and recommend each other for jobs!! To pave your own path it usually starts with, or helps to have, an established connection that brings you into that world.

I had gotten a rather luke-warm response, some advice to strike out on my own and seek conventions, construct my own social media forumula, reach out to new people and work harder, as if to suggest I wasn’t working hard. But wasn’t that what I was doing? In that instant I was reaching out to someone, that was the whole point! I’m generally a shy person and don’t like to throw myself at people or initiate, but I knew I needed a change. I wanted to be that change. So to start, rather than bothering another stranger, I tried to better connect with someone I was already familiar with. There was no excitement to help, no offers of introductions and inclusions, even after 2 years they still never followed me back and there was no comment or interest in my artwork…. the whole interaction felt… off. a self-implosion.

Was this too demanding? Do they think I’m just being manipulative? Are they evasive because they think my art isn’t so great? Maybe my art IS bad…but am I wrong for even trying to reach out or was it just an freak interaction and eventually I will get a more positive reception if I persist.

I can’t really say but that’s why I’m talking out loud in the first place

I don’t think people should be fearful to put themselves out there and I don’t think they should be punished or admonished from it either. A little kindness goes a long way

Natalia Yanes, USF School of Architecture + Community Design, Class of 2018
“Fort Worth Water Gardens - Bathhouse and Restaurant Extension” Advanced Design A: Professor Nancy Sanders, 2016
An intervention that highlights the lightness with which it joins Philip Johnson’s Water Gardens.

everyones jokin abt how their intrusive thoughts are super cute and fun, teehee im gonna eat some cardboard mental illness isnt scary or serious!! the idea anyone ever experiences symptoms that manifest in a genuinely terrifying and upsetting way is jsut a media construction lol. like as someone whos intrusive thoughts are 1) constant and 2) incredibly violent and distressing and awful those posts just make me feel like a freak but im glad ur all having fun 


Anthony Green . 08.26.2008 . Phoenix, AZ @ Modified

14 - Semi Constructive Criticism (Avalon Tour Version)

it is very interesting reading the comments of people who are critical of taylor and the way she presents herself yet they lack the self awareness to understand that they are viewing this through a lense of their own bias and a construct created by the media. It’s fascinating and also the reason why they’ll never understand Blank Space or Look What You Made Me Do.

Trans people have unique histories, cultures, and experiences. Our sexualities are constructed in media as heteronormative and monogamous, contrary to the lived experiences of most trans people.
As a community, we need to be represented fairly and accurately. Queerness and trans identities are inseparable. Our collective accomplishments as a queer and trans community have been revolutionary and have the potential to change the world.

Photo by Landyn Pan

Assistant & 2nd Photographer: Katie Nishida

Backgrounds painted by: Rose Mackenzie, Tessa Lowe, Jesse Herb, and me.

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hi! i'm 16 n used to id as bi but i worked through a lot of comp het and i'm still not happy/proud about my identity but i think i'm a lesbian. i've only ever met one lesbian irl and she's so much older than me, and all the ones i've seen on tv are just so?? ugly??? like they're never the pretty girl or the girl with lots of friends or anything like that. i'm just scared no one will love me.

Hey! So I kinda get where you’re coming from. You’re worried that no one will love you. But I don’t agree with what you’re saying. 

‘Ugly’ is a social construct. And yes, the media will paint lesbians as ugly, man-hating, jerks. We don’t get a lot of happy endings the movies or tv shows - even ones made by and marketed at LGBT people. So yeah - you’re gonna be shown the shittiest, ugliest, villainous, and/or evil characters as lesbians. Its Lesbophobia 101. The world hates us, whats new?

But lets talk about some of those ‘ugly’ lesbians, shall we?

Even in conservative areas people know her. She’s been out and proud since 1997. Ellen DeGeneres. The first lesbian most people hear about. I mean, as an 18 year old who is interested in more feminine girls near my age - I don’t find her attractive at all. And if you just google ‘ellen degeneres ugly’  you’ll see a lot of people think she’s ugly. And you can stop there if you want. You can move on and continue your search for lesbians who are worthy in your eyes. Or you can take a glance at her wikipedia page. Nominated for 45 Daytime Emmy awards, Elen DeGeneres has won 29. Shes been nominated for 3 Golden Globe awards and 2 Grammys. She has 20 People’s Choice Awards. And that’s not all. She was named Special envoy for Global AIDs awareness. She advocates for a Transcendental Meditation program to reach at-risk populations prone to high-stress and anxiety. She has been married to her wife Portia since 2008 and has given many lesbians (and other wlw) a wonderful example of a loving marriage.

Or we could talk about Rachel Maddow. The first known lesbian to host a major prime-time news program in the US. Certainly not conforming to societies beauty standards. She has a PhD in Political Science. Regardless of whether or not you agree with her politically, you cannot disagree with how successful shes been. She has an Emmy Award and received a Proclamation of Honor for the California State Senate. She has been vocal about her personal struggle with clinical depression.

