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Because absolutely no one asked I give you my Sommetra headcanons

1) Sombra met her following a connection between lumerico and vishkar
2) When they’re in public Sombra hacks Satya’s hardlight constructs to say really explicit things and she thinks it’s hilarious. At first Satya was embarrassed but now she just rolls with it.
3) However, in private Sombra will hack her constructs to say toothache inducingly sweet things
4) They both work on each other’s mechanical bits when necessary.
5) Sombra’s retractable nails are mini constructs made by Satya
6) They both have tweaked their own teleporters by studying the other’s
7) Gabriel knows about their relationship and covers for Sombra if any Talon officers come looking for her while she’s out with Satya
8) Sombra’s haircut drives Symmetra crazy and she always drops less than subtle hints that she’d gladly style her hair into something less chaotic for her. That always gets a chuckle out of Sombra.

theatre preferences

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1. Musicals or plays
2. Tragedy or comedy
3. Onstage or backstage
4. Lights or sound
5. Minimal or spectacular
6. Constructing or striking
7. Painting or building
8. Props or set
9. Rehearsals or performances
10. Opening night or closing night
11. The pit or the booth
12. Quick scene transitions or quick costume changes
13. Cue-to-cue or dress rehearsal
14. Costumes or set
15. Ushering or selling tickets
16. Children’s theatre or ‘grown up’ theatre
17. Music directing or choreographing
18. Performing/running the show or watching the show
19. Licensed shows or original shows
20. Shows based off of books or movies
21. One act or two acts
22. Big theatres or intimate theatres
23. Highschool theatre or community theatre
24. In-the-round or proscenium
25. Major theatre district (bway, west end, etc) or National Tours

ps this is just for fun so have a blast and don’t take it too seriously

I met this adorable Honey Lemon at Supanova Sydney yesterday- if anyone recognises her, please tag her below!!!! I kinda freaked out when i saw her (I had been looking for other BH6 cosplays the entire day) and it was just understood that we had to get a photo and a selfie together

I hope i find you on tumblr, you were super sweet and I wish I had had the time to talk to you <3 also your cosplay was 100% on point

anonymous asked:

It wasn't abuse was it it was just parenting. I was spanked so much as a child I still flinch when people move to touch me. Last time I was 12, he's a construction worker w a 6 inch plywood paddle he made himself specifically for me. Then you took everything out of my room. Then u would read my short stories and go through my stuff when I was at school. You would read my texts, messages, letters everything. But it was just you making sure I was safe. I was still molested. So many times.

spanking, physical abuse, violence, invasion of privacy, molestation

“I’m a grandmother and a female construction worker. I’m almost 60 years old and separated with my ex-husband close to 13 years ago. I have 9 children, 6 of them have their own families but I still take care of the youngest 3 as they are still young. I forced them into education and pay all their expenses. I want them to have a future that I couldn’t have. Education is the key to life. Usually in the Somali culture, your adult children take care of you when you’re old but my oldest son has 11 children and he is working hard to take care of them so I don’t pressure him. It’s hard work but I’m a hard worker and on a good day; I earn around 4 dollars. We go to the construction site at 6 am in the morning and get selected. The Somali women are preferred more than the Somali men because we work harder and are more reliable. Amongst us women, we have a system in place. The older Somali women amongst us do the simpler tasks such as fetching water whilst the rest of us make the cement and collect stones. We finish late afternoon and go back to being a mother. It’s around the time when the kids come back from school. We talk about what they have been doing for the day. I’ve been doing this type of job for close to 7 years and to be honest, I’m happy with it because it’s at least something.”


“Waxaan ahay ayeeyo iyo shaqaale dhismaha ka shaqeeya. Da’dayda waxay ku dhawdahay 60 sanno. Ninkaygii wakhti hore ayaanu kala tagnay ku dhawaad 13 sano ayaanu kala maqanahay. Waxaan leeyahay 9 caruura, qaarkood way shaqeystaan oo reero ayeey leeyihin laakin 3 ka mid ah ayaan awoodin oo weli gaadhin inay shaqeystaan. Waxbarasho ayaan ku ku qasbay, kharashka ku baxa aniga bixiya. Waxaan jecelahay inee helaan mustaqbal wacan oo markii hore anigu aanan nasiib u helin hadu Alle idmo. Waayo, dhibaato iyo rafaad inee la kulmaan ma rabo. Waxbarashadda waa furaha nolosha. Dhaqanka Soomaaliyeed, markaad waayeel noqotid, caruurtaada ku daryeesha laakin Inankayga ugu weyn 11 caruur ayuu leeyahay, reerkiisa ayuu u shaqeeya marka culays ma saaro. Runti, shaqo adag weeye, laakin shaqaala adag baan ahay. Maalinta ugu fiican, waxaan qaata 4 doolar. Waxaan soo kalahaa aroortii si aan uu raadsado shaqo dhisme ah. Dumarka Soomaaliyeed ayaa markasta la doorbida dhanka shaqada oo markasta la qaata, waayo waan ka shaqo wacanahay raga. Nidaam baan leenahay, shaqadda aanu qabano waa biyaha oonu soo shubno marna dhagaxa ayaanu gurna marna sibidhka ayaanu qoosh-naa. Qofka noogu yara weyn baa loo dhiibaa biyaha waayo ma awoodi karto culays badan. Waxaan so rawaxnaa salaada Casar waa xiliga caruurtu iskuulka ka so baxaan. Waxaan ka wareesta waxbarashadooda iyo halka wax u marinayaan iyo side uu noolaayeen maalintooda. Mudo 7 sano ku dhow ayaan ka shaqeenayeey shaqaddan, runti waan ku qanacsanahay madaama aanan haysan bedel kale oon ku doorsado.”


