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Fifth Harmony’s brand new music video for “Work From Home”.

All I saw were these sexy construction working daddies.

Imagine (Axl)

“Hey, sweetheart. How was your day?” You said to your boyfriend Axl, closing the door and locking it. “Fine” he said in an unconvincing tone. You scrunched your eyebrows together, “Fine, huh? Anything you wanna talk about?” You say, walking into the kitchen, assuming he had a rough day with the band. Axls expression changes immediately, making you even more curious. “What? No? Th-theres nothing for me to talk about. Is there something you wanna talk about? Why y-you asking?” He hesitates and shifts in his seat. You freeze, almost on the verge on laughing.
“Nope” you say, watching his forehead form a thin layer of sweat as you leave to go to the bedroom.
Why was he being so hesitant? And stuttery?
Axls behavior had been making you curious all night. He had been avoiding eye contact, avoiding conversations, and even avoiding touching eachother.
As you two sat on the sofa together, watching god knows what on TV, you reach over to hold his hand. Axl looks at his hand and then yours, and suddenly brushes you off. Getting up from the sofa, he walks over to the fridge to grab a beer.
You sigh, tired of his strangeness which you had been endurring all day long.
As he sits back down even further away from you as before, you finally decide to bring the situation to head.
“Axl, whats your problem?”
You turn towards him, grabbing the remote and switching off the TV. “Hey-I was watching that” he complains. “Not anymore youre not. Now talk” you demand.
Again, Axl shifts uncomfortably in his seat.
“Just dont feel good” he says, taking abother swig of his beer. “Bullshit” you say, knowing he is lying because of the way his nostrils flare. “Why cant you just tell me? Youve been avoiding me all day and night and you say there is nothing wrong. Obviously something is wrong Axl. You are usually all over me and now suddenly you cant even-”, “I cheated” Axl says over you, staring at the floor, ashamed of the words that came out of your mouth.
You stop suddenly after hearing the words. Your eyebrows furrow as you try and process the information.
“You what?” You whisper, hoping desperately his nostrils would flare now.
“I didnt mean to, it just happened. I regret it so much. It happened so fast. ” he says with a shaky voice, not looking up from the floor.
You remain calm, only due to the state of shock you were in.
Sitting on the couch next to him, a few minutes pass by as you try to evaluate everything. Axl glances up at you from time to time, looking at your confused face that focused on the floor also.
“Say something” he says, now on his 5th glance up to you. You chuckle, “I dont know what to say”, looking down at your hands in your lap. Axl sighs.
“Is this the part where you leave me and never talk to me again? Cause if it is, then all my assumptions are right on track” he says, frowning, looking at his hands also.
You stare at his side profile, the copper toned hair falling to the side of his face. “Tell me-,” you mumble, “tell me what happened”
Axl looks up to you confused. A single tear falling from your eye, dreading to hear what happened, but you know you need to know.
Axl sighs and returns his gaze to the same spot on the floor, “I was at the bar with the guys. I wasnt drunk-drunk but I was feeling good. There was this girl that had been there and she was playing pool. I talked to her once or twice, just a friendly gesture. She said she was looking to get with Slash and the next thing I know, her lips are on mine. Im so sorry, Y/N” he says, looking up at you then back down to the floor.
“All of it, Axl. I wanna here all of it” you say, rolling you eyes at him. Axl looks up to you, puzzled. “I did. I just told you.”
You stare at him, your face softening. “Thats it? You two kissed you? No sex? Or anything?” You say, throwing your hands to the sides of you. Axl now looks more puzzled than even, having a disgusted look on his face. “What?! No! No sex! I would never! She kissed me, I pushed her away, and left. Ive felt sick to my stomach ever since” Axl says, standing up from the sofa.
You begin to laugh, confusing him even more. “ Ive made her crazy..” He says, pacing back and forth.
Cracking up of laughter, you stand an wrap your arms around him. “God I love you” you say, trying to catch your breath.

Axl grabs hold of your shoulder and looks you in the eyes, “Y/N, did you not hear me? A girl kissed me! I cheated on you. Arent you suppose to be breaking things and throwing shit at me, and leaving me? Ive mentally prepared myself for that”
You laugh even harder, causing you to drop to your knees. “A-Ax-Axl! Oh my gosh!! Im dying!” You manage to get out.
“Jesus Christ” he says, sipping his beer as you laugh at his feet.
Standing up and brushing yourself off, you hold the sides of his face, “Did you enjoy it? Did you kiss her back?” You finally say. “No, I absolutely hated it. And I wouldnt have even had time to kiss her back OR enjoy it..I pushed her to the floor as soon as her lips touched mine. She hit it pretty hard”
You giggle, “Babe, you couldve just told me that. I wouldve understood! I wouldnt have even been mad! When you told me you cheated, I thought you meant you stuck your dick in another woman.”
Axls softens, “So youre not gonna leave me and break shit?”, “No, baby” you chuckle, “Just dont do it again, okay?”
Axl kisses your soft lips, “Never. Never ever. Ever.”
Arms wrapped around eachother, you think about how lucky you are to have Axl and how much you love him. Though, your thoughts are interrupted when Axls volgur comment fills the room.
“This dick belongs in you and only you!”