Or Wanda Sykes, Cynthia Nixon, or the so many other older openly lesbian icons who have been openly themselves in the media.

Or what about some younger people? Easier to relate to right?

Maybe Ellen Page? Who came out in 2014 and has since then advocated for visibility and acceptance of LGBT individuals.

Maybe Jessica Clark? She’s openly lesbian and a successful model for names such as Vogue and Marie Claire.

Or lesbians in our movies and tv shows?

As for as mainstream pretty goes - Emily Fields (played by Shay Mitchell) is an openly lesbian character on Pretty Little Liars and is very attractive. She also plays a ‘normal’ teenager (until ya know - the serial stalker ‘A’ destroys her and her clique’s lives).

There’s also Santana Lopez (played by Naya Rivera) from Glee who gets her happy ending and marries her best friend and girlfriend on the show.

There are so many people I didn’t include because I know this was getting a bit lengthy, but I wanted to make a point.

There is a lot of beauty and success in lesbian culture. We don’t all look one way, or act one way. We can be happy and loved no matter how we appear. It seems like you’re struggling a lot with internalized lesbophobia (and misogyny for that matter - basing a woman’s worthiness of love on her appearance). My advice - learn to love the word lesbian, stop cringing every time its said. Follow a bunch of lesbian blogs (not just positivity blogs - just those cheesy blogs that post pictures of cute lesbian couples). Watch lesbian youtubers you think are pretty or funny or both (I recommend Rose and Rosie, Amy Ordman, and Ally Hills - you’ll see a lot of happy lesbians there and Rose and Rosie actually helped me when I was struggling with internalized lesbophobia). Immerse yourself in lesbian culture. Interact with us. Talk to us. Be our friend. Then tell us if you think being a lesbian is an ugly thing.

- Mod Abby

What is the trinity of Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

I’ve seen rather heated debate in some sectors of the The Force Awakens fandom of late over what the ‘big three’ of the film is. The ‘big three’ is, of course, a thing because of the ‘big three’ of the original trilogy - Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia. 

In pre-release publicity materials, the idea of Rey, Finn and Poe as the new ‘big three’ was pushed heavily - the actors were incessantly photographed and interviewed together, and the characters shared magazine covers and were very much treated as a collective in articles and publicity materials in the run up to the film’s release. 

However, I’d say that this advance promotion is almost completely irrelevant to the fact that the trio of Rey, Finn and Poe does not really exist in the film itself - it is a media construct willed into existence by the Lucasfilm marketing team. That’s the truth, and it’s the truth because Poe and Rey share approximately three seconds of screentime (they’re both in shot as the map to Luke is revealed) and exchange nary a glance. You cannot consider three characters a ‘trio’ when two of them never interact.

To say this is not to dismiss Poe’s importance or say he isn’t a good character. He’s great - very lovable, charismatic and appealing. Having watched The Force Awakens and Ex Machina back to back, I can confidently say that Oscar Isaac is one of the most talented and versatile actors I can think of - he has extraordinary range and can pull off unsettling cyber mogul and heroic Resistance pilot with consummate skill. That being said, Poe is clearly not a lead as Rey and Finn are - he’s a supporting character, and while he’s an important supporting character he’s not crucial (he was originally meant to die when the fighter crashed on Jakku, and that shows in his long subsequent absence from the plot). Along the same lines, we do not get a glimpse into Poe’s interior life as we do Rey’s and Finn’s - Poe is perpetually brash and confident, undiminished even as he lies strapped to a torture chair.

Instead of the Rey, Finn and Poe trinity, then, I think people are absolutely right to propose that the true trinity of The Force Awakens is Rey, Finn and Kylo.

To be clear, this is not about elevating a whiny emo white boy to a place of undue importance because Adam Driver is attractive (which is a tedious argument I’ve read far too often on this site). Whether people like it or not, the film is endlessly stressing the links between the characters, suggesting that their destinies and paths are intertwined. For example:

1. All three characters are introduced wearing masks, their faces obscured.

2. All three characters had traumatic childhoods that involved forced separation from their families/loved ones.

3. All three characters have to deal with the sense of abandonment arising from this.

4. All three characters are positioned together in the climactic duel at the end of the film, with this representing the culmination of repeated interactions between paired characters (Finn and Kylo lock eyes in the first scene on Jakku, Finn and Rey team up for much of the film, Kylo kidnaps Rey on Takodana).

Those are the main connecting themes and parallels between the characters - there are more links and parallels, but since I hate to make people infinite scroll on tumblr I won’t elaborate on them here. Suffice to say that the trinity of Rey, Finn and Kylo is almost irrefutable - while it’s absolutely not a heroic trinity as the original ‘big three’ was in A New Hope, it’s a trinity nonetheless in that the characters and their journeys are intertwined.