Bill Cipher AMA!

So, anyone else been paying attention to Bill Cipher’s AMA?  Most of it was just pretty entertaining, but then we had a few potential bombs dropped:

1) Bill knows and is apparently opposed to Time Baby.  However, without a physical body, he can’t confront him.

2) When confronted about his claims of invincibility, Bill admitted that he does have a few flaws in his power, but that he’s working to cover them.  There might be someone else even worse than him who can help him with this …

3) Bill knows who was sending messages through the omniscient Mailbox that Dipper found.

4) There are apparently other demons in the world, not all of which are on good terms with Bill.  I doubt this is important, but in this series, you never know.

5) Bill was apparently involved in or at least inspired the construction of the pyramids.

6) Bill says off-handedly that every image of him acts as a peephole from his dimension to ours.  Later, he mentions it again, telling people that if they want to be “on the right side of history when it all goes down,” they should draw images of him in public places, and that this will somehow give him more minions.  So all of the little images of him that have shown up throughout the show (i.e. the window in the twins’ room, the rug in the Shack, the pictures on the dollar, etc.) could actually be Bill’s own personal spy camera system.

7) When asked if he has any family, Bill’s reply was “Not anymore.”  So he had family in the past?!

8) When asked what he thinks about Gompers the Goat, Bill replied “I like him better this way.”  There have been several theories connecting Gompers to Bill and/or Stanley.  Maybe there’s some credence to them after all.

9) When asked what he thinks about Stan Pines’s brother, Bill’s response was “Which one?”  Bill wasn’t sure if “Stan” was referring to Stanford or Stanley … or there’s a third brother.

10) A prominent question at the top of the list was skipped over by Bill: the question of who the last person he possessed before Dipper was.  Could he not answer because it would be a spoiler?  He’s also danced around the question of why buying gold is important multiple times.

11) The tapestry of Bill in the Northwest Mansion is some kind of prophecy or chronicle, and Bill knows about it.  Apparently it was made centuries ago in Gravity Falls when Bill had some kind of correspondence with an “uncooperative” shaman.



Schecter Stiletto Sam Bettley Signature Bass guitar. Seymour Duncan!

Rare to come across in the UK it seems! Sam Bettley of Asking Alexandria released a signature bass with Schecter last year, it’s the first Schecter I’ve seen to sport a Seymour Duncan MM pickup, and boy does this thing not only look awesome, it thunders too. So here’s the spec taken from Schecter:

Guitar Colours: Satin Black w/Red Wood Grain (SBK/RED)
Dexterity: Right Handed
Country of Origin: South Korea
Construction: 6 Bolt-on
Body Material: Swamp Ash
Top Contour: Flat Top
Binding: Red 1-ply
Neck Material: Maple
Fretboard Material: Ebony
Inlays: Red ‘Pence’
Scale: 34” (863mm)
Frets: 22 Narrow X-Jumbo
Fretboard Radius: 12” (305mm)
Neck Shape: ‘C’
Thickness: @ 1st Fret- .826” (21mm)/ @ 12th Fret- .905” (23mm)
Nut Width: 1.653” (42mm)
Nut: Graph Tech XL Black Tusq
Truss Rod: 2-Way Adjustable Rod w/ 5/32” (4mm) Allen Nut
Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan MM SMB-4D
Controls: Volume/ Active Seymour Duncan 2-Band 'STC-2S-B0’ EQ
Battery Compartment: 9-volt Clip-in Battery Compartment
Hardware Color: Black
Bridge: Schecter Custom Bass String Thru (or Top Load)
Tuners: Grover Bass 144 Series
Knobs: Metal Knurled w/ Set Screw
Strings:Ernie Ball 4 String Super Long #2849 (.045-.105)

This really is an awesome bass, nice low action and plays beautifully, the ebony board just makes playing the nice slim satin neck addictive. The electronics really do bring out that proper growl and low end you find in a lot of Stingray basses, but I’ve also played melodic solo’s on this and it just sings, right amount of treble control and right amount of bass. Simple.

Unfortunately however financial situations change and needs amust. This bass is in brand new condition apart from a slight dint on the top of the headstock (pictured) which is not at all noticeable. I’m open to trades. Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email and make me a cash offer.

Available for collection in Staffordshire England for £450


Winter Cat Shelters

Hello, a post about making warm cat shelters has been going around tumblr. I was sceptical of the construction until 6 newborn kittens appeared in my neighbourhood during the colds. I had no choice but to try this out.

I made it a bit differently (added warmth reflecting insulation) but the idea is the same. And guys, GUYS - IT WORKS! All of the kittens are constantly sleeping there because the box preserves the warmth! They LOVE it!

Here are the little poor babies:

If you have a lot of feral cats in your neighbourhood and the winters are rough PLEASE PLEASE consider making these!!!! The cats will at least have a place to sleep in! Just keep it away from people/roads/gathering places!